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  • How to learn to paint beautiful
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Introducing the cosmetics of the girls begins in early childhood - with lipstick borrowed in my mother's purse, or taken from older sister. However, despite this, the majority of women recognize that even as adults, correctly and beautifully painted, they have not learned.

 Rules applying makeup
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How to learn to paint beautiful

First you need to decide on the color scheme, that is to choose those shades that match the color of the eyes and skin tone. Do not try to give the skin a darker shade with the help of foundation or powder. It will look unnatural and absurd, since the border at the neck, forehead and ears will still be natural color, and the person becomes like a mask. But the color of eyeliner and shadow, on the contrary, you need to choose a contrasting color of their eyes. If the shadow will be the same color as the eyes, it will make your eyes faded, and instead meaningful look, you get a completely opposite effect.

The right color eyebrow pencil and mascara also selected individually. It should match the color of the hair of women. For example, a blonde, thick eyebrows and eyelashes having made up coal-black color will look vulgar. However, for an evening make-up is acceptable to select the black ink, but the eyebrow pencil is desirable nevertheless leave beige.

Determine the color, go buy cosmetics and various means for its application. Here, too, has its own secrets and rules. The basic rule - all the tools must be of good quality.   Poor-quality cosmetics will bring you are not perfect makeup and smeared on the skin spots. And it is only in the best case, worst - you can get a severe allergic reaction. But quality sponges and brush will help to achieve the desired result. Of course, high-quality tools and are not cheap, but it will pay off quickly, as cheap brushes and sponges rapidly break down and become useless, and these will serve for a long time.

 rules of good make-up
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How to learn how to paint

To lay cosmetics face smooth and beautiful, the skin should be prepared. Before you apply foundation or powder, the face should be clean and moisturize. So you first need to wash, clean the skin tonic or lotion, apply a base a foundation or moisturizer, and only then take up the powder. To lay perfectly flat tone, moisturizer is needed to absorb, that is, the tone should be applied 5-10 minutes after applying the cream. If there is redness or dark circles under the eyes, they can mask the proofreader.

However, without practice, even following all the tips, makeup will not look very good. So before you go out, it is advisable to try to make some choices makeup. First, the habit and shake hands, and cilia often blink, that does not make up eyes perfectly straight. And secondly, the type of person every woman is different, so understand what makeup suits you, you can just tried several options.

Well, in conclusion a little bit about how to properly painted teenage girls. There certainly should make allowances for age. Defiantly bright and dark colors to use is not necessary, as it will give the girls look of carelessness. Lipstick is also better not to use. It is better to prefer lip gloss bright colors - it will emphasize the freshness of the face and make it more tender. Tone Cream is desirable to replace crumbly powder, because it at least will not aggravate the teenage skin problems. Well, it is desirable to mask the redness corrector, not a thick layer of foundation.

 How to learn to be painted correctly

 beautiful right makeup


  • The sequence - the key to success
  • Where to start?
  • All the attention - the eyes and lips
  • Work on the bugs

Agree, much nicer to hear that you look great, than how beautiful you make up. Learned the art of make-up, constantly improve - all this will help in achieving the goal. However, one experience is not enough.

Learn the rules of make-up, requires a certain consistency in the action - that the necessary framework that will help you to effortlessly acquire irresistible.
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The sequence - the key to success

Doing make-up, no need to paint everything at once. To achieve the desired effect when applying makeup is very important to follow the correct procedure is the following:

  1. Clean the face. Apply basic cream, evenly distributing it to the face. This can be a normal day cream.
  2. Blot the face with a paper towel to remove excess fat and get rid of shine.
  3. Apply concealer with your fingertips, not forgetting the neck and décolleté.
  4. The big cotton swab, apply a powder to the face, including the lips. Large dry brush whisk surplus.
  5. Apply blush, considering the color of your skin. It gives a complete image.
  6. Use a shade two shades - lighter and darker.
  7. Make contour eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner.
  8. Apply mascara. The upper eyelashes dye more intensely, especially the outer edge of the eye.
  9. Comb your eyebrow brush, and then a special pencil emphasize their line.
  10. Create a correction line of the lips and apply lipstick.

Make ready! Naturally, this is only a brief description of the sequence in which you want to apply makeup. Next described in detail all the stages.

 Cosmetics Makeup
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Where to start?

If the skin has imperfections and enlarged pores, without the perfect makeup base to do. For oily skin use a moisturizer is not necessary, as modern databases already contain a component which is sufficient to take care of this type of skin. The base is well smooths the relief masks pores, small scars and acne. Note that the eye can not apply the base, because in this way emphasizes wrinkles.

To achieve the effect of transparency of colors, apply foundation with your fingers better than their own. With the help of a damp sponge you can get a thick layer of cream, thus enhance the effect of masking. Impose tone must be lightly - this will give the opportunity to distribute it on the surface of the skin.

Properly applied foundation is necessary, moving from the center of the face to the edges. It requires special care area at the roots of hair, makeup flaws here most noticeable. On the cheeks tone is distributed from the top down. When applying a little more cream on the dark wings of the nose, you can get the effect of narrowing.

Never forget about the neck. It is also necessary to impose tone, but in a smaller volume. So smooth out differences in the color of the neck and face, which will give your natural makeup. Proper application of tones will help create a natural skin tone perfectly disguise flaws, small scars will hide the irregularities of the skin.

