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  • Lamination of nails as a sign of the disease
  • Home remedies to strengthen nails

Exfoliate and break your nails? Some people believe that this is due to lack of calcium, or, perhaps, your body does not get the vitamins in the required amount for him. But more often the reason that nails become brittle or develop a strong exfoliate, is that we use a variety of measures, without nail polish and remover of the most lacquers, and not always all of these high-quality cosmetics. Unfortunately, this problem is facing a huge number of people, regardless of their age. Nails can break both in adults and in children. Often broken nails in infants - there can be a speech about any varnishes not. So why is there such a problem?

Of course, the main reason for the problems with nails - it really is a situation where in the human body vitamins and minerals are deficient. This is particularly true of elements such as vitamin A, zinc, silicon, calcium and amino acids. In that case, if the reason is precisely brittle nails lack of trace elements and proteins, the treatment layer of nails should begin primarily diet adjustments. And then take vitamins, treat nails, using special tools, and do a variety of baths for hands and nails.

Most effectively eliminate the problem of products, such as beef liver, fish (especially sea), dried fruits, all kinds of nuts and herbs. In addition, doctors in such cases are advised to take special multivitamin and mineral complexes that are designed to strengthen hair and nails. Accordingly, they are capable of treating the nail and lamination. If problems with the bundle nail plate begins in adults, a doctor may recommend the use of special tools, which are applied not only to the skin, but also rubbed or applied to each nail - a medicinal cream and varnishes: they are often very effective action.

Another cause of problems with nails - allergic effects of various factors. And such aggressive factors can become not only a cleaning agent, but even water is of poor quality. Incidentally, the tap water is often a reason that young children begin nails quite flaky. What to do in such a case? In such cases, doctors recommend parents to boil water for hygienic baths or at least defend it - it will help to avoid such problems.

 nails exfoliate and break

Lamination of nails as a sign of the disease

Often, the problem with brittleness, bundle nails and other directly related with certain disorders of the internal organs and systems of man - this is in any case not be forgotten. This explains the recommendation of a doctor at the first sign of problems with the nails, consult a doctor. And only after that, if no disease doctor does not reveal the problem can be regarded as purely cosmetic. And if the disease is found, it must be treated without delay.

Typically, an experienced doctor on one appearance of the nail plate can immediately assume the presence of a disease and prescribe a more detailed examination. So:

  • The color of the layer of nails

In that case, if the nail foliated, and its color becomes uneven - paler than the color of skin, or, worse, a cyanotic - there is every reason to believe that a person faced with various disturbances in the cardiovascular system .

  • Furrows on the nails

In case of the nail plate exfoliates thickens, and on it appear recessed transverse strip physician might suspect the presence of a person surreptitiously occurring infectious processes. Although this phenomenon often occurs after recently transferred serious infectious diseases - in this case, the problem with the time will come to naught all by itself, and you do not have anything.

  • Longitudinal scars on the nail plate

In that case, if the nails began to exfoliate, and then on the nail plate longitudinal dents appeared likely the doctor will suggest that the sick person eats very irregularly, and forward it to the dietician. A nutritionist will tell you what to do to correct the situation with malnutrition.

  • Metabolic disease

In that case, if the nails exfoliate very much, your doctor may suggest that a sick person has serious disturbances in metabolism. And these violations in any case can not be ignored, as the layer of nails - this is the first alarm. If you do nothing, you will soon manifest and other violations, and even have serious diseases.

  • White spots on the nail plate

In the event that fragility and stratification of nails accompanied by the appearance of white spots, it is possible to talk about a possible increase in the level of sugar in the blood, often indicates an increase in the risk or have already begun diabetes. In this case, blood tests to determine the level of sugar is necessary, so that the doctor can appoint remedies to combat serious and quite a serious illness.

  • Yellow spots on the nail plate

In the same case, if there is a layer on the nail plate spots are not white and yellowish color, a man likely in need of consulting a doctor, lung specialist, as these yellow spots may indicate that developed this or that disease of the lungs.

  • Lamination nail with the advent of these small white bumps placers

In the event that in addition to the foliation of the nail plate and shows small convex white dots, which in appearance reminiscent of a scattering of pearls, your doctor may suspect the presence of a human patient a prolonged viral infection, which occurs in secret.

  • The concavity of the nail plate

In that case, if the layer of the nail plate gradually becomes concave, the doctor will certainly appoint a human patient blood analysis. Typically, in most such cases lamination and brittle nails caused by iron deficiency anemia. And after the patient will take the necessary course of treatment, the problem persists with nails.

 what to do if exfoliate nails and broken

Home remedies to strengthen nails

As mentioned above, the bundle of nails is often not cosmetic, and medical problem. But in any case we should not forget that the proper nail care, conducted in parallel with the treatment of the underlying disease, greatly increases its effectiveness.

There are a few simple rules that will protect the nails, and reduce aggressive influence of various external factors. The first and most important rule - spend all the homework that require prolonged contact with water or chemicals, in protective perchatkah.Nadeemsya you and so it is understandable why this rule is carried out strictly.

Do not forget about the power of the nail plate and cuticles. Every time you hand wash your hands any grease nourishing cream. And at least once a week is necessary to carry out the following procedure: Make all the household chores, just before going to bed, thoroughly clean your hands with liquid soap and blot with a towel and allow to dry.

After this very generously apply a moisturizer or, in extreme cases, grease your hands with sunflower oil, with special emphasis on the nail plate. Then put your hands on plastic gloves - the kind that are put in boxes with paint, and on top - cotton gloves, and go to sleep. In the morning your skin hands and nails pleasantly surprise you. Seeing the result, you want to repeat such a procedure more than once. Why not? Funds are needed for this minimum, effort - and even less, and the result is simply stunning!

Another good way to not sloilis nails and not break, are the most simple salt bath. Make these trays quite hard - warm the five liters of water to a temperature that can sustain your skin, add to two hundred grams of salt, and a large twenty drops of ordinary iodine solution. Place the tray in hands, making sure that the nails were completely covered by water. The duration of the bath should be not less than twenty minutes. Repeat procedure should be about two to three days, and the treatment can be as long as you feel necessary.

As a rule, if the treatment increased fragility of nails is complex and consistent, even the weak and brittle fingernails very quickly become strong. And remember that those lucky women that are perfect nails went from birth - units. But now that you know why can exfoliate nails and how this problem can be solved, no one will disturb you to be beautiful!

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