good burdock against hair loss


  • Burdock oil - the best medicine for hair
  • How to cook burdock yourself?
  • Masks of burdock oil for hair
  • General tips and advice on the use of burdock oil

Burdock oil as a tonic for weak hair used for a long time. Many of our grandmothers and mothers to rinse hair decoction of burdock roots and had a beautiful head of hair! But burdock oil-nothing but the infusion of burdock in vegetable oil. Yes, yes, of burdock, which grows everywhere. It is suitable for all hair types, is inexpensive, and you can find it at any pharmacy.

Used burdock hair loss and not only: against split ends, to eliminate dandruff and moisturizing the scalp to restore luster and general health of the hair.

Did you know that the use of burdock oil as a preventive measure will allow men 15-20 years of delay baldness?
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Burdock oil - the best medicine for hair

The most valuable component of burdock oil for hair - a natural inulin. It helps to enhance metabolism and ensures the vitality of the hair bulb. Inulin perfectly moisturizes and soothes the scalp, makes hair shiny and manageable. Therefore, it is part of many balsams and hair conditioners.

Also bring great benefit to fatty acids, which nourish the scalp and hair follicle, and do not give the latest to die; vitamins A, B, C, D and E and flavonoids that support the correct acid-alkaline balance and ensure rapid growth and restoration of hair by improving the blood circulation; Well and mineral salts that are absorbed into the very base of the hair and saturate its useful elements. All this provides nutrition hair bulb. The scalp and hair heals and hair loss slows down considerably.

So if you have hair fall out, then ran for burdock! Whatever the cause of your illness - the application of this wonder drug is absolutely necessary! The sooner you start to use it, the better. It is important to promptly arrest the symptoms of the disease, then the healing process will proceed much faster. Of course, do not wait for the mane of a lion after the first application, you need to use the oil regularly and success did not take long!

To restore the hair mask with burdock oil you need to use 1 or 2 times a week, for at least a couple of months. Oil mixed with egg yolk (it will be easier to wash off) to put the massage on the scalp and hair clean for 15 minutes. When we wrapped with a towel and an hour thoroughly wash off the shampoo. You can rinse your hair with diluted vinegar.

But before use, make sure you are not allergic to this product. To do this, apply a drop of oil on the inside of your wrist and wait for 10 minutes if there is no reaction, then feel free to use!

 Burr oil
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How to cook burdock yourself?

  1. The dried burdock root ground to a powder, pour sunflower oil and insist in a dark warm place for 20 days. Shake before use.
  2. A small amount of purified burdock root pour boiling water, close tightly and wrap something warm. Insist 20 minutes. Then infusion of strain through a sieve and add to it any fatty oil (almond, castor, olive, sunflower, peanut). And again we send to infuse all the same 20 days. This broth can be used without oil, immediately after straining - is also well helps to strengthen hair follicles.
  3. In a ceramic pot mix 1 tablespoon dried roots of burdock and 250 g olive. Tightly close the lid, wrap in foil and bake in the oven at 60 degrees for 3 - 4 hours. Then allow to cool, and you can use it.

These oils can be stored no more than 2 months as they gradually lose their healing properties.

If all of these ways of self cooking oil do not suit you, then acquire it at a pharmacy. Burdock oil - a commodity like running and his forge in our country. Carefully read the composition and shelf life. Even if the manufacturer says that it is possible to store the millennium, after two months from the date of manufacture safely throw from beneficial vitamins there is no trace.

 Useful burdock oil from falling
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Masks of burdock oil for hair

Burdock oil can be used both in pure form or in combination with other ingredients. In particular, it goes well with honey, egg yolk and pepper. Such masks are most effective.

Mask "vitamin"

To keep your hair permed or color, use a mask with egg yolk. She is very good with a strong hair loss. The 2-3 tbsp. spoon burdock oil, add two egg yolks and 1 teaspoon cocoa. Massage movements rub into the scalp, wrap polyethylene and a towel, do not wash for an hour. This mask is good to use as a prevention, prevent hair loss because it is easier than cure!

