Are you cold? 10 tips on how to keep warm

Drink hot tea with warm woolen socks, wrapped in a blanket - a "classic" version. We will throw you tips and find out unusual features of "male" and "female" cold.

Smile, optimists warmer!

For a proper functioning of the internal organs is required to keep the temperature inside the body was 36.6. degrees. When we are cold, we narrowed superficial blood vessels make it possible to keep the heat internal organs. His arms and legs, of course, turn blue and covered with pimples, but the heat stays inside.

Why men are freezing less than women?

  • Matter weight ratio of skin and body weight. In men more skin per kilogram body weight, which means that heat is slower.
  • Women have thinner skin, and blood flow in the cold in the internal organs occurs more quickly.
  • A good producer and heat storage tank - a muscle. In women, they are simply less.
  • In men, the "right" are deposited fat accumulation (from the perspective of heat retention). There is a growing belly while covering the internal organs warm. Female version of the fat accumulation - on the thighs and buttocks. Such embodiment does not give the thermal protection, since the heat shielding body parts are virtually.

How best to keep warm?

  1. Music is the anchor of the resource of the human condition. A certain melody can be associated with a feeling of summer heat of the unconscious part of your body. It can warm you just as warm summer sun on the beach.
  2. You can keep your hands under hot water - guaranteed to get warm.
  3. Use self-hypnosis and thought forms. It has long been known that our thoughts are material. For example: "My hand warmer" - and the hand begins to warm up. It should focus on all parts of the body in the direction of "top-down". Call at a warm feeling from large parts of the body, then, mastering technique, try to work with the smaller parts of the body. That is, starting with the feet and end the concentration of heat in each toe individually.
  4. Positive thinking and the search for secondary gain in the cold. Look for the positive aspects in the cold. Imagine that you are cold, your microbes and even colder. Optimists rarely freeze and get sick less often.
  5. The expression "heated argument" and "heated discussion" also exists for a reason. In defending his point of view, you have to strain your brain, adding to it a fresh flow of blood. As a result, you start to warm up to you and it becomes warmer.
  6. The colors warm shades removed discomfort when cold. The red color of the clothes makes it more visually warm. Blue and blue colors generate signals about the cold directly to the brain.
  7. Contagious laughter warms! The study, conducted by researchers from Zurich shows that people watching comedy movies can keep their hands in ice water for at least 45 minutes. A second control group that participated in the experiment in the absence of a funny movie, could hold only 25 minutes.
  8. If your office sad and cold, you can put a thick felt or felt at the keyboard so that your hands do not touch the cold table. Even on the mouse, you can sew the felt or plush cover.
  9. Do massage with a brush. It is very good blood supply. It is done on a regular basis in the form of a circular motion in the direction of "bottom-up". Start with the heels towards the hips, hands on his shoulders to the side, circles the stomach, and then massage the back. This method will help you fast enough to keep warm.
  10. If your bra has gel pads, and you can get them warm under hot running water, and then put back.

There are many reasons that create a feeling of discomfort at low temperature. If you move a little if your body is dehydrated if you drink too much coffee, and thereby narrowed blood vessels (as well as the number of cigarettes smoked irrepressible, which is also quite strongly narrows blood vessels), you begin to feel cold. But it's not so bad. More seriously cold manifests with hypotension, diabetes, thyroid problems, or iron deficiency in humans. Separately, you can note the feeling of chill when taking medicines such as beta-blockers.

 Are you cold? 10 tips on how to keep warm

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 Old New Year - a holiday, which is only in Russian

Old New Year - is the same New Year's Eve, but according to the Julian calendar. His in Russia love and celebrate the night of 13 January 14 in memory of the change of era.

Russia has preserved both the chronology, the Gregorian calendar is the state and the church celebrated according to the Julian date. In Switzerland and Serbia Old New Year is also celebrated, but not as active as in the former Soviet space. Julian calendar for religious holidays became a major after the arrival of Soviet power in 1918. While Christians all over the world since the 18th century mark religious holidays according to the Gregorian calendar - so Catholic Christmas falls on December 25 and our, Orthodox celebrated 13 days later.

New Year is always followed after Christmas, we have noted before, so that you do not change habits, it was decided to leave the second New Year, calling him Old New Year. Therefore, another New Year's holiday, though marked old, we are obliged to conservative habits of our Orthodox Church, although over time this holiday was no less secular than the usual New Year.

In Greece, Romania, Montenegro and Serbia also have the Old New Year; it can be noted, and is in Georgia, some of the German-speaking countries and the former Soviet Union.

