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  • How to spend money
  • Shopping wisely
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Well, that's why it turns out that at the beginning of the month you put in a purse large sum of money, and after 15 days the bill somewhere to disappear, as if it's not leather purse, and now a sieve? And this applies not only to women (who are considered terrible spenders), but also men.

How to spend the money? How to save at least something to pay to once again did not blush in front of a neighbor, taking a loan? In this difficult but vital question we try to answer in this article. And if you learn the tricks described, buy finally coveted boots with heels. No? Prepare an old pair to the next repair. Though, that is not the case in Boots. Just money in your pocket give peace of mind, and their absence leads to gloomy thoughts. And to those same dark thoughts in your head is not climbed, need to learn a few tricks.

How to spend money

In fact, saving money - it's simple enough. It is much harder to convince yourself to some sacrifices for the good. People naively believe that a single purchase will not be able to unsettle. Maybe! Yes, and not for one month. Therefore, it is important to disclose the purse with a sober head. How to learn? Follow the advice of:

  1. Record purchases

    Remember when our grandmothers carefully collected checks from stores and were home bookkeeping? Then their behavior seemed petty. And they were right, and knew exactly how to spend money wisely. Try it yourself at least a week to record all their purchases until the tickets. No, because you did not save. But guaranteed to notice a few items of expenditure which could be cut. For example - the endless cups of coffee that you buy in the lobby of the office. Or ten bottle of perfume for this month. You're still giving away "objectionable" odors girlfriends, so why buy it? And do not say that such purchases raise your spirits. Look how many they take money and learn how to finally spend a reasonable salary.

  2. Plan your spending

    This is also one of the secrets of the old generation. They (our wise mother and grandmother) all planned in advance. How much per month on food spend much on clothes as postponed for unforeseen expenses. Yes, you heard right. They even managed to set aside a certain amount from your paycheck a lot of money. Because they knew that in life anything can happen. We spend money as if immune to illnesses or troubles in life. Of course, if you have such an insurance, you can not read this article. But those whom the disease and troubles still catch up on the path of life, it is time to draw up a detailed budget for the next month.

    Just come to this task the most reasonable. Take it as a basis for your salary, but not immense appetites. Handbag of "Gucci", of course, need any girl, but maybe better to postpone a couple of thousand for a trip to the sea? If the first experience of budget planning has failed, do not despair. Learn how to wisely allocate funds earned much harder than them, these funds earn. Therefore, consider the old mistakes and plan again. As long as will fit into the planned budget and do not understand how to spend money.

  3. Shopping! ..

    Here it is - a scourge of modern women. How can you resist the dizzying dress with a bright price tag when the wallet pleasant rustling just for salary? Especially since a lot of money received and dress - it's such a small thing. The following bag (the dress, of course), shoes and jewelry. Why so many purchases at once? After all, you would only buy a dress on sale? It's simple. Well, it just did not fit into an existing wardrobe, and it certainly had to be supplemented with appropriate details.

And here you are tired but happy, return home with their purchases (and half-empty purse), measures the new dress to show his home, and it is small (or large). And the second such store in there .... And you have to buy back. And now take a look. Where would you go anywhere handbag and shoes, acid-green? With the dress, they looked just great. But one by one - is quite another matter. Of course, you can try and get them back to the store. But that's why you need all this rigmarole? Do not it be easier to just after payday to go home? Then would the foolish spending was not, and unnecessary frustration.

Do not be like alcoholics who, in order to get to the house on the day of pay, need serious protection in the form of a vigilant wife. Let shopogolizm not yet officially recognized as a disease doctors, but to learn how to reasonably treat your ailment does not hurt. So go-ka in payday home. And do not look at the colorful shop windows.

 how to spend money

Shopping wisely

Caught? Just two days after the salary, and you have already gathered for shopping? No, no, do not lock yourself in the four walls of a month, in the fear of spending all the money. You just need to learn to spend honestly earned money wisely. Do not take all the money. Make a detailed list of upcoming purchases, calculate approximately how much money will go to them, and bring a little bit more than the amount obtained after calculations. So you can not spend the extra money and will fit into the planned budget (you have already made it, right?)

Thus, we assume that you understand how to spend the money properly, and to the day of the next payday remained safe in the home something what amount. Commendable. Only after that, many immediately forget about all the lessons home run accounting and spending the money saved, motivating the squandering that the new wage is on the way. Wait a minute. So you never Put together capital. Put all that managed to save a bank card. And preferably at interest. Do not believe in the modern banking system? Then give the money deposited to a close friend - until then, until you can learn to refrain from unnecessary wastage alone.

Want to be a wealthy man? Then do not borrow money on credit. Never. Even if you think that there is no alternative or to borrow the amount is very insignificant, and return it will be easy. Better to sit on a potato than eating the sausage at another's expense. Judge for yourself: now you are missing the hundreds, and you take the missing amount from a friend. But you have to give something. This means that in the next paycheck you will not have exactly the same a hundred. What will be done? Again, to borrow? You do not see a pattern? And it is much easier to learn to spend money wisely and start saving to pay rather than go with an outstretched hand.

 spend money

Learn how to save

You know, we all are more expensive? Our bad habits. One need only consider how much we prokurivaem money per month, or how much espresso drink from the vending machine. Counted? Now, multiply this figure by 12 months. Impressive? Maybe it's time to quit smoking? Or limit the number of drinking coffee to three cups a day (that's the number of doctors called safe for the body)? And again, if you want to drag a fragrant cigar, or go down to the lobby for a fragrant and strong drink, think of how much you are lost. And best of all - come up with the money for themselves a prize. Something, what had never been enough money. For example, the new tablet. Or a leather jacket. And let the one struggling with the temptation to others.

