popular profession


  • Secretary-clerk
  • Tourism manager
  • Accountant
  • Specialist etiquette
  • Interior designer
  • Brand Manager

We all like to work was not only loved, but also in demand in the labor market. However, this would have to guess how long is a popular one or another specialty or whether it will become irrelevant in a few years. The most popular profession needed a young girl, just finished school and had not yet decided to, in what university do. On the choice of the most successful specialty thinking and older women, who decided to change profession or disappointed in a familiar field. According to researchers, there are several women's professions which are in demand now and in the future. For some of them it is necessary to obtain a high level of education in higher education, and some can be good to learn the courses, or even on their own experience. So, what are the most popular profession in Russia at the moment?


It is no secret that almost 100% of the contenders for the post of Secretary-manufacturer - are women. Being the principal assistant and head of the right hand is still very honorable, and the material side is quite profitable. Competent Secretary - its weight in gold, as it provides administrative component of the work of his boss. While the head decides to global issues in relation to finance, strategy, management and quality production, the secretary-clerk shall prepare and draw up a set of documents. It is important for the secretary to be able to solve organizational problems and to ensure a normal working atmosphere head.

Get Special Secretary, Clerk can be in a variety of colleges or specialized courses .  Note prestigious companies in selecting the candidates for the position considering not only the level of knowledge and practical skills, but also a place where the girl studied specialty .  Long known fact that the most popular and highly paid profession can not be obtained in the semi toll rates .  Therefore, your preference for public courses or educational institutions, issuing a state diploma .  When choosing a course you will find that many of them offer a very short time of training - just a few days or a few weeks .  Be sure that this "education" will not be enough to develop a competent specialty .  You will need at least 2 years to fully learn the profession of secretary-receptionist and become competitive in the labor market .

 the most popular profession

Tourism manager

Trained in this specialty can be interesting in practice. This hassle-free option of employment, because now a lot of people are driving around to different countries, and these visits are necessary for the tour operators. They select suitable options for travelers voyages, visas, find and book hotel rooms in them. Worldwide opens new travel agencies and firms, and to work in them are quite acceptable people who have no special education.

Career better to start from scratch, having worked for some time, for example, a common courier. Of course, courier work - work is not easy, but it makes good tempers and feel the whole cycle of the firm from the very beginning. Many CEOs have started it with a courier job, having no higher education. Of course, this is rather an exception, and the university diploma to anyone and never hurts, but if you decide to take this particular niche in the labor market without any special knowledge and skills, then you have a chance of success - most importantly, do not be afraid to start small.


This specialty is very popular right now - however, such it will always be. The head of any company prefers to see as an accountant is a woman, and this fact has its logical explanation. Working in accounting requires a great artist monotonous work, which men often simply can not. Annually updated legal framework a huge number of new documents, most of which deals specifically with reference accounting. Therefore, competent accountant - a man who is obliged to constantly learn, grow and be able to take into account the new situation emerging in the context of his profession.

Novice specialists get a fairly modest salary, but after there is experience and the necessary skills, accountant quickly rises through the ranks and became popular in many large companies that offer good wages. To begin the development of the accounting profession at any age. There are many universities, colleges and courses, providing an opportunity to get a good level of education in the chosen specialty.

 the most popular profession in Russia

Specialist etiquette

This specialty has no age limit, and it has a future. Businessmen having a successful business must regularly attend various events, where the ability to behave appropriately and to look plays a significant role. Many of them need assistance in this area, which can provide competent expert on etiquette.

Requires knowledge of etiquette and staff: nannies, maids and so on. Before important receptions or meetings of businessmen invite professional experts on etiquette to all - and the owners and staff - have received appropriate guidance and practical advice on the culture of behavior. Usually such experts are professors of ethics; As for the specialists of etiquette, they are still very, very lacking. Any woman can become such an expert in the twenty-five and fifty years.

Interior designer

If you have excellent taste in art, and you wonder, what kind of work is able to more fully reveal your abilities, the specialty "Interior Designer" - this is what you need. Now the profession most in demand in the labor market. Designer develops the interiors of apartments of wealthy people, equip offices and plots of land, come up with designs parks, areas of kindergartens, schools and high schools. This specialty is becoming more and more feminine. Women in employment, always preferred, as they are considered more accurate and workable than men.

