like winning the lottery

Probably, there is no such person in the world who would have dreamed of winning any prize. We all from time to time present themselves lucky owners of million jackpot. However, not everyone is in a hurry to buy lottery tickets. Dream, dream, and calmed down.

Why is this happening? Why does a man, dreaming of something, does not seek to achieve their dreams? And the question of how to win the lottery, and remains unanswered?

Many simply do not believe in yourself and believe that their chances are minimal among the same wishing to participate in the raffle. And why spend money on lottery tickets does not make sense. And indeed, if you look at the statistics - the probability of winning is very small. But people play! And most importantly - win!

You do not need long to think - is it possible to win the lottery? Better to try. Start small - buy a lottery ticket. You will automatically become a member of the game, which, alas, more losers than winners.

Importantly do not need to be fatalists and believe that only one mistress only "luck" the strength to help you win. After all, the fate insidious. Someone she smiles even when you do not expect, and someone suffers a defeat, being fully confident in the reverse course of events. You just have to help her, to push her look in your direction. Here are some tips to help you.

Believe in the magic of numbers

The concept of numerology is familiar to all. And we all know that each person has their own special numbers, which are able to bring him good luck. So, in the game magic numbers really work. We just need to calculate your number.

First of all good luck attracts numbers of your birth. For example, you were born March 20, 1982. This means that your number 20, 3 (March, the third month of the year), and even 20 times (1 + 9 + 8 + 2 = 20).

You can use the numbers that correspond to the initials of your full name. Below you can see a sign with the corresponding letters and numbers.

A1 A5 Z9 M13 P17 F21 SH25 YA29
B2 E6 E10 C18 H14 X22 SCH26
B3 Ё7 K11 O15 T19 TS23 E27
G4 A12 P16 W8 U20 CH24 YU28

If you're determined to win, never refers to this process lightly. All the figures, you will encounter at the time of preparation, are of great importance. Pay attention to the day in which you bought the ticket: day, month, year. Some knowledgeable people advise to put it on the number, in which the ticket was purchased. And if you bought it May 1, 2012, then your numbers may well be 1, 5 and 5. And if you take into account the days of the week, it is best to go for a ticket to Monday or Tuesday morning. But Saturday and Sunday evening longer favor the risers.

Always shop numbers, gets you on the road. For example, the number of machines, important dates, arrows on the clock. If you notice that the same figure is repeated several times a day - it's your number!

However, crossed out in a lottery ticket "their" number - do not relax. Suppose that in this moment all your inner "I" is set to win, believe only in the successful outcome of the game, and the opportunity to win will increase by several times.

Method Claus Joel

Can I win the lottery in another way, less complicated than counting numbers? Experts say that it is possible.

There is a book by J. Klaus. Joel, in which he describes his methods and possibilities of winning the lottery on horse races or other sporting events. The method is quite interesting and quite simple. You just need to make a trip to the future, of course, visually.

Get out into the quiet room of the apartment, it is advisable that you no one can prevent it. Take a comfortable position - relax in the easy chair or lie down on the couch, close your eyes. Now imagine that you eat on the train. Each station that you pass - this one day. Let's say your game is scheduled a week later, then you have to get off at the seventh station. Coming out of the train, find the nearest newsstand and buy a magazine there, which should publish the winning ticket. Read carefully and try to remember the numbers that have won. Remember Me? Then quickly take the return train - and home. Figures write in a notebook. Of course, not all of them may be beneficial, and then turn on your intuition when choosing the ones you prefer.

This method is for people who have a good imagination. It is not necessary to treat it with skepticism, because our subconscious sometimes throws things, in which are pretty hard to believe. Therefore, put your trust in him, and the results are not long in coming.

 win the lottery

Clothes and food are important, too,

How to win the lottery relying only on themselves, without using fantasy and magic numbers? Here, too, has its own techniques and tips.

Going for a lottery ticket, pay attention to how you are dressed. In your things do not have to attend the red and yellow colors. More appropriate would be just black or just a dark color. Even underwear try to choose darker. Cage, polka dots and stripe also excluded. These colors are only deterred luck. In addition, do not dress up in new clothes and shoes - new things keep on coming weekend. And a minimum of jewelry. What you can afford - it is a silver chain. Home no gold.

Day three or four before the lottery eliminate from your diet dairy products, beets, garlic and other spices. During this period, there is a better meat food, as well as eggs and fruit.

Astrologers recommend ...

