how to attract money into the house

There is one wish in the world, which brings together 90% of the world's population. Everyone wants to get rich. And quickly and without making any effort. The fact that the rain of money is only a fairy tale and legacy can only be obtained after several years of povynosish old relative of the ship, as a rule, no one thinks. Everybody wants money. Well, the desire understandable and quite reasonable as free in our life there was only air. And that respect. For example, you want to breathe the sea air?

Kindly raskosheltes on putevochku. Would you like mountain air? Also have to pay. So I think the majority of people are not about lofty matters, and how to attract money into the house, and how not to let them out a little longer. We are on this issue, too, thought posobirali some information and prepared a short article on the subject of attracting money. Therefore, we invite all who wish to learn the intricacies of money management. Moreover, it is not difficult.

 how to attract money into the house

What you need to do to attract money

You agree that any business has its secrets and subtleties? There were no such, and in the science of raising money. Knowledgeable people emit a lot of rules, following which (in their assurance) you can get rich. Well I do not know how about instant wealth, but heed the advice still stands.

  1. What do you expect in the shop? Surely many free hand bags. It is understandable. This is more comfortable. But in order to attract money, you must give the bill right and take the left hand. Remember Me? Just do not forget to practice, or gestures will look unnatural (especially if a full hander tries in vain to push the left hand money in a purse).
  2. By the way, about the storage of money. Denominations can not be folded in half, so choose a purse to complete their length. Crumpled money is also good luck to the house will not do. It is much better if all banknotes are carefully laid out in the wallet in order. After all, money can not forgive careless with their treatment.
  3. Do not take a loan. Quite a logical and reasonable rule. How to become rich if you are distributing half of his salary to strangers, and two weeks later again gaining loans? And no need to assure that your salary does not allow you to live within your means, and do not you voluntarily eked out a trail of eternal debtor. The ability to fit into the budget is always there. Recall, for his grandmother. She somehow manages to live on a tiny pension? Of course, the night clubs, it does not go, but believe that drugs today are not cheap.
  4. Always put off 10% of their income. Now, many readers sadly sigh. Like, they do not have time to learn to live without debt, as we were again forced to tighten their belts. Yes Yes exactly. Especially since the svelte figure - it's more good than bad. By the way, those who are not confident in their own strength of will, we advise to pay the saved money into dollars or any other foreign currency. The calculation is simple: as long as you talk yourself out to spend part of the deferred money and exchange them in the bank for national currency, it will take some time. Maybe that will help you think better of it and not make rash acts.
  5. The fifth rule is often advised to communicate with the wealthy (though it does not specify exactly where the whole of the population in need to find a wealthy citizens to communicate). Explanation of this condition is simple. If a person was able to get rich himself, and it will certainly help you with advice. Just do not expect that a wealthy friend will have mercy on you, and will bring a lot of money on a golden platter. Funds in the house will have to make themselves. But someone else's experience it is better to use. You never know what. And perhaps become a new millionaire.
  6. But from close contact with the ever-aching, and cash-strapped citizens should be abandoned. Just as we should not give them a loan. Firstly, can not give. Secondly, the blues - it is contagious. And lack of money in the house to attract long. No, no, no one forces you to completely abandon the friendship with people who are poorer (or much) poorer than you. Just about the money not worth talking about. Displace chat to discuss the weather, the behavior of children in school or new government regulations. We are sure that you will be discussed in addition to the unpaid loan of an old friend.
  7. Then came purely domestic omens. They imply that the shoes need to remove the threshold (so that money does not run away). Sweep the house should be away from the window, not the door. Yes, and the current taps, too, is repaired. This aspect will not attract money, but rather to keep them. According to our ancestors, with the current down the drain with water running out of the house and money. Those houses should count on the water, we could see this by example.
  8. In addition, you can not take out the garbage after sunset and throw it through the window (this is at least disgusting).
  9. To attract money, knowing people are advised to put a cloth on the table a large bill, and under the threshold - a silver coin. It is believed that the silver attracts prosperity. But standing on the threshold is not necessary. It also somehow discourages the welfare of your home. How? These things unknown to science. But listen to the opinion of seasoned still stands. You never know what.

