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Since early February, loving couples are already thinking how to organize the approaching holiday - Valentine's Day, the day of tenderness and romance? What to give to loved half, and most importantly, and memorable? How to show a loved one, that he is important and loved?

Of course, if your man wants to get to this day something definite, and it has already hinted to you about it - no problem. And if not? As Valentine's Day to get out of the situation with dignity? It is believed that the best surprise has always been, is and will be a gift made with their own hands. And on the day of Valentine's gifts are particularly welcome.

And it is only at first glance it seems that it is difficult to come up with something original, especially if you are not good at needlework, painting and other talent. In this article you will find a few gifts that do not require you to special skills and help original congratulate beloved with Valentine's day.

Your photos

From a conventional photo album, you can create a magical "maelstrom of memories", looking into you and your beloved will always find an excuse for a good mood.

In order to make such a gift with their own hands, you will need:

  • Different paper (you can with drawings);
  • Valentine (in which you can write words of love, compliments);
  • Multi-colored ribbons;
  • Sequins;
  • Clay;
  • And a lot of pictures (be sure to take pictures of the earliest joint).

The content of your gift to the day of lovers may be different. This general picture, and the happiest moments of his life, and a reminder of achieving any goals. In general, anything that evokes only pleasant memories. Complete photo album on your own, using the above decoration.

 gifts for Valentine's Day with their own hands

Valentine everywhere

The idea is that a holiday surrounded by beautiful and gentle man of letters, narrating about your love for him. And, of course, these messages must be made with your own hands!

Origami Valentine

You will need a square piece of paper the size of 6x6 or 12x12 (for educational purposes) of any color (usually red or pink, but the choice is yours).

  • First you need to add up each side of the half white side inside. After that, all deployed;
  • One side of the fold to the middle of the square;
  • Turn this piece. The right and left corner of the bend to the vertical line;
  • Again, turn the piece;
  • Each side in turn bend to the middle;
  • And the upper corners of the lower by bending down;
  • The resulting preform half-fold;
  • From above you can see that there were two rectangles, each of which is necessary to flatten the corners;
  • The upper part of the resulting heart put into the bottom of the triangle;
  • Finish top corner, just by bending them to the bottom;
  • Turn the workpiece - a gift to the day of lovers ready!

In the front pocket of the resulting heart origami, you can hide pretty neat message to her lover. A Valentine's Day gift in just enclose documents or jacket pocket. Any man would be a nice surprise recognition!

By the way, not necessarily used for these purposes only crafts origami. You know how to knit? Take a hook in his hands and start creating knitted hearts! You can also try your hand at skill scrapbooking. The more recognition the better, and more pleasant to be your significant other to detect them in the day in the most unexpected places.

Valentine "accordion"

Make this an original gift with their own hands is very easy, and most importantly - fast. It is only necessary to fold a sheet of different width and accordion folds decorate hearts of different colors and sizes. And in the folds of an accordion resulting pripryachte frank love note.

Valentine "Amulet"

Such a gift, made by hand, more suitable for very young couples. It is a book in the shape of a heart, where you can leave a declaration of love. This Valentine can be worn around the neck as an amulet, is threaded through only the upper part of the book rope or ribbon. Get pretty original Valentine Valentine's Day.

As you can see, the options for small and delicate surprises, made with his own hands, quite a lot. Pofantaziruet, maybe you come up with his own declaration of love, which would be the best of all offers!

 a gift on Valentine's Day with their own hands

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach

That's what the proverb says. In Valentine's Day Treat your man in the morning. If you try, you can make an unusual romantic breakfast from simple scrambled eggs or boiled eggs, decorated in the shape of a heart. We invite you to consider this option and a romantic lunch for Valentine's Day.

Sausages from the heart

  • Sausages should be cut along, but not completely. Then turn and fasten with a toothpick;
  • Fry the sausage-hearts on both sides;
  • Decorate to your liking and taste (lettuce, tomatoes, eggs).

Hearts-and you can stuff the sausage. For example, beat the egg with salt, fry and fill their heart. As you can see, romantic and so easy!

Prepare a posh dinner or go to a restaurant in the evening - the choice is yours already. But such a start to the day can not go unnoticed. Good breakfast - good mood for the whole day. A romantic breakfast - the key to a romantic mood! After all, it is the most important day of lovers.

As you can see, the surprises that can be made with their own hands and present the beloved on Valentine's Day a lot. You just have to choose and to act. Yes, let them not worth big money, but will remain in memory for a long time. Believe me, your man will love it! After all, he is also a romantic at heart, though, and carefully hide it.

 Gifts with your hands on the day of lovers: a few romantic ideas

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 how to arrange a romantic evening favorite


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Living in the twenty-first century at times like a horse race: the circle, another, win, loss ... In this turmoil, we often forget the most important thing in life - love. It disappears if not to make surprises and to bring into a relationship of warmth, caring and romantic. Now the park with passionate kisses you prefer to trek to the mall, sexual games on bed - sleep on this same bed. Time to change the status quo! We offer you four ways, like a romantic evening beloved and return the passion in your relationship.

Classic date

The time-tested classic version of a romantic date - this is just what the doctor ordered! It is especially suitable for married couples for a long time. In your power to make this meeting unusual and memorable by some strokes. Firstly, it is a date message: call her husband or send beautifully designed invitation. Let the sparkle in his veins hot blood!

