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What is a household budget? This question will sooner or later begin to wonder any young family. And no wonder - a strange, almost mystical property of money to disappear to God knows where, sand seeping through his fingers, known to all. And if you believe the statistics, the financial disputes in the family are the most common cause for divorce. More than 70% of their life together couples spend discussing the family budget, unfortunately, not always peacefully. The level of income couples does not matter.

You can earn millions or belong to the category of the population, which is called "the family with average income" - money contemptible substance becomes an occasion for quarrels and disputes, regardless of this. But do not assign money some mystical properties - after all, they do not make you, and you them. The thing is that you spend them properly and do not fully understand what the family budget.

Model family budget

At the beginning of family relationships rarely think about such "minor", it would seem, things like family budgeting, management of common economy and other domestic issues. And, as it says at the classics? - Family boat breaks up on life. Because each couple has their own idea of ​​how to spend the money, what the needs of the family are priorities and which secondary. And these views are likely to have formed on the basis of how to deal with such issues in the family of your parents. But the principal financial issues is not just necessary, but it is very important to decide at the beginning of family relations. You ask - and there decide the selection is small? But it is not so simple. The first is to discuss several issues of the budget of your family:

  • Joint or separate budgets?
  • Whose duties will include monitoring of the finances?

The joint budget we inherited "inherited" from the parent (just because it is made), it is not well suited for modern life. Agree, if one of the spouses will be forced to ask for money for personal expenses in the other, sooner or later, it can lead to resentment, and hence the conflict. So would not it be more reasonable to take for himself a different model of the family budget, thereby avoiding unnecessary disputes? Nobody says that each of the family members running around with a calculator and count how many kilowatt-hours he spent or how many cubic meters of water, gas, spent on cooking, washing and dishwashing. Not at all. You can do everything a lot easier. On the day of the salary of each member of the family gives to farming 50% of their salary. No matter how much he earns.

The remaining amount can be spent for own needs, interests. Then the unlikely occurrence of such awkward moments, when one of the spouses is forced to ask for money to "pin". But do not forget that when separate or partially separate budget you have to forget about the manifestation of participation, mutual support and gifts to each other as duty. That, however, do not interfere mutually pleasant surprises. But that is another topic. With this budget you have administered funds for the stay to live the usual life, indulging and not limited to their needs.

 family budget

Who should manage the family budget?

Another issue that causes prolonged controversy: in whose hands should focus the family budget? Men answer this question unambiguously. Finance can be entrusted only to men. No wonder all the ministers of the economy are the representatives of a strong half of mankind. But let's look at this issue in more detail.

Let us not question the practicality of the men, their ability to manage money. Incidentally, men really show much better, finding additional sources of income. They are more profitable to invest money in securities with interest to the bank. By the way, major purchases, such as cars or land, the men planned meticulously examining all possible options. And, finally, select the most optimum.

However, subject to the stereotypical view that all women - spenders, also not worth it. Women, despite the common opinion, are able to save brilliantly. And, on the whole. Starting from savings on food and ending fashionable clothes. And the ability to make purchases beneficial to women just do not refuse.

For every family decision, in whose hands are concentrated finance, should be individualized. And it should not be based on the phrase, "I said! "Or" I am a woman, and therefore know better what you need family, "and on a constructive dialogue. Try to carry out the experiment. Do not care, keep this in mind, please. You need to identify, in whose hands is the family ticket office, not to prove that you were right. Let one month the burden of administration and distribution of money will fall on the shoulders of strong men, and the second - on the fragile, but no less reliable for women. It may be that despite all the stereotypes of the woman would be more economical. Then you can safely enable it to form a family budget and manage it.

Incidentally, this will be a good opportunity to check how well you are able to agree among themselves. And remember that no matter who took over this responsibility, the assistance of all members of the family will not superfluous.

