hairstyle for long hair


  • Frizz curls and braids weave
  • We attach a chic volume

Owners of long hair - the happiest girl, because they fascinate by virtue of any man: very few people will be able to break away from the luxurious hair, flowing gently on the back. However, surprisingly, many beauties do not know how to effectively put their treasure, and any cost inconspicuous beam or become hostages of the same image - with the usual hair straight hair without any kind of frills and tricks.

Hairstyles long as there are lots of loose hair. Some of them are fairly simple and require minimal time and effort, while creating others need help girlfriend or sister. In any case, the new image will cheer up and make any hair tune totally different colors.

 beautiful hairstyles for long loose hair
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Frizz curls and braids weave

Plus the length of curls is not only the beauty and femininity, but also the ease of curling. Optionally, to lay all the hair - part can be left straight. And the degree of variability of the curled hair - curls up on the elastic wave of light, a matter of taste and personal style. Complement the image of decorative ribbons and headbands.

To make the long flowing wavy hair, large hair curlers are used for fine strands of twisted curls on boomerangs or smaller rollers.

Then, using a coconut oil or a small amount of wax each curl parsed one by one and fixed by varnish.

Sophisticated look with side parting wave, more bold and modern - with oblique.

Holiday option are beautifully arranged long cascading curls, some of which are staple and figuratively gathered on the side.

Everyday suitable way easier, but no less striking: it is created by spraying salt and ironing.

Kos is always associated with romantic flair and youth, and the volume and dense - with the image of the true Russian beauty. For long flowing hair neatly braided pigtail may be one of the elements of hairstyles. Very common weaving in French, that is, in the form of spikelets, with pickup - this braid beautifully frames the head, as well as unusual: for example, registration in the hearts of several tails, weaving the bottom up or the tail of a fish.

We can not forget about the famous African braids. Creating such a hairstyle difficult and requires an approach competent expert, but it is very comfortable to wear and care, not to mention the spectacular way in general.

 hairstyles to loose hair
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We attach a chic volume

Volume on the loose hair can be created in several ways. The first of them - a collection of several strands curled on top, while the rest of the hair should be dissolved.

Try on the image of a retro-diva will bouffant. The popular a few decades ago, it is again gaining momentum and is a clear trend of the season. Coping with fleece and you can own. To do this, you need to separate the upper range of 1 cm and moving from the bottom up, slowly and gently tease the hair, fixing her hair lacquer. Top separated earlier layer covers the entire installation.

Note: the hair must be clean and dry, otherwise inevitable damage and breaking. You should not "tear up" the individual strands, each movement is done most carefully and cautiously.

The classic option volume hairstyles for long flowing hair is so-called Malvinka. At the top is fleece and the top strands are drawn in a cocoon, taking back and fixed stealth. Malvinka can be a high-top, and more "smoothed", supplemented with curly tresses or unusual beautiful weaving. Place of collecting the strands at the back is decorated with a bright hairpin.

Barber will help achieve long flowing hair volume with a special haircut ladder - it is suitable for women with a round face. The wizard prompts you to profile strands, but keep in mind that the direct and concise fashion line.

One small detail can completely transform the whole way: do not forget about accessories.

The choice is great: headbands, ribbons, headbands, beads, crystals and gum. It depends on the style and mood at any given time. A striking element will draw attention to her hair down so that even the most simple hair must look perfect and tidy.

And, of course, we should remember that the long hair looks really impressive and beautiful only if they are well maintained and well, and their hostess charming smiles.

 How to choose a hairstyle for long flowing hair?