In order to become really competent and successful specialist in interior design, it is necessary to study a lot and constantly replenish their skills and knowledge. What would a good knowledge of this specialty you may have received at the university or a good course, this will not be enough. You will have to undergo regular appropriate workshops, seminars, and study special (often foreign language) literature. But, achieving quality results, you will always be in demand in this area and will be able to provide not only an interesting, vibrant work, but also a sound financial stability.

 Which professions are now in demand

Brand Manager

They are specialists, producing a tendency for consumers to purchase a particular brand of product. Proposals for such work are many. The brand managers need and large companies and manufacturing companies, and pharmaceutical companies, and other manufacturers. What are the functional skills are assumed to have the people of this profession? Brand managers are fully responsible for any issues related to the status of a brand, promoting it in the market of goods and services. In many respects, these specialists are responsible for sales and total revenue of the company.

Brand managers are required both in Russian and in foreign companies, but such specialists today is not much. The fact that the people of this profession highly developed analytical skills must be combined with the creative, and it does not occur very often. Those who claims to be the brand manager, have to be quality higher education and experience in the branded companies from three to five years.

Professions that we have listed are considered to be purely feminine and pretty popular in the modern labor market. But if you do not like any of them and you're dreaming of a completely different profession, or you strive to master the purely "male" specialty, then nothing will prevent you to achieve your goal. Get additional education and special skills is never too late, the main thing - to set a goal and make every effort to achieve it. And then your dream of working, bringing not just a steady income, but also moral satisfaction, will come true!

 The most popular profession for women

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 how to attract money into your life


  • The economy must be economical
  • Where to store money
  • Love Money
  • The Law of Attraction and Visualization
  • Not accumulate. It is important to increase
  • Learn to earn

Who among us does not want to have a lot of money? Ride on your own car, instead of freezing in noisy trains. Breakfast in the cozy cafe, but not in the communal kitchen of a communal apartment. Go back to work is not shabby walls crowded room, begging for renovation, and a stylish penthouse with a view of the river. Just imagine that a life of adventure and luxury. Are you ready to replace it their gray and boring existence? Forget about the wholesale markets and the ongoing debt? Take a break from noisy neighbors and permanent diseases (yes, for treatment also requires considerable resources, which people often do not). Then let's talk about how to attract money into your life.

No, we will not be cast on the frog legs (give up their gourmet-French). And rob banks is also not in our plans - leave them for further cooperation, because the money will have to be stored somewhere and grow. Our designs are simple and effective. We will try to attract the cash flow the power of thought and change some of their habits. First, consider the simplest rules to improve the welfare of the family.

The economy must be economical

Say, a lot of money will remain until the next paycheck, if you are in the first third of a day later earned? And it is not necessary to prove that the five pairs of nylon tights in February - a successful acquisition. You either earn a sore or set aside bought in the closet for a few months. The latter, of course, it would be more reasonable, although the purchase causes a lot of doubts.

The conclusion is - learn to save. To do this, each month keep a home accounting (do not need to present themselves in horror sort of "nerd" with a notebook and pen in hand, today there are a lot of programs in electronic form). In addition, it prepared a detailed list of upcoming purchases (we hope that you are there tights already deleted). By the way, better to go shopping the next day after the boss happy about your well-deserved salary. At the same time to bring all the money absolutely not worth it. Calculate approximately how much will have to spend in the store and pick up a little more. It is better to go for missing a thing again, you buy a lot of things unnecessary.