Now a little about where should pass a romantic date. Of course, it should include dinner in a beautiful and elegant place. You should be able to wear something unusual and elegant, it is what you will feel like a queen. After dinner, you will certainly be interesting to go to have fun, that's just where? The choice depends on your tastes: it can be a theater for a peaceful people and night club for lovers of parties. The main thing - to place (or event) were interesting and unusual for you and your husband.

Romantic evening should end in sex - it is an axiom. However, sex at home - this routine, you can destroy, removing a hotel room with silk drapes, strawberries with cream and champagne. Your husband is sure to enjoy! You will be able to give you a sense of novelty and a date of the first meeting, but it's worth it. By the way, there's another "highlight", which would give zest to your relationship: if possible, take this evening hire a limousine with a driver for a ride on the evening city.

 how to arrange a romantic evening

pajama party

The idea to spend the evening in bed should appeal to you and your boyfriend. We invite you to add variety to the event by staging a house party in their pajamas. Place a thick rug on the floor or a large mattress - they will be your romantic center. Top with a few pillows, a warm blanket or a thin cotton blanket - depending on the season. Buy some festive and colorful set of clothes, which will cause a storm of new visual and tactile sensations.

Electric lighting home this evening should be minimal - better buy more candles. Use high-quality and thick candles, better resistant glass or metal supports. You can put them in places such as tables, shelves, window sill, etc., but not gender, or will the likelihood of tipping over candles and awkward as a result of the fire. Yes, and your attention should be devoted entirely to the partner and not accuracy in the movements. You can arrange a romantic surprise for her boyfriend, the house writing a love message on the ceiling with the help of luminous stars and figures - are sold in stationery stores and decorative departments.

Well, a few words about the prelude to the "main course" of the evening - sex. An excellent option is its view movies on relevant topics, "horror", if you want to stir up the blood, romantic comedies to create a positive atmosphere of tenderness and eroticism, or - if you want to go directly to what you know. You can also read relevant books to each other (unusual idea, is not it?), Or even just to fool around and leaves the pillows. Do not forget to prepare some snack is better let it be sandwiches canapes, sushi or pizza - something for eating which need only the hands, not to plate devices.

Romantic tourism

How well do you know your hometown? No, of course, very romantic "wave" in Paris for the weekend, but it does not always have that opportunity. You do not have to give up in order to share their experiences and emotions to a loved one - you can discover something new and unknown near the residence directly.

The easiest way to feel like a tourist in your own city - is to buy a guide: from it you will learn about the attractions of which you probably have not heard ever. Or maybe in your town or in the surrounding area planned any big festival? This is a great option for a romantic date: walk, holding hands, feed each other with something tasty, participate in fun rides and competitions - in short, be happy and enjoy each other's company!

You can also prepare for this "journey" in advance, making a list of romantic places in your city. Beautiful houses, old bridge, abandoned roof, viewing platforms and coffee shops are located in unusual places - all this and more worthy of your visit. Do not forget to kiss a lot and photographed - this is what these places offer. Throughout the day, indulge yourself and your beloved husband or any meal that marks your city. If you do not, just go into all sorts of themed restaurants, which have never been: the Eastern, Italian, Russian and other dishes will make a pleasant variety to your exercise.

 how to make a guy a romantic evening

Love for Nature

No matter where you live - in every city there is certainly a romantic natural landscape, but still not one. Remember the youth - you could spend hours kissing her boyfriend here in this beautiful place. So what's stopping you now? Most of all, just pure laziness. We will not indulge it! Beautiful places in the open air have long been considered loving couples have a favorite place to spend time there - and it's your turn has come.

All you need for the realization of this plan as a romantic evening - this car. It needs a little bit in advance to prepare: wash the outside of the machine and clean up inside. In it you will spend a lot of time (as in American youth films), so finding it should be nice to you. If you want something unusual, try to rent a convertible sports car that evening: there is nothing more romantic than a ride on it to beautiful places!

For most travelers choose some nice warm or slightly cool evening - it is important that the weather does not spoil your all. Agree, glued to the seat back or sweaty chattering from the cold knees - not the best setting for romance. An interesting idea for the hot nights may be skinny-dipping in some clean pond. Only need to take care of choosing the place - if you're not exhibitionists, there is no need to someone contemplating your naked body. For poprohladnee perfect evening watching a movie in a movie theater in the open air - if you are in town this is, of course.

In such a romantic evening it is important not to forget the comfort and pleasure. Throw in the trunk of a few blankets and pillows - in case you want to lie on the grass. You can also arrange this evening as a picnic - then you need sandwiches and other snacks, cakes, vegetables, fruit and cold bag with soft drinks. Do not forget about the appropriate musical accompaniment: Prepare discs with "your" or just romantic songs that provide an atmosphere of tenderness and intimacy.

Many people say, "I would have made much more romantic acts, if I had a lot of time." It is not necessary to wait until some magic moment - it can last indefinitely. Right now in front of you four ideas about how to arrange a romantic evening - make this a surprise today, and your loved one will be in seventh heaven.

 How to arrange a romantic evening beloved four brilliant idea

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