Goods from the United States and China

Nowadays, great distances are no longer an insurmountable obstacle in the way of those wishing to buy goods from the United States, China and Europe: a kind of "bridge" between the product and consumer of steel, special online services. One of them will be discussed in this article. - is a site where people of Russia and CIS countries can find and order products to Taobao, eBay, Amazon and AliExpress - four of the largest marketplaces in the world.

Why you should use it

The first advantage of the service - a convenient search all sites. Proceed as follows: enter the name of the product or a keyword to it, then click on the tab of the platform on which we plan to order this or that thing.

It is worth noting that the left is a system of filters for different platforms, it will be different. Consider the case of the example of eBay. Here are both new and second-hand goods / y, and then filtering will consider options for displaying product categories present at the desired site. Simply put, if there is a division on eBay in the category, they are duplicated and

Anyone interested in the trend products direct route to the main page: there is information about the "hot" offers, and blocks with related products.

Another useful "trick" - it is "the ability» identify copy-paste links to the items taken from the page of the seller. "Smart" service "know" link and place everything within its interface.

Another important advantage of the service - thoughtful usability, intuitive interface. Also, a plus in karma is built translator Google, so that to learn Chinese is not exactly necessary.

How to calculate the cost of delivery? The site a special calculator with detailed explanations of what was going on.

 Goods from the United States and China

Confusion with the sizes, too, should not arise because there is clear correspondence table sizes of shoes and clothing.

The procedure itself is very simple to order and understandable even for beginners. As for the active buyers, they certainly appreciate the opportunity to make their delivery address in a special profile, in order to then insert them in the order form in one click. The international format of the address entered, the system converts automatically.

Warms the soul and the fact that the information about the additional services provided directly in the order process, to the same price and they appear immediately.

It should be said about the saving options and payment methods. Total 13 ways, including, it is an alternative to the usual credit cards (Yandex, WebMoney, QIWI, etc.). With pay no problem. It is important that does not oblige the customer to use the services of their own warehouses. If the ability to deliver the goods directly to the buyer will be sure to inform the user about it.


Not without a spoon of tar in a barrel of honey. For several reasons, temporarily unable to deliver the goods from Europe, also has a limit of 30 kg on the weight of the order. There is a delay of 3-5 days to obtain the tracking number after sending.


We have our own group VKontakte (, you can share your feedback about the service. Welcomes the constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement of the service.

Verdict - a useful service, greatly simplifying the process of purchasing goods over the Internet. It will appeal to both novices in overseas online shopping, and experienced shopaholics.

 Goods from the United States and China

 The three most successful women in poker

In light of the unprecedented demand for poker and gambling is for you dear readers, we offer a brief overview compiled by the flagship Russian poker portal and dedicated to the three most outstanding women pokeristkam, which tops the list of some of the gamblers and can seriously compete with the men. Undoubtedly, Kathy Liebert is the most succeeded (financially) a woman in the poker industry, as for all professional poker career, she won a little big 5 million US dollars.

 Kathy Liebert

It should be noted next that in the game she has repeatedly come out the winner of such prestigious international poker competitions, as LA Poker Classic, World Poker Tour, Party Poker Million, Legends of Poker, World Series of Poker and the number of other equally prestigious tournaments. In addition, it holds the world record Cathy poker because she was the first girl pokeristka, won a million dollars on its own.

Libert often refer to as the American poker legend. This is due to the fact that a woman has a pretty distinctive feature, namely the ability to intelligently manage money, to win in poker tournaments. She invested her savings in a profitable and promising projects, while the majority of successful poker people who spend their own winnings valuables, expensive clothes and sports cars. As a rule, Kathy currently leaves only a small part of the winnings, mostly enjoying the revenues that bring its contributions.

Among the fans and spectators, as well as mothers and experienced professionals, Cathy managed to win an unprecedented glory, respect and fame. During his professional career pokeristki toward Kathy Liebert never strewed or a remark or a bad word. It is fully open to all, and with great pleasure that provides answers to any questions and signing autographs.

No less successful in the poker world and is also Vanessa Selbst, who is a member of a team of professionals Team PokerStars Pro and repeatedly proves its own status professionalka. It is noteworthy that Selbst since childhood had an equal interest in the Arts and Sciences, that is fully developed, and a lot of time to the sport. This commitment has allowed Vanessa to develop their tactics exclusive games and style.

 Vanessa Selbst

As the age of seven she was first introduced to the game of poker. When Selbst was studying at Yale, then it begins to actively delve into the basics of the card game and some time later shows the first significant achievements. It should be noted that her opponents at the poker table were the players who have already achieved tremendous results. Of all the ways to share experience, she prefers to chat online in various forums.

In addition Vanessa Selbst is a member of the professional team of the poker room PokerStars. In tournaments and competitions in poker game, she acts under the nickname «Fslexcduck». She prefers to play on the limits of medium size and small buy-ins. Despite won fame Selbst tries to avoid television wearing entertaining, as well as high-profile and high-profile show, preferably communicating through the Internet, that is living a quiet and measured life. Private and free gaming time, she mostly spends his own studio, where he recorded training video lectures on the game of poker, which introduces rules of the card game and gives their own life advice.

Closes the top three athletes "The Duchess of Poker" - Annie Duke. The desire to poker awakened the girl when she was already 22 years old. Until that time, Duke played with Howard Lederorom (her brother, former part-owner of the poker room Full Tilt Poker and professional player).

 Annie Duke

Today Annie Duke is popular as its participation in the company, which zanimayuetsya developing gaming applications and programs for online poker. As a bright victory Annie made a triumph in the tournament that bears the name of the non-standard "Rock-paper-scissors", which was held in the framework of competition WSOP. As with all representatives of the poker world, and now she is trying to play on a daily basis, thereby improving every day and increase their level of professionalism.

 The three most successful women in poker