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  • Staining technique to foil
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Highlights - a clarification of individual strands of hair. This method of staining in vogue for a long time, but remains relevant today. Highlighting visually gives the hair volume and makes them more dense. They acquire a beautiful iridescent color. Highlights include a gentle way of coloring. In addition, it can be fought successfully with the first gray hair.

The technique of dyeing, of course, requires certain skills, and better to turn to professionals. But the cost of hairdressing services is quite high and not always a woman can afford it.

Despite the apparent complexity of the painting is quite possible to perform on their own or with the help of a friend.

It takes a little patience and care. The emergence of new colors that are suitable for the procedure dyeing hair at home, make it a snap.

It should be remembered that there are contra-indications for this procedure. Highlighted is not permed, and if the hair has been previously colored with henna or basma (should wait until they are fully grown, and will cut off). If the hair is weakened, and have split ends, it is recommended to treat their pre-special means.

There are two main ways of highlighting: on the foil and through the cap. The first method is more efficient, but more complicated. Highlighting using caps is the most popular and easy way to staining. It is also called "feathers" or by mending. It is best suited for short strands. Long hair and medium length hair streaked with convenient foil (tape highlighting).

 highlighting with foil
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Staining technique to foil

Highlights on the foil provides a more natural result. Furthermore, the use of this technique makes it possible to dye the hair root itself. For highlighting foil will need the following accessories:

  • Brush paint.
  • Non-metallic cup dilution oxidizer.
  • Comb with a long stem.
  • Foil.
  • Blondorant (brightening powder).
  • The oxidant.
  • Gloves.

The concentration of the oxidizing agent should be selected according to the type of hair. For dark hair is better to take 12% of the oxidizer. For light and thin suit weaker - 3-6%. Ingredients for clarification is prepared in a ratio of 1: 2 (1 part blondoranta and 2 of the oxidizer). The amount used depends on the length and thickness of the hair. The foil should be precut into strips half length greater than the length of the hair.

First you need to comb your hair. They must be dry and unwashed. Convenient to carry out the procedure for staining sitting in front of a mirror.

  • All hair is divided into several large strands and each clipped.
  • From each strand, from the parting, it is necessary to separate the strands of smaller ones. It is convenient to use a comb with a long tip.
  • Under every little strand is enclosed foil tape directly under the roots of the hair.
  • Using a flat brush evenly applied to the hair lightening composition. Then the strand is wrapped in foil (first folded in half, then the side edges are folded).
  • Desirably avoided when winding the foil wrinkling, as it can lead to uneven dyeing.
  • Thus separated and painted all his hair. When the central part promelirovana handled right, the left side and, in the last instance, the rear locks.
  • Number pryadok depends on the desired intensity of dyeing. For easy dyeing of hair on the top layer sufficiently 5-6 strands. To obtain the entire volume melirovanie need stain 20-25 strands.
  • The dwell time of paint depends on the initial hair color and the desired result. The average is 15-20 minutes for dark hair - 40 minutes. It is not recommended to hold paint longer than 45 minutes. Hair can become dry and lifeless.
  • After staining foil should be removed and thoroughly rinse the entire head.

 highlighting different techniques

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Staining method caps

This way you can Highlighted only short hair (up to 15 cm), as longer be confused. To paint you need:

  • Special cap with holes.
  • Hook for pulling strands.
  • Gloves.
  • Brightening composition prepared as previously described.
  • Brush paint.
  • Non-metallic bowl.
  • Comb with a long tip.

In specialty stores, you can buy ready-made kit for dyeing, which includes a hat, gloves and a hook.

In the pre-combed hair (dry and unwashed) worn cap. With hook strands extend into holes. They can pass through each hole (intense highlights) or one, two, three, depending on the desired result. Each strand of the outstretched paint applied with a brush and held the required time, which is determined by the original hair color and the intensity of the hue to be obtained. Then, without removing the cap, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the bleached strands of warm water. Once the paint is washed off, you need to remove the cap and wash your hair with shampoo, rinse and air conditioning put on their healing balm.

As the regrowth of roots, they need to discolor, without coloring the whole strand. In clarifying the composition is applied to the roots, and 5 minutes before the end of the paint, it is distributed over the entire length of the strand. This avoids unevenness in color and irregular color.

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 useful recipes for hair growth


  • It is important to know about the food!
  • Can a balm to help our hair?
  • What masks are allowed to do?
  • Pepper, burdock mask

Probably every woman faces the problem of hair growth. Loss, split ends and dullness - the eternal problem of the fair sex. Everybody wants to look beautiful and compelling. However, it will have to work hard. Of course, not everyone can afford the expensive shampoos and balms. Because the cost of a quality shampoo exceed 600 rubles. Moreover, it is desirable to buy in Europe. As a general rule, not everyone has the opportunity. So you have to be content with what they sell on the shelves in the store. But it is necessary to know that even the expensive shampoos do not help to quickly deal with the problem.

So do not rush to buy expensive c of hair. A comprehensive treatment, which will need to adhere to lifelong learning. Typically, the hair should grow to 1 cm per month. If this does not happen, it means that the body lacks vitamins. Quite often it occurs in those who sit on diets. Doctors strongly recommend not to limit yourself to food. After the hair can also fall out, and it is even worse. Of course, to enhance hair growth masks shampoos and small. There folk recipes for hair growth, which give good results.

 Burdock hair mask
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It is important to know about the food!

The first thing you should pay attention to what you eat. The organism must receive all the necessary vitamins. Although some products are high-calorie, their need to use at least one time per month. If you do not eat chocolate, bread, meat, due to the fact that these products can harm the figure, you are mistaken. The bread contain carbohydrates that perform a function in the body construction. If carbohydrates are not arrive, then growth slows. But the hair will gradually fall out. Meat should eat at least 6-7 times a month, as it contains vitamin B. And, of course, can not do without the chocolate. It is uplifting and normalizes the activity of the brain.

