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  • Benefits for services in the field of public utilities, communications, transportation
  • Benefits at retirement
  • What right has a large family
  • Payments to families with many children
  • How to solve the demographic problem, and can it be done ?

Almost all European countries have a law aimed at supporting large families. Russia is no exception. In recent years, significantly expanded the rights of mothers with many children, increased child benefits, has more benefits. It would seem that many children need to feel secure enough, but it's not as easy as it might seem at first glance. The law is (or rather, even laws), but its mechanism of action is not discharged in the best way, which leads to a variety of problems. And often, to get the benefits, mothers of large families have to pester officials' offices.

Why is this happening? Why does not the law, and if they work, with big scratch? We will try to at least partially understand the situation and respond to large mothers, single mothers on the most vital issues that concern them.

To begin with, whom the law considers the mother of many children. Federal law states that such a woman who is dependent on its three or more children (under 18 years). In addition to federal laws in each region of the Russian Federation to develop their programs aimed at supporting large families living in a particular region (country, province, region).

Help these families is in different areas. We have tried to arrange the main benefits and payments, which can expect mothers of large families, including single mothers who are raising three or more children.

Benefits for services in the field of public utilities, communications, transportation

Today, tariffs for housing and communal services, which are expensive and so are growing with an enviable constancy. And, of course, those benefits, compensation and benefits to which families with children are all right, play a very important role in the family budget. So, if you pay utilities family with three children receive a 30 percent discount. If a family of four to six children, the discount is 50 percent, and in the presence of seven or more children, the family is exempt from the payment completely.

In addition, families receive a 50 percent discount to pay for telephone services. Parents with 5 or more children receive monthly payments to reimburse the cost of public transport.

To date, many children there are a list of benefits. Mothers receive a monthly allowance for the period of leave to care for a child under the age of eighteen (Federal Law "On State benefits for citizens with children" on May 19, 1995). The allowance for mothers having many children is based on the minimum wage, which is set by federal law, regardless of the number of children.

 mother of many children benefits

Benefits at retirement

Federal Law "On labor pensions in the Russian Federation", effective 1 January 2002, provides as follows: women who have given birth five or more children and raised them up to 8 years are entitled to a pension upon reaching 50 years old with 15 years of insurance. If the experience is not available, the old age pension is assigned on a general basis. For rural women, who gave birth to five or more children and raised them to the age of 8, the law provides for retirement at 50 years without any reservations.

What right has a large family

A list of the rights of a large family is extensive, but, unfortunately, not always, these rights have real meaning.

Thus, the law states that the large family are entitled to:

  • Free meals for children who are in school
  • Free medicines on prescription
  • free textbooks
  • free education in art schools
  • free admission to zoos
  • free travel on public transport (except taxis and minibuses)

In addition, families with children are entitled to free land, and also to receive significant compensation from the state for housing.

We have listed the most basic rights of large families, in fact there are many more. But many examples show, in practice, these rights are exercised very difficult. Local officials in most cases simply sabotage the fulfillment of the requirements, which puts the law.

No, right would hardly refuse, but getting preferences from the state, enshrined in law, would be decorated with so many bureaucratic obstacles that it will have to spend a lot of time. And is there this time, mothers of large families, which shoulders a big family. What about single mothers raising three or more children?

It is particularly difficult to achieve satisfaction of their rights to land. As a rule, officials say there is no free sites. Here corruption schemes worked out a long time ago, in the sale of land, local authorities earn their money.

Imperfect mechanism of action for the good laws make them viable.

Payments to families with many children

What payment can expect large families - with this question very often refer parents raising three or more children.

Firstly, large families receive monthly allowances from the state for each child.

Second, they are also entitled to receive payment for the purchase of school uniforms (once a year).

If a family of ten children, they also put the payment confined to certain holidays. In addition, mothers of families will receive additional payments upon retirement.

 right mother of many children

How to solve the demographic problem, and can it be done?

The question, of course, interesting, you can ask it, but we are aware that in the current situation prevailing in the country, it sounds rhetorically. Meanwhile, currently fertility problem is so extensive that it is time to talk about the threat to national security. After all, in fact, we are talking not about the growth of the population, but at least the reproduction.

However, what kind of reproduction can be discussed if the vast majority of families one child, two - that's a lot. Those who decide to become parents of many children - little offensively. According to statistical data, which, as we know, knows all, families with children make up a measly 3 percent of the total number of families with minor children. In other words, families are currently unpopular.

Why is this happening? Life today is not easy. Many do not want to have children already, and for ideological reasons. In the world there is a growing movement under the slogan «Childe free». That is, couples are generally well educated, with a prestigious, well-paid jobs are taking quite a conscious decision not to have children. Never. It scares. But on the other hand, it is their choice, they have a right to it, and no one can force them to do otherwise. But the trend is undoubtedly frightening.

In Russia, too, there are such pairs. They believe that even the birth of a child infringes their own rights, worsens financial status. Those who are determined not so radically, limited to one child, "not wanting to produce misery." That such considerations are guided by many Russians.