Can I win the lottery based on the predictions of astrologers? And why not try it! However, the fact that astrologers believe - good luck is not all smiles. A favorite of fortune person makes it his horoscope. And it has to be special. Namely, a person must be marked by two planets - Uranus and Jupiter. But that's not all. Planets should favor him in that day, that is, have a good attitude to the "money home."

No wonder even in ancient times was considered a beneficent planet Jupiter. It was he who in the horoscope indicates the financial stability and how it is received. But Uranus - the planet of surprises. He then provides a person this unexpected way of earning a win in a lottery.

With this method more complicated than the previous ones. After all, in order to learn how the planet is located in a desired period of time, you need to appeal to the professional astrologer. And only they can give you a detailed answer on how to win the lottery, while under the influence of favorable planets.

The material gain - is also a lottery

This method does not imply cash prizes. But money alone is not possible to find happiness! For example, you dream about a new car. And now all you have to need - to find a suitable lottery. Cars uchuvstvuyut in drawing quite often, so this problem should arise.

So, can we win the lottery car? And it all depends on you. Find the contest and take part in it. Remember the cardinal rule - what you think is what you get! Spoken out loud the name of the machine, its color, material for upholstery. In general, everything connected with it.

Dream a little bit about what's new car is already yours, you eat it on the city, causing the envy of all the friends. Also helping with car figures or statements that you have already received the coveted prize, hanging around the house.

The main thing to believe in yourself and what you necessarily all will turn out!

Do not get carried away

If you decide to try one of these methods is important to remember, under any circumstances, do not give for a lottery ticket last money. And no need to wonder - is it possible to win the lottery money for the operation? Your life or the life of another person in any case should not depend on whether you lose or win.

If fate turned to face you, and you have won a sum of money - stop. After Luck girl capricious and does not like those who exploit for their own profit. Could easily take offense ...

All your actions should be easy and relaxed. Let it be as a habit - once a month, purchase a lottery ticket. And in the end, the fate will be on your side!

 How to win the lottery? Or tame bird fun

 make money online answering questions

What could be simpler and more enticing than sitting at home, answer simple questions and get paid for it? Paid Surveys - is another way to earn money on the internet, which attracts so many that do not require any specific knowledge and skills. Almost all newcomers try their hand in this field.

So what you need to fill in the questionnaire and whether you can make money online by answering questions?

Who needs paid surveys?

To launch a new product, any manufacturer has to spend a lot of money. They go to purchase new equipment, purchase of raw materials, and subsequently, on an advertising campaign. Therefore, manufacturers want to be sure that the new product will be in demand, and the investment will pay off and bring profit.

How can we get this information? The answer is simple - to conduct a survey. And, of course, with the development of the Internet, making it much easier. But how to get people interested in your company respond to questions? Who wants to spend their own time, which could have been used for much more interesting cases?

In order to get people interested and was coined by such a method - paid surveys. In gratitude for their time the company pays a small fee. Most major manufacturers prefer to go to such expense. This avoids the huge losses that may occur if the product or service is launched will be in demand.

Where to begin?

Of course, to begin to participate in the polls must be registered on a special website. It is better not to one but to several. Russian business, providing paid survey, appeared relatively recently and, unfortunately, not so much. However, this has its advantages.

Choose your favorite company, you can always find it on user feedback. Before you start cooperation, carefully review all the information. Be sure to check out the "black lists".

Very good, if you speak English - then you will be able to cooperate with foreign companies. In the West Market Research widespread and, as a consequence, the number of companies is much more, and pay them more attractive.

Fill out a profile. The maximum total enter all the information about yourself, which you are required on the site. Take this point very seriously. Specify age, sex, education, profession. Be sure to tell us about their hobbies.

Why is it necessary?

To ensure that you - or rather, your data - could come under the greatest possible number of polls. When selecting the respondents - who will answer the questions - is determined by the so-called "target audience." What it is? The target audience - people who may be interested in a particular product or service.

For example, if you specify that you do not have pets, you will no longer participate in surveys about food and accessories "Animals". If you do not have a driver's license - all profiles associated with the car, "will pass" and etc.

After registration you one thing remains - check your mailbox and wait for the coming of the questionnaire. Doing this is recommended, at least once a day. This is due to the fact that most surveys are completed automatically, just as soon as it received the required number of answers, the customer. Of course we must try to have time to get to that number.

