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  • The benefits of herbs
  • Strengthen greasy hair
  • Give effect to dry hair
  • How to strengthen the normal hair?

If your hair came in a deplorable state, not in a hurry to run to an expensive beauty salon or buy a bottle of the drug on the mind-boggling price. It is better to look at the drug store and think about what herbs to strengthen the hair used our grandmothers and mothers. Herbal medicine can successfully replace synthetic means.

Medicinal plants have a more gentle effect on the scalp and follicles, and side effects associated with the use of herbs are almost absent.

Herbs are a part of shampoos, conditioners, creams, decoctions, tinctures, and hair masks. They can be made at home. For starters learn which plants can be used to care for the curls.

 aloe hair treatment
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The benefits of herbs

  • Oak. Decoction of bark of this tree is treated seborrhea. Oak relieves inflammation of hair follicles and makes hair blooming. It is not advisable to use a natural blonde.
  • Calendula. Volatile, carotene and essential oils of calendula stop hair loss and stimulate their growth. From calendula you can make teas or tinctures.
  • Nettles. A large number of vitamins, salts, minerals, proteins and tannins makes nettles versatile herb for strengthening hair. It is suitable for all hair types, especially good for the greasy hair.
  • Hops ordinary. In herbal medicine uses all parts of the wild plants. Rinsing head decoction of hops eliminates dandruff and revitalizes hair.
  • Burdock. Its leaves and roots are rich in vitamin C, stearic acid, essential oils and proteins. Burdock root decoction is used as a general tonic for the hair and stimulate their growth.
  • Chamomile. Most popular herb among fans of herbal medicine. Chamomile decoction restores dry and lifeless hair, it can prevent the appearance of split ends, and the regular use of tincture turn you from brunette to blonde.
  • Plantain. To supply the hair used its leaves. They contain vitamins, polysaccharides, enzymes, volatile. Grass strengthens, nourishes and revitalizes hair.
  • Flowers of lime. The tree can be found in every household. Take the time in May and June to collect a couple of packets of linden blossoms and dry them. It can be treated not only cough. If you have oily hair or hair loss is observed, lime is useful to you.

All of these herbs can be bought at any drugstore or build yourself (if you know when, where and how to produce the blank).
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Strengthen greasy hair

Strengthening greasy hair, attention must be focused on broths, masks, water and alcoholic tinctures. The main ingredients you will need:

  • hops
  • daisy,
  • Lemon,
  • linden flowers,
  • calendula.

Prepare a few concoctions. They are suitable for rinse after shampooing.

A decoction of hops. 3 table spoons of hops pour 1 liter of boiling water and boil on low heat for 10 minutes. Infusion of strain and cool. It is enough to use it a couple of times a week for a month. Then make a break for 2-3 months, then take the course again.

A decoction of chamomile. Excellent tool for natural blondes. 4 tablespoons of chamomile in 1 liter of water to boil, then 10 minutes on the stove, and then 20 minutes to insist. The broth is ready.

Alcohol Lotion. Take 4 table spoons of lime, boil them in 0, 5 liters of water, add lemon juice and a quarter cup of alcohol tinctures of calendula (buy ready-made at the pharmacy). Strengthens hair, rubbing lotion into the scalp after hair wash.

Mask. Marigold flowers in the amount of 1 tablespoon pour a glass of vodka. Let stand for 10 days. The solution strain. Before you wash your hair, rub the mask into the hair roots, cover your head with a plastic cap or bag and towel, creating a "greenhouse effect". After half an hour rinse with regular shampoo. The mask can be done once a week for a month.

 nettle broth hair
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Give effect to dry hair

Nettles, mother and stepmother, chamomile, St. John's wort, hops, burdock, plantain required owners of dry hair. - Your task is to restore the vitality of, luster and beauty. A herbal extracts and conditioners will help you.

