Causes of hair loss


  • Stress - a negative factor
  • Unhealthy diet - the basis of the problem
  • Impact of external factors
  • Serious health problems
  • Remedy

Hair loss is not something extraordinary or unacceptable. During the growth of hair may fall out, thus the process is a necessary part of the functioning of the body. In place of the lost hair grow new, so sound the alarm ahead of time is not necessary, it does not cause hair loss.

The reason for concern should serve as a strong hair loss in excess of a customary rule.

In this case you should visit a doctor to determine the cause.
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Stress - a negative factor

Hair loss is accompanied by a number of factors, in which the use of a cream to be rubbed into the head is simply unthinkable. And the reasons are very diverse - from the usual stress and eating disorders to external influence and serious hormonal imbalance.

The most common cause is a stressful situation, and it can be not only a negative situation, whether it's divorce or problems at work, but also quite happy events, such as promotions, or wedding parties. In mild stress can restrict ourselves to taking sedatives, if pronounced symptoms are of a continuous nature, it should seek help from a psychologist.

Women-lovers of exotic travel must be careful. Going to restaurants and familiarity with local dishes are fraught with negative consequences for the organism. New food whose chemical composition differs may cause a stress response in the body. Therefore, it is important the first time to eat familiar food, and always carry a bottle of mineral water - because the stomach is easier to adapt.

Well relieves nervous tension and fatigue massage head, besides - he is a good stimulant for hair growth. To do this for 10-15 minutes to give the therapy, massaging his head in a circular motion. If there is an opportunity to electrotherapy, you should use it as an alternating current pulse has beneficial effects on metabolism, increasing lymphatic drainage and venous blood.

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Unhealthy diet - the basis of the problem

Representatives of the beautiful half of mankind very much like to put myself in danger, even if unconsciously. It is a rigid diet. The organism needs to obtain the desired material in the form of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Insufficient amount of the foregoing leads to depletion of the body, because of which the hair can fall out.

Low-fat diet leads to disruption of production of sex hormones in women, which are responsible for the beauty of hair. The protein is a key component for the growth of the body, including hair. Exclusion from the diet of animal protein deprives the body of the building material. To make your hair soft and at the same time strong, strong to prevent them falling out, you must adhere to the norms of consumption of protein - 40-50 g per day.

For external use suitable herbal extracts and vitamins that are contained in conventional pharmacy drugs and vitamin complexes. Do not forget about the popular recipes. To make a plant collection, should be mixed 20 g of burdock root, sweet flag, hop cones and marigold flowers. The mixture should boil 1 liter of boiling water and let it brew for about 2 hours. Obtain funds needed to filter, then it is considered cooked. For the treatment should be applied to the head and left for the night. The course of treatment is one to two months.
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Impact of external factors

Visiting other countries with an unusual climate for the body is as stress hair and risk. Strong sunlight or cold often leads to the loss of basic properties of hair, which can cause hair loss or factor that can lead to this problem.

Leisure at sea, where the hot sun and salt water are dangerous for the hair, you should use a protective spray that does not need to wash off. Protection from UV rays will keep the scalp from damage. Among the protective measures necessary to select the most proven, not fashionable, yet not proven himself.

In winter, you must purchase vitamin complexes, as at this time of the year and already weakened by the woman's body lacks minerals and vitamins. Do not be amiss to use a moisturizing mask on the basis of burdock oil. To do this, mix 1 teaspoon of honey with egg yolk. The mixture should be heated, leaving it in a water bath, stirring occasionally. Then remove from heat and add 3 tablespoons of burdock oil. The mask should be applied to the head, wrap a towel to keep warm. An hour later, thoroughly wash the head.

The pursuit of beauty most women achieve the opposite result. We are talking about hair color. Hair dye composition of a chemical reagent, the effect of which leads to disruption of the hair follicles. Perming, highlighting and lighting are also far from safe in this respect.

