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Glitter tinsel, bright Christmas toys which littered the shelves of supermarkets, garlands on the windows of houses and shops, snowflakes pasted everywhere - all harbingers of the coming holiday. Even the most notorious cynics these days are experiencing awe before the New Year, perhaps, they just will not admit it. At the head of every man is constantly working over who and what to give, so that no one forget and not to offend, what foods you need to buy in advance at the holiday table, and the like. And closer to the end of December, even in the midst of putting the report and close quarters, office workers, mechanically doing his job, just days before the start of the long-awaited New Year's mini vacation.

No wonder they say: how to meet the year, so spend it. Therefore, following this tradition, it is necessary to properly prepare for the holiday, but it needs to take into account all the signs of Christmas, which we will explain more below.

 New signs

Observe signs

New signs - small tricks that can help you to attract happiness, wealth and prosperity in the coming year. Agree, fun and provocatively than spend the festive night, the easier life is the next twelve months. The same applies to people with whom you celebrate this holiday. Do you want a young man (or woman) has always been with you? Then, hand in hand, raise glasses of champagne under the chiming clock and make a wish. Rule "with whom you meet, so spend it" has not been canceled!

So, how to behave on the eve of the holiday? And what I do to next year was under a lucky star?

  • Wear new clothes on New Year's celebration. Of course, not necessarily to buy something very expensive - most importantly, that the thing was not yet. It can be just bought a skirt or a dress, jewelry and costume jewelry. Observing this sign, next year you are guaranteed to get something new and more worthwhile.
  • In order to protect themselves from financial ruin, and have no need for money, fill their pockets. It is desirable, if it's large bills: rubles, dollars and euro. In general, what would you like to get hold of in the coming year. If you have nowhere to put the money, keep them in their hands.
  • Give hot kiss your loved one. First, the atmosphere of a holiday of love and warmth, in addition, extra hugs never. And secondly, remember the signs, the above - with whom and how to meet ... Continue phrase, I think you know that.
  • Make sure that the holiday table is literally bursting with a variety of dishes and drinks, then the next year will be as rich and prosperous. Move away from the traditional recipes - "Olivier", "hash" and "herring under a fur coat" is no longer relevant. Today, in any culinary source you will find a lot of different tips on cooking interesting, exotic and incredibly delicious dishes. It is time to bring all their talents in life, so do not be lazy! However, if your family has decided to load up for the night and all the salads and hot idle needlessly, it is best bypassed one or two dishes. But on the other hand, set the table a little mirror that will reflect your dishes and creates the effect of abundance. Thus you will attract double wealth in your house.
  • Say goodbye to the old year, leaving it all the negative events. The New Year will remember everything that happened to you, as a good and the bad. Ordinary people caused you offense and wholeheartedly thank the universe for what it is you are rewarded. Upon hearing these ideas, in response, it will bring you good luck. Do not be amiss to make a wish: clearly specify his request and say it to myself under the chiming clock. And then give vent to his feelings: squib (naturally on the street), light the sparklers, congratulations to relatives and friends, rattling dishes. These actions are intended to scare away from your home all evil and evil spirits.

As you can see, to observe the New Year marks a snap. Even if you do not believe in this superstition, at least a couple of them still to fulfill. To suddenly courting the trouble.

Attract financial success

Let's talk about how to attract good luck in financial affairs. Agree, because as we would have liked, but in today's world, money talks, if not all, then a lot of problems. Therefore, in anticipation of the coming year is not superfluous to take care of their accumulation.

Thus, it is believed that the New Year's holiday to meet the debts - is a bad omen. So if you lend someone money or were taking them in a short-term loan, decide all of these financial issues and leave them in the past year. Then the following twelve months, you will have much less of a problem - it will prevent trouble and bring success.

There is another way, which is recommended to eastern astrologers. Put on the lowest shelf of the refrigerator a small red bag filled with three copper coins, which should be turned up tails. This is due to the fact that in today freezer replaces the barrel of rice, which in ancient times in China, was considered a symbol of prosperity and wealth.

If you want to attract into your house Mercury - god of commerce - then after the clock strikes midnight, pozvenite pocket prepared in advance for this trifle. He will hear your call, will arrive and give financial well-being.

 signs for the new year

A crucial moment: the last minute of the outgoing year

The classic version, when the chime of bells make a wish, many people want to be replaced by something more recent, but no less than the New Year. The seven most fun options for the last minute of the outgoing year we have chosen for you. Choosing any of them, be sure that the wishes will come true, and New Year's Eve will be full of fun, as well as the coming year.

  1. The ringing of the coins and the rustle of banknotes will attract into your house wealth and riches. So that guests can be invited to the well-being of themselves, prepare bowls or bags of small change - and ringing in the pleasure the whole company under the chiming clock.
  2. Pies that many bake New Year, can be done with different fillings: with sour, sweet, bitter, salty, meat and so on. Popa option and will indicate what will the coming year. Instead of stuffing you can put coins, figurines, or wishes, predictions. While sounding chimes, everyone has the right to choose their destiny for the next 12 months.
  3. Almost a symbol of the coming year - a good sign, so after drinking champagne is not a sin and pomyaukat all honest company, crow or growl like tigers.
  4. Close to midnight, the guests write their wishes on small pieces of paper, and at the last minute the papers to be burned in the flames of candles, time to mix the ashes with champagne and drink until the clock showed twelve
  5. Twelve grapes, eaten under the chiming clock (one for each hit) will bring harmony and well-being in your home. It is believed that tangerine slices have approximately the same effect.
  6. This option is good for those who celebrate the New Year in a narrow range. If you have time to put all the decorations, while sounding chimes, all of the next 12 months will be "gold and diamonds", as well as the time is not so much fun and the noise in the last moments of the passing year are provided.
  7. Once the clock starts to beat last strikes, throw a coin in the champagne glasses and the end of the festive night hide them at home in the most secret places. This ritual is to preserve and increase the welfare of the family.

When all the wrongs are forgiven, wish make, as the clock struck midnight, which means that the New Year has arrived! If you look at the sky at sunrise and see the huge number of star - expect a good harvest, and the cat's meow - a harbinger of a new neighborhood. If, out into the streets on January 1, the first thing you hear - it's a dog barking, then get ready for a crucial meeting, maybe soon you will meet your soulmate. Singing birds - a great news, as the church bells, according to the signs, it informs about important changes and events in your family. The day after the holiday is not working, and forget about cleaning, especially for cleaning floors, and set aside for later release of debris - all these actions do not bode well. We wish you good mood, cheerful celebrations and success in the future!

 New features: let us hope for the best!

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 New Year's vanity

Many of us December 31 is associated with a pleasant pre-Christmas chores. And not to spoil yourself and your family a joyful foretaste of the favorite holiday of standing in line, looking for smoked chicken breast and pineapple for your favorite exotic salad on the last day of the year, it is necessary in advance to make a little bit of organization in the pre-holiday bustle.

Write a letter inspired Grandfather Frost, and no matter what you have long grown out of childhood. "Sayings of the idea" not only will clarify your plans, but also help to "leave behind" all superfluous.

To avoid emotional stress, try to avoid confrontation. However, this does not mean that you necessarily have to restrain their emotions.

To get rid of shouldering the rash commitments learn to say simple, but unpronounceable word "NO".

Advance purchase gifts for the New Year to all my friends, relatives and friends.

Do not delay a visit to a beauty salon on the last day.

Also do not forget to pre-holiday fuss to express its appreciation to all the people around you and the fate of all his successes and failures of the year.

This year, about 70% of Russians planned to celebrate New Year at home, the rest 30% - home of the 70%.

 New Year's vanity