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In every apartment there is a lot of silver jewelry - whether it's jewelry, home furnishings and tableware. Unlike gold, silver begins to fade over time or duck, and sooner or later the question arises: how to clean silver and how to care for silverware. In women's magazines, online publications, you can find a lot of tips on how to clean better than silver, what methods to use, how to care for silverware. There is a lot of advice and on "cleaning silver at home."

So you are not in pain to find the recommendation on ways and means to clean his silver reserves, we have tried to piece together information about how to properly care for silver as you clean silverware.

How to care for silver

To know how to take care of silverware, need to find out what factors have a negative impact on the silverware. The reasons for the darkening of silver a lot. Among them is the high humidity in the room, and storage of silver near the drugs or preparations containing sulfur. The dramatic darkening of silver may be due to the deteriorating health of its owner. How often dark silver, it depends on the characteristics of the skin. Often the silver darkens on exposure to cosmetics or perfumes.

Caring for silver is not complicated. It is enough to clean the silverware once a month and occasionally wipe with a chamois or flannel cloth.

Here are the highlights of care of silver.

  • Avoid using rough sponges or abrasive materials when cleaning silver. This may cause micro-scratches and tarnish products. Fix it will be possible only with the help of a professional polish.
  • For the regular care of silver can soak the item in soapy water, rinse thoroughly, remove moisture and polish suede.
  • Use a special cleaner for silver, tailored to the characteristics of the metal. Any money to clean this means is very simple. You immerse contaminated products in a cleaner for silver, and after a few minutes (depending on the degree of contamination) remove an shiny, like new, decoration. The solution can be used for cleaning articles with precious stones, and without them. The choice of such funds is diverse, and wipes and liquids can be purchased in jewelry stores.
  • To significantly contaminated or blackened silver cleaning at home may not be effective. In this case, it would be better to clean silver jewelry workshop.

 than pure silver

What can be cleaned with silver

There are many recipes for cleansing the silver from black. However, the metal and products made of it (as opposed to the same gold) can be oxidized by interacting with certain chemicals. Thanks to the experience of our predecessors, who had no industrial compositions for cleaning silver, we can use the already-tested means. Note that sometimes these handy tools are even more effective than those that are purchased in the store.

Getting clean silverware is important to remember the main principle: before using any chemical substances (ammonia, soda, hydrogen peroxide), it is necessary to hold the product in soapy water, then rinse it thoroughly. In order to determine for themselves the preferred methods of cleaning silver, learn to start than all silverware can be cleaned and what is bad for them.

  • Baking soda

The most affordable and effective way to clean silver is brushing with baking soda. Before you start cleaning the silver soda, be sure to hold the item in soapy water. For cleaning of silverware home use soda solution (1 liter of hot water, add 50 g of sodium hydroxide) solution or with warm soapy water with ammonia (tablespoon of alcohol per liter of water).

If you need to clean the silver from black, prepare a little slurry, slightly moistened soda water. Take a little soda pulp on your fingers, and gently wipe the product is black patina does not come down, and the silver gleams. Pure silver soda should be cautious, trying not to overdo it and do not scratch the product, because it belongs to the soda abrasive cleaners.

  • Ammonia

Before cleaning the silverware ammonia necessary to wash them in warm soapy water. Next, you need a mixture of chalk and ammonia cook gruel, put it on a silver thing and allow the mixture to dry. After that you should carefully rinsed with clean water and silver wipe dry with a soft cloth.

There is another way to clean silver ammonia. Take the right-sized capacity, prepare a solution of ammonia and water in a ratio of 1 to 10 (ie 1 tablespoon ammonia add 10 tablespoons of water). The resulting solution immerse silver for 15-25 minutes (depending on the surface contamination). Then take out the product from the solution, rinse and wipe dry.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

Cleaning silver with hydrogen peroxide refers to risky methods. In any case, this should be done with extreme caution. Despite the fact that hydrogen peroxide salt recovers gold and silver, he is actively reacts with other chemicals and not knowing the composition of your product reliably, you can get instead of a positive effect plaque, which will be difficult to remove. Therefore, we do not recommend experimenting with pure silver and hydrogen peroxide.

 how to clean silver

Features clean silver

You know that silver is different samples and, therefore, has a different composition. Furthermore, silver may have inserts of gold or precious stones. So this silver is needed very gentle cleaning.

Sterling Silver

To care for the product which has sample 925 (or at least not lower than 625), it is desirable to use an effective means zilbertaushbader. If it does not find it, try to clean silver 925 other special means. Personally prepared mixes for the cleaning of the silver used is not desirable.

But for the silver lower sample you can safely take the lemon juice or citric acid. Products simply immersed for some time in the solution, and after the procedure, wipe with a soft cloth. Darkening disappear, the metal will again become bright.

Silver with stones

To clean silver jewelry with precious and semiprecious stones are best avoided "granny" methods. Ideal to use special cleaners for silver products. These solutions can rinse items with precious stones, without fear that the stone will tarnish or patina. Furthermore, specially formulated products thinnest protective cover layer. If you buy a special tool is not possible, then the method can be used with ammonia, but ammonia should be much less - just five or six drops in a glass of water.

So how to clean silver jewelry is difficult because of the small parts, bends, fine relief, use only a soft felt and avoid aggressive abrasives. Before cleaning the silver with stones, take a cotton swab, soak in any cologne, glycerin and wipe gently with a stone-rimmed top and bottom. This will help remove dust accumulation under a rock. After that you should polish decoration chamois or flannel. Do not attempt to clean the rim with a sharp object - so it may be scratched.


If you know how to clean silverware, these noble instruments will always look like new. Remember that tarnish silverware accelerate onion, egg yolk, salt, natural gas, and rubber. Clean silverware can be the above-mentioned special tools. But it is possible to prepare analogs and at home: water mix (5 parts), ammonia (2 parts) and dentifrice (1 part). Apply this mixture on a soft cloth and wipe its silverware disappear until browning. At the end of cleaning equipment should be rinsed under running water and carefully wipe with a dry towel.


Not all of cleaners suitable for manufacturing the silver-coated gold. To permanently preserve gilded silver, leaving him to be careful. Do not clean the gilded silver folk ways: a coating of gold is very easy to delete. With daily care silver plated with gold can only be cleaned with a dry cloth, preferably - suede. Remember that you can not use any abrasive (even the softest). To clean silver, with gold, to wipe the surface of the product with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, turpentine or denatured alcohol. You can also clean the silver with gold-plated vinegar, putting it on the surface of the product with a cloth. After five minutes, rinsed with water and vinegar give products to air dry without wiping them.

Silver Pearl

Pure silver with pearls very carefully, carefully choosing cleaner. It is best to wash such items regularly in soapy water and try to avoid major contamination. Just as when cleaning any of silver jewelery, do not forget a thorough rinsing and remove moisture with a soft chamois or flannel cloth. You can then wrap decoration in fine linen cloth, to pour a teaspoon of salt and rinse bundle in warm water until the salt is completely dissolved. So you can remove plaque fat pearls and remove yellowness. When cleaning silver with pearls, you should not use ammonia - this can lead to a change in the color of pearls.

Knowing how to properly clean the silver, you can always give a nearly pristine shine even vintage jewelry. And if you have even the silverware, then you will be able to keep it in perfect order. In short, sometimes very useful not only to understand the marks of special cleaning agents, but also to be able to use improvised. Of course, you are now able to do it!

 Silver - you clean it at home?

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