 Causes of hair loss


  • The main reasons for hair loss
  • The main symptoms of hair loss
  • Basic principles of treatment of hair loss
  • Folk remedies to combat hair loss
  • Medication
  • Head massage and mesotherapy
  • Finally, conclusions, recommendations,

Hair - it's part of the human body to perform certain functions. Firstly, they are required to maintain heat balance. They protect the outer skin of the head of the adverse environmental factors: low temperature, precipitation, injuries and so on. Second, perform an aesthetic function, giving a person a certain image. Hair - a derivative of the skin. On the scalp healthy person, there are a huge number of them - tens and even hundreds of thousands. Normally, every day a person loses 50 to 100 of these structures. If these numbers are much larger, it may be any pathology in the body.

Most of them, namely 90%, grows continuously throughout life, and only 10% are in the resting stage of the so-called 2-6 and fall months. Hair live about 3 to 7 years. With age, they become thinner, but, nevertheless, in place of the separated new hair can no longer occur. This may be due to various causes. The balding process can begin in his youth, so a roll of importance in this regard is the prevention and treatment of baldness. Let us consider in more detail what to do with hair loss, but before that you need to know the main causes of this disease.

 applying a mask on your hair
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The main reasons for hair loss

Hair loss in humans may be due to various reasons. Often, it appears as a hereditary pathology. This may occur in the event that if any of the parents suffering from baldness. Thus, it is deterministic hereditary disease of the scalp. Hair loss can also trigger hormonal imbalance.

It is often possible to observe such diseases as androgenic alopecia (baldness), which is observed in males as a result of increased levels of testosterone in the blood.

This can occur in girls, for example, during pregnancy, after childbirth, during menopause. Often, like seen in adolescence.

The main reason for hair loss - is: the aging process in the human body; Various endocrine diseases, such as thyroid disease; Physico-chemical damage to the hair during application, blow-drying, and so forth; head trauma and wounds of the skin; autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus, bacterial and fungal infection; Neuropsychiatric disorders (stress), the use of certain medications, surgery, high fever, chemotherapy, poor nutrition, bad haircuts. Causes and predisposing factors are very, very much.

Malnutrition as a cause of hair loss

As mentioned above, the hair is a living structure. Thus, their growth and the state is directly dependent on care and nutrition. Meals can cause hair loss. But this condition is reversible. All you need to do - to adjust your diet and nutrition. Scientists have proved that growth depends on the content in the diet of some micronutrients and vitamins. Loss - a very common symptom during hypovitaminosis and avitaminosis. With a lack of vitamins disturbed metabolism, which contributes to hair loss. If this happens, then you need to optimize your diet to include foods rich in vitamins A, C, H, B5.

It is important that daily diet were materials such as iron, magnesium, selenium, silicon. Besides all this, it matters and the nature of power. Eating fried, smoked and spicy foods can trigger this disease. The most optimal products for hair growth - it's a fish, fruit and vegetables, meat, vegetable oil, algae and soy products. They are indispensable in the daily diet of a healthy man.

 mask with egg yolk against hair loss
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The main symptoms of hair loss

Symptoms of alopecia are pretty simple. There are three main forms of the disease.

First - this is a partial baldness. Most often it occurs in males and is shown as an offset to the back-line growth. At the same time, they begin to fall at the temples first, followed by the crown.

The second type - a complete baldness. The hair starts to fall out with the entire surface of the scalp and thinning. Complete baldness can occur, for example, by chemotherapy or radiation exposure when taking certain medications.

The third type of the disease - a local baldness. This results in thinning of the hair, and they fall in certain areas of the head. Loss and thinning - these are the main symptoms. If they are joined by pain, burning, the presence of ulcers and other lesions of the skin, the appearance of scales, sensitivity, loss of eyebrows and eyelashes, you should immediately seek medical attention. These may be symptoms of serious diseases.
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Basic principles of treatment of hair loss

Very important is the question of the treatment of the disease. In most cases, hair loss - it's just a symptom, which may be hiding a more serious disease. Principles of treatment include: conducting massage the scalp, treatment of the underlying disease, normalization of food, avoiding stressful situations, the use of drugs that enhance hair growth, and, of course, proper care for their hair. This last point means that do not need to constantly pull the hair, pull their different hairstyles, is not recommended to continually braid braids and ponytails, since all it violates the integrity of the hair.

