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  • A bunch of long hair
  • The beam on the medium hair
  • Here are the steps of creating a beam with a bow

Owners beautiful long hair with one voice may say that they are incredibly lucky. First, because long hair has always been, is and will be the most important natural decoration of the female, and, secondly, they allow you to do absolutely different hairstyles. They can be nice to put in the form of promiscuity, but you can perfectly slaughtered in a ponytail or bun. And the hairstyle with hair bagel suitable for business meetings and for festive exits in people, such as a restaurant, cafe, theater and so on. D.

But this advantage has a downside, that is the need to stack them neatly. The point is not easy. And because of the wide variety of possible daily and festive hairstyles owner of a shag risk facing serious problems to choose their image. And here, like it or not, the best type of hairstyle will beam which excels beautifully prepared both on short and on long hair.

And if in the recent past in order to minimize the beam and fasten on the head, needed an arsenal of all kinds of studs and pins, the modern manufacturers of products and accessories offer our customers a wide range of light and easy to use twisters and bagels. Now we will look at several ways to create beams of various shapes using the gum for a beam (donut). Most often, the beams do those who wish to collect hair that they do not inconvenience the work.

 bagel hair
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A bunch of long hair

The fastest version of the beam will be the one that you use to create a bulk eraser for the pencil which is a rubber band, packed with foam or make a ring of artificial hair.

In order to look more natural hair, you must choose the right bagel

With dimensions can experiment, but better to choose a color to match your hair. Fortunately modern manufacturers, shops and beauty salons offer bagels color Blonde, Brown, Dark Brown and others. Therefore choice to create a beam will be no problems for anybody.

Getting directly to the creation prichestki. To do this, carefully combing her hair, fasten them to the tail, the base of which should be at the height where you want to see the finished hairstyle. Then grab yourself a bagel, and it is passed in the tip of the tail, followed by fixing the hair on it as loose hair will affect what hairstyle will not work, or will look untidy. Then gradually begin to tighten the hair from the tail end down, on a volume-gum bagel.

When they reached the base, you will only spread the hair around the circle of the donut, hiding their miracle gum and ready to fix her hair pins or invisible. The resulting donut can be worn every day - at work, college or school, and if necessary, for example, for the gala evening, it can be decorated with the help of different accessories that can make your hair a festive and unique. There is a hair-beam made at the donut, a lot of pluses. For example, he does not weigh down your hair, so you can wear it all day, does not tear or break them, because the structure of the donut soft and gentle.

Options for changing hairstyles

Plus is the hairstyle that you wear a whole day can be an excellent workpiece to another evening hairstyle that will be easy to do. Only need to dissolve the hair, which turned into a beautiful wavy tresses. That's one stroke can kill two birds at once and make a two hairstyles - casual, business and evening.

High beam will look even more stylish, if you make it with a scythe. To do this, do the following: comb your hair, previously head bowed down, because in this position it will be easier to weave their own pigtail. If you have a helper, he will need to spike you braid from the nape to the crown. It is necessary and will fix the spike.

Then gather the hair into a ponytail and twists them. This hairstyle is easy to vary, for example, the fact that the basis of any other beam braid pigtails - wrenching spike, fish tail, and so on. D. Moreover, you can braid pigtail still using tape, beads and other accessories. Very elegant look bundles, which themselves consist of many small braids. To do this at the stage of fixing the tail will have even more braids braid, which later also with twisted tail.

For those who like to stand out from the crowd, stylists offer to make bunk beams, which are obtained by means of the same donut and a few rubber bands. To do this, we're going all the hair in a high ponytail, to most of the end of which is attached a bagel and starts spinning towards the top, leaving the middle part of hair unused. Thus we get a lower level, which in turn will create another, but smaller.

With the rest of the hair from the tail to do the same - twirl them on a tight elastic band. The junction of the two beams can be hidden, if you close the top to the bottom to attach using stealth, or highlight the line of contiguity with tape or other accessories. On the basis of this interesting idea can make hair and three and four tiers, such as children's pyramid. All depends only on whether the length and volume of hair you have.

 securing beam
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The beam on the medium hair

Owners of medium length hair can also safely use donut to create a high beam. Only in the event of their laying method is slightly different in the first place due to the fact that the length does not allow to make several turns. With medium hair, we proceed as follows: on the top of a donut collect hair in a ponytail and distributes them equally on all sides of the donut. It turns out that something like a small fountain. Then, on top of a thin donut dress gum. Hair is almost ready, but still sticking out from under the gum curls.

What do we do with them? In no case did not cut off, but gently, lock by lock, dressed around a thin gum, which was used as a basis fixing beam. That's it - updo, which served as the basis for the beam gum, called a donut ready.

No less beautiful and elegant on medium hair will look and low beams. Their high contrast that the tail does not need to attach to the top and back of the head, and protruding from under the beam of the hair can not hide under the gum. They can be arranged casually, gives hair more lively mood and flavor. Very nice look beams that reinforce not invisible, and tape. It turns out a kind of hairstyle a la dudes. Color ribbon, you can choose to match your addition or some enhancement.

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Here are the steps of creating a beam with a bow

To make a evening variant of the beam, you can decorate it with natural bow. We are doing this hairstyle as follows.   Combing hair and collect them in a high ponytail.   Since hair is an evening in nature, in its creation need to use styling gel. We put on the base of the tail-gum bagel and distribute the hair in a circle, their smooth and secure small rubber beam.