How to change the situation? What should be done to the public consciousness took the stereotype that many children are born mostly in asocial families, not caring about their future, that the children receive a decent education?

Probably, a lot depends on the state. It must ensure that any law designed to help large families, to work, rather than remain fine words on paper. Its mechanism of action should be such as to minimize the ordeal of large families who want to get their benefits and payments that are guaranteed by federal law.

Such action by the state, of course, will play a positive role. Society needs to understand that a large family is important not only in terms of changes in the demographic situation in the country. Large family creates and fosters a harmonious personality, rather than a family, bringing up a child. Children from large families more easily adapt to any social setting, they have a stable psyche, they are more sociable.

If short, it is necessary not just to help these families overcome financial problems, adding new cash payments. The main thing - to help large families realize the basic functions of the family - education of these people, without which no country has no future.

 Benefits of mothers of large families

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 benefits for single mothers


  • Who is the mother - a single
  • Registration status of the mother - single
  • Moscow social protection program
  • The labor warranty
  • Kindergarten and School
  • The benefits of the tax code
  • Housing benefits

Lonely mom in our time is not uncommon. Sociologists argue about the reasons for such a massive collapse of the family. Someone suffers on the feminization of society. Someone accuses of irresponsible men who are used to shift the entire burden of responsibility on women's shoulders and run away from problems at first they appear. Whatever it was, but the women who are forced to bring up children today are vast. And such a state aid to mothers is a must.

Each country has its own way of addressing the issue. And, as a rule, a constitution includes a section on benefits for single mothers. However, the law is the law. It is official, dry and impartial. He was not concerned about any women's tears or broken fate. To have the force of law only documents. What kind? I know this is not all. And not every single mom knows his rights. We decided to fill this gap and to clarify: what benefits from single mothers provides Russian law.

Who is a single mother

First, let's define who this single mother. If the neighbor on the bench with incredible ease hang like a tag for any woman who does not have the financial support of her husband, then the law in this respect his opinion. The state will take you to a single mother, if you:

  • gave birth to a child out of wedlock;
  • if the baby was born three hundred days after your divorce;
  • If the father is not set (ie, in paternity column is blank);
  • when the divorce came sooner than three hundred days after the birth of the baby, but ex-husband contested paternity in court;
  • if you adopted a child, but are not officially married.

In any other case, the woman is not considered to be a single mother. Even if her husband is dead, you will be considered legally widow. This assistance from the state, of course, will be. But you will receive survivors' benefits, but not payments to single mothers.

Most women, for whatever reason are deprived of parental rights of a man and hope that now the state will pay them a certain amount of child support. However, Russian law in its own looks at these situations. Legally, even deprived of parental rights, the man is the father of the child and is obliged to pay him alimony.

Therefore, the benefits of a single mother from the state such a woman is not allowed. That is if the legal father of the child is set, the entire load to ensure the child goes to it on his shoulders. Of course, modern man often take time off from such commitments, turning from a handsome prince in alimony dodgers, but that's another story.

And now let's talk about one very common mistake made by women to protect their child from human gossip. It is about inventing a father for the newborn. And if the young mother did so only among friends and neighbors. But no. They continue to lie in the registry office, entering the caption "father" of the non-existent man (his father, grandfather, or a favorite actor). And everything is nothing. It seems from all wonderful.

The full set of documents "mother + father", and for friends invented tearjerker, and kindergarten is not ashamed to give the child. But here's the problem - in this story would not believe stricter customs when crossing the state border child. The law requires them not to release underage children to another country without a notarized consent of his father. And what is the name you specified in the document? Sergey Bezrukov? Well, where is it now, you'll look for? That's right. Plus, some medical clinics also require the permission of both parents for the operation, if the surgery is risky.

So imagine you at the crucial time when at stake is the life of a child, trying to prove to bureaucrats in a white robe, his father coined and entered only to be able to safely drive a kid to kindergarten, without fear that it will be call fatherlessness. It's worth it? Hardly.

No, we do not agitate single moms put in the "father" of the dash. Just make sure that workers registrar made a small postscript in the document "written with the words of the mother." All this is quite enough. Now you can move freely and with a child from one country to another, to give the child to kindergarten without the risk of being convicted and try on the title of a single mother.

To tour was devoid of any unpleasant surprises in the form of slow-witted customs officers, bring a book of single mothers. About how her issue, read the next paragraph. And what the payment of single mothers.

 single mother benefits

Registration status of single mothers

For centuries people depend on status, documents and other legal red tape. Every human action must be documented, otherwise the government will deny payments. Do not spare the bureaucratic machine, and single women. Therefore, if you want to have all the rights of single mothers, then please register your status. It must be done in the Committee on Social Protection to your place of residence. It was there that the inspector will explain to you in detail how the list of documents required for registration and what ultimately the rights and benefits available to you.

