how to save energy at home


  • Simple ways to save electricity
  • Save electricity with the help of financial investments
  • Rational use of household appliances
  • Features of electric cookers

The price of energy is increasing regularly, so the question of how to save energy at home is becoming increasingly important. It should be noted that even if some ten or fifteen years ago, the average family of three people thought much of him, because the cost of public services do not eat the lion's share of the budget, but now the situation has changed dramatically.

At the same time, using all the modern features of energy saving, it is not necessary to use the dim light, to abandon the incorporation of the necessary devices and "wind off" counter, which threatens violators imposing fines. It is important to realize just take for granted and the need to save and stick to that principle very affordable way for each of us.

To reduce the amount of electricity consumed in the home, you must first analyze, because of what your family from month to month have to pay for such an impressive account. Indeed, statistics show that the introduction of several simple and accessible to everyone rules will save a little. And with even more serious approach to energy conservation in the home situation has changed dramatically.

Simple ways to save electricity

These principles relate exclusively to the human factor, they do not provide any additional costs are therefore available to all people. The basis of the rules is extremely attentive and self-control that are essential to not only understand how to save electricity, but also in general to rationally organize the family budget. So, if you are faced with the need to reduce the monthly cost of maintaining the property, try to stick to a few simple and clear recommendations.

  • Monitor the electrical, preventing them from running dry. It might seem like it's convenient - to have one TV in each room. You do the usual chores and at the same time does not come off by watching a series. But what to do from the periodic communication with friends on Skype? That's right, it is a family with a similar lifestyle and just complain about the need to pay a decent amount for electricity. But few people think that most of the appliances in the house during the day idles.

People who talk about themselves: "We save on electricity," - must see to it that were included only those devices that are needed at a particular moment. If you want to follow their example, as soon as you need to pay attention to electrical appliances, residing in the standby mode, the TV or the computer, box satellite dish, microwave.

Of course, the constant inclusion of such equipment into the outlet is quite convenient, as they can be, if necessary, run as fast as possible, but a few months overruns power is impressive. Therefore, do not leave appliances on standby, and then pressing the off button is required to pull the plug on the network.

  • Always turn off the lights when leaving the apartment. Leaving for work for the whole day, many people accidentally or out of habit left turn lights or appliances in use at the time that the lack of hosts in a house there is absolutely no need. Make it a rule to always check all the rooms apartment in the presence of lighting and unplug the appliance from the network.

Even if you are not willing to follow around the slogan "We save on electricity! "Above precautions will not superfluous, since it is so possible to prevent fires. That is why it is important to always attend to these seemingly everyday trifles. Such vigilance can prevent a very sad situation.

  • Day use only natural light. No, if the window cloudy autumn day, the sky overcast and the sun did not break through their veil, then why spoil vision in the twilight of the room? But often there is a completely different picture: the window curtains drawn in broad daylight and in full in the apartment lit artificial lighting.

Moreover, it goes against all the recommendations on how to save energy, so also harm the human body. Therefore, with the onset of the morning to immediately open your drapes, blinds and raise Open your window (of course, in the warmer months). By the way, the apartment is much more useful airing continuously running the air conditioner, pulled out of the air we needed moisture.

  • Clean - the guarantee savings. Do not be lazy once again wipe the windows, lamps and ceiling lamps in all the rooms of the apartment. After all, how often do we change one light bulb to another, with more power, only for the reason that the settled dust for thirty percent reduces the quality of artificial lighting our homes. Incidentally, the large plants on your windowsill apartment also contribute to shading during the day, causing a desire to flip the switch.

 how to save energy

Save electricity with the help of financial investments

If you belong to the category of people who have all the possibilities to use in setting up their own lives the latest achievements of scientific and technological progress, it is particularly popular in Europe, the technology of "smart house" certainly makes you think about the organization of everyday life in this way. Its essence lies in the application of remote devices, machines that without direct human turn on and off the light, ventilate the room, watching the temperature and so on.

Of course, such a modernization of housing entails substantial financial costs, but they subsequently repaid with interest, allowing the owner to reduce energy consumption tenfold. But do not be discouraged if the innovation you can not afford. Some improvements available to the majority of average families.

  • To get started, contact your electricity supply company in the region and specify the number and characteristics of the currently available rates for the use of electricity. Once the situation is cleared up, set in a flat tariff meters. This will allow you to limit the consumption of their own choosing for the costly process it is a time when the cost per kW / h is the least. For example, a washing machine and dishwasher can be turned on in the late evening. At the same time you want to program and the work of the bread machine or yogurt.
  • When buying appliances, pay attention to the energy efficiency class: the most economical devices are class "A" and «G». Due to the low consumption of electricity you will be able not only to reduce the account to pay for the light, but also extend the life of all devices as needed.
  • Replace the lamp lighting fixtures. As a rule, most people continued to use the tradition to illuminate the premises classic incandescent bulbs with low efficiency, because of which there is a significant cost overruns electricity without improving the quality of the devices. We must move on to the domestic use of more advanced technologies, especially if they can cut your costs.

Modern fluorescent lamps saves energy expended on lighting at times - thanks to the most rapid warming. But their light is much brighter, and the service life is significantly different from that which we are more familiar counterparts. The only disadvantage of these devices lies in their high price, so if you can not afford to change the light bulb once in all areas of your apartment, put them in those rooms, where he spent most of the time.

