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  • Do not be afraid to love money and to change themselves
  • Away negative
  • Attract money, "in defiance of" Complex
  • The benefits dreams
  • Believe in yourself and your desires

If you're reading this, then at least once in a lifetime financial issue arose in the way of your desires, dreams clipped the wings to get something or other material benefit, in other words, life is ruined and broken plans. Calm down, because you're not alone. Believe me, the most successful to date people from both your inner circle and those who read on the pages of glossy and on television, found their way to financial prosperity is not just - it does not fall from heaven, as the blessed manna and was on wave of a magic wand. No, the answer to the question of how to attract money, lies deep in the depths of our subconscious with you. In order to properly articulate it, you need to have the courage to honestly say to yourself: "I want to have money, I envy those who have them, but I can not love them."

This is the last word in this case is the key. But love - the power to create. Yes, to get some financial freedom to the thought of the money was a question not about where to take, and the question of where to spend more, the ratio of these coveted pieces of paper needs to be changed. Learn how the right attitude to money is quite possible. In some cases it is complexes, some internal barriers or received in childhood interfere with the installation of their involvement. Remember how your family treated to finance. Money is not always enough? Or they spend in excess, like candy wrappers? Parents often said that the money - it's evil, but envious sigh, if the neighbors bought another car? Yes, to do with money, like any human world, it stems from childhood. So let's break down the stereotypes that have lost relevance today, and meaning.

Do not be afraid to love money and to change themselves

Remember the most basic: all people have enough opportunities to finance their lives became more. First you need to discard stereotyped phrases - "a lot of money does not happen", "them nothing but trouble," "money can not buy happiness." Do not think ill of them, cease to be ashamed of his love for them, to properly assess the value of funds in your life. Try to draw parallels between the treatment of a loved one, which are going to be together for a long time, and opinions about money, without which normal life is impossible in principle.

Trying to attract a man, you will not speak ill of him or think that his appearance next to you will lead to trouble? Therefore, the money should not be taken negatively, with disdain, they underestimated the role of the qualitative component of modern life. You think you're a decent man she loved? That's money in much the same attitude - use the principle of "I have everything in order to become financially free." To the problem of shortage of funds has lost its relevance, human consciousness must remain in harmony with his subconscious. This is how the mind and heart - one without the other is unthinkable.

There is another point: the money - not a goal but a means to achieve it. Do not think of financial resources - are wondering how it will change your life, if they will be more. With a specialization desires become clear how much money is necessary to implement the most ambitious plans. Draw or make a collage of what you'd like to buy for the money. This move transforms the energy into the energy of fruitless expectations realistic goals and opportunities.

Also, do not be amiss to take a look at your surroundings and determine which people with whom there is a basic communication. It is their opinion, views on life, behavioral characteristics affect your perception of the world at this time. If people are not particularly successful in life, and you're on their background does not stand out even weaker financial situation, where we take the challenging elements to attract money? This situation means that it is time to look for opportunities to expand the circle of contacts, to find new, more successful, behavioral patterns that can change your perception of life. See the biographies of people who have achieved wealth and prosperity. Information about the success of the rich and famous to help create a new world in which there will be other, more correctly, the installation and incentives to attract money.

 how to attract money

Away negative

It's about unpleasant situations related to loss of funds. Probably not the people who at least once in my life encountered such sad circumstances. It may occur and unsuccessful investment of finances, and their banal loss and theft, and unpaid work, or order. No matter how deep in the brain or dwelt on the negative of these unpleasant events, pull them out, experiencing once again, but without sparing himself and lamenting his fate, and rethink how useful and important experience. Analyze why it happened, how to prevent similar in the future. Let the negative events of the past will play into the hands of your future achievements on the road to financial well-being.

It would be possible for people to protect themselves from complaining about the eternal lack of money. It is also negative, with a stranger and you absolutely do not need. It is better to listen to those who have recently become rich happily, I received an inheritance or a raise. And do not be shy, if you have found a financial opportunity for a good rest, buying a car or housing. On the questions of curious envious respond adequately. This will give a strong message of energy into the world, let the world know about their inner, spiritual readiness to become rich.

Often visiting all sorts of seminars on attracting money in a person's life may also be beneficial. Their participants are invited to a kind of auditory training for domestic use, which includes phrases like: "I have been and will always be available finances", "My life is illuminated by an abundance", "Aims of my worthy bounty", "I am rich spiritual and material" "I have as much money as I want to," etc. This is not a silly and funny phrases - they are a kind of keys on the way to a rethinking of the relationship to money, how would reprogram human revamp its potential and make believe that the financial wealth - the only way for it to exist.

Attract money, "in defiance of" Complex

Try to put into words their own associative thoughts that arise when the word "money." Record everything negative and positive phrases or come to mind folk expressions related to your personal feelings. For example, "Honesty - synonymous with poverty," "Money does not make people happy", "From some money troubles" - a phrase from the wrong emotional coloring. They need to pick up opposites like "Truly a rich man is noble," "Money bestow peace and tranquility", "Adversity is not of money, but a lack of mind." Mentally pronounces these phrases, alternating one pair from the other. We need to really believe in what they mean. These new settings have firmly come into your mind, shaping it right perception and understanding of the concept of money, finance, funds.

Try to avoid particle "not" in relation to their expectations, opportunities and personal qualities, remove it from the expression, "I do not know how to make money," "I do not put a premium", "I am not a valuable employee." Now get the phrase acquired a completely opposite meaning, they appeared overtones of success and confidence. Do not forget to say them as often as necessary for a dense rooting in your consciousness. Try to treat such a serious exercise for maximum effect.

 to attract money

The benefits dreams

The quiet comfortable environment, while, of course, alone, to include fantasy and dream. For example, on:

  • their children's desires;
  • is what you want most of all;
  • ideal life;
  • next five or ten years later;
  • Desired work;
  • what would you do if you were rich, and so on.

Dreaming can be about anything, the only condition - to be present in the mind material implication. So are born positive and objective desires.

At home, try to pamper yourself with quality beautiful things, whether clothes, shoes or bedding. Brings to life the comfort, sometimes self-indulgence - it attracts success. Do not spare the money for themselves and for the good of yourself, because large bills like those who parted with them easily, taking pleasure in doing so. Do not envy others. Thinking that someone luckier than you, is prohibitive for a person successful. Remember that greed and envy clog negative consciousness.

Believe in yourself and your desires

Do not be afraid of change - they are inevitable on the path to success. Change of profession or occupation often has a positive effect on the financial well-being. According to foreign scientists, beautiful half of humanity is able to change jobs with absolutely no consequences for themselves with a periodicity of once every five years.

The desire to become richer Make very specific phrase: "I want to make the N-th sum in a month" or "Go to such and such a date I will have a new car such a brand." Blurred wording unacceptable - they deprive of confidence, generate doubt. Clear and meaningful as the words clearly expressed the desire to fulfill a lot easier. Try to figure out what you want for you, do not look at someone else's opinion. Remember that the money you've found it, to guide the process need only your own desires, dreams and goals.

Wealth never comes to the cowards, spineless ladies, idlers and people with false ideas about money. Those who see no clear goals, can not move forward. In the process of achieving financial well-being is very important motivation and incentive system. Look for them, and it will help ease the way to the money. But let your intentions are pure, and reaching the desired, be merciful - unprincipled, meanness and a desire to "go on the corpses," perhaps will add money, but just do not bring happiness. Universal Mind gives everyone the mind, ability and merit. Do not disappoint the world, and he is sure to surprise you!

 How to attract money to themselves: Anatomy of wealth

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