After that, the remaining underarm hair divide into two parts - one weave braid with which wrap the left side of the beam and fasten it invisible. After that, the rest is made up of strands of ribbon, which divide it into 3 pieces and begin to do any of the extreme side bow - a little tease at first, for example, the right side of the bottom and curl up into a ring. Spreads side bow and attached 2 stealth. Similarly, the act and the left part. Midway same from pigtails, braided from the middle and twisted into a ring, which is fixed in the middle of the bow.

Spreads its edges and processing means for styling. Will it be paint or glitter hair, you decide. In the middle, a good idea would be to strengthen some beautiful invisibility or crystals, for example. Considered hairstyle can be done on your own - in the mirror.

 Popular hair styles hair using a donut

 Women's pixie haircut


  • Main advantages
  • Distinctive features
  • How to create an image
  • Individuality Style

If a woman decides to change something in your life, you will start it with the hair.

The stylish haircut can be done on short-cropped hair. Choose this alternative to those women who want to give yourself a youthful appearance, in other words, to rejuvenate. Haircut can safely wear girls with absolutely any type of person. As the need to cut your hair short, each woman decide for themselves on their own, individually. It all depends on the desire to take the bold boys' appearance.
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Main advantages

Such a radical change in the shearing caused by the fact that among the variety of hairstyles pixie now rapidly gaining popularity. Many women decide to change a spicy appearance. Before agreeing to take this step, think about that as a result you have to part with their hair, but they do not grow back soon. If you are ready for such an experiment, then no regrets go to the salon.

Pixie is strikingly mature women, and young girls look amazing. Regardless of the fact that long hair is always in fashion, short haircuts increasingly emphasize female sexuality. Most likely, these hairstyles popularized by Hollywood stars, because they ask us to style and fashion.

A good haircut, and the fact that practically require any specific maintenance.   It's definitely appreciate too busy lady who never have time for complicated installation. An exquisite combination of hairstyles with any style of clothing in your wardrobe - another definite plus. Why spend so much time to bring the hair in order? Down gum and hair clips, hair dryers and curling irons - short hair trend gaining more fragile hearts persons.

 fashionable haircut pixie
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Distinctive features

Pixie - a short hairstyle for the brave young ladies ready for radical transformation in the image. It is, of course, is similar to many other short hairstyles, but its distinguishing feature is a bold, extravagant and mischievous portrayals. If released to accompany the cut bangs, coloring or contemporary styling, we can get a magnificent effect.

Problems thin or too voluminous hair can be solved with the help of a hair. Well, it looks and curly hair, unlike other similar haircuts. Do not be afraid of your new image. Let your hair is shorter, but now you will not be among the "black sheep". Your personality is your hair, clothes, shoes, make-up. Do not miss the opportunity to shine courage and determination, you will be rewarded it by millions of admiring glances and exclamations.

 beautiful pixie haircut short hair
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How to create an image

Before the majority of women and girls are the following questions: How well do the new hairstyle will be combined with clothes; What makeup is preferable to do so as not to look too vulgar or vice versa inconspicuously. It is necessary to think in advance what styling hair are relevant; and there are the chosen hairstyle ornaments.

About outfits. Ladies with short hairstyles do not have to worry about it. If you one day want to try on the image of the athlete, there is nothing that can not hurt. Besides pixie haircut is ideal for sports. Do not be afraid that you will be a boy. Your feminine, rounded shape in a moment will be given your present floor and stand out from the crowd.

Get out of the house in a dress - not a bad option, especially with such a good haircut will be combined long evening dress. But this does not mean that short now better not to wear. On the contrary, more often wear a mini, and best yet with a deep neckline. So you aktsentiruete focus on its main advantage - swan neck.

Rigorous pantsuits, blouses with skirts in perfect harmony with your short hair. Experiment, discover new, do not dwell on the usual way. The only way you will achieve a perfect result.

About makeup. Everything is simple, any makeup should ideally be combined with your new hairstyle, the main thing - do not overdo it with dark shadows on the eyelids. Welcomes the use of red lipstick. This is particularly highlight your hair short, but will not reveal the mystery of transformation. you will remain a mystery for many people.

On installation. It would seem that the length of the hair is small, but in this case it is possible to do a variety of daily styling. Changes every day, short hair - it's not a death sentence, and your dignity! Classic styling with a hair dryer and a round hairbrush give volume and make the image more than the original. And if we add the wax, you get a very modern style and a popular hairstyle among the stars. A gentle way to help create a romantic style light waves created by the rollers.

The wild, unbridled and daring view of your image will give a pixie punk. Model it is possible by means of the gel. Be careful so extraordinary hairstyle causes different reactions of others. So if you are not ready for such a bold experiment, refrain from this installation.

Many other images can be created by using various accessories designed for short hair. For example, all kinds of tapes are ideal, bandaged around the head. Well look no rims or too bulky clips.

About ornaments. Under your perfectly coiffed hair will suit a variety of jewelery and costume jewelery. Very stylish earrings will look great rings. For the romantic image of the ideal earrings with small stones or clip. Classic version will remain long earrings with multiple stones. On your neck can show off in the form of jewelery chain necklace pendant. All of this is perfectly in harmony with the image and highlight your extravagance.

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Individuality Style

The first impression of the pixies can be a surprise or fear. But that's just not used to, do not be afraid. Just now you are not like the others, just decide on fundamental changes in the image. Over time, you get used to and understand that this hairstyle even give odds to other popular and trendy haircuts.

 Fashion at the pixie haircut