how to get a grant for a young family

It just so happened that we trust the state as something not used to, but the statement that the free cheese is only in a mousetrap, believe one hundred percent. However, in our society there is an unstable able to get help from the state. In recent years, it published several legislations, which young families, as children, and without them can count on a subsidy for housing. This type of subsidy provided by the state in a number of conditions under which fit almost one-third of the families of our country.

So how to get a grant for a young family? To do this is not easy, but possible. Of course you have to study their rights, to tinker with a bunch of documents, but the new apartment is worth it.

Prerequisites for subsidies

  • Most importantly - for participation in the program requires that the age of the spouses does not exceed thirty-five years.
  • The family, according to the supporting documents must be in need of improved housing conditions. To compile the relevant documents must be invited to a special housing commission.
  • According to the presented certificate from the accounts of both spouses, the family should be enough gross income to pay off the remaining debt after the use of subsidies.
  • According to the decision of the state of the right to receive subsidies have the advantage of public sector workers. Employment period exceed five years. Also can enjoy the preferential benefit single-parent families, the age of single parent again shall not exceed thirty-five years.
  • If there are no children in the family, the cost of subsidies for the purchase of property is thirty-five percent of the purchase price.
  • If a family has one child or several children, the percentage increased to forty of the property value.
  • If the family has children and wants to build a house, buy a new home, the amount of the subsidy is significantly increased up to fifty percent.
  • If you have one child or several children, in the construction of their own home or buying a new property the government increases the size of payments to fifty-five percent.

According to the established status, non-cash subsidy is granted, the term of the order which should not exceed six months. In some regions of the Russian Federation provided additional subsidy, which is appointed by the local authorities. To take part in the provision of additional subsidies should apply to the regional administration in the Department of Youth.

As you can see in order to know how to get a grant for housing for young family, first of all need to learn all the necessary conditions for granting funds established by the authority of the subject of the Russian Federation. According to regulations, such right is granted only once and takes place entirely at the expense of the federal budget.

The amount that you will be given

Cash flows are calculated according to the standards of housing subsidies. Set object for purchase or construction, is determined by the composition of the family, especially comprehensive income. Then the calculation of the interest. For a family of two people the total area of ​​the dwelling shall be forty-two square meters. If the number is three or more people, the area of ​​residential premises shall be calculated from the conditions - eighteen square meters per person.

 how to get a grant for housing for young family

Required documents

Under the state program on how a young family to get a grant for an apartment, you must provide a number of documents on which the Commission will put forward a solution:

  • The statement about the desire to get a grant, according to its present form, which must be made in two copies.
  • Appropriate identification documents of family members. Also, a marriage certificate.
  • A special document confirming the right of the family to participate in this program. Recognition of its need of better housing conditions.
  • Statement of earnings. The calculation of the solvency of both spouses in the event of repayment of the residual amount after the use of subsidies.
  • A copy of the account.

According to the document, begin the operation to verify the information, which lasts for ten days from the date of submitting the documents. Based on the findings, a decision is made. After that, the young family receives a special certificate. The certificate is awarded by the local government in the place of permanent residence.

The subsidy, according to the state program, provided on the basis of available evidence, the calculation takes place by means of transfer, by transfer of funds to open a bank account. The owner of a special certificate after the receipt must pass it to the bank within two months. If the deadline will pass - the certificate is not accepted by the bank. To reactivate, in the event of expiry, should contact the local authority.

How to dispose

According to the received certificates young family can take any existing housing. Provided that the acquired property is within Russia. Families can engage in cooperative housing, to buy housing in the initial stage of construction. Use a mortgage or loan in the purchase of real estate.

Following the decision of the Russian Federation to pay for housing young family must provide the necessary documents to the bank:

  • Account Agreement.
  • Agreement on purchase - sale of real estate.
  • The certificate of ownership and related documents of the total family income.
  • The contract must be prescribed term and procedure for payment of the debt.

