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With luxurious expressive eyes girl becomes more attractive. This was known in antiquity. Therefore, from the time the girls have tried in every way to give depth to his look with makeup. They eyeliner and draw arrows using the soot. Today's lucky ladies a lot more, because now at their disposal, there is plenty of cosmetic products in order to apply the arrow on the eyes.

Today it is possible to use a liquid eyeliner pencil or shadow. But if you want the arrow to get a clear and bright for a long time kept on the eyelids, better use for these purposes liner. Then your face will become more sensual and sexual. All you have to do - make the right choice of liner and "fill" the hand so that you can easily draw arrows on the eyes.

Modern means of cosmetics

Means that today we can use for drawing the arrows, are divided into several groups:

  • compact eyeliner;
  • liquid eyeliner;
  • gel or cream eyeliner;
  • pencil drawing arrows;
  • eyeliner shades.

Liquid Eyeliner

This type of liner is available in the form of a felt-tip pen in a bottle with a fine pointed brush. Liquid eyeliner is used in eye makeup to create a vivid expression of arrows, draw it is quite simple. However, liquid eyeliner, there is one drawback. It dries very quickly, so is not suitable for beginners because correct past failures will not happen.

But no matter what, liquid eyeliner is convenient to use. It is more stable than a pencil. Anyway, there is a watertight skin nicer than waterproof pencil drawing from which a feeling, as if the lid lies a thin strip of clay.

Compact hoses

With it you can draw arrows on the eyes bright, but not as flashy as when applying liquid eyeliner. This cosmetic product is not slipping and not lubricated. The majority of compact eyeliner waterproof, so it keeps perfectly in his eyes all day long. It comes in the form of pressed pudropodobnogo product, causing a damp brush.

So you can draw an arrow right through a compact eyeliner, you need to have a lot of experience, because this type of liner is used mainly by professionals. That is why the brand of professional cosmetics company made a special liquid for their application. However, most compact podvodok applied thin brushes that are soaked in ordinary water.

Cream or gel eyeliner

Cream or gel eyeliner applied more easily than liquid because by almost creamy texture glides on Brush century that allows you to draw a perfect line. Adjust arrows that were drawn by such means, quite simply. Cream liner is best applied with a flat brush with synthetic asymmetric edge. The color scheme of creamy eyeliner pencil and significantly inferior to liquid eyeliner, the choice of which is more diverse.


Pencils are the hardest tool to draw arrows. Due to the fact that they are not smeared and easily corrected, they are suitable for beginners who quickly learn to draw an arrow on the eyes. The range of cosmetic pencils incredibly broad. In addition to pencils of all colors, there are also pearl and matte pencils with different hardness.

What is different hardness, you ask? For example, in order to be able to draw a more intense and soft lines, it is important to use a soft pencil. Especially it is necessary to color the inside of the century. To create a clear line, which will be held in front of long, use a solid stick.

However, this pen has one drawback. When the inaccurate application arrows such means can damage the delicate skin of the eyelids. But remember that you can not use the arrow drawing pencils-kayaly because they are too soft, and quickly smeared.

Eyeliner shadows

This version is not the last in popularity. This became especially important after the emergence of baked shadows when it was possible in one easy motion to cover the entire eyelid and shadows more saturated colors draw an arrow. In principle, many of the conventional pressed shadows make it possible to draw the same thick arrow, as if you were drawing it with a damp brush.

In order to enable you to draw the eyes of these cosmetics, you need a compact dry shade the darkest shades and a thin brush with a pointed tip.

 the arrow in front of a liquid eyeliner

Forms arrow

To create a bright eye makeup you need to choose the right direction, which, in fact, and you will draw. Otherwise, you just highlight the deficiencies. But the need to emphasize the advantages! That's why you should study in detail all invented stylists arrow to the eye and as much as possible to experiment. In this case, you will be able to find a perfect suitable for you. It takes a lot of time, but the result is worth it. Appropriately named her makeup look a woman gets exciting and intriguing.

Basically allocate these types of arrows, like cat eyes, invisible arrows and arrows with split ends.

Cat's eyes

This kind of arrow is the most common. In this case, the eyes must be fully outline and arrow with his story up. As a result, the eyes seem somewhat slanted. This image is perfect owners of eyes round shape. If you have small eyes, the "cat" look you are strictly contraindicated. If you draw the arrows, then your eyes will become invisible.

In order to visually enlarge the eyes, do not draw an arrow from a corner, and somewhere in the middle of the century. This will visually make eyes more. You can enhance the effect by drawing a thin line to the corner of the century white pencil. If necessary, reduce the size of the eyes and bring them visually possible, putting the arrow in the corner of the lower eyelid. However, it should be noted that this embodiment is not suitable for everyone. So before you go out into the street, try to pre-try every type of shooter.

Arrows invisible

Young girls do not use a lot of cosmetics, you can draw arrows invisible. They are applied between the lashes liquid eyeliner or pencil, by creating a bitmap. Keep in mind that these points can not be connected to each other, otherwise create the effect will be spoiled. After applying the cilia points should be carefully paint and ink to add gloss. That will have quite touching and cute image of a gentle lady. And invisible arrows allow you to create the impression as if you have an unusually thick lashes and absolutely no makeup.

