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Not enough money? Yesterday you got paid, immediately paid the bills, and now have to buy travel on the tram? On this issue, unfortunately, many of the fair sex do not know firsthand. But do not worry! If you make a little effort to calculate the budget is correct, then in the future you will not have to borrow from friends to advance. Plus, a certain amount of money, you can even procrastinate!

How to learn to save on the little things

Financial advisers agreed that you can save on almost everything. Just need more responsibly and deliberately approach the family expenses. Unfortunately, we are accustomed to first spend and then counting out where the money went. As it turns out, the Virgin we do not go where you want. So let's look at some examples of how and on what can help you save a home budget. And learn how to spend wisely and then earned finances.

First, let's go through such items: coffee in a cafe with a friend, a taxi from work to home, the purchase of products. And, over the same look at other similar little things that many modern women living in large cities are accustomed to ignore. You'd be surprised, but they take the lion's share of your family budget.

  • Cafe

The first option is to save finances - less than a walk in the cafes, restaurants, clubs, etc. institutions. Drink coffee with a friend can be at home, and at the bar. However, in this case the difference in material terms is pretty decent. With the money that you give to this institution for a couple of cups of coffee, you can buy a whole jar of good and fragrant drink. Of course, it is worth noting that this is not a reason to completely give up walks with friends, but they can be reduced. A Friday evening with girlfriends bosom is possible to arrange the apartment.

Spend, for example, pajama party, sitting on the balcony. Let your friends will bring the sweet, and you take care of the venue - will remove all the unnecessary from the view. Fun is guaranteed. I doubt that you will not be bored? Think about whether there is really any difference in where talking heart to heart - in a cafe or in your kitchen?

  • Transport

Accustomed to move only in a taxi? The reasons may be different. For example, an urgent need to come to her friend, but do not have time to get on their own, as they should even make up and get dressed. Or just too lazy to go to the air transport. And so every time. And we spend, spend .... Avoid taking a taxi without really special occasions. Learning to save, but do not forget about security. For example, the machine can cause late at night or when it's really going to be late for an important meeting. In other cases, walk feet or drive to the buses, the subway. Most of the taxi leads to significant costs, and also unplanned.

  • Cook at home

Many modern of the fair sex, and especially running, often buy ready meals in supermarkets. They prefer the so-called convenience foods, without thinking about the fact that you can save money on bad products. The ladies are responsible for this lack of his precious time. The difference is - two hours plates or ten minutes. Yes, they own time, of course, save. But not keep an already tight budget. Plus, the beautiful and still bring harm to their health and the health of the family. Most fast food is, colorants, flavors, stabilizers, and other additives that do not benefit anyone else brought.

How to start to save on food and can I do it? Not only possible but necessary! Begin to prepare yourself. In order not to hurt yourself, choose foods wisely and not be guided by time-consuming. If your area has a market, it is better to visit it, and not just another store. Prices are much lower and fresh meats, vegetables tastier. And try to buy one and the same person. Thus you will become a regular customer, so you definitely will do discounts.

Dishes made with his own hands, a hundred times tastier than those offered to you in the stores. Is can match factory burgers with home cooked by your hands? The latest and more meat and taste richer, and you know exactly where they are made. And in order to have time for housework, sign schedule your day, make a list of things that are not urgent. Do not forget to include those that can wait. Often, such a move helps save time.

If you still had to buy groceries, here too it is necessary to adhere to certain rules. So, what you need to save at the grocery store and how to do it?

The first step is thinking about buying. Often, the quest for food is converted into a pulse: saw-wanted-bought. The fact that you can do without it, we somehow do not think. And in vain, because to learn to go to the store for a specific purpose - the first step on the road to savings. In order not to buy too much, make a detailed list of the necessary products, examining the contents of the refrigerator before this - what if an ingredient is already available? Do you need ten packs of milk, cream, etc?

Before going to the supermarket tightly eat. With a definitely take a bottle of filtered water, even if you go long. It has long been proven that visiting the grocery store hungry people spend more money than satiated. This also hastened to play the sellers. In some retail establishments specially sprayed "tasty" odors that you definitely want to look into the department and buy something.

For the next few days not to think about how to save, buy products for the week ahead. Firstly, the large package (eg, biscuits, tea and coffee) are cheaper. This plays into the hands of large families, where everyone loves a good meal. Secondly, at constant purchases for a large sum of money in many supermarkets give out discount cards. As a result, you either make a discount, or you save up balls, for which you can then buy goods. Here's another way, how to save on the little things.

 Learning to save

How to dress stylishly and affordably: save on clothes

According to one well-known anecdote, there is a myth that there are girls who always know what to wear. Unfortunately, many of the fair sex are real shopaholics. Some of them are not even aware that they have in the closet is. And if you start to sort things, you may find that there are two similar blouses, skirts, etc. Therefore, we learn to save money on the things, of course, within reasonable limits.

Thus, as in the case of products which do not need to go shopping spontaneously. Determines that you need, you type a bunch of products that will gather dust on the shelves. After selection of modern shops quite a savings. And you can buy a "chic blouse" with sequins, ruffles and studs, and eventually in your wardrobe can not find what to wear.

The question arises, how to save when buying a stylish and fashionable clothes in stores? The first thing that comes to mind - the sale. You agree that even in the most expensive boutiques are completely ridiculous prices. The main thing - do not miss the moment. Choose items from the old collection. They will certainly be discounts, and allowing you to save good amount of money. But be sure to compare prices before and after. Perhaps, as they say, "the game is not worth the candle." Often, the sellers go to the trick, first inflate the cost of things, and then reduced to normal. In this case, you can not save.

