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  • Lover fun
  • Are you afraid of displeasing?
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On the eve of the February holidays all women observed brainstorm about how original and unconventional congratulate their beloved boyfriend or husband. And these days our men expect us to not only verbal congratulations, but also gifts. And if you have repeatedly gave his only good perfume or shaving kit, you probably do not want to re-do as a banal show. After such a gift is unlikely to convey your special relationship to the dear and loved one.

In order not to miscalculate a surprise and make a vivid and lasting impression, you need to clearly understand the tastes of his men, to the point, what color he likes and which can not stand, so you do not pack the gift is in this color. Every detail is important and every detail, and only you will be able to consider all this. It is important to know exactly what type of favorite man - he practices or romantic? He prefers those things that he can often be useful in everyday life and activities, or more important to him fleeting but memorable? Here it is from these facts and the need to make a start by choosing a memorable and original gift for your beloved.

Practical gifts

By nature men in the majority practice. Especially those that have already taken place, as a person. So your husband is the boss? So a gift and it should fit. Since the chief has to plan and coordinate the activities of all employees, it is very useful gift would be a good leather diary, table a written instrument, or an expensive pen.

Your faithful often on business trips? It would be very appropriate to give him a travel kit (vanity case) or a set of road games. You can also make a more informal gift as a globe-bar or souvenir weapon, but in this case it is important to know exactly what a gift for his style will fit well into the interior of his office.

 unique gifts for a loved one

Romantic gifts

If it is a romantic at heart, likes to call you different affectionate nickname if he is gentle and dreamy, the memorable and beautiful gift made by your own hands, as it is impossible to be more appropriate. This, for example, can be performed by you his favorite song or video clip, made of joint photos and superimposed on the melody, which is important for both of you.

Gift-experience is now a great many, and you can choose the one that will appeal to you and it is, of course, the beloved. This can be a date in an unusual setting, a romantic walk on horseback or in a carriage, tea ceremony, or even to become the pilot of a small plane for a few minutes. If your man likes to constantly improve themselves and learn something new, then give him acting lessons, learning photography or sushi - this is the best, and most importantly a surprise for him! In general, the ideas for gift-a huge amount of emotion, will only have the right to select it.

Gift athlete

Sports enthusiasts and adrenaline can give a lesson in extreme driving or winter workshop on training of downhill skiing, snowboarding, or archery. Maybe he an ardent football fan? There certainly is, where carousing, choosing a gift! If you know not so long ago, be sure to find out what team your sick kid to subsequently find themselves in an uncomfortable position.

Today, there are so many original football souvenirs that you can easily select the appropriate one. Key rings, scarves, imitation football shape, balls, figurine athlete - all certain to appreciate football fans.

Gift "adult child"

Your computer whiz kid? Or maybe he just likes to play games? Then boldly giving him all that is connected to the computer: a cool mouse-quality headset with microphone, a fountain pen, with built-in flash drive. Fans of a particular online games can be presented as a gift a paid account for a month, then he will have new opportunities, the chance to go to a higher level. The man addicted to computer games, like a child, for whom his "toys" mean very, very much!

 original gift for a loved one

Lover fun

Convivial and fun guy will appreciate if you arrange for a theme party in advance to discuss details with your mutual friends. Or arrange a holiday in a closed water park. Especially in the winter it does not have enough summer fun. Here it is necessary to approach the preparation carefully. Be sure to make a list of guests, prepare scenarios for tenders, consider the menu of the festive table - an unforgettable evening is guaranteed!

Are you afraid of displeasing?

Yes, sometimes it is difficult to choose the right gift and standing. Your imagination dried up completely? Or do you really believe that the beloved hard to please, as he prefers to make purchases? Then stop torturing yourself and make your choice on the gift certificate.

Gave the man a gift card in the billiards club or paintball, a ticket to a wine tasting or dinner for two at a Japanese restaurant. Give him the opportunity to visit the shooting competition, participate in this hunt. Here you can choose a lot of options, the main thing to know the likes and hobbies of your beloved.

What is not necessary to give

Choosing a gift to her husband, or your favorite guy, women often make mistakes. And although men with a smile, accept our gift, they often turn out to be completely unnecessary and occupy the farthest place in the cabinet. To help you avoid such mistakes, remember a few simple rules:

  • Never give to a man ambiguous gifts. If it is, in your opinion, it has a few extra pounds, in any case do not buy a gym membership. He can take it as a hint, the mood will be spoiled, as well, and the whole celebration;
  • Ordinary things: socks, underwear, shaving gel upset men, no less than us - women;
  • Do not forget that the guys are not as sentimental as we are. So beautiful but useless things they should not donate. Your man will be delighted not gifts in the form of a huge teddy bear, even though you and think that this is the most romantic token;
  • No need to make a symbolic gifts of the type "if only it was." If you present a hunter fishing gear, and the lover of books - new computer game, you really offend man.

After reading all the above, we can conclude that for every man a gift must be chosen individually. And no one can guarantee that this or that he likes a present. Everyone has different tastes and interests, so there it will all depend on you - a woman who is always close, who knows and understands her man. Explore the half and out - then you will not go wrong with the choice of original gifts to loved ones!

 Original gift for your beloved on February holidays

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 Valentine's Day History


  • Was there a Valentine?
  • forbidden love
  • Who was Valentin
  • Love works wonders
  • "Valentine"
  • Symbols of Valentine

More recently, in our country we began celebrating the wonderful holiday - Valentine's Day. The history of this festival goes back several centuries.