Speaking of the wrong. How many things in your wardrobe that you never wore a worn a couple of times? But they have spent the money. So try not to succumb to the temptation to buy a skirt, which is definitely not your style, or bright orange bag when you have absolutely no clothes like shade. Stretches a hand to the purse? I would like to make another frenzy? Stay. Ask the seller to postpone your favorite thing and "spend the night" with the thought of a new thing. If the orange bag in the morning does not seem you crazy idea, then run to the store. And further. If you are catastrophically not fit into the budget, you should not think of the economy and over where you could earn more money. Perhaps the problem lies in the item of income rather than expenses.

 how to attract money into your life

Where to store money

Now we'll talk .... No, not about the banks. And about purses. After all, they are usually stored honestly earned funds. But the purse wallet strife. Try not to skimp on this accessory, and certainly not to stuff bills in his pockets. Leave this "honorable mission" to men who are not categorically purses, but the store hours of digging to find the right amount of money. Let them dig, and we will acquire for themselves a new and, most importantly, the right purse. Even the color of the accessory matters. It is believed that financial prosperity attracts Wallet black, brown or red shades. Be sure to put in a new accessory "irredeemable" dollar.

We hasten to disappoint fans of the photos in your wallet. Specialists believe the human energy that will benefit more attractive face is not smiling son, and the image of George Washington. Therefore replace the pictures of their loved ones on the aforementioned dollar. Now for the form. Himself purse should be such that the bill is not bent during storage. By the way, this accessory is a plus. It is easy to find the bill.

Love Money

This is a very important rule. After all, money has its own energy, and it is in any case respond to your thoughts, no matter how you think about savings well or endlessly complain about the lack of money. Therefore, like all his money. Reach bills from her purse, recalculate, laid in the correct order. But this is not enough for the financial well-being. If you want abundance and prosperity, you can not speak about money badly. The expression that dirty money, came up with some sort of a poor man, so do not let the conversations of such statements.

Some people are so sensitive to their savings, that wash their hands before they counted the bills, and during the process of talking with the money. From the side, of course, this picture is rather strange, but, according to most of these cranks, the money to reciprocate. No, they do not talk with the owner. And do not come to him in a purse crystal clear. But indulge their appearance far more often than whiners who constantly dissatisfied with something.

The Law of Attraction and Visualization

Now let's talk about the mysterious and unexplained laws of attracting money. One of them is called "the law of attraction." Its essence is that we attract what most are thinking. And if you think about all day unpaid loan, then this is the loan you will pursue. It is necessary to you? It is better to think about how wonderful you will have a rest in the summer on some overseas resorts. Where would you like to warm up tired from the eternal cold body? In Bulgaria? In Cyprus? Or even in the Maldives? Do not restrain your desires. For the law of attraction, nothing is impossible. But in order to attract prosperity mechanism worked flawlessly, it is advisable to call for help the second law. Visualization.

You must be very clear what want. Feel like a hot sand burns your feet. As it touches the body of a wet towel and burn the throat icy mojito. Presented? What do you feel at this? The bitterness of the lack of money? Or with what incomparable bliss that covers us immediately, as soon as we step on the sacred holiday of the earth? We are confident that at the time of dreams (let's call it that) you did not think that all of you have earned represented only a mojito.

You enjoyed what he saw, right? Now, make it a rule to repeat this visualization to strengthen the effect. You do not have to just dream and believe that this summer will not sunbathe in the country and overseas under the sun on a lounger unthinkable. You can even watch your swimsuit or order a passport. And best of all - go to a travel agency. Ask the price of the ticket, look through the brochure. We are confident that the cherished trip will be much more real than you think about it. And the money it will be. The main thing - to believe.

 attract money into your life

Not accumulate. It is important to increase

Suppose you through savings and additional earnings elemental desire to get rich assembled N-th sum of money. And you think they (without fail with clean hands), and talking with cuts, and you have the correct wallet. But this is not enough. Money should work. How exactly? This question you must answer a financial expert. We know one thing: in your wallet (in the three-liter jar, pillowcase, or sewn into a pocket) money does not multiply. He does. Therefore, consider how you could multiply them without the risk of losing the last. Someone puts money in the bank at interest. Someone buying jewelry. Someone acquires property. And they are all in their own right. You can not say about the amateurs put their savings in a jug.

Learn to earn

Again we come back to the already mentioned truth. Not enough money? I would like to live better? Find another job, go on training courses, change profession. In the end, sleep less. Often, our home is only due to the financial crisis that we are too sparing himself, and so clung to their way of life, that we are much easier to save money than to go to some of the victim. Understand that your wealth will not change until you take a step towards a new life. So go for it!

Let money bring you only happiness and comfort.

 Do you know how to attract money into your life?

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