On the eve of Christmas, or how did this holiday

The early Christians considered Christmas is not the birthday and day of death of the person, so as the Christmas holiday, came much later. The main circumstance that contributed to the emergence of the Nativity, was that no one knew the exact date of the birth of Jesus Christ. And the heretics, who have made a significant contribution to the emergence of the holiday, the most important event in the life of Jesus was his baptism in the Jordan River when it came down, and the Holy Spirit, after which the Savior became inaccessible sin, like all mortals.

Christians were to somehow resist heretical holiday, so their version of the Epiphany was called Theophany. And according to the Orthodox Church, Christ first appeared to the people in the image of God, but they did not on that day. So in the ancient Orthodox Church merged the two holidays: Baptism and Christmas.

Specify the date of the Nativity had and because of the pagans who worshiped the cult of sun and for which the winter solstice was considered the birthday celebration of nature, since it began the awakening of spring. Although the emperor Constantine I had declared Christianity the official religion (this happened in the year 325 AD), the pagans were about 90% of the total population.

The main way to draw pagans to Christianity was not the whip and the carrot, that is filling their holiday with new meaning and, therefore, the Catholic Church Christmas is still celebrated on December 25, the day before as it was a holiday of sun. Pagans same version, on which the sun enters the world, and the world through the appearance of Christ, filled with the divine light, it came to mind.

Features of the Russian Christmas

In Russia, the largest religious festivals are celebrated with no less grand scale than the Soviet, so Christmas and Easter - the two holidays, competing with each other in the degree of solemnity.

And every year, Christians make the spiritual journey to the manger where baby Jesus reclines. The way the same as many years ago indicates the star of Bethlehem, followed by the shepherds and the wise men were. Week is from Christmas to Epiphany called Yule - and just before the holidays, the faithful observe a strict fast. On Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve, before climbing the evening star when the song "The wise men journey with the star" does not drink and do not eat a sin even to sit at the table. Once the sky appears Evening Star, Orthodox sit at the table, on which must be present kutia.

Kutia - is the main dish of the supper, cook it should be before the sun, that is, the night before, and certainly from barley. If kutia failed - hence the year will be successful, so says the ancient belief that each of us can check. Also kuti on the table there must be 12 meatless dishes. It can be mushrooms, vinaigrettes, fish and stuffed cabbage, bean soup, pies with meatless stuffing of poppy, apple, peas or cabbage. All treats put in pottery, and under the table, throw a bundle of hay, which is a symbol of the crib where Jesus appeared.

If your family has children, then all the rules - they should play under the table, and before the kids was given an important task - to imitate animal sounds. So they sat under the table and crack crowing to the whole year, all available animals are not sick, and breed.

Feast on this day was and pets, which used to be a little treat from each dish, as a reward for what they have sheltered Jesus; Christians believe that this is the only night of the year when the animals acquire the gift of speech.

Cutlery should cross, and before partaking of food - be sure to pray. The eight-pointed star, which after supper went from house to house, singing hymns and carols, symbolized the Evening Star, which pointed the way to the manger with Jesus.

Christmas abroad

Western Europe and the United States on Christmas Eve literally lose their heads - this is their main holiday. The Europeans this holiday is considered to be narrow and should celebrate it in the family, so even foreign businessmen who had settled in Russia, are ready a little earlier release their employees to rest, to have time for family Christmas table.

The main difference from orthodox Catholics that Catholics partake of food and sit down before, not after Christmas Mass. In the evening before Christmas or Christmas Eve Catholics eat baked carp, but in general is on the Christmas table is almost always possible to see poultry dishes: it is baked turkey, duck or goose. In England, no turkey sauce gooseberry can not do any festive Christmas table. But in Hungary, Austria and Yugoslavia Christmas menu usually lean, like the Catholics of Lithuania - in these countries can not eat a bird on Christmas Eve to not departed happiness.

Once finished Christmas dinner, in Europe begin festivities, whose name we carols, and according to the Europeans - Christmas carols, many of whom have become world famous. In Europe, a mandatory Christmas tradition is a tradition to light a fire in the hearth and master makeshift nursery, placing them in a doll of Jesus, and around the figures of animals. Puppet and theater featuring the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, the Magi and Joseph, who often are found on the streets - another feature of the Catholic Christmas. There are even contests for the best performances and the best Christmas nativity scene. The Munich museum has the most extensive collection of creches.

And the main difference from the Orthodox Catholic Christmas is nepotism. If they have taken in the New Year visiting friends and family, we have the opposite - New Year's Eve runs in the family, and Christmas holidays are celebrated with friends. But by and large are the two holidays alone and similarities in traditions much more than minor differences.

 On the eve of Christmas, or how did this holiday

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 Congratulations - poems for the New Year


  • Happy New Year
  • Happy New Year Mom

If you've ever tried to rhyme his New Year greetings, preferring either prose or poetry unrhymed, it's time to change their habits and to please friends and relatives verses. No, I will not have to study the laws of versification and sizes; dactyl and amphibrach leave our specialists, which were looking for Christmas poems.

