How to survive the separation from Man


  • Painted the next week in the diary, and immerse themselves in the work
  • Find pluses in his bachelor life

In the life of almost any of us are breaking up with a loved one. Someone is going through is easy, while others regard as a tragedy.

A woman is important to understand: the parting - a fait accompli, we can not fix anything.

Why waste your energy on internal agonizing deliberation that has not come back. Is not it better to direct this energy to self-improvement, finding new love last? In theory, of course, it's simple, but life is much more complicated.

However, there are some valuable tips on how to survive the separation.

 Take yourself a lot of work
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Painted the next week in the diary, and immerse themselves in the work

It must be done so that a minute of free time, the brain is not able to devote sad memories. Swimming pool, a dance school, a gym, a sewing course - something out of this, but rather all at once, and turned his attention will not get bored. The main rule - exhausting day your body so that on the small stuff such as tears of frustration is not strong enough. No weekend at home! In nature, friends, parents - anywhere, not staying in his home in the style of "a lonely and useless."

Do not forget about spring cleaning. The objectives here are two: to distract and throw all things reminiscent of a former lover. Net space will feel on the verge of new developments.

I have a favorite occupation? Great! Now she is such rasprekrasnoy, you can pay a little more time than before. And bosses celebrate, and professional self-improvement, a little rusted, regains its development. The main thing is not to overdo it with careerism. If the work is not satisfactory, you should consider changing it and pick something for everyone. Such a fundamental change will expand the circle of new friends, raise self-esteem and distract from the personal troubles.

 communicate more with friends and girlfriends
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Find pluses in his bachelor life

Previously, she could not go to a nightclub with her friends, did not allow herself to flirt with other men? And now - please, as much as necessary! There you can find lots of pluses!

No need to get hung up on finding a new love. She herself there at the time.

Well, the most drastic option to recover from breaking up - to get a job, at least once a week, in a hospice or hospital oncology department as cynical as it may sound. Maybe even enough for one day. In places where a lot of people are doomed, reassessment of values ​​occurs instantly. Look into the eyes of death, experiencing excruciating physical pain - grief. And separation from loved - so unpleasant! You just have to go through it.

Even the most pessimistic litany may be optimistic in everything, including separation, see the pros. It is a question of work on oneself. After all, to live and to build a relationship, being an optimist, is much easier. Why not take it on myself arms?

Work on a time and help to recover even after the worst breakup.

 How to painlessly survive the separation

 kiss passionately


  • Why kiss?
  • Preparing for the kiss as an act
  • Learn how to kiss
  • Algorithm deep kiss
  • How do you know, like you kiss?

Knowing how to kiss passionately correctly is very important, but we should not forget about the moral component.

From kissing passionately, you can get pleasure only when touching a pleasure.

Otherwise, after a kiss like you can experience the feeling of disgust and permanently lose the desire to fend for themselves the next partner.
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Why kiss?

With the touch of people from ancient times to express their attitude towards each other. Touching lips always been considered the most moving and intimate. It is an expression of affection, love and passion.

Kissing differ from each other.

  • there are those who suggest a friendly disposition;
  • Sometimes the lips applied to the cheek and simply out of politeness;
  • Access to the lips is allowed only to close people, and Perfect Snogging show passion.

 preparing for a kiss

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Preparing for the kiss as an act

For many, the first kiss - a revelation. And if he fails, it is able to break a lifetime. Maybe not all, but the uncertainty in the following respects will be present and interfere with accessibility to the partner.

Therefore, the kisses should not only be adjusted, they must be prepared in advance. And it is not only morally.

  • You must be cleaned teeth. If the desire to kiss is not caught up in the morning, you still need to take care of that breath absent. You can do this by using gum. Just before you want to kiss her spit.
  • It is desirable that the lips were a nice touch. For this, they should not be winded. Achieving this is simple - time to care for lips and licking the cold and during strong wind.
  • In summer to protect lips from the sun moisturizing lipstick in the winter - heat protection.

Before you kiss a partner, you should try to understand by touch if he was ready to kiss. To do this, sometimes touching the shoulder, arm, try to hug him, to bring to an intimate space.

And be sure you want to look into his eyes. If you look at all taken or turned away, the ability to kiss may not be useful.

It is not always required to learn how to kiss in advance. Sometimes the first timid kiss of pleasure more than a skilled touch to his lips. It all depends on the relationship and attitude.
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Learn how to kiss

Once relationships are moving to a new level, comes the desire to kiss passionately. Such an intimate touch of pleasure, raises desire. The main thing to understand if they want to the same partner.

Make sure this is simple: if, after touching lips parted lips counterparts, we can safely proceed to action, called "French kiss." This name is much nicer than the "kiss passionately."

How to learn to kiss passionately? Many advisors recommend practice on ripe tomatoes - to strengthen the pressure tongue to push the thin skin, and then try to suck the juice and fruit at the same time to get into the language.

Others advise to train with persimmons, penetrating tongue deeper and deeper into the thin shell.

These councils have a good judge: using some practice language really learn to master brilliantly. But direct contact with a partner technique is often relegated to the background.

Reaction partner tell you how to operate the tongue and lips, when you kiss passionately, better than any counselor.

And still need to imagine that you want to do from a technical point of view during a French kiss.

 algorithm kiss
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Algorithm deep kiss

  1. If your partner while touching his lips opened, it is required to carefully introduce them between the tip of the tongue and rub his tongue.
  2. Language is put aside and attempt to penetrate deeper into the mouth of the partner.
  3. It is advisable to intertwine languages.
  4. If the partner nicer shallow penetration, it is enough to affect the tip of his tongue inside her lips, lick the tip of the tongue, tickle his own.
  5. Concluding a kiss, you should not take his head sharply. It is desirable about the language on the lips, gently bite them "goodbye" to remain at a distance of breath, cheek to cheek.

When kissing passionately, and should take into account the individual response of the partner. In some cases, touching the sky, especially deep - it is dangerous. It can cause a gag reflex.
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How do you know, like you kiss?

Sometimes the partner does not want to hurt his counterpart that the process of deep penetration he did not like, and then avoids meetings. How do you know this in advance? Only in the reaction.

Kissing passionately optional "blindly". When this happens for the first time, you need to pay attention to how behaves partner.

If it is, it is relaxed - relaxed, allows intimate touching, breathing is irregular, deep, often the heart beats, the kiss will surely enjoy.

It happens that the partner is rejected or pulled, trying to finish the process quickly, taken as false modesty. When the body is tense, her lips trying to squeeze - so kiss does not like or was not in time.

Be sure to want to talk and find out why it happened, what the reaction is connected.

If you are not satisfied appliances, everything can be fixed together. When the action itself turned unpleasant, it's just "not your man," and do not need to be upset.

And it is very important. Intimate touching and intimate so that the next after them is not visible. No need to leave hickey on his lip, rolling a bruise on her cheek or chin and lips bitten till the blood. Let the lips are bright and SPLIT window after kissing, and that only recently broke away from each other, it indicates a twinkle in his eyes. This is direct evidence that the relationship will not end with kisses.

Still to come!

 Kiss that speaks volumes