right eye pencil painting


  • Choosing pencil
  • Technique of arrows
  • Choice of color pencil
  • Form Eyes - the form of arrows

In the movie "Memoirs of a Geisha," it stated that the real geisha can stop the man with one eye only. For many women, it is not no secret, it is well known that the eyes - a mirror of the soul. Creating make-up and making emphasis on the eyes, it can be beneficial to emphasize the depth and charm look. This can help eyeliner.

However, you need to know how to paint the eye pencil, because you can easily spoil what is given by nature.

There are a few simple rules, like dyeing eye pencil, depending on their shape and color. But first of all it is necessary to pay attention to how to choose a pencil.
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Choosing pencil

First, it is worth mentioning that the savings in this cosmetic product is undesirable. Arrows are usually applied very close to the contour of the eyelashes, there is a great probability of contact with the mucous membrane of the eye. If the pencil contains low-quality supplements can happen unpleasant reaction. It is recommended to choose a pencil-known cosmetic brands.   Make sure it is not fake.

Be sure to look at the expiration date. It is usually printed on the package or on the pencil. If unable to determine the date of manufacture, pay attention to ink core. Its color should be uniform, no white spots and plaque - it speaks about expired.

There are 2 kinds of pencils - traditional wooden and mechanical pencil with a retractable. Each of these types has advantages and disadvantages. Wooden pencils are usually more durable because they are tougher lead. They are less likely to break, not so quickly spent, and inflicted on them arrows are usually more resistant. These arrows less blur longer keep their shape, but they are more difficult to draw. When doing arrows pencil with a hard pencil is usually a feeling of light "potsarapyvaniya" (for some it is totally unacceptable) to apply a bright line must be carried out on one and the same place several times. The disadvantages include the wooden pencils and sharpeners need. Knife or blade undermine stick is almost impossible.

Mechanical pencils are easy to use, do not need a sharpener, but usually quickly spent. Most often these pencils have a soft pencil, to put a line through them easily, but after a while the arrows are blurred. It is very important to pay attention to the type of mechanism. Once the core of the pencil extends, it must be able to hide it back. Some pencils do not have this feature - it is very inconvenient.

The best way to decide which eyeliner choose from the point of view of the softness of the lead - try it on the back of his hand. The optimum medium soft pencil lead, legkonanosimaya and thus uniform and stable line.

To avoid allergic reactions, it is desirable to choose a pencil containing anti-inflammatory agents.

 Equipment Nansen arrows
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Technique of arrows

When drawing the line on the eyelids is not necessary to hold a pencil vertically. It will be more convenient if it slightly tilted. To hand did not tremble at the crucial moment, you can stretch the elbow in the mirror and thereby fix risuyuschuyu hand.

Arrows should be applied as close to the lash line. Makeup will look neater and thicker eyelashes. The thickness of the line can be different - here depends on the desired image and the shape of the eye.

To arrows long held and not blurred, before application of the line on the eyelid can cause little powder.

Make sure that the arrows on both eyes were the same, otherwise all efforts will be in vain. Ambient will notice your "different eyes".
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Choice of color pencil

A classic and one for "all occasions", of course, is a black pencil. It is suitable for creating various images is optimal both brunettes and blondes, for the eyes of any color. Although the blue-eyed blonde with black hands look more elegantly, rather it will be an evening makeup.

Brown pencil can also be called a classic. It is suitable for almost all types, but the brown arrows are not as bright, so the makeup will look more like a day.

Pencils of different colors - gray, green, blue - can be used to create a playful way. Colored arrows are perfect for women with light eyes.

White eyeliner is typically used to visually increase and expansion of the cut eyelids. To do this, draw a small point in the inner corners of the eyes. Some experts for increasing the visual eye advises to apply the white line on the inside of the lower eyelid lashes.

 the right arrow to the eye
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Form Eyes - the form of arrows

If the shape and size of the eyes are perfect, you can draw arrows on the perimeter of the eye. This will help to emphasize and make more expressive look. Please note that the wider the line of the arrow, the eyes seem to have.

To increase the visual eye and create the effect of "wide-open" draw arrows from the mid-eye to the outer corner. If the corners of the eyes are lowered, you can adjust it using the up arrow.

Too big and bulging eyes can be hidden using the arrows on all upper eyelid. Lower eyelid can touch up a thin arrow from the middle to the outer corner, or the arrow does not apply.

If the eyes are close together, the arrow should be applied only on the upper eyelid, starting from the mid-third century.

Wide-set eyes is recommended to emphasize using the arrows on the lower eyelid.

And here is how to paint a pencil eye Asian type? Because they require special efforts. With this form of the eyes look good rich dark arrows. On the upper eyelid is necessary to put the arrow, and you can not bring it completely up to the edge. On the lower eyelid arrow should be applied to the middle of the century up to the outer edge.

This is only the basic principles of how to paint eyes pencil, do not be afraid to experiment and use your imagination!