Somehow, many speaking about the economy, just forget about utilities. But they, too, we spend money. And rather big sum and monthly. Therefore, turn your attention to this item of expenditure. If your apartment is still not counters, set. If you wash the dishes, do not turn the tap on full blast. Let tap water run sparingly. Turn off the lights in those rooms, where there are at the moment, and try to use energy-saving lamps.

No, we are not trying to turn you into skopidoma. Just tells you how to spend money wisely, so as not to wait for payday so painfully. Did not you just recently complained of a chronic lack of money? It seems to us that the best couple of times to turn off the light in the room next door, rather than once again asking for a loan from friends, burning with shame. However, you decide.

 A few words about how to spend money

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 saving water


  • Identify hidden leaks
  • In bathroom
  • In the kitchen

Modernity dictates us a lot of conditions: every person is master of his life and he is responsible for both income families, and for its charges. And so today, at constantly raise tariffs on utilities, water savings (both cold and especially hot), heat and electricity should worry not only men, but also us, housewives and house keepers of the hearth.

So let us take matters into his own delicate hands and see how you can optimize and reduce household expenses. But just agree: consider only real and practical ways to save water, heat, electricity, and more than carefully. On the question of costs must be approached with renewed responsibility, because it depends on them and profit.

Household spending quite hit the family budget, so they first of all need to keep in mind, thinking of saving money. For example, water consumption. How much do you think it is leaking waste per week, month, year? And how much unnecessary spending while you're doing? The answer is simple - a lot. You just do not notice it and take it for granted.

Therefore, saving water in the home, both hot and cold - it really is an urgent task. This kind of spending cuts will be entirely devoted to this article, in which we'll find answers to the main question. It is: how to find ways to save water at home? Ways enough thing to take seriously this fact, and a month later the result is obvious.

Identify hidden leaks

The first step is to put counters - this is an important and indispensable factor in the way of savings. You will only pay for the water that expend themselves, and not to fill the pockets of employees of public utilities. And most importantly, with their help, you can check the hidden leaks, which primarily hits the pocket. How to do it? Suffice it before going to bed to write down the counters and in the morning, not including water, to double-check them. If you are still the same - all right. If not, it means that every night you lose a few rubles per month which turned into a significant amount (this is especially noticeable in the case of hot water).

Identify the leak is not difficult. The first thing you need to check the toilet tank. It was in the bathroom more often and lose water. Check the tank for leaks as follows: remove the cover and drip into the water a little food coloring. If after a few minutes the paint flows into the bowl, then the leak is the place to be and an urgent need to take action.

Well, hot water leaks determined only by meter reading. Check also taps. Even a few drops of the year may drip nearly a ton, that is, of course, is wasted. Incidentally, it is possible to save and while using hot water. Just set in an apartment or private house cranes, each of which is a pen. Their acquisition will pay off very soon. Each valve will supply a stream of mixed water temperature, not two, - hot and cold - and the time of its closing will be minimal. So that there are no leaks and the additional costs!

By the way, if you seriously wonder to save, you can set in an apartment or private home mixers with temperature sensors. It is clear why this is necessary: ​​with them you will not have many tens of seconds to set up the water in the shower or while washing dishes, adding a little hot, a little cold. Suffice it to adjust the temperature and comfortable to use household amenities. Practice shows that mixers with temperature sensors fast enough to justify their purchase.

 saving water in the home

In bathroom

Try it when brushing your teeth not to keep the tap open all the time, turn it on when necessary or pour the right amount of water in a glass. Economy goes quite significant - about seven hundred liters per week (that's assuming that the family consists of four people). Ask your husband does not spend in vain the water while shaving. This will save about three hundred liters per week. If the apartment you live with an adult son or brother, let him take it a rule - then the cost will be reduced even more.

If you decide to save serious, it is worth reviewing the habits of home. For example, a change in the daily intake of bath rinse in the shower. Soak up the balmy air and foam can be a maximum of twice a week. By the way, it is better if the water you pour into the tub, once the desired temperature is. If it is too hot, you will have to wait for it to cool down, and you take the time and the same price. If water would be too cool, you have to fill up the warm, respectively, pour the excess cold, that is, spend it unnecessarily.

But better to give more attention to the soul. In this case, the savings will be visible immediately. When you receive the soul of the average consumed slightly more than 30 liters of water, and only part of it is hot. In the case of the bathroom where the figures more significant - at least 100 liters. And in this case, it poured more hot water, because it gives a part of its wall temperature bath. So often take a shower and use a strong water pressure is not constant, but only when it is necessary to wash off the foam. By the way, there are economical shower trays - such a setting, you will save up to 50% of water at each bathing.

It helps and proper use of the washing machine. First of all, read the instructions in it. Surely there is information about the economical modes of washing, the use of which in combination with a full load, the machine will benefit your budget. Oh, and do not use your toilet instead of the trash can, pouring back the remains of soup or tea leaves. It is better to take out the garbage frequently than pay for water.

 ways to save water

In the kitchen

Saving hot and cold water in houses and apartments available and washing dishes. To do this we need only adjust not wash it under running water, and in a separate container. Rinse dishes under a little pressure. If you use a dishwasher, always fill it completely. So you will save about forty liters each use.

Vegetables and fruit can be washed without using running water. Simply dial the water in any container. Do not use running water to defrost meat, and, you see, like so many housewives do. It is better to thaw it in advance or in the microwave. And in general, for various household needs, such as the same washing fruits and vegetables, try to spend less hot water and more - the cold.

Of course, initially it will be difficult to get used to all the innovations. But you should just try it? You see for yourself that the water saving - is not just empty talk, and a real help to your wallet. Costs can and should be reasonable. Starting with saving hot and cold water, you can go to electricity and heat. By reducing their costs you a pleasant surprise to see that the family budget will be a free agent.

 Saving water at home: tips

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