Mask "Honey"

To prepare the mask with honey, mix 2 tablespoons. liters of honey, lemon juice and burdock oil. Heat up the muck up until honey is dissolved. Warm Mask applied to the hair along the entire length and wrapped one hour. After we wash off. The result from this mask is visible immediately!

Mask "herbal mix"

If your hair is relaxed, it will serve as a panacea for their mix of vegetable oils. In a tablespoon of butter bur add a teaspoon of olive or almond, jojoba oil and the contents of one capsule of vitamin E and A. The mask is a bit heated and evenly distributed over the entire length of hair. Slightly used and washed off with shampoo.

Pepper mask

Again, good for hair loss can help mask burdock oil and pepper. Take 1 tbsp. l. oils and alcohol tinctures of bitter red pepper, add the yolks, mix thoroughly and on time applied to the hair and scalp. If you feel a slight burning - do not worry. And if it is to grow, then wash off immediately. This mask is good increases blood circulation and stimulates the growth of your hair.

Mask with nettles

To accelerate the growth of hair, stop hair loss and make them live a silky look, try a mask with nettles. For this small amount of nettle leaves pour boiling water and leave for 15-20 minutes. Then strain and add burdock. Very carefully mix and apply on hair. Wrap for half an hour.

Mask "smart"

And finally the most delicious recipe mask: rub the egg yolks, add to it lemon juice and onion 1 tsp and tsp cognac and a little burdock oil. Mask to rub in hair roots, hold an hour, then thoroughly washed. It would be nice also to rinse the nettle broth. This mask and hair loss will slow down and improve the general appearance head of hair.

 application of oil on the hair
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General tips and advice on the use of burdock oil

It should be understood that the mask of burdock oil - is not a one-time procedure, and long course therapy, especially in the case of very poor condition hair.

  • oil works better in a heated state, and it must be heated in a water bath. In no case do not boil;
  • must be applied on the scalp and on the whole length of the hair;
  • keep the color it should be at least an hour (by way of exception is allowed half an hour);
  • head coated with oil is necessary to wrap up;
  • carry out the procedure should be at least 1 time per week for at least 2-3 months, depending on neglect;
  • rinse must be thoroughly shampoo;
  • for oily scalp oil should be applied no more than 30 minutes, otherwise it will clog pores and the effect will be the opposite;
  • it should only buy from a pharmacy and do not use more than two months.

And finally, one more tip. If you have a really strong hair fall out (not three lost hair on the pillow in the morning, and beam), be sure to consult with your doctor. Perhaps the problem of their illness lies much deeper.

And do not forget, no matter what difficulty does not fall on us, we must be beautiful forever!

 We treat hair loss burdock

 mustard mask


  • The natural properties of mustard as a drug
  • For health and beauty hair
  • Cases of application of mustard masks
  • The ingredients that make up the miraculous masks
  • The frequency and time of use of masks
  • Wash off the mask properly
  • And finally ...

Beautiful, long, thick hair has always been the pride of every woman, an indicator of the health of their owner. Everyone knows the saying "Spit - a girlish beauty." How many poems dedicated to the beauty of the hair, "And I did, like a violinist, I press my hand to him. And the hair streamed on the shoulder as silent music "(Samoilov DS), or" As I caressed her hands ermine immodest gentle hair "(Bruce VY).

It is noteworthy that despite the abundance of funds to strengthen and supply of hair offered in stores, we do not forget the old recipes of masks used by our grandmothers and even mothers. The structure of these miraculous masks usually include ingredients provided by nature, they are available in the kitchen almost every housewife. Truly magical mask mustard, which is recommended for excessive hair loss, deserves special attention.

From the mustard seeds produced mustard powder, it is widely used in cosmetics, medicine, perfume, cooking and food processing.