 Secrets of the choice and use of eyeliner

 how beautifully painted eyebrows


  • An important part of our image
  • The secret of success: All must be done correctly
  • Caring for eyebrows

Eyebrows - it's not just two of the same strip of hair above the eyes. It allows the eyebrows to make more expressive facial features, look to give depth and make the appearance even more striking. Many girls are concerned about how to paint beautiful eyebrows. Only at first glance it seems that this problem is simple and requires no special skills. In fact, things are different. The irregular shape of eyebrows or too bright or dull the color can ruin even the most beautiful girl.
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An important part of our image

Eyebrows are broad and narrow, long or too short; they are smooth, straight or round izlomlennymi. They are located at all as variously horizontally or obliquely. It is believed that the ideal form of eyebrows - slightly curved, long enough line. Their arrangement can create a certain impression of the person. For example, in the shape of the eyebrows arch form an impression about you as a person cheerful, funny, interesting and artistic, something even romantic.

But eyebrows vrazlet say about you as an activist and optimist. If you are the owner of such lines is stronger highlighting the pencil and slightly extended, you will look more assertive and self-confident girl. You can not say about the owner of the lines with downcast, "sad" tails. They give you the kind of pathetic man with "orphan" expression.

As you can see, these strips her short hair over the eyes are able to play a role no less important than hair. They can change you, to emphasize your appearance. Women's attractiveness is largely dependent on the color, the form and shape of the eyebrows. If the form is properly thought out, they can even hide the signs of fatigue, making you a more youthful and your mind - puzzling.

You have decided to improve the appearance of eyebrows and do not want to go to the beauty salon? You will need a little more than half an hour to put them in order. Do not rush - a delicate process that requires attention. Therefore, each of the steps of plucking, painting and caring for the eyebrows should be consistent and accurate.

 how to draw a beautiful eyebrows
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The secret of success: All must be done correctly

Before starting to paint the eyebrows, they need to pull out. For this you need a good big mirror that is better to put near the window - allow light to see every extra hair. In addition, it is useful tweezers, the tips of which slightly rounded. Do not interfere, and a small brush to brush off the hairs plucked. And of course, cotton swabs, to be applied to the hair means caring.

First step - define the shape of the eyebrows. Nature even at the birth of each person laid individually, it is the most appropriate line of the eyebrows, you want to emphasize. So no need to radically change the shape and color of eyebrows. Unwanted hairs only remove the base, below the eyebrows.

Remember, the higher is the line of hair, so your eyes appear larger. Accordingly, the more beautiful it becomes, and the very face of the whole. Therefore, raising the lower bound up even when you draw the pencil thin eyebrows, the shape of which must be impeccable. Before you begin to tweeze eyebrows, you need to trim too long hairs. For convenience, use a simple brush, comb and scissors.

Removing hairs begin with only the interior, moving to the outside. Remove the hairs in the direction of their growth. Now shake plucked hairs, holding the skin on the treated area a little stretched. If you remove the hair for you - a painful process, then before you perform the procedure plucking, for five minutes, apply on hair soaked in hot water, cotton swabs. Upon completion of the procedure necessary to impose swabs soaked, on the contrary, in cold water to remove redness.

Now, the line formed - it's time to give them the desired shape and color, using all kinds of cosmetic products: pencil, gel, powder or shadows. Tinting eyebrows, it is important to follow some advice. First of all, during the application does not have to touch the skin. Secondly, it is not necessary to draw a clear flat strip. Much better sharpened pencil just apply a little light strokes, which will mimic the hairs. Tint eyebrows need against the growth of hair to look more natural result. If your eyebrows are not very thick, they can be painted special ink, but the direction of hair growth.

Just do not overdo it with the plucking! If you aspire to make subtle and expressive line, first make them a little wider. At any time, you can make them narrower. If you just vyschiplete "thread", and you do not like and you want to make eyebrows wider, then you have to wait a lot.

Hairs in the top of the line does not need to remove. Otherwise it disrupts the natural shape and your face will look sad. No need to risk: initially draw a pencil line such that you would like to get a result, and if your reflection in the mirror is large enough, you can start to give the desired shape.

 how beautiful eyebrow pencil to draw
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Caring for eyebrows

Please note: even if the shape of your eyebrows properly thought out and picked up and select the perfect color can ruin all tangled hairs. If they are confused, or stick out in different directions, you can not look the way you want. To deal with this is simple: using a conventional brush for eyelashes soaked in castor oil, comb and smooth brow. Now they are expressive and beautiful!

In the process of care for the eyebrows and then you'll find the small hairs that stand out from the crowd and get out for a clear line. They simply remove with tweezers - often they are lower than the main line of the eyebrows, pull out because they can safely break the form. Many women make the mistake and shaved off his eyebrows. It is better not to do - instead of shaving grow even more hard, dense hair, get rid of them will be much more difficult.

The women, whom nature endowed with thick and thus strongly arched eyebrows should not be too zealous in the process of plucking hairs, or bridge of the nose as a result will appear wider than it actually is. If eyebrows are too narrow, sparse and thin, they are, on the contrary, it is advised to allocate for that special tint pencil or ink. The main rule is that here you need to remember the eyebrows should always look natural, and emphasize the natural beauty, presented to you by nature, and not vice versa.

Often, for all sorts of reasons, eyebrow hairs can change their structure, color or acquire other changes. As a rule, their growth is directly dependent on the state of your health. If there is any problem, it can be shown on the appearance of hair, including eyebrows.

That you are not upset unpleasant changes in your appearance, you need to normalize their diet and lifestyle in general, to use the complexes of minerals and substances to improve skin, nails and hair and, of course, forget about the stress. Then your appearance is exquisite!

 Beautiful eyebrows shaped to paint and care