The grant can be used as a member of the cooperative application of a contribution for housing. To perform this operation, a member of the cooperative must provide the bank the following documents:

  • The document on introduction of a contribution and the rest of the amount required to fully repay the debt.
  • A copy of the existing charter of the housing cooperative.
  • Extract from the register, subjected to belong to the organization.
  • A copy of the document which confirms the ownership of the housing co-op on the property.
  • A copy of the decision to transfer the right of ownership of the object of the cooperative housing member.

Taking into account the necessary conditions for granting subsidies to competently approach the issue in accordance with regulatory and follow the rules and laws, the positive decision and a new spacious apartment will not keep you waiting!

 How do I get a subsidy for housing young family?

 where to invest money


  • Investment Banking
  • Investing in Real Estate
  • Investments in self
  • Investments in own business
  • Making the correct conclusions

If you believe the Bible, we are blessed only beggars. But people, Skopje righteous works even minor capital is constantly preoccupied with the problem - where to invest money. And not just to invest, and with minimal risk and so they brought a steady income. The days when it was "fashionable" to keep money under the mattress or invest only in bonds of the existing and the most "reliable" of the State Bank, irrevocably gone. The investment market has grown considerably, but it turned out great choice - not always good. "Lose" in the abundance of banks, firms and mutual funds, offering triple your capital - is simple enough. And the risk of losing their own investments, entrusting them to the next financial pyramid, frighteningly high. But such a serious step as equity investments requires careful, detailed study of the investment market.

First of all, we should clarify what types of capital are the most reliable to date. Knowing this, it will be easier to decide what is right for you. So:

  • Investment Banking
  • Investments in real estate
  • Investing in education
  • Investments in own business

Let's consider the types of investment funds, detail and detail. Each of them has both pluses and minuses.

Investment Banking

Today it is the most common way of investing money. What is it? You invest money in the bank for a certain period, and the bank pays you for this interest, established by the contract. An important role in this attachment is the amount and duration of your contribution. The greater the amount and period for which you have entrusted their money to the bank, the higher the interest rate. The most common types of deposits:

  • Demand. It provides for the lowest percentage, but you can always get your money back.
  • Savings. You invest your money, and after a certain period receive accrued interest.
  • Urgent. On the expiry of the contract period, you can get your money and accrued interest. If the deadline is not met, any interest not paid or are paid in a smaller size.
  • Estimate. This contribution, which can be replenished; it involves periodic interest payments. But if you want to get investment without closing the account, the account must be set by the contract amount.
  • Savings. The purpose of this contribution - the accumulation of funds in the account for a large purchase. With the accumulation of a certain amount of the bank may offer you a loan.
  • Multicurrency. In this contribution, you can keep the money in the currency and in rubles. But it is worth considering what is best to keep money in the currency in which you are then going to spend it. Otherwise, you will lose some money when you convert.

In our turbulent times, anything can happen. To avoid the risk, you can insure your contribution. And if the insured event occurs, you will be paid the full amount of your deposit in the bank. But only if the total amount of deposits does not exceed one hundred thousand. If the amount is more than one hundred thousand, but less than four hundred thousand, you will be paid 100% with a hundred thousand, and 90% of the amount exceeding one hundred thousand.

Not so long ago on the Russian market of banking investments, a new type of long-term investment. The so-called "General Fund bank management." In fact, this is the same deposit. Do you trust your money to the bank, but the interest rate in this case is not fixed. The Bank invests in its sole discretion. And you can be in a solid win and suffer devastating losses. But you choose. We consider this an opportunity to invest money.

 where to invest money to make money

Investing in Real Estate

I would like to remind you that investing money in real estate has nothing to do with the ivy-covered house of your dreams on the outskirts of Provence or a luxurious bungalow on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. After all, you're worried about where to invest money to make money, not how best to spend a certain amount, and then regret the missed opportunities. So go to this issue as a consumer, but as a businessman.

If you expect from your investments short-term profits, the investment in real estate - probably not for you. This is not an area of ​​investing money that tomorrow will start to make you a profit. As on date, property prices are falling dramatically, both in Russia and abroad. Real estate is considered to be a long-term investment that brings steady income, and most importantly - saves money invested. It is not subject to price fluctuations as securities. You will be able to earn not only a rise in prices, but also to rent.