Planning - the path to financial prosperity

If you have decided what type of formation the family budget is right for you, and who exactly will be to manage, and, therefore, responsible for the expenditure of money, let's talk about planning.

It is worth mentioning that the plan the family budget is best together. This discussion will take into account the needs of all family members. Without prejudice to anyone, and after listening to all views, you may find a way to save something. Besides, the real financial situation of your family should be "transparent", so that everyone has an idea of ​​the real situation. And form their own questions based on it is from this, and not only based on their own desires. Believe me, if your loved ones will know how things are going with the finances, they are easier to go to meet you, if you ask them to be more frugal in spending. As a result, the family budget will benefit from this.

In order not to consider her purse in search of stale bills, or vice versa, do not think about that until the end of the month three days, and the money is still a lot, remember the old rule: you need to monitor not only the costs but also the family income. Or at least know about, but better yet have exact figures, from which will emerge the family budget.

Start to write the expected profit. What it is? Salaries of all family members, including advances, bonuses and additional income. If you have securities or accounts from which you get a profit, and that money must be included under income. It is best to have a special file on your computer in a spreadsheet format Exel (this is the most simple and allows easy to do the necessary calculations), where you will make monthly list of your income. And now, having the specific numbers, you can start planning the monthly and one-time costs.

Budget planning is necessary to start a family at constant monthly expenses. The rent, the payment of the loan or mortgage, the cost of mobile communication, payment of kindergarten, school, medicine, food and personal hygiene. All this is easy to calculate, to know for sure how much you will have to spend, because these costs - are required.

Some economists are advised to take into account the costs of long-life products that you can buy for the future, apart from the perishable. Therefore, before all these counts remove residue foods such as sugar, flour, tea, salt, and calculate exactly how much you need to buy for the next month. The same applies to personal care and household products: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, detergents, cleaning products and washing dishes and so on. Probably, especially if you are discussing the budget, together with family members, you will find new ways to save.

Doubtless is the fact that we expect, and the circumstances are such as are formed, and therefore in expenditure must be present so-called item for unforeseen expenses. Better to let this amount or part of it automatically "moves" to the next month than you have to, if necessary, and to urgently review all expenditure items, or worse, go into debt, so that your budget is not started "bursting at the seams."

 family budget is

Large waste

Once you have considered all possible and mandatory spending, we can think about major purchases. Every thing in the house has its lifetime, and the development of technology today is advancing by leaps and bounds. And you want a more modern computer, more efficient refrigerator, window into the wider (the TV screen), a cell phone with a great feature set. But how it all fit into the rubber is not the family budget? Very simple.

For larger purchases it is best to save money gradually. This is also one way of budgeting. It is better to save for a new car than to take another loan and instead spend the money on his family to carry money in the bank as interest. Moreover, it is unreasonable, so also it is insulting. You take a loan other people's money and time, and to give their accounts and for all. There is, however, another way of looking to buy things on credit.

If a thing is needed today, not a year when will be able to accumulate the required amount - of course, it is necessary to plan and buy today. Then keep in mind when planning the budget interest expense on the loan to the bank. You might be comforted with the thought that while you save up money, inflation is still part of them manage to "eat", so the payment of interest on the loan does not look so bad.

And when planning the purchase of new appliances, think about where you are going to do with the old? Send to a landfill or in a closet? But this is unreasonable! It is far better to sell your unwanted item. You can sell through various online portals are specifically designed for this purpose. Thus, you not only do not turn your closet into a warehouse junk, but also to raise funds that ceased to be a fit for you, but can serve to someone else. The same goes for recreation. It is best to plan your vacation and is not a time to invest in it all the available means, and gradually to save money on vacation.

How to conduct the family budget, how to plan, to whom to entrust the management - to decide, of course, you. But try, that no matter how much you earn, you have enough money, and the decision of household and financial matters not become the stumbling block, of which break your family. You can make money, but the only irreplaceable capital is nothing - it is love, respect and family.

 Family budget: keep abreast

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