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  • Hair styles and kinds of excess body hair
  • How can home to remove facial hair yourself?
  • The methods of hair removal
  • Other methods

What is the fair sex did not notice at the hairs on his face? However, someone they can be completely invisible, and does not cause much discomfort.

Facial hair in women are the cause of inconvenience if they are tough, long and dark.

What areas of the face more often exposed to them growing thick "vegetation"? Manifested facial hair in women in different areas. These areas include the chin, the area above the upper lip, cheeks, brow area.
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Hair styles and kinds of excess body hair

Hair on the face, as in any other area of ​​the body, two types of grow:

  • Vellus, grow a particular type of hair follicles. The structure are thin, short and sweet. Increased growth of vellus hair is called hypertrichosis. This change does not relate to the action of hormones. It can be caused by a metabolic disorder (malfunction of the thyroid gland caused by puberty, pregnancy, menopause), taking certain medications (eg, minoxidil), congenital features of the constitution. Although the increased growth of vellus facial hair can occur in healthy women without endocrine disorders.
  • Rod for their growth corresponds to a completely different type of hair follicles. Hair coarse, stiff, thicker, have pigmented shade. The growth of hair in women in excess of the core due to the influence of androgens (male sex hormones), called hirsutism.

The overabundance of male hormones in women will have an effect on hair follicles type 1, making them the 2nd bulb. Which, in turn, will contribute to the growth of coarse hair rod type.

The gynecologist-endocrinologist will help clarify the nature of the abundant growth of hair on the face. It will assign the correct treatment regimen. In the case of endocrine disruption solve the problem of hairiness on the face alone epilation fail: they will appear again, if not more. Those women who do not have hormonal problems, it can make use of household ways of getting rid of hair in this article.

 hair removal wax strips
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How can home to remove facial hair yourself?

Going to the beauty salon to make even a single procedure (for example, laser hair removal), you will very expensive. And the surprises of such a procedure can not be avoided in the form of redness and peeling of the skin, and a 100% guarantee for complete freedom from hair on the rest of your life you will not find one. The hair will start to grow again after a certain period of time. So why not use alternative methods of hair removal household, whose effectiveness has been proven more than one generation of women? And the big financial expenses you do not have to.

  • Shaving

Shaving is an affordable and popular for hair removal from the face of fashion. Only the result of its application is not comforting. Shaving is splitting hairs at the tips, which makes the hair thicker and noticeable. If you decide to make your choice in favor of this method, then you should know that you have to carry out the procedure podbrivaniya hair almost every day, increasing their growth and irritating the skin.

  • Plucking

Another equally well-known way to remove facial hair. Just like the first method, the effect of its application is not the one that you expect to receive. In the process of plucking the hair follicles are damaged, which can lead to irritation, small scratches and scars. Plucking also entails a thickening of hair and enhance their growth.

Plucking should choose those with a small number of stem hairs on the face. It is possible that on the site of a hair-thin predecessor appears thicker hair. If you are facing a dilemma: to shave or pluck hairs on the face, then use the second option. Because of its use hair grow much more durable.

 Different ways of epilation
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The methods of hair removal

  • Hair removal using a thread

The method is popular in the East, and Asia. He has lots of advantages:

  1. Hairs become weak and become much thinner, thin hair is naturally almost disappear;
  2. Absence of inflammation (unlike tweezing);
  3. The cheapness of the process (required reel of cotton thread of any color);
  4. Quick, but effective: just 1 minute you can remove all your unwanted hair.

Important: do not use silk thread, they can cut your fingers.

First, clean cotton pad area required face of makeup. Next you need to disinfect the skin at the site of the future removal of hairs. To do this, use antiseptic, preferably not alcohol (e.g. Miramistin, chlorhexidine). Apply baby powder (talc). Measure the thread length 30-40-50 cm (length of the individual). Take the two ends of the thread, and connect them together, tying the knot at the ends.

The thread has to form a circle. This range is necessary to twist the middle two or three times to get the shape of eight. Each semicircular eight must be strung like this: right hand fingers (thumb and forefinger) of the right hand and the left, respectively, on the thumb and forefinger of the left.

First you need to be trained to perform simple finger movements: one connecting the thumb and index finger, at the same time you need to push your thumb and index finger on the other. This movement must be brought to automaticity. They need to move the center of eight twisted, capturing them and cutting off his hair. That is the thread here works on the principle of scissors.

The first hair removal can be painful. Redness of the skin will disappear after 15 minutes.

  • Waxing

Melt the wax in the cosmetic and fire using sticks apply it to the hair. After solidification of the wax, remove it with your fingers with hair stuck to it. To reduce pain wax is recommended to apply the skin with small strokes, to be able to tear them one by one. Hair begins to grow again only after 2 weeks. The maximum period for which the holding results - 1 month.

  • Hair removal with sugar

Sugar hair removal is performed about the same as the wax. Melted sugar flat stick, apply on the skin where there is hair. Cured film remove sugar from the face of his fingers.

  • Discoloration

Gentle bleaching method is using lightening cream (supra). After the procedure of facial hair becomes virtually invisible. And over time, they are noticeably thinner.

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Other methods

  • Unusual way: removing hairs walnut shells

The ash from burnt walnut shells dissolve 1 tablespoon of water and apply on problem skin with hairs. The procedure is repeated 3 times a day.

  • Tool with pine nuts

2 tablespoons pine nuts shells chop, connect them with 1 cup boiling water. Boil the mixture in a water bath for 20 minutes to cool and strain. Wipe problem skin with hairs.

  • Home clay to remove hairs

1 kg of sugar pour into the pan. Mix half cup of vinegar and a half cup of water, add to the sugar solution. Put the contents of the pan on low heat. Gently stir, bring the solution to a syrup medium thickness. Stir, pour in 1/3 bubble green fodder. Bring the mixture until smooth. Turn off the heat and cool the syrup.

In less profound capacity (seledochnitsu, bowl) Pour syrup on the bottom of the pre-bed polyethylene. Separating the small pieces of the frozen mass, remember them in his fingers. Softening (but not rasteksheysya) clay smeared with a thin layer on the skin and then it take off. Making fast - one after another pasting.

  • The use of iodine-based solution and an alcohol

Connect 1, 5 ml iodine, 30 ml of medical alcohol, 2 ml of liquid alcohol, 5 ml of oil castor oil. Leave the mixture in a dark place. When it becomes colorless, it can be used. Apply it twice a day.

  • Cream for hair removal

Another cheap way to remove hair. The substances contained therein, influence the proteins, and after some time, the hairs fall off. Impact cream does not hurt the hair follicles. Therefore, its application does not slow down hair regrowth. The result from its use does not last long, and also causes irritation cream on the treated skin.

After procedures for hair removal using a nourishing cream. Can children.

The best way to remove hair on the face of a waning moon. It is believed that at the time the procedure to get rid of anything unnecessary to bring a positive result.

 How to remove facial hair at home?