Of great importance is and how you use shampoo. Select it is strictly individual. If there is increased function of the sebaceous glands, the suitable shampoo for oily hair. No need to dye your hair often, and you should choose a quality paint. Using a hair dryer hair dryers, combs and hairbrushes frequent also causes damage to hair, making them more brittle. It is suitable for hair care use various creams, conditioners and balms.

 application of oil on the hair
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Folk remedies to combat hair loss

If your hair is advisable to use traditional remedies. This can be done using different masks, e.g., clay and salt. When this mask is applied to the scalp and left for 15 minutes, then rinsed with warm water. Sea salt and clay have the ability to adsorb various contaminants including fat particles, i.e. they have a cleansing effect. Good help and a mask with onions and honey. This onions Grate, mix with honey and rubbed into the scalp, leaving the mixture for 30 minutes. This mask has an antiseptic effect and improves blood circulation of the head and the hair, which is very important for their nutrition and growth.

The good effect gives a mask with cognac, honey and egg yolk. This mixture is applied to the hair and then rinsed off. it uses warm water with lemon juice. Are of great importance and herbs. For this purpose, you can use herbs and a mixture of different herbs: sage, St. John's wort, stinging nettle.
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A special place in the treatment of baldness play different medications. These include minoxidil. This drug is sold without a prescription and can be purchased at any pharmacy. One third of the patients it helps restore damaged hair and achieve a good result. But there are some downsides. Some patients may experience loss of re-grown hair. Your doctor may prescribe other medications, such as finasteride, but we must remember that it is contraindicated appoint women. With the ineffectiveness of medical treatment can be assigned transplantation: hair taken from one area and transplanted to another. Another option - a weaving nylon yarns own hair.

If you have alopecia areata do not always need therapy. Often, it passes its own. If it does not, the use of steroid drugs to help normalize the hormones. If the cause of hair loss - are diseases of other organs and systems, the treatment should be directed at the underlying disease.

 while washing the hair massage the scalp
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Head massage and mesotherapy

Good results in the fight against hair loss provides massage. It helps to normalize blood circulation and microcirculation. Massage is advisable to apply only a slight loss of hair. The simplest way is by means of a massage brush. But it is important to remember that her teeth were rounded ends, otherwise you may injure your skin and even worsen the condition. The most effective is massage your own hands. Thus it is possible to use a cruciform motion for massaging the scalp. After that, make a circular motion on the hairline, then make a similar movement from the periphery to the center. A good effect is given undulations of the pinna. Make such massage approximately 10 minutes two times a week. For the fall-out of hair is important to know.

A special place in the treatment of baldness takes a so-called mesotherapy. It is usually carried out in specialized stores. Its essence lies in the application of subcutaneous injections, which irritate the active points and contribute to the normalization of blood circulation and a more optimal metabolism.

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Finally, conclusions, recommendations,

Based on the above we can conclude that baldness - a pathology that most often affects men. The reasons for its development may be the most diverse: genetic pathology, hormonal imbalance, some auto-immune and endocrine diseases, the aging process, a head injury and damage to the skin, poor diet and care for their hair, and so on. The main symptoms of alopecia - a hair loss and thinning. If the hair loss, for whatever reasons, joins the pain, the appearance of scales, ulcers, it may be a sign of a more serious illness or complications. It is important in this case, consult a doctor promptly.

Treatment of hair loss - is not easy. But it all depends on the cause of its occurrence. if improper diet, the treatment is reduced to its optimization. If there is any pathology underlying disease should be treated. The most serious problem is when hair loss is due to heredity. Then the only way to treat them with the loss - transplantation. Thus, in most cases, hair loss - this is a reversible process. It occupies an important place and prevention, which includes proper hair care, namely: the choice of shampoo, use of masks, air conditioners and so on.

 Hair loss: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment