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  • Discoloration of folk remedies
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Almost every other girl dreams of becoming a blonde. Perhaps due to the fact that there is a perception that men prefer blondes, maybe thanks to the glossy women's magazines are full of pictures of pretty girls with blond hair. Very often, women prefer to spend discoloration of hair at home, since it is possible to do a lot right now.

However, in order to become a real blonde, a woman would have to work hard.

It should be remembered that the first time hair may turn reddish.

To discolor them to white, will require at least 4 treatments, sometimes more. Number of treatments depends on the color and thickness of the natural hair, as well as the desired result. To avoid brittleness and dryness of the hair, bleaching should be performed at intervals of 4-6 days.

Discolored hair in several ways. The most simple - buy a special paint in the store. It is desirable to select those inks that are manufactured in an oil or cream base, because they cause less damage to the hair. Before you use the paint, be sure to check if you have allergy to its components. Apply the paint on the strands should be as soon as possible to every hair evenly colored.

Sometimes women use bleaching powders paints. Sure, they are more suitable for dark curls, but also more of their ports. Their use should be very careful and be sure to follow the instructions, which is written by the manufacturer. This particularly applies to the exposure time of paint on the hair.

Also for bleaching can be used hydrogen peroxide and glycerol. However, this method is not very good, because after its application a luxurious head of hair may turn into a miserable bast. Besides, to correct the situation will be very difficult. The most common reducing masks can no longer help.

 Hair bleaching citric acid
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Discoloration of folk remedies

If you want the hair to stay beautiful and healthy, it is best to start to try traditional methods of bleaching. For example, using cinnamon. To do this you need to take 6 tablespoons conditioner or balm for hair, to add 3 tablespoons of mustard and 2 tablespoons of honey (if thick honey strongly, it is heated in a water bath or in the microwave). This mask is applied to the strands of the net and gently spread over the entire length.

After drawing the head to wear a hat for coloring hair salon or wrapped plastic bag. Then warmed towel head and hold the mask in a form 40 minutes to one hour. Then insulate towel removed the mask and keep an additional 4 hours. After the first procedure locks become lighter by 2 tones. This method is suitable even for very dark discoloration of hair.

And hair can be discolored by one of natural honey. To this the honey is warmed slightly and is applied only on the washed wet strands. Spread the honey over the entire length, wear a hat for coloring, insulated and left overnight. The procedure should be carried out not less than nine hours. You can become a blonde, and with the help of a lemon. For this purpose it is drained juice, mixed in equal amounts of water and applied to the hair. Further procedure is carried out as well as honey.

 discoloration of hair folk remedies
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Some tips

We can say that the discoloration popular methods among the most secure discoloration. In addition, these recipes will not only make the curls lighter, but also to strengthen them, to make a more silky and healthy. If you choose discoloration using paint, remember that these procedures can harm your hair. So use them as little as possible.

After bleaching dyes do not forget to provide good care hair. To do this, you can buy a professional mask care bleached hair. You can also use traditional methods and improve hair with them. For example, it is well to burdock. And remember, no matter what color or had your hair, the main thing that they were healthy.

 How to become a blonde at home

 beautiful weaving on medium hair


  • And you know how to weave braids?
  • Hair braids of hair on average
  • Tips for weaving

Lovely girl, if you're one of those who want to make every day in their way is something new, it's time to find out the easiest way - with the help of hair. What you can do with it and how to make it more interesting and beautiful? Quite simply, with the help of braiding.
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And you know how to weave braids?

Spit is a traditional classical way hair of medium length.

They not only look artistic and beautiful, but also comfortable to fix your hair, saving them from damage and tangling. you can make the braids of hair in different styles for different occasions. The variety seems endless braid. Braids can be seen on people of completely different ages and social status: children, teenagers, celebrities, and you want to - believe it or - no, but many elderly ladies flaunt stylish braids.

Not all learned to weave braids in the slumber party in the seventh grade. This does not mean that you are now to sit idly by while other girls conquer the surrounding beautiful hairstyles of braids. Let's face it: the weaving is really one of the easiest ways to hair styling and takes much less time and effort than you think. Regardless of the structure of your head of hair (whether it is curly, wavy or straight line), you can braid them very expressive braid. Without resorting to financial expenses, you can become the center of any company.

 plain weave hair
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Hair braids of hair on average

Weave in classic style

  • Comb your hair comb or brush teeth with broad, easy to comb through the entire length of the strands and will never hooked. Weaving is much faster when your hair smooth and without "knots."
  • Gather the strands into a ponytail. So weaving will be more accurate.
  • Share your tresses into three equal strands. Grab the right side of the hair with his right hand, the left side of his left hand, leaving the average strand hang freely (at the moment). Then shift the left strand to the middle and the right over the left. Thus, in turn, continue to shift one strand to the other until you reach the end. Secure the hair band.
  • Classical braid will look great on the head of hair of medium length.

Greek Spit

  • Divide your hair into two equal parts.
  • Then braid the two parts separately and secure them in small bands.
  • Now fasten the two braids around her head as the tape: left braid on the right side and the right - on the left.
  • Attach the braids several small pins on either side. All is ready!

"Fish tail"

  • Divide the hair into two parts.
  • Now alternately connect thin strands on one side to the other side of the main strands. Depending on how hard you pull your hair when braided, braids form will vary. As a result, you should have a "fishtail". On this medium length hair braid looks simply delicious!


  • Divide the hair into three strands.
  • Each strand twist into a bundle and secure the pins so that it does not decompose.
  • Weave received flagella to each other in a simple braid.
  • Unusual and simple hairstyle for medium length hair is ready!


  • Comb your hair, take even the middle and divide them into two parts.
  • Braid two low pigtails and secure them with rubber bands.
  • Wrap each of the braids around its base and lock pins. You should have two bundles of braids.
  • Hair is very well suited for medium length hair, as on long hair to keep it will not.

"French dragon"

  • To do this hairstyle is the day after shampooing. Make first bouffant and secure it with lacquer.
  • Then proceed to the weaving of the French braids. Take the wide strand closer to the fleece. Divide it into three parts and begin to weave like a normal braid. Then gradually weaves provide designated by a small hair, which are the right and left of the main spit. Symmetrical continue to weave the braid to the back of the head and secure with a clip at the end.
  • Hair turns out very unusual and looks great on the hair of medium length.

 Lightweight women with braided hairstyles

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Tips for weaving

  • If you have a thick head of hair, then moisten it with water or a liquid gel for styling, to slightly "loosen." This will make the locks more obedient.
  • It is best to braid hair of medium length a few days after cleaning. From a slightly oily hair braid will better than freshly washed.
  • Always dry braid strands and comb them long before weaving. Weave wet hair will cause damage.
  • Do not engage in weaving braids too tight, as this does not improve the appearance, can damage hair and cause headaches.
  • Use a soft eraser. Since too hard can damage your tresses and difficult to remove.

  • If you decide to use a varnish, do not forget to put it before you add any decoration on the hair.
  • Apply the serum to your hair shine along the spit to give it additional splendor.
  • Embellish a variety of braids pearl pins, rubber bands, pins, flowers and sequins. So you will add a festive look hairstyle.
  • Relax in the braided hair. Close your eyes. Do not look at myself in the mirror, your hands know how best to weave.
  • To improve the skills of weaving, practice on dolls.
 Tips for beginners: braided hairstyles for medium length hair