Extra broth. In equal proportions take chamomile, burdock, nettle, hops. Pour 2 cups boiling water. No less than 40 minutes, let it brew. By the way, better to do it in a thermos. Once you will wash your hair, rinse infusion.

Infusion for massage. Before washing the head, try a massage with medicinal herbs. You'll see: the result will be stunning! 400 g of nettle, 50 g of calendula and chamomile pour boiling water (0, 5 l) and cook for 10 minutes on low heat. Strain, cool and add 5-10 drops of olive oil or corn. Rub in a circular motion all over the hairy part of the head, this composition. So we not only strengthen the hair, but also accelerates their growth and improves circulation.

Linden decoction. 3 tablespoons of lime blossom boil at 0, 5 liters of water. Strained broth rinse dry hair.
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How to strengthen the normal hair?

You think that the usual shampoo will be enough? You are mistaken. To prolong the health of your hair and keep their density and fluffiness, rinse herbs you need.

  • Firming broth. Take equal parts of oak bark and marigolds. Make a decoction by boiling the grass for 10 minutes. After shampooing rinse their hair. The same infusion can be made of nettle, marigold and oak, mix them in equal proportions.
  • Mask for hair growth. On a fine grater grate 2 tablespoons of burdock roots spoon, pour a couple of cups of hot water, wait 20 minutes to swollen root. The mixture was put on fire and cook until until the liquid is reduced by 2 times. The resulting mixture rub 2 times a week into the scalp.
  • Conditioner for hair health. Chamomile, yarrow, celandine and sage in equal parts is poured hot water and insist half an hour. 1 tablespoon spoon herb should be taken 0, 5 liters of boiling water. Apply after straining.

Recipes for strengthening hair at home does not require large expenditures, effective, safe and easy to prepare. And the result of your efforts will be strong and healthy hair.

 Herbal Recipes for strengthening hair

 causes of greasy hair


  • The main causes of oily hair
  • Proper care of greasy hair
  • Proper tools and shampoo for oily hair
  • Masks for oily hair

The question of why rapidly zhirneyut hair, many women are interested in facing this problem.

Of course, themselves be greasy hair can not, the reason is the excessive activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp.

It is from this hair loses volume, stick together, there shine, lost their appeal. In this regard, special attention to the treatment of oily hair should be given to the scalp.

Sebum by the sebaceous glands - a natural process.   Healthy hair is not zhirneyut too fast, it usually takes several days. When hair becomes greasy within a few hours after the wash, then there is a problem that must be solved as soon as possible. First of all, we should understand the reasons why there was such a problem.

Each hair has a natural protective layer formed as a result of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. It is this layer protects our hair from dust, dirt and other harmful environmental factors. If containment is broken, the hair is exposed to all the negative manifestations of the world. The sebaceous glands thus start to work harder and produce more fat. The result - ugly, greasy hair. What is the cause of violations of a protective layer?

 Pick the right tools for oily hair
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The main causes of oily hair

  1. Too frequent washing. It is surprising, but it is the most common cause of hair begin to rapidly zhirnet. Of course, to go with a dirty head do not want anyone. However, many of us are too zealous and begin to wash your hair every day. Doing this is undesirable, since washed away the protective barrier needed. As a result, hair becomes greasy within 7-8 hours and the procedure has to be repeated again, and each time more and more.
  2. Stresses are also a reason for the increase of the sebaceous glands. Probably everyone noticed that, starting to get nervous, he starts to sweat more than in the time when he is calm. This increased potoodelenie occurs at all areas of the body including the head.
  3. Incorrectly chosen means of hair care products are also the cause of their fat content. Balms and shampoos with silicone make hair heavier alkaline compounds violate the protective layer of the hair, making them more susceptible to dirt and dust. Frequent use of the dryer also causes the sebaceous glands to work more intensively.
  4. Puberty. During the period of hormonal fluctuations sebaceous glands work more actively. This is the reason because of which hair teens quickly zhirneyut.
  5. Hormones and contraceptives. People who are obese usually have oily hair. Most contraceptives based on hormones, which trigger excessive sebum.
  6. No less common cause of hair quickly zhirneyut, a poor diet and a lack of vitamin B12. To prevent this, you need to eat more dairy products, liver, eggs, fruits and vegetables. Eating should be at least 5 times a day in small portions. Water adult should drink at least 1, 5-2 liters per day. Do not get carried away fatty, spicy, smoked and salted dishes.