Running a little ahead, tell you that the amount of aid from the state depends on your work. If the woman does not work, put it benefits a single mother in 1873 at a rate of 10 rubles over the next 16 years. This absolutely does not matter, the child goes to kindergarten or not. Taken into account only the working activity of the mother. Running as a woman will be paid 40% of average earnings. By the way, going to the Social Protection Committee, do not forget to bring along:

  • passport;
  • birth certificate;
  • a certificate from the housing department, certifying that the child is living with you;
  • labor and savings books;
  • income statement for the last three months.

Moscow social protection program

If you - a single mother, who lives in Moscow, then you apply a comprehensive program of the Government of Moscow. That is in addition to the above benefits, you will be entitled to a number of additional benefits. For example:

  • monthly compensation payment a single mother of a child, if it is lower than the average level of income. The amount of the additional allowance amounts to 500 rubles.
  • if the per capita income of more than the subsistence minimum, the monthly benefit is reduced to 170 rubles.
  • Add to that a monthly allowance for meals for children up to three years at a rate of 500 rubles.

By the way, this is also the payment of compensation to large families, student, conscript, disabled children and those children whose parents are wanted for non-payment of alimony. Need I add that this benefit enjoyed nearly half the population of the capital?

The labor warranty

The Labor Code provides plenty of benefits for single mothers.

  1. Benefits for the care of a sick child

    If the treatment is carried out permanently, the aid is granted depending on the length of continuous seniority mother. When outpatient treatment, this rule is stored in the first 10 days, while on the 11th day of treatment the woman put 50% of its earnings regardless of the total time. If the child - preschool and goes to kindergarten, the mother's allowance issued in full. When illness of a child between the ages of 7 to 15 years old pay the first 15 days, unless it is medically necessary to extend the treatment.

  2. Termination of employment contract

    The law provides a lot of benefits for single mothers in the event of termination of the employment contract. A single mother can not be reduced to fire on the unsuitability for the post because of insufficient qualifications. It does not pass under the reduction due to the change of the company's management. Even with the liquidation of the enterprise single mothers are granted rights for compulsory recruitment.

  3. Accommodation

    Single mothers rely extra two weeks of unpaid leave, which she can use as a whole or in parts, but does not have the right to move to the next year. If you have a single mother at the hands of a disabled child, she is entitled to four extra paid days off.

 benefits a single mother

Kindergarten and School

Every mother knows how difficult it is to get the budget kindergarten. It seems that to stand in line for a place in the nursery should be at the time when the child is only planned. But if you - a single mother, the law gives you the right to write to the kindergarten without queuing. And this is true. After all, if a child is to ensure entirely on the shoulders of a woman, that she needed to go to work much earlier, to feed the baby.

By the way, pay for daycare for single mothers is also halved. The same applies to the children's clubs, music schools and other educational institutions. That is, the state provides a maximum capacity of a single mother to stand up. As for the monthly payments that collects kindergarten with parents, bypassing the letter of the law (here you and widespread extortion of repairs, new game room or a tape recorder in the music room) then the state can do nothing. If the required amount of teachers is high, try to challenge it orally.

Many women complain about the fact that the allowance is not something that you can not live, but even to survive. We fully agree with you. But look how many single mothers around. And if you multiply the number of those in need in the amount of the benefit, it turns out, even a colossal scale in the state amount.

There is one caveat when determining the child in kindergarten. The fact that the country has dramatically increased the number of single mothers. Therefore, the right to an extraordinary device in the kindergarten has to share. To this end, we coined the so-called privileged place in which there are only single mothers. As for the school, then the single women here are provided social benefits. In particular - free child two meals in the school cafeteria.

The benefits of the tax code

As is known, the Russian Tax Code provides a tax deduction in the amount of 300 rubles a month for each child of the taxpayer. For single mothers tax benefits are doubled. That is, it can not "dodavat" State 600 rubles a month on legal grounds. And this privilege is valid as long as the child is 18 years old. By the way, if a single mother marries, the double tax deduction, too, is no longer valid, and now it will pay the standard deduction of 300 rubles, as well as all other parents.

Housing benefits

Housing benefits for single mothers rather scarce. If you believe the law, the single-parent families have the right to an extraordinary housing. But then come into force amendments to almost completely nullify the action of the law itself. The fact that the privileges are families with many children and mothers-heroines. Therefore, in order to obtain housing, a single mother, you must first prove the necessity of its receipt, and after defending preferential turn, often almost longer than usual.

Add to this the standard red tape with scraps of paper, and you will understand that getting housing single mother is almost impossible. The same applies to ordinary buying an apartment. You agree that live on welfare for single mothers and at the same time raise money for their own homes - this is from the realm of fantasy. Therefore, we will wait until the Housing Code will take into account the rights of single mothers and to help them improve their living conditions.

Finally we wish all single mothers: do not despair. You're not alone. And let your life is not a man but a child - the best that can be in this life. Even if you are living paycheck to paycheck, knocking benefits from the state, still you stay immensely rich woman. A wealth of this is in the children's smiles and priceless moments of joy that gives you a child growing up. Appreciate it and let your life will be all right!

 Benefits for mothers - alone: ​​we follow the letter of the law

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