From the whole range just have to choose who and how you address congratulation. By the way, New Year greetings in verse - it is an old tradition, because carols - it is nothing like the New Year couplets and congratulations. Always easier and more fun to congratulate loved ones a short song or poem. Our collection of Christmas and New Year greetings vast that every time you could find a new yet unknown masterpieces of the New Year's poetry, and your wish for the New Year's table was the best.

Happy New Year

Goes the old year
It goes without return,
Leaves thread worries
Which we do not have.
And then sink into oblivion,
What we wanted,
Who was in love and was loved
Unexpectedly - unexpectedly,
Gone names
Moment, looks, songs
Takes time
Where it was so wonderful!
Farewell, old year,
Goodbye is not goodbye
Go to our New Year's Eve
And gives a promise!

Today you just lie down to sleep in the morning,
Well, maybe it did not.
Happy new year to me in a whisper say
Happy New Year I will say in response.
I wish happiness quietly,
The same thing I do.
Let him be with you as much,
What I did not want for yourself.

Happy New Year
And I wish from the heart:
Suppose you pass by adversity,
A problem that is not solved,
Let there be in sight
In the coming year;
Happiness to all, love and peace
And income from work!

May the New Year, on the threshold,
Go into your house, like a good friend!
Let to you will forget the way
Sadness, misery and disease!
Let them come in the coming year
And good luck and success!
Let it be the best,
The most joyful for everyone!

Let the predawn sky at
For a moment you vzgrustnetsya:
Year goes unnoticed
And back will not return.
Between the years no border
Because each year
Happiness old stores,
Happiness comes new.
We wish you well,
Shares similar to a full cup,
To keep things in your life
Tomorrow better than yesterday!

Between us, perhaps miles away,
The plane, taxi and train ...
Happy New Year, dear sister,
I congratulate you, sister!
Will you let the New Year
Happiness and good luck, money, pile,
In his personal life he is very lucky,
That he sped away off someone else's cloud.
Looking at the patterns on the window
And on Christmas tree that lights up outfits
I think at least a little about me!
Yes, all the New Year's dream to be around !!!

There is a winter blizzards playing
Cracking frost and summer away,
And I have to congratulate the New Year,
Let the New Year will give you a warm!
Heat luck, joy of the first meeting,
The heat of love, family warmth ...
Let the rings in the New Year's Eve
New Year's glass of wine glasses!

 New Year's greetings, poems for the New Year

Let the cold serebritsya newly-fallen snow,
Covering any trouble;
I wish you only good
In the coming New Year!
May the New Year and the white snow
Will bring you joy and laughter,
Resentment, bitterness, restlessness
Let sweep party
May the New Year as a guest welcome,
Solemnly in your house will go.
Fun, joy and happiness
With him will bring together!

I wish you happiness in the New Year, love and health!
May all your dreams and wishes!
Let the sun shine this year bright
And let the joy of living close darkness
And let the best of health will be Gift
And all the good will follow him!

We have the glorious traditions of power
The eternal search is akin to us in everything.
Happy New Year, friends, new happiness,
With the new toast to our table!

Let the fun New Year
For you to come with lots of joy,
And let it bring with them
Friends, health, life off.
Let the work is a passion,
The family also - rest of the soul,
And let disappear all bad weather
And steep turns!

In the New Year quietly outside the window the snow falls,
Let your table is joy and laughter,
Let enviable success awaits you in either,
And will go smoothly happiness light your home.

Happy New Year to congratulate you,
Rejoice in that day, do not be sad.
Lots of luck to you, I wish,
But the most happiness in love.
Suppose you hope inspires,
But fate let you protects.
This day let you nagrazhdaet-
Another life you bring.

The numbers on the dial that mean?
The arrows tell us to watch? ...
What New Year today launched
In all latitudes and the poles!
With the new century and new fun
So on our planet again.
With mouth flies a kind word,
Burgeoning friendship and love!
Age raced once before,
The tears of rain flew with age.
... The happiness you in the warmth, kindness, hope,
We want to live a new century !!!

 Congratulations, poems for the New Year and Christmas

Happy New Year Mom

Mama! Again, the New Year
The snow cap on the doorstep!
It slows down the time course,
Only one dream on the road.
Happiness us carries in his hand
The fact that life is not met.
I, please forgive
Last year of sadness.
I'm twelve o'clock
The snow-white dress
Holiday in the heart bring
Gently kiss !!!

Santa Claus with his granddaughter Snow Maiden,
Through hundreds of countries, seas
Rushing to the world's best
Mother - to my mom!
Santa carries in his bag
For beautiful mother with us
Creams, sequins, grebeshochki
And brastmatik - the highest class!
Will the new make-up
For a whole year my mom
All younger, brighter, smoother
Raskrasavitsa different countries !!!

New Year knocks stubbornly
The windows, with frost blind.
Again, Happy New Year, Mom,
I congratulate you!
From me this card,
My tender love:
During the winter, as the first - summer
And the flowers, and the song - again!
Be as beautiful as flowers,
Do not let sadness shadow will fall ...
And accept the greetings from daughters
In the very first day of the year !!!

 Congratulations - poems for the New Year

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