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Proper care of greasy hair

Proper care includes holding some mandatory procedures:

Every day, you need at least 15 minutes combing hair massage brush with teeth made of natural material. As a result, the blood circulation in the scalp and improves strand gets more nutrients.

  • To ensure maximum safety of the structure of hair, wash should be only boiled water.
  • In order not to have to massage the scalp too, because the massage stimulates the production of sebum, before applying the shampoo on the hair should be diluted in a little water and gently lather.
  • After washing, the head should be rinsed with cool (not icy) water with lemon juice.
  • Greasy hair is not very fond of balms, so if necessary, they should be applied only to the tips. Do not apply them to the entire length, and even more on the roots.
  • Drying greasy hair desirable naturally, without the use of a hair dryer.
  • That hair Zhirnel less in any case can not go outside with wet hair. In cold weather, be sure to hide the hair under a hat or hood. This is because the cold sebaceous glands work more intensively.
  • How can I use less styling, because most of them contain alcohol, which dries the skin much, thereby pushing the sebaceous glands to work more intensively.

 proper care for oily hair

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Proper tools and shampoo for oily hair

To care for oily hair, use only special tools. Additionally, you can use traditional recipes.

  • Rinse the head can infusion or decoction of chamomile, if the hair is blond or acidulated water, if the hair is dark.
  • Normalize fat content of hair can be fermented milk products. They should be used as a mask.
  • Between treatments to clean the hair can wash lotion based on Yarrow, St. John's wort, linden blossom, sweet flag root, eucalyptus, nettle. You can also use lemon juice.
  • To reduce the fat content of the hair should be rubbed in their mustard mush. It can also be used instead of the shampoo.

Proven techniques for washing oily hair are the bread and egg. They are good enough to cope with the pollution and make hair soft and silky. To prepare such a "shampoo" rye bread slices poured warm water and left for 10 minutes so that they swelled. Then they kneaded, and the resulting slurry is washed down. Apply gruel difficult, but the result is impressive. In such a "shampoo" is allowed to add oil and extracts of plants that stabilize the sebaceous glands. For example, 1/4 liter "shampoo" can add 3 drops of lavender oil, rosemary oil droplets 4 or 7 drops of eucalyptus.

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Masks for oily hair

  • To prepare the masks must take 15 g of calendula flowers and nettle and 10 g of oak bark. Mix and pour the dry mix 120 ml of boiling water. When we put in a water bath and heated for half an hour. Then remove from the heat and giving cool. Apply such a mask to half an hour, and then wash without shampoo.
  • To make the following screen, you need to take the seeds of quince (1 tbsp. L.) And pour them a glass of very hot but not boiling water. Thereafter, the mixture should be placed in the water bath and allow to boil. Then the broth is removed from the heat, strain and give a little cool. In the form of heat put on the mask and head massage movements rub into the roots. Leave for 45 minutes, then washed off in the usual manner.
  • For the following mask will need yogurt (preferably daily, you can prepare it yourself). Take the yogurt and gently rub it into the scalp. Then wrapped his head with polyethylene and leave for half an hour, then wash off.
  • Take the yolks of two eggs, and 10 ml of honey. Thoroughly mix and rub the mixture into the roots. After that, head wraps and insulated with polyethylene. Keep track of 1 to 2 hours.

All these masks are able to regulate the sebaceous glands and are suitable for continuous use. However, more than twice per week, should not be used. To be effective, the mask can be alternated.

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