Mustard powder - completely natural, a natural product, manufactured by cold pressing, gentle way of mustard seeds.

It is sold in any grocery store or supermarket, and it is dry mustard powder required for the preparation of mustard masks aimed at enhancing hair growth and prevents hair loss.

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The natural properties of mustard as a drug

Mustard powder contains micro- and macroelements such as iron, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamins A, E, B1 and B2, beta-carotene, mono- and disaccharides, a small amount of organic acid. It is still unknown, we are able to get through the pores of the skin these substances, but the actual mustard is an irritant, distracting and bactericidal action. Because of these properties and is used mustard mask for hair loss. Irritating the scalp, it increases blood flow to the roots, and thus activates the "dormant" follicles.

 ingredients for mustard mask

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For health and beauty hair

One of the main problems we face - the hair falls out and lose their vitality. Of course, the hair loss can be caused by various reasons, ranging from the health of the whole organism. But we often use a hair dryer to sit for long periods in areas with dry air, and how much dust and dirt deposited on the hair, one has only to walk down the street! And if the hair starts to fall out treacherously, without the masks simply can not do. Mustard mask like no other for this purpose. In some cases, it is recommended to use mustard masks?

  • restoration of hair growth;
  • prevention of hair loss;
  • nutrition and strengthening the roots;
  • improve the blood circulation of the scalp;
  • blood flow to the roots;
  • awakening of inactive hair follicles, increased hair growth;
  • giving a healthy shine.

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Cases of application of mustard masks

Mask with mustard can be used for any hair because the main role of mustard - to prevent their loss, awakening stimulation and activation of "sleeping" the bulbs - follicles. First of all, it should be noted that mustard mask should be applied to unwashed, dry hair. Mustard powder is an excellent natural emulsifier, it perfectly dissolves fat, giving the hair a natural shine. Hence, the following recommendations on the use of masks:

  • For dry - no more than once every 10 -14 days.
  • For normal - just once a week.
  • For fat - can be once in 5 days, or 2 times a week.

 preparation of mustard masks

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The ingredients that make up the miraculous masks

The easiest part of mustard masks - dry powder and warm water in equal proportions.

Classic mask recipe (recipe two tablespoons):

  • 2 tablespoons mustard;
  • 2 tablespoons water;
  • 2 tablespoons fat oil, ideal burdock, castor, linseed. Or any vegetable - olive, sunflower;
  • 2 teaspoons sugar.

All this is thoroughly mixed in a glass or ceramic cup and carefully applied to the scalp at the middle. In any case, even in small quantities, the mixture will be exposed to the hair, so to avoid desiccation and combustion mustard mask previously recommended tips lubricate any fatty oil. In any case, the harm will not do, the benefits obvious.

Optionally, you can add an egg yolk. If you are a supporter of plant food or home simply did not have eggs, it's not a problem. At home you can always find a couple of spoonfuls of yogurt, yogurt or any other dairy products, cream, juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. You can add a few drops of essential oils. Sugar can be replaced with honey. Just trying and experimenting, you can determine the optimal mask.

  • Egg yolk, because it contained fats, moisturizes hair, prevents hair loss and dandruff. At higher fat content of the yolk in place, you can add an egg white.
  • Honey makes the hair smooth and shiny, nourishes and fills them with vitality.
  • Yogurt and milk products - a great way to dampening normal, dry, damaged and colored hair. Very suitable mayonnaise.
  • Aloe juice, brown bread soaked as effective a tendency to fat.
  • Lemon juice imparts softness and shine, you can add as a mask and used when rinsing the hair. It is used primarily for oily hair, in combination with the oil - for dry and normal.
  • Essential oils that may be contained in disguise:
  • Air, bergamot, geranium, lavender, cedar, fir, juniper, tea tree, eucalyptus - to strengthen hair, an excellent remedy for dandruff.
  • Bitter orange, grapefruit - are used against hair loss, baldness.
  • Basil - gives hair shine alive.
  • Ylang-Ylang - is used to restore damaged hair thin.
  • Cinnamon, myrrh - like mustard powder, increase hair growth, arouses "sleeping" the bulbs.
  • Patchouli, balm - suitable for oily hair, give them fresh.

