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  • Long-wave
  • "Grandma's way of" curling
  • Tips for using curlers
  • Application irons and curling: what to consider

It is no secret that every woman dreams of a long, thick hair, but nature has endowed them not all. Upset, of course, not necessary - hairstyles for short tresses today a great multitude, and every woman can choose the one that will decorate it in the best way.

Butch visually makes hair thicker and hair - more volume.

Often, however, holders of such hairstyles complain about some uniformity. To help cope with the problem of curling short hair. It can be done in different ways, all of them can be applied at home, and there is no need to frequent beauty salons, while spending time and money.
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If no, and have curly hair still want the best solution would be carving or long-term blow. Carving retains its shape up to 3 months, and therefore so popular among employed women. It should be noted, however, that the carving hair straightened themselves over time, in contrast to the classic perm. Admittedly, this carving is one of the best options for short curling locks.

 curls using curlers
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"Grandma's way of" curling

"Grandmother's method" does not cease to be a wave of topical even today. This process is characterized by its simplicity - for it will only need the clips hairdressing and styling products. Hair must first wash, how to dry, then apply styling products, divided into strands screwed onto the clamps and secure. Also, the strands can be spun in different directions, then the hair will look chaotic, that's hot. After the locks you just need to dry. For this approach as a natural way, and blow-drying.

Another version of this process - the use of pins, tucks it originally and safely. Hair should be washed, slightly drier, put them mousse, and then take a separate locks, cheat on them tucks and secure. For creating a large volume and natural curl form strands are wound in different directions. This hair must be dried with a hair dryer. Advantages of this method is that it takes no more than 20 minutes to create a lush, light and attractive curls.
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Tips for using curlers

Another way of curling short hair is the use of standard curlers. Owners of appropriate haircuts more suitable thin rollers around which the strand will turn several times. It is best to use soft foam curlers from within which has a soft wire. Closely wind the curler is not recommended, and locks in the curl is not worth it to pull too tight. So the hair will not experience undue stress. These rollers do not interfere with sleep, but their long you can not use - foam rather quickly broken. This method is attractive by the fact that it is the least traumatic, so is ideal for daily wave.

 Curling Irons utjuzhkom
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Application irons and curling: what to consider

Using the most conventional irons, you can make a very nice perm even on short hair. But this option is suitable only for those women whose tresses are long enough to wrap itself around the ironing plate. Strands after this process are somewhat broken, but very attractive. However, you should know that this wave has a negative impact on the health of the hair, so it is not recommended to do it more than once a week. Also, do not cheat the same strand of a few times, or you can simply burn the hair. If you want a more stable wave, it is necessary to put locks on a special mousse.

Finally it is worth to talk about the most common method of producing curls - using a curling curling. We should not forget that curling irons come in different diameters.   If the locks are relatively long, it is recommended to choose a thick curling, but they are shorter than the thinner should be curling.   Depending on the shape of a hairstyle, or just curl the ends of the strands or hair on all length. For such problems, curling fits just perfect because it can help to tighten up and hairstyle, and create volume at the roots. And if the hair is long, you can make real hair, which will give the owner a romantic look. However, a method such as irons and a method, is not very useful for the health of hair, so entrained is not worth.

 How to curl your hair short length?

 California highlights the right


  • Hollywood trend
  • California dyeing technology

Naturalness and environmental friendliness - the main trends of the season. Hair should first look healthy and natural, with a smooth transition of color and natural golden highlights cognac. But it does not matter if nature has not endowed you with all of the above. Come to the aid Californian highlights for dark hair - developed in Hollywood technology gentle coloring.

 beautiful Californian highlights
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Hollywood trend

California it is called, because the state of the same name on the beaches dark hair intensely local beauties fade under the hot sun, especially the ends, forming a completely new sunny color, which became very popular. Fan of California highlighting are Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker and many others.

It is best to look Californian highlights on dark hair. California highlighting refers to careful painting techniques without the use of thermal paper or foil. At the roots of the hair are dark, gradually moving to the vertical strands clarified. The latter may be of different width and hue.

It is noteworthy that for highlighting California used saturated colors, or even a combination of colors of light palette. In view of the popularity of highlighting California, there are many techniques and variations in its execution, which allows a professional stylist to choose the best option for each client. Among the most popular shades of California highlighting should be called beige, coffee, nuts, brandy, honey and caramel-colored wheat.

The more shades on dark hair wizard uses, the more interesting and richer we get a result.  California dyeing machinery
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California dyeing technology

California highlighting is done using a special paste containing bees wax. She gently bleaches the hair and does not drip. The paste is applied on the outside and gradually drying process, this leads to weakening of action and it does not dry tresses. The classical techniques of dyeing coloring pigment is covered with foil and is much more intense, not harming the health of hair. Selecting strands and applying the scheme highlighting individual in each case, so it is better to entrust the job to professionals with experience that literally "vpletet the sun" in your tresses.

In addition to the beautiful effect of luxurious natural strands with patches of sunlight, highlighting California has several other advantages:

  • great gray hair masks,
  • suitable for all ages, face type and length of hair,
  • It provides a beautiful iridescent effect curls,
  • It does not damage the hair structure,
  • It looks very natural,
  • visually increases the amount of hair,
  • does not require frequent maintenance and tinting.

For dark hair Californian highlights enough to repeat every three months. This not only removes the hair from unnecessary stress or load, but also very profitable financially.   Proper application and extract all the nuances of the procedure will not only get a nice visual effect, but also will make hair more volume and are less prone to contamination.

California highlighting is performed in two stages: first, lighten natural hair, then toned previously clarified. After applying the paste with beeswax master mix several shades of paint and apply them on the strand with a brush, repeating the pattern of the sun and creating a relief and a beautiful color. Since the paint is applied to the individual strands are not covered with foil, filaments in contact with each other, painting. This creates a very soft and natural color transition. Therefore, it is important to trust the process knowledgeable stylist.

Properly made Californian highlights on dark hair looks luxurious, pulling a woman admiring glances. Advantages of California highlighting undeniable. Add to that the ease of care, gentle effect on the hair, and no need to go to the hairdresser every month, you will get an excellent opportunity to always be stylish and beautiful, with reasonable effort.

 Which highlights the most suitable for dark hair?