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The day when even the most timid and indecisive lover without words can confess her feelings. Holiday, do not assume the pompous celebrations and revelry. But, nevertheless, for anyone who knows firsthand what love is, February 14 - it is a holiday associated with the expectation of something special, romantic and light.

Despite the fact that in our country began to celebrate Valentine's Day recently, we are pleased to have adopted the tradition of light, making it an occasion to say once again about his feelings to those who are dear to us. If you believe the national signs, even the birds that day choose a mate and start courting his second half. Pigeons are one of the symbols of this holiday, because they are - an example of loyalty, because choosing a mate once and for all life.

Who was Saint Valentine?

The history of Valentine's Day is rooted in the deep past, when the gods were said at the time, they lived among the people. To eradicate the remnants of pagan beliefs, in 496, Pope Gelasius I ordered to give a holiday to honor Juno, the goddess of love and the god of carnal pleasures Faun another name and brand change its meaning. So there was Valentine's Day.

However, according to the historical facts, the holy martyrs with that name had three. The first was a priest and a doctor during the reign of Emperor Claudius II, the second - the Italian bishop, and the third even claimed the papacy, and preached the merits of the bonds of marriage as the embodiment of Christian love.

But until now, reliable information about who exactly in honor of its name Valentine's Day, unfortunately, no. As there is no firm assurance that he really should symbolize, because Valentin is often depicted on icons as a healer. So the history of the origin of the day of lovers and the related right to the end of his interpretation of humanity is unknown. Since reliable data remained quite small, over the many centuries of the holiday Valentine's name has acquired many legends, beautiful and romantic as this very day. Which of them are true or most similar to the truth, it is difficult to say right now.

But one of the legends can be heard more often than others. Perhaps it was the way it was, because its main character was a real historical figure, one of the three saints, after which, perhaps, Valentine's Day and got its name. I lived the patron of lovers, as mentioned above, in Italy during the reign of Emperor Claudius II, and he was a devout Christian and a priest. Emperor Claudius forbade his legionaries to marry, to the thought of his beloved and abandoned the family hearth divert its troops from the only truly masculine occupation - war.

But love - a magical feeling, it does not choose the time and place, to knock at people's hearts. And Valentine secretly connects the hearts of lovers of the emperor, crowning and fastened together by marriage. On hearing this, Claudius ordered the priest put in prison, and appointed a day penalty. One legend says that the prison walls scorched him a wonderful feeling. Valentine fell in love with the daughter of a famous dignitary, and on the night before his execution he confessed to her his feelings, signing a letter, "Your Valentine." A February 14 went on the block with the name on the lips of his beloved.

According to another legend, Valentine was a Roman patrician, secretly accepted Christianity and contact him servants. During the wedding ceremony itself, Valentin, and the couple were arrested. However, Patricia soon released, but his servants waiting for execution. Wanting to support their brothers and sisters in Christ, Valentin wrote letters to each of them with red hearts - symbol of love. He personally brought these letters to the prison guards and persuaded to exchange love life on his own. Roman Sacrifice, as the legend, found an echo in the hearts of many of his countrymen: they have not forgotten the brave deed patrician. But the hour of his martyrdom was known to the world as Valentine's Day.

It is possible that all this is just speculation, but the history of the festival on 14 February, has since connected with the name of the famous saint, who died in the name of the right to be together in love and became the patron saint of all those whose hearts are full of this magical feeling.

 Valentine's Day

Rituals and traditions of Valentine's Day

Very interesting tradition of Valentine's Day. Many of them came to us from ancient times, and some are quite modern. In different countries of the world in its own decided to celebrate Valentine's Day, but everywhere February 14 is considered especially successful date for the conclusion of marriages. People believe that the curse before the altar in the day have almost magical powers, and married life will be very happy. It is difficult to say whether this is in fact, but it is possible that the pair, who became husband and wife on the day of lovers, thus really gives himself some setting in the future, be faithful, respect and trepidation treat each other.

Also, there was the assertion that it is Valentine's Day for the woman is completely acceptable to ask her lover to marry her. In some countries, unmarried ladies decided to give the fair sex in the Valentine's Day apparel. If the offering is graciously accepted, it means that the woman agrees to marry the donor. Some of the signs associated with birds. They say that if Valentine's Day girl sees goldfinch, it waits for a successful marriage with a rich man from a noble family.

Many men tried to February 14 early in the morning to be in the vicinity of the house where they lived lady. It was believed that the first young man seen in a woman Valentine's Day, should become her husband.

For several centuries in some European countries, unmarried girls on Valentine's Day come together and write little notes with their names and placed them in a box. Then join them and begin to boys in turn removed from the box cherished leaves, choosing a mate for the whole next year.

