how to learn to speak beautifully


  • Learn the rules of Russian language
  • Do not forget about the voice
  • Keeping the attention of listeners

Social & Communication occupy the lion's share of modern life. In this connection special value gets an ability to build his speech. Learn to speak beautifully - it's easy. In this article we have tried to cover the most effective methods and techniques that can help you learn how to speak correctly, beautifully and intelligently, and you need only implement the proposed recommendations.

Learn how to learn to speak beautifully, the easiest way to the training of oratory. Typically, such training includes a theoretical part, consisting of lecture transmission of information, and practical, consisting of exercises. The disadvantage of this training is the short duration of the resulting effect - very few people after this training really begins to speak correctly and beautifully.

What to do? Let's say you have firmly decided: "I want to talk so that everyone was nice to listen to me." Where to start? First of all, the right does someone who understands that we must first talk intelligently.

Learn the rules of Russian language

The most important thing in a beautiful speech - is its compliance with the Russian language. How to learn to speak beautifully and competently? First we need to learn how to place the accent. Do we all know what to say, "cake" and not "cake" or "call" and not "call"? Unfortunately, there is no, or not heard very often irregular shapes of these words. There are also persistent verbal combinations "put someone" or "something to wear" - they also need to remember. This is easily done through a mnemonic method, for example, "put on clothes, put forward."

Try to avoid the misuse of words. Always check the value of a complex term, not to look in the eyes of a knowledgeable interlocutor absolutely stupid. If in doubt about the meaning, better use a simple word. Make sure that all words and phrases you use, consistent with each other in the grammatical, lexical and stylistic plans.

 how to learn to speak beautifully

Do not forget about the voice

To speak beautifully, not only to use language competently. You must still learn to control his voice. Most speech defects due to the lack of correct speaking voice breathing. It is considered improper if identified the following features:

  • When talking verhnegrudnoy used type of breathing - when raised the upper sections of the thorax. Such breathing is most common in women.
  • The surface, rapid breathing.
  • Lack exhalation focusing on the lips.
  • Shortening the exhalation phase.
  • Bust of breath - when breast-type breathing becomes too big breath.
  • Failure to do imperceptibly set of air.

Alignment breathing occurs through a slow breath, followed by a pause and calm exhaling. The beginning of exhalation of breath is considered, it is carried out through the mouth. This is followed by a pause, she controls the degree of inspiration, it is done without the stress and effort through the nose. On the inhale stomach "dissolved" and retraction of the abdomen occurs on exhalation. There are a number of exercises designed to practice breathing during speech. It is necessary to work out nizhnerebernoe breath. The direction of air should also be right - exhale accurately guided through the lips, pulling them slightly forward. Cheeks while elastically tighten, they should not be inflated. This process is similar to blowing out candles. Working out the length of exhalation, gaining at the expense of the air 3, and exhaling - 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc. ... Educate yourself quietly do transoms air, uttering tongue twisters and smashing them on the line, making the breath at the end of each line.

In the formation of speech sounds are also involved active organs of articulation: the lips, tongue, lower jaw, soft palate, larynx with the vocal folds and throat. From the proper operation of the device depends on the clarity of articulation and purity of pronunciation, that is, diction. It can be improved through training articulation muscles.

For training the lower jaw it is necessary to push forward and clean, and do the following exercise: his mouth half open, open and close somewhere for 7-8 times. You can also recite verses, trying to push as far as possible with the lower jaw. Train your lips stretch corners of the mouth, lips pull ahead and pronounce proboscis "and u" pull teeth in the mouth slightly open mouth, making noises like "PTCA, PTCA, PTCA", "bdgo-bdgo-bdgo" etc. . ...

Train the muscles of the tongue. It is useful to relax the back of the tongue, causing it to take the form of "shovel" to raise the side edges of the tongue to the upper molars, by turning language around the lips, making a "puncture" the language of the cheeks, tip of the tongue to slide on the hard palate. Say tongue twisters such as "dust from the stamping of the hoofs on the field flying" - it's all very well coached vocal apparatus.

 how nice to learn to speak

Keeping the attention of listeners

The attention and interest of the audience - is the main goal that says that you have learned to speak beautifully. For many people, it is important to the visual perception of the speaker. The most important here are the looks, gestures, posture and eye.

Your appearance must be attractive (but does not distract from the content of your speech). Clothing should be clean and moderate fashion. The credibility of the speaker increases corresponding clothes: good fabric, dark colors, business style and a rectangular silhouette. As for the view, it is necessary to look at all the students alternately, no highlighting. You can look away, but not for long. Do not look during a speech on the floor, out the window, up at the ceiling, his feet in space and on the foreign objects. Perform eye contact with the audience - look them in the eye.

Regarding the posture is important to remember that the emphasis on both feet should be the same, the chest should be slightly exposed, and stomach tightened. The chin should not be omitted. Hands do not have to leave the fixed - it guards listeners. Do not intentional gestures - gestures should be natural. Always gesticulate with both hands.

Finally, do not forget about intonation. The voice of the speaker is to be energetic. Do not talk too loud - better try to highlight the most important place appropriate intonation; in your speech should not be monotony and unnatural. Rate of speech is better to keep the average, without much pause.

