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  • Hormonal disruptions
  • The lack of trace elements and vitamins
  • Stress and fatigue
  • Wellness Hair
  • "Grow Hair strong ..."

Every second young mother facing the problem of hair loss. Happiness of motherhood marred feel sorry and even fear, when a woman sees in the eyes of the thinning hair on the head, especially so healthy and strong.

Why does hair loss after childbirth and how to deal with this problem? To begin to know the reason.
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Hormonal disruptions

During the childbearing woman's body in large quantities produces the hormone estrogen. One of its functions is to maintain healthy hair. you are sure to pay attention, that many future moms have lush hair. This is - due to estrogen. Hair ladies, located in the "interesting situation", issued less frequently, and therefore becomes thick.

After delivery, estrogen production drops sharply. It begins intensive falling out of old, dead hair. This happens about 1-5 months after delivery. May fall to 30% of the total hair! In fact, hair loss after delivery should not scare woman strongly, since the number of drops, which should fall during pregnancy.

 hair treatment with essential oils
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The lack of trace elements and vitamins

Another reason why the mother is losing his hair, a decrease in the amount of vitamins and minerals.

Particularly affected are mothers who breastfeed do not receive adequate nutrition. Mother's milk "takes" is not only calcium, so necessary for the formation of hair follicles, but also magnesium, iron, vitamin D.

Cesarean section and increased blood loss also leads to the fact that the body loses valuable zinc, vitamins C and B.

The diet of nursing mothers should include the following products:

  • meat: lean beef, rabbit, turkey, chicken, fish,
  • milk and lactic acid products, including cheese,
  • fruits and vegetables, do not cause allergies and colic in a baby,
  • dried fruits,
  • butter (in small amounts),
  • olive oil or sunflower oil.

Salting, smoking and other harmful "goodies" should be avoided. You can buy vitamins for nursing mothers. They will be an additional source of nutrients.

What vitamins are suitable for young mothers?

  • "Perinatal Multibas" with a high content of iron,
  • "Vitrum Prenatal Forte", based on 13 vitamins and minerals 10,
  • "Eleven Pronatal" with 12 vitamins, trace elements and minerals. It is particularly well suited to the period of beriberi during lactation.

Separately, you can take medications with iodine to maintain thyroid and calcium, is responsible for the preservation of bone and hair. Of course, before you start taking medication, you need to visit a doctor.

From breastfeeding to refuse in any case it is not necessary!
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Stress and fatigue

The first months after the birth of a baby - the most difficult. Care of the newborn are time-consuming and energy. Sleepless nights and the lack of opportunities to relax during the day, no doubt, affect not only the mother's overall health, but also on her hair.

Chronic lack of sleep and stress added. In the first months of frequent quarrels between the young parents, who are just starting to get used to his new status. Nervousness, lack of confidence, anxiety for the child and the lack of attention to each other do not add to the health of the young mother. And the hair - one of the weaknesses in times of stress.

For such a situation, you need to prepare in advance, the husband would have to take some homework on himself, giving his wife a chance to rest and sleep.

 Egg mask hair loss
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Wellness Hair

Even if the new-found mother knows that hair loss after childbirth is an inevitable phenomenon, do not pay attention to this process is impossible. It should be as soon as possible to begin treatment, or changes in the hair follicles will be irreversible and will cease to grow new hair.

When you need to go to the doctor

Female body returns to normal within 1 year after the appearance of the child. During this period, hormones "stand down" and the loss of hair stopped.

But if the first birthday crumbs still falls a large amount of hair (on a comb or pillow are bundles) should consult a doctor-trihologu. It will diagnose and say why this is happening.

No need to listen to the bridesmaids, dividing miraculous masks for hair growth. No masks, no shampoo will not help if the reason is hormones. Physician order tests: blood test for hormones and thyroid ultrasound. According to the results of tests will be given treatment aimed at normalizing hormonal levels.


If the hormone's all right, you can use the advice of traditional medicine. Masks and herbal strengthen the hair and nourish them with useful substances.

They can be used as an aid when being treated by a doctor trihologa.

Before applying the mask is useful to do head massage. Begin to massage his forehead. The tips of the index and middle fingers are placed between the eyebrows. Light circular movements needed to move to the temples. About 5 minutes massaged whiskey, then - the whole head. At the end of the massage can be a little pull hair, dividing them into strands.

At the end of the massage should be applied on the hair mask. In perfume stores have ready-made mask for all hair types. But without a doubt, self-mix will have a greater effect.

For all types of hair can be prepared following. Plant and sea buckthorn oil is mixed in a ratio of 1: 9. Mask rubbed into the scalp, wear top hat or a plastic bag to create a "greenhouse effect". An hour later, the mask is washed off with regular shampoo. The procedure should be done at least couple times a week. At least 10 masks required. Vegetable oil can be replaced with burdock. It has long been considered a healing just for hair loss.

Treatment of dry hair is carried out using a mask, based on egg yolk. 1 egg, a couple of tablespoons of castor oil, teaspoon of glycerin, the same amount of vinegar. The mixture was applied to the skin and is evenly distributed over all of the hair. The mask is left for 30-40 minutes. Important: head wrapped with a warm towel. If it cools, the towels are changed to another. After the procedure, you can wash head with egg yolk.

Leave oily hair loss help this mask: 1 clove garlic (crushed), 1 teaspoon of honey, the same amount of lemon juice and broth agave (aloe). The method of treatment is the same as for dry hair. Perhaps many women confuse the presence of garlic, because it leaves a lasting scent. You can try to wash your hair with mustard and then the traditional shampoo.

After shampooing useful rinse hair decoction of nettle, chamomile and hops.

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"Grow Hair strong ..."

Young mother forget how many dropped out her hair, if it is to follow simple but effective recommendations of doctors and hairdressers.

If the hair fall out, you need to temporarily abandon the use of pins, hairpins, "invisible" and gums. The best way out would be a neat and fashionable hairstyle. Do not use paints and other styling. In addition, it is necessary to wait for the coloration and "chemical" perm.

For combing must choose a soft brush, preferably of natural materials such as wood.

Hair must be protected from rain, heat or cold. In other words, do not need to go under the scorching sun or the bitter cold without a hat.

And that hair grow faster, you can do a variety of masks.

  • In equal proportions taken any vegetable oil (preferably olive or burdock), peach kernel oil, the solution "Dimexidum" and 1 egg yolk. Massage mask is applied to the hair, puts on polyethylene or cap and towel. An hour later, the mask wash off with shampoo and clean water. Attention: before it is necessary to manufacture a skin test tolerance "Dimexidum." If during the procedure, there is a strong burning, the mask must be immediately wash.
  • 1 tbsp. l. mustard powder is diluted with water to a mushy state. Then add the yolk into mush. The mask is applied in a standard way and kept on the hair for about an hour.
  • Burdock oil is rubbed into dry hair. The mask is worn for 2 hours, then removed with shampoo.

If after birth hair began to fall, do not need to despair. Visit your doctor, get the cause and begin treatment. By following the recommendations of the doctor and using a hair mask, you will soon see the result: thick and luxuriant hair.

 How to cure hair loss after childbirth