visual lip augmentation


  • Traditional and modern make-up special funds
  • Traditional ways of doing plump lips
  • Special exercises

Lush and sensual lips firmly established in the fashion of the XXI century. Many girls and adult women want to increase their lips to look more attractive and sexier. Today, plump and alluring female mouth is serious competition even beautiful big eyes languishing. A good example is actress Angelina Jolie, beautiful eyes which still overshadows the shape of her lips standard. How to visually enlarge the lips without resorting to the services of a plastic surgeon? There are several effective methods in order to make them look bigger in size and attractiveness.
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Traditional and modern make-up special funds

In order to give the lips desired shape and volume, you can use the classical rules of make-up.

  • The color of lipstick should be lighter. Its structure - glossy. Shining bright lips always look more magnificent than dark and opaque.
  • Before drawing the contour cause prepares the tonal basis. For example, a cream powder.
  • Stroke lips bright pearl pencil or highlighter. This will give extra volume, making them sculptural convex.
  • A clear outline should be carried out only at the upper lip, stepping outside up no more than half a centimeter. Bottom contour need shade, making a natural transition.
  • The maximum effect is to increase the lips with the help of make-up can be achieved using liquid shimmering sheen. It is applied on a lipstick or even instead of it. The most brilliant place on the lips should be in the middle of them. Bright spot can be put on any color lipstick.
  • Use a special brush for shading. Contour draw short strokes from the middle to the edges.

Modern cosmetics also help visually enlarge thin lips. Special shines "Plumper" give a short, about a two-hour seductive effect swelling. They include pepper, cinnamon, ginger and menthol. After applying the lip begins to pinch a little, and they are slightly swollen, increased in size.

For those who are willing to take a step further, there is another modern way to give an additional amount of lips. He is on the verge of cosmetics and surgery. This tattoo or permanent make-up lips. A special dye is injected under the skin with a fine needle. Then the shade. The average tattoo lasts from three to five years. Then fades and disappears. It can be combined with conventional cosmetics. However, it is not for everyone, as it has a number of medical contraindications.

 visual techniques lip augmentation
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Traditional ways of doing plump lips

Our grandparents did not have such stunning beauty opportunities that we have with you. They had to use the natural "Plumper" and their own wit. The effect of the old methods of lip augmentation is small, but brings the total benefits to the body.

  • Daily massage. It is necessary to carefully massage the lips with a toothbrush twice a day. The natural circulation will improve, they will become softer, brighter and more magnificent.
  • Scrub. You can buy modern and expensive. And you can take a bit of honey and rub it the same toothbrush. As scrub suit as a mixture of sugar, moisturizing oils and water. After prolonged use of the lips should be visually increase due to the constant blood flow and renewal of skin cells.
  • Essential oils. A few drops of cinnamon oil, peppermint or cayenne pepper jelly in turn ordinary balm for lip augmentation. The effect is nearly the same as that of the proprietary special gloss.
  • The contrast in temperature. Take a few ice cubes and hot water. Alternately, put it to his lips ice and heat them. Then, a little bite teeth. After application of an increase in the size and brightness of the color of the lips. Instead of ice can take the snow, but instead use the water vapor. The effect is visible immediately.

 exercises for the visual lip augmentation

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Special exercises

To lips do not lose their shape, you need to train them on a daily basis. It will also help to visually enlarge them. There are many different exercises.   But among them there are several major and is doing them at least once a day for 10 reps each.

  • Open and close highly elongated tube lip forward.
  • Alternate pulling forward with their lips stretch into a smile.
  • "Warp" inward pushing one another.
  • Blows air through the steep-sided tube mouth. First, uniformly, and then thrusts.
  • Turn closed lips apart. Write out of eight.
  • Intones the vowels "a-eh-o-y", greatly opening mouth.
  • Pull the tongue forward and keep it in this position for about three seconds.
  • Within a few minutes to whistle any tune.

These exercises strengthen the muscles of the lips and make them clearer. But do not forget that the strong opening of the mouth can form additional facial wrinkles. As an alternative to these exercises, you can see the game on wind instruments.

In order to visually enlarge the lips, you can use any of the above methods. Or try everything, if you have time and desire. Remember that a quick and clear result will be only on the application of cosmetics and "annoying" means. A long and lasting effect - from regular mechanical impact: exercise and massage.