There are different opinions about the water temperature, which bred a mask. The higher the water temperature, the stronger is released fitontsidov mustard, in this case - allyl mustard oil. It is included in the lotion formulations for the treatment of hair, and that it causes skin irritation. Therefore, the more sensitive skin of the head, the lower the water temperature should be, so it's best not to plant the hot and warm water. You can reduce the amount of sugar to one teaspoon as sugar enhances the "burning" properties of mustard.

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The frequency and time of use of masks

Once applied to the scalp mask, try to tightly wrap the head, it may be a shower cap and a swimming pool. If the cap is not, take a clean plastic bag and cut off one side of the seam. Do you have something like a bonnet. Already on polyethylene need to wear a warm hat or towel wound.

Keep the mask is recommended between 15 minutes to 1 hour. When you first try to mask sufficiently the minimum time, then you can watch the sensations. Some say that his head was hot and so much burning that sometimes it seems that the hair is about to fall out, but you should not be afraid of it. Beauty requires sacrifice, and 15 minutes you can be patient. If it gets really bad, of course, run to the bathroom and wash off, even for a short time mustard miraculous benefits.

If you roll a large amount of hair, curls lose vitality, become dull, weak, and you decide to take their proper treatment, prepared for the fact that to obtain the desired effect will have to make a mask for at least 3-6 months. Of course, the result will be visible immediately, but after that time you will be able to boast of beautiful, healthy, strong locks.

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Wash off the mask properly

The mask is rinsed with running water a comfortable temperature, massaging the scalp with your fingers. Then you just need to wash your hair shampoo suitable for you. It is advisable not to pour shampoo directly on the head, and a little foam in your hand or a bowl. In the end it is good to apply a balm or a growth promoter. Scalp and hair can be further rinse decoction of herbs. It may be a nettle, rosemary, birch leaf, plantain, mother and stepmother. Burdock, oak bark, sage, perfect for oily hair, chamomile - for dry, light.

Safety measures

The mask should be applied only to healthy and intact skin of the head. When sensitive skin or a tendency to allergy is better to spend time and apply a little pre-obtained slurry on the wrist or elbow bend. Mustard mask for different hair acts differently. Someone once they recover and begin to grow rapidly. Someone climb, so that seems to mask the contrary, it causes baldness. We must remember that we lose hair every day, so the way nature is. And irritation, mustard may even increase their loss. Then over time, there is the so-called "undercoat", which is a further application of the mask is transformed into a beautiful, thick hair.

In any case, many notice that previously fell out a lot of hair, after repeated use of the mask number of hairs shed was reduced significantly. It may also happen that the mask does not fit well at all, then you can apply a mask without the mustard with the addition of yeast, soaked black bread, tea or decoction of herbs.
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And finally ...

There are many different opinions about the effectiveness of mustard masks, but in spite of everything this beautiful mask is very popular. Of course, there is no universal remedies that fit all, without exception, but if you "relished" magic mask mustard enough to allocate 15-20 minutes a week at improving the hair. Mustard mask - a great alternative to the masks, which are sold in stores.

  • It does not require much time spent on its production.
  • Mustard powder is inexpensive, and it's enough for a long time.
  • In the fridge there is always an egg or a couple of spoons of yogurt, sour cream, butter, sunflower oil.
  • Mustard mask is quite effective for the force of its impact.

Mustard powder serve you well in the cold days of winter. When cold it is helpful to rub in socks, make him appliqué on the chest. But as a preventive and cosmetic products can take a bath, after dissolving it 2-3 tablespoons mustard powder. And then, not only hair, but also your skin will be silky and smooth, and sleep will be deep and serene, like a child.

 Magic Mask of mustard powder