The main rule applying powder - the movement from top to bottom. Your skin will be silky smooth. House is better to use loose powder, it is easier to evenly. This should be done with the help of puffs, the special sponge brush or cloth. Due to the consistency of the powder, powder falls smoothly, and coating is imperceptible.

Pressed powder is suitable only for the compensation, since it is uniformly applied difficult. It may be a good one for the road. Apply a cloth or sponge with a sponge. Just a few dabs of powder will make the skin more matte and fresh.

Decide on the face, where you need to apply blusher. To do this, smile broadly mirror, and you see the outline of your cheekbones, where to apply blush. Using a brush, move it up and down until smooth layer. If you like to use a sponge, apply blush to them in a circular motion.

An important part of make-up is that the selected shade of blush must be combined with a shade of your lipstick. It should be borne in mind that the beige and cream blush - lightening, the rest belongs to the drugging.

 applying shadows
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All the attention - the eyes and lips

Before you can use the shade, it is better for ever apply a thin layer tonal basis, and then a little powder them. So the shadows will fall evenly, the duration will last. It is important to choose quality brushes, flat and slightly curved. Choose a color matching between the shadows. The color of your eyes tell me what colors suit you the most.

Gray eyes fit green, blue, dark blue shade, do not use only shades of gray. Brown eyes suit gold, purple, dark brown shade. For blue eyes try to trim peach, lilac, shades of gold shadows. To emphasize green eyes help shades of lilac, brown, blue, purple.

Rules eye makeup read: start applying it with a large brush light shadows from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. Center paint the neutral tone, the outer corner - a small brush the darkest shade in the upward direction, avoiding leased lines.

If you are using a contour pencil liner, you should choose a pencil perfectly with the color of shadows and mascara. Eyeliner do so: a thin line of eyeliner spend as close to your lash line growth, starting from the inner corner of the eye and gradually moving towards the outer corner. Then gently blend the line to give a natural look. Using liquid eyeliner, do not put it on the lower eyelid.

To create the effect of false eyelashes, apply them to the base, eyelashes grow in volume and length. Brush with mascara eyelashes keep parallel, move easily and in a zigzag manner in the direction from root to tip. First, paint the lower lashes to avoid the imprint on the century when you paint the upper lashes. Pay special attention to the corners of the eyes. If carefully paint over only the upper eyelashes, without touching the bottom, you can visually enlarge the eyes, and the same degree of coloration of the upper and lower lashes make your eyes weary.

Colored mascara is able to change the depth of your look and tone the eye. To visually enlarge eyelashes, without imposing a lot of ink, they can be first carefully paint over the classical black ink, and then set off the tips of lashes color ink of any color.

You will need a special pencil or shadow. If you have thick eyebrows, use the shadows. To start you need to comb your eyebrows. Causing shadow on brows, use a very fine brush strokes paint light strokes in the direction of hair growth. If you have sparse brows, use a very hard pencil. Press hard and carry a full line should not, draw his short strokes. So fill in all the necessary areas of your eyebrows.

Lip Make-up should start with their easy peeling and moisturizing, as the skin here is very delicate. After these procedures, proceed to the make-up.

  • First lip should cover the tonal basis, carefully filling all the wrinkles - lipstick or gloss will lie flatter and will last longer.
  • Then outlines the circuit. Hue contouring pencil must be the same color or darker than the lipstick on tone. Too contrast contours blend. Properly making contour of the lips, you can adjust their shape. To give the effect of swelling goes slightly beyond the natural boundaries of the lips. Visually reduce the large mouth outline painted already natural lip line.
  • Now apply a layer of lipstick, blot lips with a napkin and a little powder the - eventually lipstick will stay better. Apply a second coat.

A little about the color of lipstick. The owner of dark skin suit rich, dark colors. Light skin requires light, caramel shades. Choosing resistant lipstick, remember that it is able to strongly overdry lip.

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Work on the bugs

Always follow the rules of make-up designed to improve, not to spoil the appearance. But it is very easy to spoil, constantly avoiding and correcting errors. Let's do a little work on the mistakes when applying makeup.

  1. Doing makeup on dry skin. In this case, the tone is flakes. Take care of yourself, take regular exfoliating and moisturizing the skin.
  2. Using the wrong shade of foundation. It should blend in with the natural skin tone, you need to check it on the chin, not on the hand. Do not use too many colors, use different tonal resources in summer and winter.
  3. We sleep without removing makeup. This often leads to acne, getting makeup in your eyes can cause irritation and lead to infections.
  4. Impose a lot of powder. Apply it with a brush, not a sponge, Do not apply powder under the eyes.
  5. We do not pay attention to the eyebrows. It is well-groomed eyebrows make makeup neat.
  6. Paint eyelashes too thick. Comb lashes and lower layers of mascara.
  7. Too much rouge. Thus burdened makeup.
  8. Reboot makeup or paint not at the time. The boundaries of makeup can not be left visible. Allocate only one part of the face - eyes or lips. Remember, do evening makeup is unacceptable to work in the afternoon.

By avoiding the most common mistakes is a snap to bring its appearance in the proper order. However, not only is able to make to make you more attractive: treat hair, hands, neck and décolleté. Get enough sleep, do massage, visit a variety of beauty treatments and just enjoy life!

 Perfect makeup: beauty by the rules