Do not be afraid that any products will contribute to adding extra weight. You simply have everything, but in moderation, but still recommended to move a lot.

If the diet is correct, but the hair is not growing, then there is need to think, that could serve as the emergence of this problem. Perhaps the person does not control themselves when drinking alcoholic beverages. Or even worse - he is a heavy smoker. Nicotine contained in cigarettes, slows the growth of hair. Therefore urgently abandon! Electronic cigarettes are not out of the situation. So the need to gather the will power into a fist and start to get rid of bad habits.
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Can a balm to help our hair?

Some people are used to recover faster hair growth using shapmuney, salves or creams. Quite a lot of good and positive reviews from balsam «Beauty Farm». Its cost does not exceed 80 rubles. However, it only strengthens the hair, but not stimulate their growth. Of course, it can be used for prophylaxis or treatment. But not with the purpose to grow long hair. Therefore we must be very careful. So do not just trust information that is not verified.

The stores often offer to buy the balm-conditioner «Cosmedic» with the placenta to enhance hair growth. Its price in the range of 100-150 rubles. But even he does not promote hair growth, despite the bright label with significant words that inspire confidence. Balsam prevents hair loss, but does not accelerate growth. So do not trust the advice of sellers. After all, their main goal - to sell more goods. It is important to know all the properties of a perfume.

The most popular and proven way - is to go to the drugstore and buy burdock. Its cost ranges from 100 to 300 rubles, depending on the firm. Oil really helps. But it will have to wait a long time. Only after 7-8 months of use, you can see the result. Hair fully grown by 4-5 cm. Of course, in addition to application to the hair of burdock oil, you need to follow a proper diet and lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Previously, our mothers and grandmothers used only traditional recipes. And oddly enough, they helped. In the month of hair grow to 2 cm. Probably, many remember that many years ago, all the women had long hair. Even closer to 2000, all began to experiment with his hair. Namely, do different hairstyles, often short. Some condemned it. Now this are neutral. But there were those who like long hair.

 using hair balm
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What masks are allowed to do?

For faster hair growth suitable mustard mask. But it is not for all types. If you have brittle and thin hair, it is advisable not to use this recipe. The scalp may be affected. This mask will bring a stunning effect for those who have black and thick hair. After 15-18 treatments hair will be much longer, and improve color. What do you need? It is necessary to buy the mustard powder ("Gorlinka"), olive oil («Pietro Coricelli») and sugar. Take hot water, egg. So you need to take 2 tablespoons. tablespoons dry mustard powder and pour hot water (2 tbsp. Spoons). Then you have to mix thoroughly and then add 1 egg yolk and olive oil (3 tbsp. Tablespoons). It only remains to add 1 hour. Spoonful of sugar.

Next, the mixture should be mixed for 1-2 minutes. Apply the mask better evening before bedtime. It should be thoroughly rubbed into the head mustard mixture. Massaging the head takes about 3-4 minutes. Then wrap your head plastic bag and cover with a large towel. Next is to wait 40 minutes, then rinse under warm running water. After the mask is highly recommended to wash your hair with shampoo, because it can stay the smell of mustard. And it is better to use shampoo, which costs more than 200 rubles.

There is a prescription lotion for faster hair growth. You can cook it at home in just 20 minutes. It will take 2 red pepper 1 lemon. We need to cut pepper and lemon, then pour boiling water over all.

Next, you need to put weight on a slow fire and wait for boiling. The final step - is to pour water and mix shift into a small jar. It is advisable to leave for 10-15 minutes. The lotion is ready! Apply it should be 4 times a week. We need to take a little of the mixture (3 tbsp. Tablespoons) and rub the hair roots. Then, shaking his head with a towel and wait 30 minutes. Then the hair should be washed with regular shampoo. This recipe is now widely distributed in Latin America. According to the girls, the result exceeds all expectations.

 wraps for hair growth
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Pepper, burdock mask

Some women prefer the pepper-Burdock mask. It turns out that after several treatments hair begins to grow more intense. To do this, take the chili powder (2 h. Spoon), honey (3 tbsp. Tablespoons) and burdock oil (2 tbsp. Spoons). All ingredients should be mixed thoroughly and leave for 10-15 minutes. Then you need to put on the tips of the hair roots and the mixture. Then you need to wrap your head in a large towel.

It is advisable to avoid the cold and wind. Keep the mask should be 1:00. Then wash with shampoo, then apply balm-conditioner. After 3-4 months of use of this mask hair will grow by 6-7 cm. Of course, if, in addition to the masks, and even lead a healthy lifestyle. And you can not worry. The hair will start to grow quickly!

But this recipe is absolutely suitable for all hair types. Moreover, it helps get rid of dandruff. After 3-4 months, the hair will be long, strong and vibrant color gain. The mask is done quickly and easily. Take alcohol pepper tincture (2 tbsp. Spoons), egg yolk (2 pcs.), Burdock (2 h. Spoon) and castor (1 h. Spoon) of oil. All drugs available over the counter. Still need vitamin A in a solution of 5 drops, onion juice (2 tablespoons) and sage essential oil (4 drops). The yolk is necessary to grind and add all ingredients are purchased. All mix thoroughly, and then have to leave for 2-3 hours. Then you should apply balm to the hair roots, and then shook his head with a towel. Keep the mask must be 30-40 minutes. After that there is only wash your hair with shampoo.

Just to know that it comes into contact with mucous membranes can cause allergic reactions.   Therefore, we must be as careful and apply the mask with gloves. It is advisable to consult a doctor, since some women are contraindicated masks made by popular recipes.

 What to do if hair fall out?