These simple tips will help you and your voice to stay in tune and your speech - always be effective and to convey to the listener all the things you want to say. We hope, with our help you can find out how to learn to speak beautifully!

 How to learn to speak beautifully?

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 mother of the heroine


  • History of the Order
  • Rewards and benefits for mothers with many children today

"Heroine Mother" - this honorary title, which is assigned to mothers of large families; It also refers to the order, which is awarded to women in the USSR. And the establishment of the Decree of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Council of the Order and the title was July 8, 1944. As follows from the "Regulations on the title" Heroine Mother "," it is assigned to, and is accompanied by the awarding of the Order called the mothers who gave birth and brought up ten or more children. At the same time the youngest child must at this point to reach the age of one year, and all the other children of the woman must be alive. Simultaneously with the order of "Heroine Mother" appeared award "Parent Glory" and "Medal of motherhood."

When assigning women the title "Heroine Mother" takes into account the presence of children who were adopted her legally, as well as those of her children who died or disappeared in the line of military duty, with law enforcement or socialist property in saving a human life . We take into account those children of women who died as a result of an occupational disease or work injury.

History of the Order

The highest degree of distinction for the Soviet Women was established in order to mark the achievements of mothers in the birth and - most importantly! - In the upbringing of children. By the way, there was a very interesting coincidence: the establishment of the Order of the day (July 8, 1944) took place in the Orthodox Day of the Family.

This award for the mothers entered the first time in the country's history. It is symbolic that this title began to be awarded during the Great Patriotic War, which took away the lives of millions of our compatriots. Most of the men who were killed or maimed on the front were very young or middle-aged. The population of the country during the war and after it significantly reduced. Therefore, established the status of the mother-heroines and handing women a new self-titled award "Heroine Mother" have emphasized how sharply while the country needs a new generation of young people.

The first assignment of this honorary title by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR was made October 27, 1944. Total was awarded the title "Heroine Mother", fourteen women and the Order №1 with the Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR was handed №1 Russian resident Aleksakhina Savelievna Anna, who lives in the village Mamontovka in the Moscow region and brought up twelve children. Assignments she was given the award in the Kremlin at the beginning of November 1944.

Eight sons Anna Savelievna Aleksakhina fought at the front, four of them died. Who assigned her the Order kept in the collections of the Numismatic Department of the State Historical Museum. Forty years ago, the order of "Mother Heroine» №1 gave the museum the children Anna Savelievna. The youngest son of Aleksakhina - Evgeni - alive today, he 79 years old, and he still lives in a Moscow Mamontovka. This is the only child of the first mother-heroine who survives to this day.

During Soviet times, there were other awards for mothers of large families. The women were awarded the medal "Parent valor" Order "Parent Glory" three degrees - depending on how many children a woman has given birth to and raised.

Last time in the history of the USSR awarding the title "Heroine Mother" took place on 14 November 1991 and the decree of the President of the Soviet Union. And all for the Order of the Soviet era has been awarded approximately 431,000 women with more than a dozen children. After the collapse of the USSR women with many children were awarded the Order of Friendship, or they awarded a medal of the Order "For Merit".

 mother of the heroine of many children

Rewards and benefits for mothers with many children today

And in modern Russia is the case with recognition of the merits of women with many children? In the first days after taking over as president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev established the award "Parent Glory", which is awarded to the parents of large families. January 13, 2009 held its first awards, and received an award from the President of Russia the head of the seven large families.

The new award is different from the old order "Heroine Mother"? What is now necessary to raise children, to get an award "Parent Glory", and rely Whether large families living in Russia, some privileges and benefits? Now the order is given to both parents or adoptive parents, bringing up four children more. In addition, the Russian government, it was decided that parents who have four or more children, will receive an honorary diploma and a reward in the amount of fifty thousand rubles (at a time).

Each of the parents of seven or more children will get more and sign the Order and its miniature version, which can be worn on ceremonial occasions. Badge of the Order appears as a blue cross with a situated in the middle of the emblem of Russia on a red background. For moms alternative design is provided in the form of a bow from a silk ribbon, and an option for dads - in the form of a pentagonal pad.

Of course, the award, which was established in 1944, gave the mother-heroine of certain benefits. The main privilege was to obtain individual apartments and good payment of child allowances. Now in Russia there is no such thing. However, in some regions of the country to large families provide benefits for utilities, the queue is allocated in kindergarten and even offer parents and children a trip to the resorts.

Now it considered the bill, which provides benefits for large families. This benefits - a living wage for those who were awarded medals of the third degree and a minimum of seven-time mothers-heroines - and benefits children for admission to universities, and the reduction of municipal payment. In addition, the law stipulates the provision of large families of vans, the provision of land, assistance in obtaining loans to purchase housing.

In this large family of any of the benefits it has a right only if the youngest child is already one year old, and their parents and each of the children are Russian citizens.

Sidorovna Zetina Elizabeth, mother of many children, brought up five children and has received an award from the state even during the Soviet Union, he said in an interview that all families with children would react positively to such a law. It is important that the education of children - whatever their number was - it was perceived by society as a labor of both parents - happy, inspired and sometimes difficult. The appearance of the family of each new baby - a great happiness, and motherhood - a completely natural state for every woman. And I would like very much to the joy of the birth and upbringing of children is not overshadowed by domestic problems.

 Mother-heroine in the USSR and Russia

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