In order to test new invitation was easier and more convenient, it is recommended to specify at all sites the same email. But do not count on the fact that you will receive 15-20 profiles daily. Well, if one company will send you 3-5 surveys per month.

Introductory questions

Usually, before you offer paid surveys to answer a few - usually no more than five - additional introductory questions. This is not the beginning of the survey! So again utochnyut see if you are the very "target audience" and can be interested in your opinion to the customer.

If you want to get in the number of respondents, it is necessary to consider some nuances:

  1. If the preliminary questionnaire asked about, whether you work or someone from your family in certain industries - usually called the advertising, media, public relations - it is better to respond negatively.
  2. There is no enthusiasm, and the answer that over the past month have you been a member of several online polls. According to the rules of marketing researches the same person should not take part in the survey too often.
  3. When answering the question about who in your family make decisions about certain purchases, it makes sense to say that this is exactly what you are doing.
  4. On the question of whether you plan to buy anything in the near future, it is better to respond positively, too.

Simply put, when interviewing customers interested in the opinion of potential buyers.

 make filling easy Profiles

How to fill in the questionnaire?

If you successfully pass this selection, you will be given a form to fill.

Answer questions is quite simple - you will be given answers. Your task - to choose the one that is right for you and put in front of him "tick".

Filling the questionnaire should carefully - do not rush and be sure to finish before the end of the issue. Do not respond "at random", but not "hang" over the issue for too long. With a lack of information, use the same internet and verify ambiguities.

Quite often in the same questionnaire found the same questions, but with different wording. Thus the company checks your honesty and care. Clearly, if the answers will vary, your opinion will simply not interested in the company and will no longer send you a questionnaire.

Signs of fraud

Unfortunately, when filling out questionnaires as there is a risk "to run" in the scam. How did they know?

Perhaps the clearest sign of fraud can be considered as a paid registration. Respondent does not have to pay any money. On the contrary, the money paid to him. We should guard and advertisements with promises of unprecedented earnings. If you see the slogans: "Earn $ 150 a day without leaving home", "Easy money", "How to Make $ 2,000 a month," and the like - most likely you will not get a penny.

Special care should be taken to sites where you are requested to enter your phone number and confirm the activation - is also one of the signs that the "dirty work."

"Gold" or "Platinum" packages

Another type of fraud is to offer to buy the so-called "gold" or "platinum" packages. And, sometimes the price of a package exceeds $ 100. What is the meaning of this proposal?

Earnings in foreign Internet companies involved in interviewing, much more than in the Russian language. "Playing" on it, the mediators suggest you buy a package of documents allegedly helping create foreign sites and, as a consequence, to start earning big money.

What is the "help" and what is included in these "packages"?

The fact that, as a rule, foreign companies are not interested in the opinion of Russian and other Russian speaking consumers. They are clearly focused on their market. They are important and interesting view of the Americans or the Europeans. To solve this problem, "assistants" go to the trick.

The package usually consists of:

  • lists of foreign Internet companies conducting paid surveys;
  • recommendations for completing the questionnaires in English;
  • "the most important thing"! - "Useful information" about how to cheat the company, "pretending to be" American.

Firstly, these actions are simply illegal and will reveal the deception quickly. But even if you do not consider this aspect of the question, the expected benefits of such a proposal - as a rule, promised $ 75-100 a day - you still do not get it. Why is that? Everything is very simple.

Forms you will get not every day. Western marketing company is very serious about the issue of questioning and strictly adhere to certain rules. Under these rules, the same person should not be involved in the polls too often. So if you have already successfully completed the 2-3 profiles, then the following questions would have to wait a long time - sometimes several months.

In addition, Western businessmen know very well how to count money. Therefore, to make filling easy profiles is problematic. High pay is only available for a very specific surveys. The price for ordinary profiles, though different from the one that offered the Russian-language sites, but not as high as you promise to sellers "miracle package."

There is another problem - the majority of companies make payments by check. And not so long ago, the Americans passed a law toughening process of cashing out. Therefore it is very likely that you simply can not get their "honestly earned" or will it be associated with such problems and costs that the withdrawal will simply lose meaning.

Summing up

Fill in a form you can earn. It is not a myth or a hoax. However, expect that participation in paid surveys will be the main source of income is still not worth it. This simple and non-burdensome method is good as a small additional income. In addition, participation in the survey, conducted by foreign companies, helps "pull" the English.

Doing it or not - you decide. But in the end, it is necessary to start somewhere!

 How to make money on the Internet, answering the questions in the questionnaire?

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