  • Replace old switches with modern analogues for control of power. So you can independently control the brightness of the light, at the right time by making it something more intense, then muted. But these trends are not suitable for controlling the energy-saving light bulbs. Therefore, choose one thing.
  • If you want to save power consumption, can be installed in an apartment or in a house special sensors that trigger when driving someone else. They automatically switch on the lights when approaching an object in response to radiant heat or the noise of them. This is very useful if a family has children or older people who are not particularly closely monitoring the economy. Once you or any other person living in the apartment, move out of range of sensitivity of the sensor, the light will go off immediately.
  • As a further recommendation on electricity savings worth considering and organizing spotlight housing. To do this, carefully inspect the room and put in the most involved local special lamps. For example, they can be hung from the bed, on the desk, on both sides of the seating area, and so on. Such a process will allow you to cover only certain space, but not the room as a whole.

Rational use of household appliances

The life of modern man can not be imagined without special appliances, greatly simplify core processes. Cooking, laundry and clothing, cleaning and many other household chores at the moment can not do without the use of a variety of household appliances. It is they who impose substantial costs of electricity. Rather, the improper use of mechanical-electronic assistants flies housewives "a lot of money." But so easy to save even considering the use of the most newfangled devices. Let's look at the basic principles of this rationality.

  • Properly dispose large appliances in the kitchen. When deciding how to save energy in a flat note on the refrigerator. The fact that the appliance is always in an active state, because it is usually disconnected from the network only when defrosting, in many current models even eliminated the need for such a function. Therefore, the refrigerator must be positioned in such a way that power consumption is minimized.

According to the recommendations, the instrument must be at a distance from the wall not less than five centimeters, and avoid direct sunlight on its surface. Try to open the refrigerator as little as possible and close it quickly, without having to hold the door wide open for a considerable time. The walls of the large-sized device is recommended to be cleaned as often as possible from the accumulation of dust, since it is only one operation can reduce power consumption.

  • Learn how to properly use the kettle. No, it does not call for as little as possible to drink your favorite tea. And why deny yourself this pleasant little things? Just try to pour it only the required amount of water, since using the minimum amount of liquid will boil quickly, and power consumption - acceptable. Remember that the scale in the kettle significantly increases power consumption, so regularly clean the inside of the appliance, preventing the formation of plaque.
  • Erase right. This principle implies competent loading washing machine, that is, according to the existing instructions. Too large amount of laundry, or, conversely, lack of leads to excessive costs of electricity, and in some cases up to thirty percent overrun. That is why it is important to adhere to specific guidelines.
  • We save on the process of using the iron. In order not to waste electricity in vain, it is necessary to begin to iron those things that require more power the device. Therefore, the bed and put a shirt on the top of the stack. Then different small things in the form of children's T-shirts, scarves and handkerchiefs you will be able to iron by lowering the temperature, if not turning off the iron.
  • Remove the flat in saving mode. It is easy to guess that we'll discuss the use of the vacuum cleaner. Firstly, in the winter season not too lazy to clean the carpets are not automatic, and the old-fashioned way - with snow and a broom. Secondly, they can be removed altogether, to get rid of the accumulation of dust. Third, if you can not imagine your life without a cozy rug underfoot, accustom themselves to the fact that the filters in the vacuum cleaner and garbage bags must be replaced in a timely manner, not only in the case where the apparent significant losses in its draft. It is this carelessness and leads to unnecessary energy consumption.
  • Economically we use air conditioning. It's hard to imagine life without the use of the appliance. But not all know how to use them correctly. Before turning on the air conditioner close the windows and balcony doors, because that's where the apartment is constantly fed sun-warmed air. If you do not follow these steps, the instrument will run continuously, trying to reach the preset temperature characteristics.

Experts do not recommend the use of one air conditioner with a plan to cool the whole apartment - it is irrational and leads to loss of productivity. Better close the door to the room where he worked, and then air it will cool quickly enough, and the air conditioner turns off by itself, going to the economical mode of ventilation.

As you see, to live according to the principle 'save on electricity! "It is not so difficult. Of course, immediately take all the innovations succeed far from all family members. Especially unusual, they seem to children, who are far from our adult problems. But your persistence and patience will help kids to quickly become familiar with the new rules and, believe me, will soon have a son or daughter is important to poke a finger in a light bulb burning waste and make your point.

 how to save electricity

Features of electric cookers

How to save electricity, if your home is not connected to the gas network, and you cook food using a stove, running on a network? This situation - not uncommon for residents of high-rise buildings, which also have at their disposal such as household appliances. Experts recommend buy a new modern stove, which combined functionality and low energy consumption. Otherwise, do not be surprised need to pay a very succinct account of the light.

If for some reason you are not willing to incur substantial costs and an overall purchase new kitchen appliances, the existing old analogue, be sure to replace all deformed burners, since their poor adhesion to the surface and the bottom of pots lost a significant amount of electricity. Try to use cookware with a flat bottom, which area would be equal to the size of the cooking zone, or exceed it.

Save and enable the preservation of the residual heat: for this it is necessary not to forget to turn off the electric oven for five minutes before the moment when the food is ready. Short period of time, leaving to cool down hot plates, would be enough to bring your soup to the desired condition. However, this method is not suitable holders induction plates, as in the latter case, the heating surface loses heat almost instantly. Using an electric oven, if possible fill its entire volume, preparing a meal on several people or a few dishes at a time. Incidentally, this step allows you to save not only the energy consumption of the network, but also your own time.

In order not to waste electricity unnecessarily, it is important to use the right utensils. The thick bottom of the pots and pans allow food to stay warm longer and even reach the final level of preparedness after the burners off. Currently, a variety of pressure cookers become increasingly popular. After all, their use not only saves energy, but also has another pleasant side. You need only to bring the process of preparation of any food up to the specified time on the pan and turn off the stove. Even in the absence of your food well "come" under the influence of heat preservation of special dishes.

If you live in a private home or summer leave the country, which are forced to use a small two burners, consuming a lot of electricity, Get a steamer or multivarka. These devices allow to cook much more quickly, with several dishes.