January 14, has not only to the Old New Year, but also the day of St. Basil, especially girls, brides revered since that night they wondered, asking to clarify their fate, and asked to show a particularly bold future groom.

Of particular poignancy Old New Year gives that he is the last in a long line of New Year and Christmas holidays, and this is the second opportunity to celebrate the New Year as desired if the first official not everything went smoothly. This is an excellent opportunity to meet again with friends and brag, who and how spent the Christmas holidays. But sometimes tired from the holidays, but because of the Old New Year neither the strength nor the fantasy remains - in this case, you can contact the event agency, where you are sure to help.

 Old New Year - a holiday, which is only in Russian

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 Christmas divination


  • Guessing on love for coin
  • Guessing "Bridge to narrow"
  • Guessing "glass of water"
  • Guessing on the day of solstice
  • Christmas cartomancy
  • Simple Christmas divination
  • Christmas divination "Desire"

On the eve of New Year, everyone is trying as quickly as possible to finish the begun business, submit the report to sum up the past twelve months and to plan for the future. Naturally, no one forgets about the preparation for the holiday itself: women pick outfits, make up the menu, buy Christmas decorations and gifts for friends and relatives. At this time, even the biggest cynics begin to believe in miracles. After all, everyone wants to make sure that the nice chance may indeed happen, and desires when making a chiming clock, will come true. Learn what to expect in the next year and that it is hoped can be! "How? "- You ask. Very simple! To do so, seek help from a New Year's divination. They there are so many:

  • afloat
  • coffee grounds
  • in front of the mirror
  • with a coin
  • "The bridge to narrow the"
  • with a deck of cards
  • on ice or frost
  • the easiest and well known - a chiming clock.

It is not the whole list of folk divination, which gave preference to women in the old days and now. Traditionally, these rituals are held from December 25 to January 5. It is believed that during this period, you can get a plausible answer to all the questions and find out what will make you happy fate in the near future. Even if you are not a superstitious person, Christmas can become just guessing and pleasant, in a circle of girlfriends.

Guessing on love for coin

Of course, every woman wants to meet a real love - good, decent and caring man who will wear his mate in his arms. If you have not had a chance to experience such happiness, fortune-telling in the New Year's Eve will help you know when this happens. Girls who have a young man, too, can make this a magical ritual, to "see" the future of their love relationships.

So, for divination, you will need an old coin. It would be very nice if it got you inherited. In the absence of such, you can use the normal, but the pre-charge it with his energy. To do this, put a coin in the pocket of his jacket, jacket, shirt or coat and wear it for about three to five days, and then ask her future husband (if you have one), hold a coin in his hand. To perform the ritual, you will need also a big round porcelain plate and black mascara. In addition, take a photo of the person to whom you are wondering or any personal item belonging to him. This can be a handkerchief, lighters, pens, watches and the like. If neither one nor the other you do not, just write the name of the man on a piece of paper stating his full name, father's name and date of birth.

Christmas divination is necessary to perform only at midnight - it is believed that this time is favorable for the ritual. Place the plate on a flat surface (on a desk or, for example, gender). In the center of the photo and put dishes (or other personal item of a young man or a paper with his name). On the right side print in black ink the pronoun "I", and the left - "He". At the top, write "we", and at the bottom - "She". Training is over, now you can safely proceed to divination.

To do this, hold the coin in his right hand, and then put it in the center, holding his thumb and forefinger over the edge. Now unscrew and spoke the magic spell that reads: "From you to me, from her to me, from them to me. I - We are. You and Only You and I ". Say it three times in a row, but be sure to start with the word "I". Once rolled coin so that it is the last round. If it stops at the beginning or in the middle, unable to go all the way, it means that you are faithful and beloved. If the coin has finished its march near the inscription "She" is very seriously think! In this case, according to divination, your favorite still has warm feelings for a woman, so most likely your relationship will end soon.

 Christmas divination

Guessing "Bridge to narrow"

This is another divination, which is held on the night of the New Year. It is, like the previous one, tells the girls about love, but in this case, you will be able to learn, but rather to dream, a young man of the future. So, before you go to bed, have built from the thin twigs (pull them out of the broom) bridge and hide it under the pillow. Then say these words: "narrowing my translate me through this bridge." The guy who will be in a dream, and there's your real man.

There is another option of divination for which instead of sticks required comb. Put it under your pillow before going to bed and said, "narrowing, fancy dress, comb my head." And if you put even a mirror, the other words should say: "Come to me, come and do the hair. Look at me and show yourself. " Say this phrase three times. The man will see in a dream, you will meet in the next year.

