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Once, long ago it was led to believe that women are not able to save, if it got the money, they will be spent very quickly and did not know what. But this is not so, is not it? Women can also save frequently much better than the strong half of humanity. And to learn that it is possible, even if you do not possess a natural gift economy.

Everyone refers to the money in their own way: someone can live without debts and at the same time to save money for a "rainy day", but someone shatters salary in a few days. If in spite of the fact that as a child my mother would say, "Here marry and learn to live within your means! "You belong to the latter category of people, then you have time to think seriously about how to learn to save money. This is especially true if you are married and you have children.

Of course, every person, especially women, tend to buy a thing on a whim, guided fleeting impulse. There is nothing wrong if it happens infrequently. But if you once again bought the fiftieth handbag just because it is suited to any suit you, it is time to pull myself together and think about how to save money. And for this you need to know, which takes the most money and which expenditure can be reduced.

First you must learn to plan their family budget - especially for large expenses. Try to make lists required. Thanks to them, you can not only easier and faster to navigate in what should be bought in the first place, but also be able to calculate in advance the required amount for these expenses. In addition, this approach to spending will help you learn how to save money to buy something specific.

Also, do not buy things out of jealousy, just because a friend or neighbor is currently acquired. They may incomes higher than your family, and they can afford some luxuries.

One of the expenses is the problem of choosing holiday gifts for relatives or friends. If the approach to this issue thoroughly, seriously, and then you can save a little. The main thing - to start selecting a present beforehand. It is pre-think what you would like to choose as a gift, it is necessary to defer on the amount and try to find an alternative. Do not be amiss to jog to the shops, which currently are sales, with paying attention to the ads on discounts.

But it should be remembered that the discount - is a kind of a trap. There are not too many people who can resist the low prices and buy yourself something, and sometimes absolutely necessary. Also, do not listen to phrases such vendors as the "most fashionable", "single instance", "so you go! " and so on. After all, they tend to sell the product and are ready to talk to potential customers anything, as long as they got the goods, because it's their job.

It's all about total costs. But there are regular expenses, from which no escape. These include, for example, includes utilities. Therefore, later in this article we will talk about how to learn to save the family budget, and look at what are the ways to save water, gas and electricity.

Family and save money

The family is very important to know how to organize all the costs. After all, the family budget - on it and the family that should be distributed to the needs of the family. It is therefore important not only selfishly spend the money on a favorite, but also be able to plan costs.

So, let's think on what you can save in the family? As we mentioned, it is useful to reduce costs in public services. How to learn to save gas, water and electricity, we will consider later in more detail. In addition, you can reduce spending on some food products, household goods, clothing, furniture and so on. After all, if you do not have too much income to buy the black and red caviar should not be - without these products can easily live. Instead, better to buy an ordinary fish and cook from it anything to the delight of households.

In addition, you should not buy a million dresses, suits: there you have several types of each thing on different occasions - and right! Acquire new should be only when the old start to wear out. Of course, the cheapest clothes and shoes, too, should not buy, because they have a very short life span, and the result for the same period you will spend much more money on the purchase of, for example, winter pair of shoes. Good, high-quality (and, hence, is not cheap) thing will last you at least 2-3 years, and will work on a cheap power a year, or even less. That is, in 2-3 years you will have to change at least 3 pairs of shoes, which eventually will be much more expensive than if you just buy a pair of expensive quality.

Also, do not buy, for example, doroguschy TV if you have a regular in good condition. No, I buy something, of course, can you have it, but then you will not have enough money for the essentials. If you buy some expensive things it is your dream, then it is better to wait a bit. First you need to learn how to save money on utility bills and other stuff, and the savings to postpone the purchase of the things about which you dream. Therefore proceed to consider ways to save energy.

 How to learn to save money

15 ways to save electricity

Electricity takes up half of the funds are deposited on the utilities. Therefore, all must know how to save money on electricity - because you want to reduce their spending on it twice?

First of all, you should insulate their homes well enough to avoid the need arose in the acquisition of various electric heaters and fireplaces. What should I look for when house warming? On the windows, doors, heating systems, balconies and loggias. Windows and doors should be warm by sealing cracks, sealing the vestibule doors and windows, installing a second door, replace the cast iron radiators for aluminum, glass loggias and balconies. In addition, the battery should not be curtain curtains or furniture close. Also for the radiators on the wall to place the heat-reflective screens. It is best to install in the home modern plastic windows that will not only help keep the heat in the house, but also reduce the noise level.

Now specifically about how to save energy. There are about 15 ways to save at home. These we now consider.

