visual lip augmentation


  • Gymnastics for lips
  • Cosmetics for visual lip augmentation
  • A little about hygiene lips

Attractive, plump, seductive female lips do not leave anyone indifferent man. Statistics show that the lion's share of plastic surgery necessary on his lips and breasts, it is this body parts women pay attention. But even if nature has not endowed you with seductive forms, do not despair.
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Gymnastics for lips

There are many non-operating ways to visually enlarge the lips and make them luxurious and enchanting.

Methods of these very simple and accessible to every woman. Highlighting a few minutes a day, you will be able to create an elegant way, without applying excessive force.

Method one - gymnastics. Do not be surprised, because you shaking your abs and doing exercise for the legs. The mouth is worse? Regular light exercise to increase lip volume and improve their tone. The main condition here - permanence. Home exercises focused on alternating relaxation and muscle tension. To do this, fit the following motion:

  • closed lips pull forward, mouth open and abruptly closed. Thereafter, the facial muscles must relax for a few seconds;
  • closed lips, try to draw "eight", and both vertical and horizontal;
  • whistling a familiar melodies through the elongated tube lip or just blown air and blows silently.

Exercises quite simple and can be done on the way to work, if you are traveling in your own car, or at lunchtime. The complex is to be repeated daily, each exercise 10-15 times. After 2 months, the load can be decreased to 3-4 per week. Visually increase the volume of the lips and massage can help. It is performed with a soft toothbrush twice a day, can be parallel to the brushing. This massage is not only visually increases the volume but also improves blood circulation as well as an easy peeling, exfoliating dead skin cells.

The procedure can be supplemented by special means: natural honey, peppermint oil or balm with beeswax. All of these tools help to increase the volume of your lips. For good peeling massage and a special mixture of sugar, honey, cosmetic Vaseline and lemon juice mixed in equal proportions and applied with fingertips. Stir gently, carefully, massaging. Peeling takes 5-8 minutes.

 exercises to increase lip
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Cosmetics for visual lip augmentation

Loyal assistant in the difficult battle for women's beauty has been and remains cosmetics benefit of their range is huge. These methods, though fast, but do not involve long-term effect, so you need to make to continually update. The main thing here - to choose the right for you type of makeup that does not cause irritation and allergies. So, the first weapon - shine. It includes an irritant ingredient (usually red pepper, menthol or mint), causing blood flow and makes the mouth brighter and bigger. More expensive samples contain reflective particles that increase the lips by flicker and glare. The advantage of glosses - instant results with minimal effort.

Weapons №2 - a special lipstick. It consists of a special water-containing substances (such as hyaluronic acid) which swell and increase volume. The effect of the lipstick is longer than that of light, but also worth lipstick thus expensive. For visual lip augmentation manufacturers offer solid, liquid, reflective and many other samples of lipsticks.

Of great importance is not only the cosmetic product, but also the way of its application. Correct make-up helps to visually enlarge the lips and correct their shape. Remember, the circuit must be in accordance with the natural line of your mouth and nothing else. Significant departures are unnatural and will not add you to appeal. Before using, apply lipstick on her lips foundation, quite a bit. For the effect of volume of the lips are better light colors. If you're still using darker shades, apply a small amount of the center of the mouth of light shine. Matte lipstick visually narrows the mouth. Gloss applied over lipstick, always increase the visual volume.

 different ways of lip augmentation
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A little about hygiene lips

Lips - an important component of feminine charm, so she should be given appropriate attention and do not forget about hygiene. Remember, beautiful - is necessarily healthy lips, no cracks, wounds and Zayed. Be sure to remove makeup at night and clean the skin. Greased with petroleum jelly or honey in the evening to the morning lips will be soft, relaxed and attractive. If you apply a compress lip of irritating ingredients, its effect should not exceed 2-3 minutes, and the concentration is preferably weak. In patients not lip compresses are applied. Remember that lipstick or gloss looks good on a perfectly flat, smooth lips, so do not disdain scrubs. They can be purchased in stores or make your own.