Guessing "glass of water"

We offer another way to learn about how it will look your betrothed. For guessing you need a carafe of water and a conventional faceted glass beaker. Gradually, a small trickle of water pour into the prepared dish for this, uttering these words three times: "narrowing mine, you get tired of the way, and I have water that come, my dear, I'll give you a drink." When finished, put the carafe and a glass beside the bed, and with a clear conscience go to bed. According to popular belief, you will definitely dream of a young man who would later become your husband.

Guessing on the day of solstice

This divination is performed only once a year - on the day of solstice, that is December 25th. If you can not take a very important decision, which will probably be fatal, - buy a new apartment, to radically change the scope of professional activities, said yes to a marriage proposal, or other - please note this divination. It is very simple and will not take much time, but will help to understand the situation and find a way out of it.

Go out and break off from the wild cherry tree twig no more than ten centimeters. Then go home and put it in a glass of water on the window. This mentally define your problem and imagine that it is safely delivered. The main thing - a positive attitude! Then, every day for two weeks puncture following: Take a bowl with cherry, holding it with both hands on both sides, and keep well for about five minutes, thinking that the situation is worrying you found a good outcome. If after twelve days sprig of blossom, do not worry - the fate favorable to you, and the problem will be resolved satisfactorily. Consider that the answer to your question is yes, so you can act - to buy an apartment, change jobs, get married! It's not just guessing, but a kind of way to bring good luck.

Christmas cartomancy

Many people believe in the power pack of cards to predict the future. If you also belong to such people is guessing you exactly fit. First, the desire to set, and then take the cards and shuffle them thoroughly, then spread out into four equal stacks face down. From the first pile, remove one card until you get an ace if the next color is the same, then connect it again with the first open card. If the ace again, to submit to his "colleagues", and if the other - in the rebound, as it is no longer useful to you.

Your task - to find a pile of aces who are friends for another. For example, it can happen: first, will be based on an ace, then - another suit, then again, you might need a map. In this case you will need only the first ace, and all the rest are the same and other maps, walking behind him, set it aside. Similarly, the review and the remaining three stacks. As a result of the search you will have a certain number of aces. If there will be four, then the desire, the hidden you will come true next year. Three cards predict that this will happen very soon, the two - will have to wait.

And if you do, after all searches was only one ace, then, unfortunately, did not wish to come true. At least, so say the cards! But this does not mean that we should not despair. After all, we - creators of his happiness, so do not blindly trust the divination work on yourself and do everything to ensure that your wish has come true.

 divination New Year's Eve

Simple Christmas divination

These guessing more like entertainment, so you can use them just to have fun holiday with friends. In the New Year's Eve every person who wants to povorozhit issued one tablespoon. Fill it with water and put in the refrigerator, take out some cutlery on the street. Be sure to remember where the spoon is whose, or take over someone else's destiny. Now you can go out and have fun, and in the morning to see how the water froze. If formed a small depression, expect trouble in the new year, and the bump on the ice, on the other hand, portends happiness and good luck in the future.

There is another "frosty" Divination: Take a small round mirror and pour water on it. Then at midnight it to knock out the cold - when the pattern appears, go to the apartment and begin to guess what portends you destiny. If you see the circles, the year will be successful in the material sense, but as a pattern of spruce branches portends a lot of work, so I have to work hard. Squares indicate forthcoming troubles and difficulties of life, and triangles - about luck and success in business.

Christmas divination "Desire"

This is the most common divination, which probably occurs in virtually every home and every business in the New Year's Eve. Surely you also make a wish, drinking champagne under the chiming clock. We'll show you how to do it. So, as the clock will count down the last seconds before the New Year, take out a small piece of clean paper (preferably prepare it in advance, or do not have time to make a wish), write on it what want, ignite, and the remaining ashes pour into a glass with champagne. Under the chiming clock drink intoxicating drink and hope for quick success! However, the paper should burn completely up to the last hour strike, or a desire to come true!

There is one more like fortune telling, but it is held on the night of the Old New Year. Late at night, close to midnight, pour into a glass of water, it must reach up to the half. Look for utensils and say to himself, his fondest wish. Then, set aside the glass aside and go to sleep - if in the morning you will see that the water was more then your dreams come true. But if the liquid level is significantly decreased, the planned implementation will have to wait.

Someone thinks divination simple prank and did not believe in their truth, and some find this something mystical and rely on the signs. This is a private matter of each person. But whatever the answer you get, remember that in your power to change your destiny. Do not be discouraged and give up, if New Year's divination bode trouble - on the contrary, gain strength and prove that you are able to manage their own lives, that no beliefs can not knock you off track! Rejoice, rejoice, work, work and always believe only good, because thoughts are material!

 Divination: New Year predictions

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