And do you know which method is guaranteed to help attract money and fill your home well-being? Stable work. The main thing - that it was enjoyable and was well-paid. Then you can choose any purse and throw the trash when you want. So do not forget to work, and the money will!

 9 commandments of how to attract money into the house

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 posting for the money

Perhaps the posting for the money - this is one of the best ways to "put together a" start-up capital for those who do not have special knowledge and only makes the first steps in an attempt to understand how and what you can earn in the Internet.

Of course, to get rich on this kind of activity is unlikely to succeed. But you can get a taste of the first money earned on the Internet and you'll see that the earnings in the network - it's real. Moreover, it can be done as soon as possible.

What is posting?

Posting on forums - what is it? Posting name comes from the English word «post», which translates to "inform", "to give the full information." Who is who and what gives you the most "complete information"?

It seems that almost everyone who has ever used the Internet, faced with a kind of online «club of interests" - forums. The Forum brings together a variety of people keen on some general idea, problem or just want to talk. They share their thoughts, discuss topics of interest to them, tell stories, ask for advice, etc. How do they communicate without seeing and hearing each other? Very simple! They publish their messages and comments. These texts are called posts, and what they're doing - posting on forums.

How to make money on posting?

Well, suppose that a posting everything is clear ... But this can make? Why site owners to pay someone for the post?

The answer lies on the surface. On the Internet a huge number of different forums. Therefore, when there is a new resource, its owner is extremely difficult to express themselves and to break from the competition. In order to "roll out" forum, and have to resort to some tricks. One of which - payment for posts.

The owner of such a forum is advertising and negotiates with several posters payment. They open threads publish comments chat support. Gradually, if the forum topic is relevant and interesting, "pulled up" and others, ordinary users. Forum begins to live. And the owner - to receive money from the resource.

 posting on forums

What does it take to become a poster?

First, you need a virtual wallet - that it will arrive earned money. It is better to create it in the system WebMoney - by far the most popular payment system and work with it almost all services.

Then you need to register in several forums and exchanges that offer money for posting. Register on multiple resources will increase the volume of orders. Try to choose only proven and reliable sites. Carefully read the terms of payment. On the different resources they can be very different. Specify the minimum amount that can be withdrawn from the account. And - get to work!

What you need in order to enjoy the success of your posts? There are a few simple rules, doing that you increase your chances to become "advanced" poster:

  1. Your message should be interesting, informative and well thought out. You need to have at least some understanding of the topic on which to write. If you feel that your existing knowledge is not enough - do not be lazy, look for additional information. Why is this so important? The fact that meaningless statements are far from the topic of discussion - they are called flood - are tracked and removed by the moderator. As a result, the money for such a posting on forums you do not pay.
  2. Your posts should be unique. What does it mean? This means that they have to write yourself. It is unacceptable to use the copy-paste - to take messages from other forum or phrase from another article and paste them as your post. Better to Teach favorite myl own words. Such moments are also easily checked.
  3. The text of the post must not contain profanity, misspellings, slang or jargon. Do not quarrel with the forum users - should not be anyone to humiliate and insult.
  4. Try to avoid sensitive issues - for example, the discussion of religious and national issues.

How much can you earn on posting?

Prices for posting, of course, is not very great. After all, the work is simple, does not require much effort. Coping with it can even schoolboy. On average, one message is 0, 05 WMZ - that is, about 5 cents. And this, of course, not in a single word, and 2-4 sentence written on the merits of the question. So even if you are well versed in the subject, this post will take you from one to three minutes. And if you have to seek out more information, and more. That is, in an hour, with hard work, you can write about 20 posts. Thus, working 8 hours a day, seven days a week, you can earn about 240 dollars a month.

Of course, posting hardly be called "easy money", and live solely on this income, apparently did not succeed. But, having worked for some time so that you can invest the money in more serious projects, and start your online business from scratch, without attracting funds from the "Real". Agree, sounds tempting?

Posting on forums is yet another great advantage. You begin to communicate, unconsciously, to meet new people, perhaps, find friends and be sure to learn a lot of interesting things. In particular, and about other ways to earn online. And, thus, be able to move to "a new level". After all, nothing is valued so much as information. Why not try?

 Posting for the money - whether it is possible to make communicating on the forums?