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Serious health problems

In addition to the above-mentioned problems of one of the most insidious is the disturbance in the body in women. Problems with hair as it is a signal about the problems in the body, the causes can be varied, such as some medications, a serious condition after surgery or serious violations in the endocrine system.

Surgical intervention is temporary. The work of the organism to normal within 3-4 months, but the use of certain medications can aggravate the situation. They may be vitamin A in large quantities, various antidepressants or birth control pills taken in large quantities.

Severe hair loss can indicate hormonal disorders in women, which implies a reduced or increased activity of the thyroid gland. An imbalance of male and female hormones, namely estrogen and androgen, can also cause hair loss. In this case you should check with a specialist in order to restore normal operation of the thyroid gland and the balance between male and female hormones.

Often, this problem occurs in the newly delivered women, the reason also lies in the malfunction of hormones. In pregnancy, high levels of certain hormones in the body allows you to keep your hair in the normal cycle, although these same hormones have caused the loss of hair. After the birth of a child after a while hormone levels stabilize, then the loss is stopped.

 Treatment folk remedies
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Necessary tests

In most cases, hair loss is due to malfunctions in a woman's body, so the first step is to visit a doctor. The cause may be a hormonal imbalance and disruption of bowel inflammation of internal organs, a weak immune system. Therefore, in order to identify the exact cause is necessary for a complete examination.

Trichologists, that is, the experts working on the problem, it is advised to give blood for the biochemical analysis. He will give a complete picture of problems and will find out the correct operation of the organs such as the liver and kidneys, learn about the possible inflammation of these organs. In addition, biochemical analysis can reveal a violation of water-salt metabolism, or the need to stabilize the level of trace elements.

To assess the condition of the hair, to do spectral analysis is an important and mineralogramma. This will not only learn about the state of hair, but the content of useful minerals in the hair and the woman's body. Consequently, it is possible to identify malfunctions in the body and the possible diseases.

The important is a visit to the gynecologist-endocrinologist, who will give advice and prescribe further direction . When you need to deliver a complete blood count and make thyroid ultrasound. It is a violation of its work are most often the cause of problems, not only in the body but also the loss of hair.

Treatment folk methods

Traditional medicine contains a large number of recipes to address various health problems, severe hair loss - is no exception. There are many recipes to suit every hair type Women: thin and brittle, dry and greasy, for sensitive scalp. The funds presented various masks, compresses and decoctions.

The most famous is the compress for hair loss aloe. To make it, you need to take two sheets from the bottom of the plant, whose age is more than three years, cut into small pieces. Followed by squeeze juice soaked gauze them to be applied to the head. The compress is applied morning and evening, and the need to avoid getting juice in the eye.

For dried hair exposed to the effects of coloring or lightening elements ideal compress of olive oil. To do it, it should be in a water bath to heat 100 ml of oil, add 50 ml of lemon juice. The mixture was applied to the skin and is closed with a towel to keep warm. The procedure is performed once a week, after each application of the hair should be washed.

To resolve the problem well suited wrap of parsley. To make it, you need to finely chop the roots of the plant, then squeeze the juice, which is necessary to impregnate a gauze bandage. The compress is applied to the head to keep warm towel and covered with foil. The bandage is removed within an hour, after which the head should be thoroughly cleaned. Gauze applied in the morning and evening.

An effective means to help prevent hair loss, is a mask. It has a tonic effect on hair follicles, and the biologically active components accelerate growth. Masks can be used long term, so they are an excellent means to avoiding loss.

Against hair loss will help onion mask. To do it, it should be on a fine grater grate the onion, add to the resulting mixture a tablespoon of olive oil and rub thoroughly. The mixture is rubbed 15 minutes into the hair roots, then the head must be covered with foil and a towel to create heat. Warming cap worn on the head for about 30 minutes, after which you need to wash your hair with shampoo. Mask is applied three times daily for six months and then stops loss of hair, follicles are activated, which leads to an increase in growth. The only disadvantage of such masks - not very pleasant smell of onions.

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