 Effective ways of increasing the visual lip

 beautiful eye makeup


  • Daytime eye makeup
  • How to apply eye shadow everyday makeup
  • Completion makeup
  • evening make-up
  • Makeup "Smokey Aes"

The way she knows how to do make-up depends largely on its image. Sloppy or causing too much make-up can spoil not only the appearance but also cause hostility surrounding people. Therefore, it is also important from an early age to tell the young fashionistas, how to paint eyes, teach her both day and evening makeup.
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Daytime eye makeup

Casual makeup should look the most natural. Therefore, the need to choose the appropriate color. Best of all, if it is a body-brown gamma. Also welcome gentle pastel shades. Make-up begins with cleaning the face in any usual way. Before you paint the eyes, it is required to put the base cream. It could be any day cream or gel for an age that leaves no greasy residue. Remains of the cream should be removed with a napkin. To make the eye expressive, it is necessary to apply the contour of the upper eyelid (water line) along the lash. Doing it the best special Kayal-pencil or antimony.

For daytime make-up paint over only the water line of the upper eyelid, and it should be done only between the lashes.

This line must seem to merge with the eyelashes, it does make expressive and at the same time natural.

To make stayed all day, never rolled down did not imprinted, it is advisable to use a special base for the shade. This creamy, which often has the skin tone, and by which the shadows and eyeliner look perfect all day. Many girls do not always know how to paint eyes for everyday makeup, it is necessary to use the shadows. Of course, you can do without them, but with the shadows of natural colors eyes look more natural.

Light beige shade without Shimmer (sparkles), which are applied to the upper eyelid eyes make makeup natural and more accurate. Then, pencil or liquid eyeliner drawn contour along the lash. And the closer to the eyelashes, the better.

 applying eye shadow on
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How to apply eye shadow everyday makeup

How to paint eyes, using the shade of pastel shades, knows practically every woman. For daily makeup should be applied to the eyes only a dry route (not dipping the applicator into the water). You first need to make up bright shade on the upper eyelid over the lashes from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. It may be light gray, beige, pale green shade. Before you paint eyes darker shade must be carefully shaded light shade, it will provide a smooth transition between colors.

Then takes on a shade darker tone, it might be dark gray or brown. They need to paint very carefully, only to set off the eyes. The dark shade is applied only to the outer corner of the eye, all carefully shaded with a brush or applicator. If the upper eyelid hangs over his eyes, it is necessary to paint over the dark shadows of the fold, which is where the ends eyeball. It is a bit visually lift the upper eyelid.
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Completion makeup

It now remains only to paint the lashes. Mascara for a natural makeup is necessary to take natural shades. For brunettes - a black shades for blondes and brown-haired women - brown. Dye ink preferably one or at most two layers, or makeup will look unnatural. The lower lashes to paint is not necessary, it is always making eyes doll.

Most of the girls know how to paint eyes, but not all are able to emphasize the beautiful eyebrows. Now there are a lot of funds for this purpose. For daytime make-up are ideal eyebrow powder or pencil. If eyebrows are beautiful natural shape and color, it is possible to confine a colorless gel that will give them a well-groomed appearance. Pencil or powder is necessary to paint strokes, then a little shade. It should be painted neatly, without going beyond the natural shape of the eyebrows.

 the final eye makeup
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evening make-up

Not all women know how to paint eyes for evening make-up, it seems that the brighter the make-up, the more beautiful. In fact, it is not quite so bright coloring too often looks quite vulgar. Therefore, it is important not to cross that line, we should not be painted too provocatively. For evening make-up, you can use the same shades of shadows as for the day. They need only be applied wet process using a wet brush or applicator.

This will make the color more vivid. Also pertinent pearly cream shade, they are applied to the point where the end begins eyeballs fold. This application is especially suitable for the almond-shaped eyes. Such shade light shades will look beautiful if to make up all of the upper eyelid. Shadow complement arrows that can be wide.

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Makeup "Smokey Aes"

In recent years more and more popular acquires makeup called "Smokey Aes". But not everyone knows how to paint eyes in a similar way. In fact, it is not so difficult. First we need to paint over the water line, both on the upper eyelid and the lower. And you need to paint a special pencil Kayal or antimony, a pencil for this purpose will not do. Then the arrow is applied on the upper eyelid. First lead line from the inner corner of the eye to the outside, it is gradually expanding.

Then carefully all the shade to form a haze around the eyes . The next step is paint a dark gray or black shadow, thus further emphasizing the eyes. Shadows also applied to the lower eyelid. Under eyebrow paint over white shadows. For make-up "smokey Aes" in blue can be painted eyelashes in the same shade of blue. If a similar make-up was carried out in a gray-black color, and it is better to choose the appropriate ink.

Kras right - it is a complex science. So the sooner a girl learns the skill of make-up, the better. It should be remembered that the natural way of pleasing to the eye, it's always a win-win situation for all occasions. The less paint on the face, the easier it is to find common ground with others, without triggering condemnation. Kras throws - easy, but to make discreet make-up - a real skill.

 How to properly make up eyes: Makeup Secrets