Remember, it is not very profitable to buy trendy and extravagant outfits, even if the price is attractive. They will be relevant for long. How would you not want next season thing gets to the far shelf. So, for example, has been spotted with leggings, ugg boots, long skirts to the floor. For everyday practical clothes fit the classic things that are not subject to fashion trends.

Thinking about where and how to start saving some of the fair sex acquire fake or low-quality products. But the thought of cheap shoes drop to the side. It is better to spend money once and buy two pairs of expensive shoes or boots that can carry two or more seasons than every month to fix pasted shoes or buy a new one. This is not the economy turns out, quite the contrary - a waste of money.

By the way, going shopping, ring up friends - if they have the right you discount cards. Share discounts with friends is very useful for the family budget. In some cases it is possible to save up to 30 percent. That, as you know, pretty good, especially if you decide to update your wardrobe completely.

Sharing things: give in good hands

Today, there are sites where you are invited to share good, but second-hand stuff. It's a pretty good way to save budget. For example, you have a blouse, which is small. The other girl has a good build logs, which she has already had time to examine the memory. You can send it all together. At the same time everyone remains at your advantage: you will waste paper, which is at leisure to read, and she - new clothes.

However, giving things certainly think about it, would you get those? If a big hole jeans, shoes already shabby, but in the bag lock does not work, please indicate this. Perhaps someone is engaged in handicraft, so it will be useful such materials. In other cases, broken things are not useful.

But do not deal with fanaticism, taking everything as if you were - Plyushkin. Before you ask for a book or give the dishes, think, and do it all for you. Otherwise, your house will become a dumping ground for unwanted things, of which it is a pity to get rid of. And they could have someone else come in handy.

Appliances: Save on appliances

Technique - following on what we are learning how to save. Let's start with the appliances. As you can significantly reduce waste by buying, say, a refrigerator or a television? It is a lot of similar products. And this is essentially an effort on the family budget. But here there is a solution.

If a family council you decide to splurge on a big purchase, think about what exactly you need. The first step is to choose the company that is right for you, as well as the desired model. Even then, do not rush to buy in the first store. Walk around, compare prices. Visit the 3 retail establishments. But be careful. If the difference in one of them is over 10 per cent, think about why such a cost?

Discounts for expensive goods may be a trick. So, for example, sell cheaper or broken equipment, or one that is not very popular among buyers. Therefore, if you are attracted to the price at a discount, for a start, carefully read the details of the action. Also check the items with special care.

However, this does not apply to those moments when the discount is offered to regular customers. In the case of appliances discount cards also have weight, and quite significant. When buying expensive discount of 5 per cent is converted into a decent amount.

Do not forget about online stores. In most cases, these rates are much lower. Of course, this does not apply to all products. But the chance to save all the sooner there. It is also worth remembering that it is not necessary to buy the newest models of household appliances and digital devices. At first they simply shamelessly expensive. Therefore, you should wait a bit. In less than a few months, and the price will drop well.

How to save on utilities

Unfortunately, in our time, not all of the fair sex know how to save money on utilities. Some still paid according to the rate based on the number prescribed person. At the same time it spends more than is consumed. Installation of residential meters with time resulting in significant savings. Plus, it makes rethink their approach to the consumption of electricity, gas and water.

Watch the household, even turning off the lights, where nobody is. At first it's hard, but eventually all become accustomed, and the savings will be substantial. Try not to leave the TV is "idle", no wasted water, and the wash load washing machine completely. Get special lamps. They consume less energy, but it illuminates the room is no worse than usual. After some time, the question on which to save utility costs, will disappear by itself.

If you are the counters, and you still have to pay big money, do not forget to repair the valves, replace the pipe, buy a new cistern. Believe me, it will cost much cheaper. Perhaps you already have a trickle not annoying, but believes the instrument even by water drops.

 how to start saving

How to save tenants

The owners of the apartment that you rent regularly raise the price? This unpleasant situation is familiar to many families who do not have their own homes. In such cases, the problem of saving the family budget seems insoluble. However, there are some loopholes.

Try to gather the courage to look for another place to live. Yes, you got used to it. In addition, a number of living best friend, "the move is akin to fire," the market close. And a bunch of excuses. But look at the situation from the other side. You're lucky, and you will find an apartment closer to work, school, the child's parents. Agree, it is much more important than to live near a good neighbor that constantly runs on coffee. With it, you meet once a week and go to work every day. Again, because of the change of place of residence, you will save time and money on the road to travel. By the way, it is not excluded that the current owners to hear about your intention, after all, reduce the price, do not want to lose paying tenants.

Properly dispose of the budget

You already know where the money goes and how to save. But, unfortunately, still spend every last penny? Then you just do not keep the money properly. Buy three envelopes. Sign them: family expenses (food items), bill payments (communal, rent, loans), and entertainment. In each place the amount of pre-calculating all good. Thus, you will learn how to distribute the budget.

Ideally, if you will exchange notes on the larger ones. Such is human psychology. If many small purse rubles, he will think that he has enough money. If there will be a lying two or three large, it will be difficult to part with them. And try to pay less than a credit card. In this case, you just can not control myself. After all, you can pay later, but not now. This illusion is never a good does not.

Accumulate, saving money immediately, not at the end of the month. Open a bank account so that within a few years it was impossible to withdraw money. Every time you get a salary delay to a tenth of the revenue. Thus, in five years you will be able to save up for a car, a trip abroad, study, new furniture, etc.

And the last advice that is useful to you: if you are resolutely gathered keep the family budget, then go to the end. And thinking on what you can save and manipulate any options. Suit even those that at first glance do not seem to decide. After all, you can save on everything. The main thing - to set a clear goal and pursue it doggedly.

 How to save home budget correctly

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