By the day of lovers in many countries, it was decided to guess to find out the name of the future husband or wife. In Europe, especially popular is the divination in two halves walnut shell with reinforced them with burning candles. On Valentine's Day they dipped into the water and watch if the shells floating around, then the relationship will be successful, and if they turn over or swim in different directions, the marriage does not work out.

To learn the name of her spouse, young girls come to the February 14 reservoirs and submerged (if not frozen) prepared in advance sheets of paper with masculine names. One leaflet that comes up first, and will reveal the name of her future husband.

Several ways to celebrate February 14

Just like any other holiday, Valentine's Day requires preparation. Not only your mind can come to the idea to have dinner by candlelight in a restaurant or go to the rink with his beloved or lover. And you do not have to make excuses for the fact that all the tables in the restaurant are busy, it is best to order in advance. But not necessarily in the day to follow the stereotypes and go to a restaurant. If you give your own taste, you can surprise your beloved and make the February 14 holiday, which will be the most vivid and beautiful memories. Let's see what are the options to make a magical and unforgettable holiday.

First, a few ideas for those who have long been in a relationship or is already married couple. For them, Valentine's Day - a way to refresh your senses and fill them with new colors. What if you remember the place where you first met, or a declaration of love, and leave it there, taking with him a bottle of champagne and two glasses? Just imagine the wonderful and important events of your life, feel and prosmakuyte each of them in memory. Again, like the first time, admit the feelings of each other.

Book a room and spend Valentine's Day without leaving the shaded bedroom. This celebration of passion. By the way, dinner can also be booked directly at the bed and greet each other with kisses punctuating toast; sometimes kissing can tell a lot more about the love of words.

Remove the house outside the city, and sitting comfortably at this fireplace with a mug of hot mulled wine, just Stay together. Far from everyday worries and problems. This holiday can be especially important for those who have children. And grandparents provide you with the opportunity to once again be happy to talk with their grandchildren.

Some ideas will suit any couple, regardless of whether they have some time together or that everything is just beginning. Play, hide from the beloved. Yes, there is no clause or trick. Let him feel Pinkerton or knight who, having solved a few mysteries, to find his beloved. Valentine, otkrytochku small heart-shaped tips will guide him in your footsteps. By the way, for the gift of ingenuity and perseverance can become a sex in an unusual place. He's looking for you for so long and deserves a reward!

Arrange a joint photo session. And not just a costume. Let your favorite see how you are multi-faceted and fascinating. How wonderful to look at the image of the forest nymphs or arrogant empress. If you have enough looseness, the photo shoot can be quite erotic. And this may result in a costume celebration passionate sex. And pictures remaining on the memory will not let you forget the feeling of the day for many years.

 St. Valentine's Day

What do you give? ..

On Valentine's Day decided to give each other gifts, one way or another connected c symbols of this holiday. The main character - the heart. Valentine - cute declaration of love and friendship. An interesting fact of occurrence of these letters: the Duke of Orleans, while in detention, he wrote a passionate recognition of his beloved wife.

They presented not only love each other - they can give to friends and acquaintances as a sign of special favor. But if you are a couple or just want to become it, you will not give valentines that are sold in a variety of stalls. You write them yourself and want to be sure to please your sweetheart or lover something special.

Before Valentine's Day is always a great selection of different chocolates and cakes made in the form of heart. Suitable for a romantic evening by candlelight, if you decide that your gift should be just sweet. And if you want to make an original gift, it is necessary to dream.

  • Give your sweetheart a T-shirt with some interesting inscription. Or with a simple declaration of love. Even better decorate your t-shirt joint photo to wearing her teplelo the soul of memories.
  • The key to the heart in the hands of a loved one, what could be more romantic! You can buy in a jewelry store chains and pendants in the form of key and present them along with Valentine, where you confess your feelings.
  • Give a set of bells. Call every one of them can be for you two to replace the word. So the sound of a bell can say, "I miss you", another - "How fortunate that we are together", the third - "Let's make peace" after an argument. After all say the words are sometimes so hard!
  • If you decide to make this day a marriage proposal, your choice - this ring. Joy your lover is not the limit. This is the best day for the half-hearted, because this festival - February 14 - on your side of the saint Valentin. So, buy the ring and be happy!

February 14 - it is a holiday that gives opportunity to remember everything that makes us happy. Giving love and attention to those who are dear to us. And even in the most severe frosts and snowstorms of February you will not freeze, if your heart is warmed by love. Love and take care of each other throughout the year, cherish their feelings and do not be afraid to tell each other how much you love. Sometimes, for the happiness of someone you just do not have enough recognition. Happy Valentine's Day!

 Valentine's Day: a holiday of love

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