There are several ways to invest in real estate:

  • Investing in commercial real estate

Various entertainment, shopping and business centers will be a good investment for those who hope to profit from their investment for many years. And according to experts, in this case, you can count on the fact that such an investment will be profitable quickly enough, because even in times of crisis, people continue to go to the malls and spend their leisure time in various places of entertainment.

  • Investments in residential real estate

How would say a classic, "housing problem spoiled the Muscovites." This statement can be rightly attributed to the residents of large cities. Despite the fall in property prices, a shortage of housing in Russia is still high. And the cost of square meter on average, the tens of thousands. This is the usual standard apartment, not to mention the so-called elite housing. In addition to being purchased can be profitable to sell the apartment, it is also possible to rent out over the years. You keep your initial investment and get profits from it.

  • Investing in land

This market investments suffered from the global crisis most. And today investing money in land is not economically profitable.

  • Investing in real estate abroad

Will the profit of the funds invested in real estate abroad, depends on the economic stability of the country where you are going to buy the property. Consider the financial benefits of such investments in terms of tourists not only unreasonable, but also detrimental to your well-being. With such an attachment should study in detail the economic and political situation of the country. To study the real estate market, the subtleties of the law and be sure to take into account inflation. It is possible that rising property prices - the flip side of rising inflation. If you do decide to invest in buying property abroad, it is best to contact the experts. Remember, you are investing your money and are entitled to make a profit. And this is possible only when a thoughtful approach.

Investments in self

Investments in self-education, according to experts, are the most profitable investment. It provides such opportunities for profit, as no other known to date investments. Winner of the unique knowledge is always a few steps above the possible competitors, whether you choose for yourself arena profit from investment activities or decide to implement the acquired skills in other areas of business. If you carefully read the article, I noticed that any activity aimed at making a profit, requires a deep knowledge.

Currently, there is a huge variety of educational institutions, seminars, workshops, business schools and elite consulting practitioners. You just have to choose the direction in which you will receive an education.

Investments in own business

In the subheading title no typos, and investing in their own business too, can be a good subject of investing. And in some cases - preferred.

The main criterion for selection, if you decide to start a business from scratch, will be for you the scope of your knowledge, interests, and a range of niche services, or the release of goods, which is not busy or poorly mastered. Find a way to realize their own abilities is straightforward.

Suppose you are a connoisseur of wine, up to a small shade can "decompose" bouquet collection wine. So why not use your unique ability to practice and create your own store vintage wines? Some rare wines - in themselves a good investment. If the funds to open their own shop enough, start with wine online auctions. You will enjoy their favorite business and make good money at it.

If you know how to work with leather, well versed in the latest developments of Parisian fashion bags, their ability to implement it. Even without in-depth study of the price of brand handbags collection by famous fashion designers you will understand that not every woman can afford such "golden" bag, all the advantages which are in the "untwisted" brand and the uniqueness of the model. A flooded the market with products of enterprising Chinese "designers" are neither good quality or originality. Offer women an alternative to the above products. And after a while you will get their regular shoppers and grateful connoisseurs of your talent.

Making the correct conclusions

These are just examples of what you can do, decided to invest in your business. Whatever question you do not ask (where to invest your money at interest, how to save their own funds against inflation as properly dispose of free capital), remember the famous saying - do not put all your eggs in one basket.

The same can be said of the investment. The economic situation today is so unstable that predict what is most advantageous to invest, will not take no expert. Therefore, the best thing for you would be the competent distribution of investments. Economists such distribution of funds is called diversification. Moreover, most of the money is invested in the enterprise, which will bring you great profits, but will differ low percentage of the risk of losing them. A very small part - is where you have the opportunity to receive the so-called "quick" profits, but also higher risk percentage. But in general, your money will be invested with sufficient reliability.

Make informed and balanced decisions, but do not be afraid to make mistakes. And then even the most difficult economic times become for you a springboard, leading to new developments.

 Where to invest: tips