  1. Replacement housing all incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent. Energy saving fluorescent light bulbs consume five times less electricity, and their service life of up to 6 times higher. During the service they pay for themselves in about 8-10 times. Only your entry must be able to withstand the stress created by such lights, otherwise you have to change them as often as normal, and it is quite expensive.
  2. Use local lights, if there is no need for a full, general lighting. They consume much less power, and generally look very aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Do not forget to turn off the lights in rooms when you get out of them. Yes, it's very simple rule. But remember, how often do you get to observe it?
  4. Completely turn off the equipment that is idle for a long time in standby mode. This class includes televisions, computers, stereos, microwave ovens, VCRs, etc. This is due to the fact that the equipment is in standby mode consume from 3 to 10 watts, and off these types of appliances allows you to save a year of 300-400 kW / h.
  5. Use technology, energy efficiency class is not lower than A. Of course, this technique will pay off not soon, but if you take into account the constant increase in electricity prices, the impact of the gradual economy will manifest itself.
  6. Do not place the refrigerator next to a radiator or a gas stove, as this may increase the electricity consumption by 20-30%.
  7. Seal the refrigerator door must fit tightly to his body, because even the smallest chink can increase energy consumption by 20-30% a refrigerator.
  8. Before sending food in the refrigerator - cool them to room temperature.
  9. Regularly defrost refrigerator.
  10. Do not block the radiator of the refrigerator - between him and the wall must be a gap for proper cooling.
  11. If you use an electric, it should be to ensure that the burners were not deformed during cooking adhere properly to the bottom of dishes. Also, do not include a stove in advance, before the start of cooking. Do not forget to turn off the stove a little earlier than is required to complete the cooking - the food will reach full readiness until the burner will cool down.
  12. Do not boil in the kettle more water than you plan to use.
  13. Walls, ceilings, curtains and windows try to draw in bright colors, because such an approach to the design of interior decoration of homes will reduce lighting costs by about 10-15%.
  14. Remember to record the meter readings and analyze on what can still be saved.
  15. If you have a computer, do not forget to disable it if you do not plan long-term use, or to submit to sleep. In a month, it consumes 70-120 kW / h in continuous operation. If you need to use a computer, around the clock, for these purposes it is better to buy a laptop.

 how to save money

Save water

Prices for water are growing less rapidly than the price of electricity. Therefore, to reduce the consumption of water is also necessary if you want to learn how to save the family budget. Let's talk about how you can do it right. We have come to mind, eight household tricks:

  1. First, we should set the counter account of water. Pros counter is that it allows you to save each month to pay for the water to 30% of the funds, and if you're somewhere out - then pay for it at this time and you did not have to. But this should not be done in those cases when you have increased water consumption, for example, if a family has a child that requires nightly swim.
  2. Regularly check all equipment in the house, which is associated with water - taps, plumbing, washing machine and dishwasher and so on. After all, if any faucet is leaking, it will not help the economy.
  3. If you have somewhere to go for a long time - be sure to completely turn off the water because of the time of your departure you can leak, such as a toilet tank or any valve.
  4. Replace the old plumbing modern, since the latter is made in view of the foundations of saving water. For example, tanks on modern toilets are designed for 2 modes of plum, making for a year, you can save up to 20-25 cubic meters.
  5. Use Rychagova mixers instead crane. Furthermore, this device should be prelator which saves water because of its mixing with air. Of course, it is better to use non-contact mixers and faucets equipped with water-saving system. Properly chosen product will reduce water consumption by 60%.
  6. If you wash your hands, it's best to buy a washing machine - it is significantly lower waste water. And when it is selected, it is aware that machines and dryers consumes much more water than the front.
  7. Dishwashing better to use the dishwasher as its flow rate is much lower than in the implementation process of the same hand.
  8. If you have a garden that needs watering, use their own wells. Also introduced an automatic irrigation system that provides precise dosage of the water flow.

Save Gas

It is known that 80-95% of gas consumption accounts for heating of housing and providing it with hot water. Therefore, speaking about saving gas, it is possible to talk about the immediate heat savings. In this article we have already talked about how to keep the heat in the house. To this we can add such a measure, as the lining of ceilings and walls plasterboard quality. Also, no harm will be installed on powered three-way valves and bypasses, which allow you to adjust the temperature. In addition, the gap between the walls and the panels should be at least 3-5 cm.

If the boiler, boiler and expansion tank are in a cool room without any additional heating (for example, in the basement), they should be insulated. It should also be warmed by 2 meters all the pipes coming from the boiler.

If one of the rooms is much hotter than the others, you should not open the windows for the removal of excess heat and wrap the battery in a blanket or a laminated substrate or set in such a room temperature-control mechanisms.

These tricks, of course, need to know the man. So give this section of the article to check out her husband - let him provide gas savings. And we women are closer ways to save money on gas payment associated with cooking food.

  1. Make sure that the flame does not go beyond the heated dishes, because otherwise you're heats the apartment, and not heated kettle or saucepan. This measure reduces to 50% gas consumption.
  2. Dishes with a deformed bottom should be replaced by a new, as the deformed bottom leads to a waste of gas.
  3. Make sure that the dishes were not burnt, clean, because cooking in dirty dishes go up to 4-6 times more gas.
  4. Under the burner is better to install the gasket, made of aluminum foil. With this measure, and less heated stove and dirty, and use less gas.
  5. It is important that the oven door is firmly attached to the casing plate, because otherwise the heat goes out, and the gas flow rate increases.

Well, here we are considered the main ways to reduce costs the family budget. We hope that you will no longer be the question arises, how to learn to save money. Just do not forget that wallet - not rubber. For all your carelessness and laziness funds may simply not be enough, so it is important to learn how to save money, come what may.

After all, and then you will be able to realize his dream, setting aside savings, and their child once again to please a good toy. And the husband will never call you a spendthrift!

 How to save money on household expenses?

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