Probably all accustomed to the fact that this day is also known as the Day of lovers. But who is Valentine, and what it has to do with love, and love? Why February 14? And why in this day people give each other cute little cards made in the form of hearts - valentine?

Was there a Valentine?

Unfortunately, some of the details already impossible to recover - too many years have passed. But it is known that Valentine - not a fictional character, a real person who lived in the III century BC in the Italian city of Terni.

The Roman Empire when the rules Emperor Claudius II. There was a war with the Goths. Claudius was a brave and tough ruler. He did his best to restore calm in the country and order.

Naturally, for that he needed a strong and efficient army. Above other advantages Claudius II valued military honor and valor. He tried all possible ways to strengthen the morale of the soldiers of his army.

forbidden love

The Emperor Claudius was deeply convinced that family life interfere with legionnaires. Encumbered families, the soldiers tried as often as possible to visit the house and worried about their loved ones. Claudius did not differ sentimentality. Therefore, it is simply forbidden to marry a Roman legionary.

However, the ban has not been able to love anyone. The soldiers fell in love and wanted to create a family.

 Valentine story

Who was Valentin

Valentin - Christian healer and priest. According to one version, he was a simple priest. On the other - the Bishop of his native city of Terni. However, its rank is not so important.

What is important is that Valentine sincerely believed that love - that holy feeling, God-given. And he, as he could, trying to help in love - he reconciled them in quarrels, legionaries helped to write love notes and handed flowers to the ladies from the soldiers.

Despite the strict ban of the emperor, he was crowned in secret lovers, helping them to find their own happiness.

Of course, this became known. When Emperor Claudius was told that the priest dared to violate his orders, he ordered Valentine to take into custody and then executed.

Love works wonders

The story that happened with Valentin in prison, no less romantic.

Upon learning that a prisoner - a famous doctor, one of the guards brought him his blind daughter, Julia. The more young people treated her and prayed for her, the more he fell in love in it. But the cure could not.

On the night before his execution, February 13, the priest touching the girl wrote a letter to the recognition, signing it "Your Valentine." Julia received a note after his death. She unfolded the paper, and then a miracle happened - the blind girl was able to read the written word.

It is believed that this note and began the history of "valentines."

Later, Valentine was canonized. A day after his execution - February 14 - was declared Valentine's Day, and he - the patron saint of lovers.


The first extant valentine is considered to be a note of Charles Duke of Orleans to his wife. It was written in 1415. While Duke was imprisoned in the Tower, and, missing his wife, he sent her short letters, full of tenderness and love. One of these valentines survived and is now in the British Museum.

Already in the XVIII century, postcards decorated with cupids and hearts, have become very popular in European countries.

By the XIX century Valentine was one of the most common ways to declarations of love. For those who did not have the poetic talent, the British publishers offered cards with ready-made poems.

Victorian Valentine - a work of art. They are produced on expensive paper and adorned with silk, lace, flowers, satin and ribbons. By mid-century, there were voluminous, and even mechanical postcards. The cost of these Valentine was quite high - not every lover could afford this luxury.

By the end of the XIX century in the factories of Germany, the US and Britain established the mass production of Valentine. Gradually, the fashion for expensive cards began to pass.

Now it is not necessary to buy a paper card - in fact, there are electronic. Nevertheless, the paper valentine still very popular. After all, this card can hold in your hand, put it on the nightstand, or even to put under the pillow.

 valentines story

Symbols of Valentine

Love - a subtle and delicate feeling. Sometimes it is very difficult to find words to describe it. So, long before we were invented special signs and symbols, with which you can admit, without uttering a word. In addition to traditional valentines, considered symbols of love gloves, rings, doves, hearts, lace and rose.

  • Heart

Perhaps the most striking symbol of Valentine's Day. It is believed that the heart is endowed with the capacity to love. And if it stops - the person dies. Give someone the heart - it is to say that life without him is useless.

  • Gloves

"I ask your hand" - despite the somewhat outdated style, it seems that the meaning of this phrase is now clear to all. And before that great ladies almost always wore gloves. Therefore, gloves and became a symbol of love and marriage.

  • Pigeons

Pigeons are considered favorite birds of the goddess Venus. They never change their couple together and "educate" their young. Pigeons have long become a kind of symbol of loyalty and love.

It is interesting that in Africa "love birds" are considered red parrots.

  • Lace

Once upon a time, every woman necessarily had with him a lace handkerchief. If the handkerchief fall, located next to the gentleman was obliged to pick it up. Sometimes frivolous coquette used a little trick to make a pleasant acquaintance. Fast enough lace became associated with love story.

  • Red rose

This beautiful flower has become a symbol of the ancient passion thanks to the goddess Aphrodite. There is a legend that slowly for a date to the beloved, she accidentally injures her leg on a bush of roses. White flowers stained her divine blood and changed color.

  • Rings

The custom of exchanging rings during engagement and during the wedding ceremony exists in many countries. Ring - a vicious circle - symbolizes constant, stable, eternal. This gift says about wanting to be always close to his chosen. Therefore, since the days of ancient Rome, the ring is a symbol of love and marriage.

Of course, it is not necessary to wait for February 14 to arrange a small celebration, or to make a gift. After all, when you love, all the days are special. And at the heart of every lover lives Valentine's Day, a history - a story about love, worth living, and not afraid to die.

But since most of the world celebrates Valentine's Day - why not join?

 The history of Valentine - Valentine's Day

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