In pursuit of volume do not forget about your tsvetotip. For blondes visual lip augmentation is better to use light and dark shades of pink. Brunettes should opt for a plum or dark red, red-haired - coral or brick, brown-haired and light brown suit and pink shades. Keep moderation and natural make-up. All funds are intended only to stress and perhaps a little bit to adjust your natural charm and feminine appeal.

 How to visually enlarge the volume of the lips?

 beautiful evening make-up


  • Evening make-up for blue eyes
  • Unusual evening makeup for blue eyes

According to statistics, the happy owner of the eye color of the sky are much rarer than beauty with brown or green eyes.

It is thought that the blue eyes - a generous gift of nature. However, even such a luxury can be easily damaged if improperly applied makeup.

There are general guidelines to help create the perfect evening makeup for blue eyes. In this case it is very important choose the right eye shadow palette. Their color should be chosen based not only on the type of make-up, but also on factors such as the condition of the skin, tsvetotip appearance and selected to mark the clothes.

 evening eye makeup
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Evening make-up for blue eyes

The proper application of makeup to the eye is impossible without a common skin preparation. So the first thing you need to start with cleansing it. For this purpose, suitable delicate scrub that massage is applied to the skin. After all the procedures on the face, apply a moisturizer.

The second stage - light tone foundation, which distributes brush sponzhikom or just your fingers. Most often blondes suitable shade of ivory. After the foundation is dust. It is applied to the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. Avoid contact of powder on the lower eyelid, as this will make the eyes expressionless, and weighing it. The finishing touch will bronzing powder.

For eye make-up needed on the mobile eyelid cause heavyweight matte shade light shades. To visually "open the" eyes selected shade should be a few shades lighter skin tone. This method will transform the very eyes and make them extremely attractive. Light shadows should be carried out under the eyebrows. It will emphasize their bend.

On the upper and lower eyelid, where the lash line passes, applied matte shades of color shadows deep. This rich color perfectly suited for festive and evening make-up, as a way to stand eye and even light bulbs do look incredibly seductive and attractive.

Directly above the blue shadows necessary to strip the transitional matte tone half a centimeter in size. Transitional called tone color that 2-3 pitch below the natural color of your skin. Apply a thin tone of cosmetic brush and then carefully shaded. With beveled brush is necessary to emphasize the outer corner of the lower eyelid color matte shadows deep.

It is the turn of mascara. To avoid causing sight, do not use lengthening mascara.   In this age of shadows cast coating of dark shades eyelashes should not really stand out.   Just a few easy application in two phases.

Rule evening make-up states that to be the dominant one thing. Therefore, it suffices to choose a lip gloss translucent pink or peach lipstick discreet. These colors do not take over the entire focus. The image is ready.

 beautiful makeup for blue eyes
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Unusual evening makeup for blue eyes

For any publication of the most ideal option is to make Smoky eyes, who was born in the United States, and later was recognized fashionistas around the world. This method of applying make-up in the Russian translation has a beautiful name "smoky eyes" or "look languishing."

The blue-eyed women are very suitable pink, blue, blue, gold, beige, brown, and purple color. But if the "quiet" evening makeup or official reception is enough to choose two shades of similar colors and only use them for the youth party can afford the most incredible transformation.

To do this, you will need make-up cosmetics with an unusual texture - a satin shine, shimmer and its overflow. Quickly give the image of a festive look shiny pigment any help - they can be used instead of the eyeliner or mixed with shadows.

A great way to really shine and become queen of the evening - is the use of crystals in makeup. To image was beautiful and clever, it is necessary that the color of crystals resonate with shadows and choose clothes.

For those who are not willing to go to such drastic measures, but still yearns for a riot of colors and emotions, we can recommend the broad arrow "doll lashes', underlined his eyebrows and radiant color shades. Lipstick should fit the image perfectly.

 How beautiful evening makeup choose for blue eyes?