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"Water - the source of everything in the universe." So says Heraclides. And this is almost impossible to argue. Recall that in the first instance examined the scientists when it comes to searching for "brothers on reason"? That's right - the presence of water on the planet. Because if it is - any - solid, gaseous or liquid state - hence, there may be different forms of life.

Perhaps everyone else from the school curriculum, it is known that 2/3 of the surface of our planet is covered by water. The water in a larger or smaller number contains everything that surrounds us - even volcanic magma and stones. What can we say about the people! The importance of water in human life can not be overestimated. No wonder even Dubois gave an apt definition: "A living organism - it is animated by the water." Indeed, our body is precisely 3/4 of the substance. Interestingly, the water it contains, even such "details" as the bones.

And the water is not just present in our body and plays one of the most important roles in virtually all life processes. It is part of the blood, is involved in the work of the circulatory system, delivering to the organs of nutrients and oxygen. Without water we can not digest food. It breaks down even a poison, nicotine and sugar, and excess salt. It protects from overheating and removes wastes. And if a person has no food can "survive" a month or two, then he dies without water for a week. Why is this happening? Let's look in more detail.

The physiological function of water

Perhaps first and foremost it must be said that water plays the role of a "filler" for our body. Our appearance depends precisely on it. Indeed, thanks to her authorities retain a certain shape and "work" normally. The man is very sensitive to changes in water balance:

  • reducing the amount of water in the body by only one percent leads to a strong thirst;
  • if the moisture was less than five per cent, there is a feeling of dryness in the mouth, the skin begins to shrink, there is dizziness and even hallucinations are possible;
  • If the body loses ten percent water, it leads to mental disorders, swallowing reflex disappears;
  • the loss of 14 to 15 percent moisture, death can occur.

Another no less important feature of water - is food. It dissolves the nutrients and together with them to penetrate into cells, intercellular space and even the finest capillaries, providing them with all the necessities. Also, water is involved in the digestion and cleanses our body of waste products. Leaving the body through the skin and kidneys, water is simply "takes with him" all the harmful substances that have accumulated in the body. Moreover, water - is the primary biological fluid. After all, it is the environment in which the reactions of metabolism and a constant process of recovery and destruction of living tissues.

Not less important and thermostatically role of this substance. What is thermoregulation? It is the body's ability to maintain a certain body temperature. Remember what the doctor tells you when you are sick. "Drink plenty of fluids" - right? Water evaporating from the surface of your body, helps to "bring down" the temperature.

 People and Water

How much water?

The demand for water in all people different. And it depends on many factors - from the climate, age, health, employment, food, etc. Therefore, to talk about exact numbers is problematic. All the same, they will be "average". So. It is estimated that the adult, healthy people living in the middle lane, every day lost about 3 liters of water. And be sure to compensate for the lost. If the thought of what would have to drink as much as 3 liters, it seems monstrous to you, do not despair! A large amount of water we get from fruits, vegetables and other food products.

Therefore, water demand "pure" is approximately 1, 5-2 liters per day. That is eight to ten glasses. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people drink only a small fraction of the required amount. This is despite the fact that many scientists have concluded that most of the "disease of the century" is associated just with the violation of drinking regime and, as a result, dehydration. According to the results of several studies, people who drink a lot of water, more hardy, reserved and are more prone to various kinds of creativity.

By the way, our "smart" body very clearly indicates the lack of water. But we often do not hear these signals and do not pay any attention to them. And in vain! Signs of dehydration are obvious and probably familiar to many. If you have:

  • skin began to peel and dry;
  • appeared acne and pimples;
  • clogged pores;
  • any "bags" under the eyes;
  • began joint pain and back pain;
  • often dizziness;
  • you are constantly experiencing lethargy and fatigue;
  • He appeared dry cough;
  • start "jumping" pressure;
  • decreased performance and concentration

... It's time to reflect on whether enough amount of water you use.

It is believed that the first glass of water you need to drink as soon as you wake up, on an empty stomach. Thus you right in the morning "run" in the process of cleansing the body. Next day norm "accepted" in small portions. Should drink small sips, and, of course, only "live" - ​​not boiled - water. Tea, coffee, juices - not in the bill. We are talking about drinking water.

What other measures can be taken in order to avoid dehydration? Here are a few simple tips:

  • if you are going on a trip and you know that for a long time you will not be able to drink - drink "in reserve", the day before;
  • on an airplane, try to drink at least one glass of water every hour. This is due to the fact that the aircraft a very "over-dried" air;
  • summer, before you leave home, be sure to drink one or two glasses of water. At the same time, try not to drink directly on the street, because This can lead to increased sweating. As a result, you lose even more moisture;
  • If you are sick and you have fever, drink as often as possible, even "through not want";
  • remember that alcohol, coffee and smoking lead to dehydration. For every alcoholic drink or a cup of coffee should account for one glass of clean drinking water;
  • during pregnancy and lactation there is a need for additional liquid.

A bit of "eternal" ...

Also - which is especially important for women who are watching their figures - considered that water helps cope with the extra weight. A glass of water drunk before meals, reduces the feeling of hunger and reduces appetite. As a result, you eat less than usual. This is especially important if you are "sitting" on a diet - there is something you want all the time! But during the meal is better to refrain from drinking - water dissolves the food and removes it from the body, which means that very soon you will want to have again. Generally believed that the drink should only dry food - cakes, crackers, sandwiches.

Any housewife knows how often sweep the floor - without wet cleaning is still not enough. Without water it is simply impossible to restore purity. Our bodies also need to "wash". And not only outside but inside. That water washes away all the toxins and allows so necessary for health, cleanliness of the body.

But do not forget that any matter should be approached "with the mind." All necessary measure. Excessive amounts of the liquid in the human body can not bring less damage than its disadvantage. Large portions of drinking increase perspiration, impede the transport of oxygen in blood and increase the load on the internal organs.

When eating spicy and salty foods, there is a great thirst, but an excessive amount of fluid intake may lead to metabolic disorders. Not recommended also drink cold water fatty foods - fullness can lead to frustration - it is better to confine a hot cup of tea. Sweet juice fasting also increase the motility of the stomach and have laxative effects.

Ordinary Miracle

However, the phrase "Do not let yourself wither" - is not just a slogan, but a real truth. Over a lifetime, the amount of fluid in the body gradually decreases: a newborn baby is made up of water by 86 percent, and an elderly man - only 50! Aging - is literally drying up. Remember how wrinkled and dry apple, if long on the table - the same thing happens with us. You must fight!

Life originated in water. "We carry in their veins the ocean" - said the poet. And keep this a full life will help us to a small, familiar and, almost imperceptibly, a miracle - a few glasses of pure water a day. They will help you lose weight, improve the condition of skin, hair and overall health. And, most importantly, for all of this does not necessarily run to the drugstore or department store and spend "rabid" money. Miracle - here it is very close. Just pull the hand.

 The importance of water in human life - "because no water ..."

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