If you have any difficulty with what arrows to choose the best use of their traditional view when the tip of the two arrows closes, and the eye looks clear-cut. This type of makeup is suitable even for work. However, too much abuse they should not.

Arrows with forked tips

This kind of shooter is ideal for parties. Here the upper end should fly upward, and the bottom to go almost exactly. Arrows with forked tips have one peculiarity lies in the fact that to create them takes a lot of diligence and good coordination of movements. We need to train a lot. If you do everything correctly, the arrow on the eyes will look just perfect, and your view will be biting and alluring.

Highlights at drawing arrows on the eyes

To learn how to properly and confidently draw arrows, you need to train a lot. And not every girl immediately draw arrows manage perfectly the first time. If you have something does not work, do not worry. More practice and you will succeed. In order to properly apply the eyeliner requires a steady hand, a brush that is comfortable to hold, and the mirror in which you can see the result obtained from all sides. To the hand did not tremble, you need to put the elbow on a hard surface, and only then can be applied to the arrow.

Those who do not know how to use eyeliner, it is better to draw the arrow in front of pencils and not liquid eyeliner. In addition, using a pencil opens more possibilities - you can create lines and shade them.

Choose a color eyeliner

By the choice of color eyeliner must be approached very carefully, because it affects the way you look. We have the following range of colors eye liner:

  • Classic black. But the most soft option, in particular for natural makeup is brown or black-brown. Makeup is best to use cold shades dark blue;
  • Green. There are many applications of green eyeliner. And to make up half of the species has its own shade of green;
  • For a festive makeup perfect silver and golden color eyeliner;
  • Optical zoom in and open the eyes can be when applied to the extension century bluish or white pencil.

Technique of ideal arrows

It all depends on what you are drawing arrows. If you are using liquid eyeliner, you should pre-applied to the skin or dry powder shadows. Then eyeliner will not crack when dry. Dyeing eyelashes need in the least, after the liner is applied. Place the brush on the side without pressing strongly for a century. For lower eyelid better to use a clear liner.

Makeup Artists recommends applying liquid liner in two stages. Better to start from the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the century, and then bring the arrow to the outer corner of the eye, and only then give it the desired shape. Once the eyeliner is applied, it is necessary to wait at least twenty seconds, and all this time try not to blink, his eyes downcast. It is necessary to ensure that the hoses are not smeared, while there will be dry.

 how to draw an arrow on the eyes eyeliner

How do we draw arrows on the eyes?

  1. If you want to carry out the contour of the arrow, then it should be done, sitting in front of a mirror and always in bright light because each movement must be clearly visible.
  2. At the time of performing eye makeup eyelid skin should be lightly put off to the side and up. Then, when applied to the eye line of the arrows will turn more smoothly. This is done very easily. You need to throw his head back slightly, and the eye on which you will draw the arrow, hold the half-open. In this position, you will see possible irregularities.
  3. You start by drawing a thin arrow, because it can always be made wider. But if you draw a thick line immediately, it will be more difficult to remove the irregularities. So better to draw arrows thin, and if necessary, to thicken them.
  4. If you decide to use a pencil to draw arrows, it should be remembered that his pencil must be well sharpened and you must keep it perpendicular to the century.
  5. When using the liner (liquid liners) should be aware that when dry it lightly tightens the skin. That is why it is best to put on dry shade or a powder, but only before the ink will be used. The line will turn out smooth and fine, if to brush by tilting it to one side. You draw a line of liquid eyeliner? In this case, try to be extremely careful. Open your eyes need only after the line is completely dry.
  6. Hell need to try to keep as close to the lash line. In this case, breaks the circuit will be hidden, and visually it will seem that you have incredibly thick lashes.
  7. Always point the tip of the arrow up, not to get the effect of sad eyes. Therefore, when choosing the direction of better focus on the lower lash line. It should seem that the tip of the arrow as it extends this line, rising up. To avoid visual reduce eye arrow should always display the edge of the century.
  8. Once the entire path will be drawn, you will need to spend a few more fine lines on the outside of the eye. But the inside of the circuit should be subtle and barely noticeable.
  9. If turned irregularities, they can be eliminated by using cotton swabs, which are dipped in a liquid makeup remover. You have to be not very smooth line? No problem. You just need to put the arrow over the lines dark shadows and shade them towards the outer edge of the eye.
  10. To make your eyes look more deeply, always apply a few coats of mascara or use false eyelashes. Bright arrows will look harmonious if they are combined with equally striking lashes.

No matter what technique and option you choose, remember that there is nothing difficult in drawing arrows on the eyes. This is the power of each girl. You just need to have free time, a little patience and a great desire. Try, learn, experiment, and then the question of how to draw an arrow on the eyes and eyeliner pencil, you will no longer be disturbed. Good luck to you, ladies!

 Make-up tips: how to draw an arrow in front of eyeliner?

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