pirate party scenario

I have stayed at least one person who would not even look, "Pirates of the Caribbean"? It is very doubtful ... And, certainly, many are simply fascinated by the Jack Sparrow, its a "jauntily" life and exciting adventures - another interesting one. Girls also fascinates courage and sheer proportion of the danger posed by these pirates. Adrenaline paired with romance, new scenic spots and the spirit of adventure - sure, that's what many imagine "exciting" life of pirates.

And it does not matter to what age, and what specifically about the pirate party is arranged. The script can think independently, you can apply to the agency, and it is possible to consider all competitions pirate crew.

What holidays can be celebrated in "the company of pirates?"

Yes, almost any. Birthdays, housewarming, new year, halloween. Even the usual chat with friends on the weekend can turn into an exciting adventure.

You agree that the usual feast already tired. No matter whether you're at home covering a festive table or book a place in a cafe. Among friends and loved ones will pass on any holiday cheer, but the variety has never interfered. Of course, to organize theme parties will have to think, to spend some time, but all your efforts will pay off handsomely, and the guests will remember for a long time, and to extol an unusual idea.

Think of yourself as a child with your friends you can easily reincarnated who menacing bandits who in the beautiful hostages, and who brave knights. This game happened, lasted all day, and parents could not dozvatsya dinner. Really now, as an adult human beings, you will not want to return to childhood and once again "play"?

Any holiday spent in the style of a pirate party will be remembered for unrestrained joy, the special spirit of adventure, and of course, original pictures, where all guests flaunt in themed costumes and can even be waving a sword instead of a keyboard.


Where usually begins holiday? Surely by making a list of guests, and then we usually just call your friends, or even write a message. And imagine how they will be surprised to find in your mailbox, for example, a bottle with a message written on a paper burnt on the edges and make sure a couple of blots. Invitations to this case, better distribute his own and not to rely on Russian Post.

Unfortunately, put the bottle in the mailbox can be difficult. Then her hand himself into the hands of potential guests. But at the same time try to preserve unruffled weird sight to intrigue the right friends. If you like an option to the mailbox, the bottle can be replaced by an envelope. It is better to pre-wet and when dry in a couple of places torn to give it a shabby and mysterious look.


Dinner parties in pirate style are good that you or guests will not have much to spend on costumes. Surely there are many summer denim shorts with fashionable cuts and vest and leather belts exact cost is cheaper than evening dresses or suits. On top of the image, ask the children or nephews toy gun or a sword, wear a bandana or a bandage on the eye, well, and decorate the face of war paint.

By the way, men can get ready for fun in advance and grow careless stubble. You may want to experiment with the "accessories" - Fun somewhere icon with skull and crossbones or take the tube in his mouth.

 script pirate party for adults

Table and interior

For a party in the style of a pirate is not necessary to prepare the first, second and compote. There probably will suit a buffet with a wide selection of appetizers, and the best seafood. Arrange a few small tables with food and drink, but do not forget that you - the owner, although such extraordinary. Therefore, make sure that the plates were empty, and the guests - hungry.

Light is desirable to make a muffled, sofas and chairs can lay a dark cloth and distribute small pillows. Perhaps you should not worry too much about the details of the interior: in the twilight still can not see anything. Think Better entertainment for its guests that they did not have to get bored and just stare at the sides.


Script pirate party for adults is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. Competitions, games and entertainment in the category is really a lot.

For example, you can hang a poster in front of the Jolly Roger, and each incoming (or at least a group of members) let him remember, or at worst, he will come up with a riddle, or poem Counting about pirates.

You can also divide the guests into teams, such as the landing place (sofa, armchairs, ottomans in the corners of the room) or by gender, the main thing that everyone was happy and feel comfortable in their team.

Contests for the party so diverse that a positive and fun will last for a long time. Let's look at a few of them:

  • Bone leg. All participants are divided into two teams, each of which is chosen captain. Teams are arranged against each other and remove one boots or shoes. All footwear is dumped in a pile in the middle of the room (you can add a couple of extra shoes). The task of the captain - to put on their wards. Who will cope, he is a winner.
  • Treasures on the seabed. The room makes a big basin of water. It is necessary to throw apples. Then one by one the pirates from different teams trying to catch the fruit for a certain amount of time. The winner is the team that found and fished more "treasures".
  • And a bottle of rum ... It is necessary to fill two of the same capacity in any drink. And the signal the team start to drink his "rum" through tubes. Who will turn out to drain the cup, and he wins.

Contests can be listed indefinitely. All of them are funny and able to cheer a long time your guests. Of course, for any holiday we must prepare in advance to stock up the necessary products, accessories and, of course, winning.

Believe me, when people meet in an informal setting (not at the same table included), they are easier to find a common language, thematic contests and entertainment give a guarantee that the bored and lonely will not be anyone.

 Pirate Party - the original script of the holiday

 Wedding videography: what you need to remember?

Not long ago, the wedding could remember only from photographs. What is happening today? Now, the most welcome guest at the wedding, without which it can not do, it's videographer. Try to understand why some wedding movies cause a desire to watch them more than once, while others want to rewind to the very end, or do not even remember.

Naturally, before each video camera, including amateur, it was a luxury, but today things have changed, that is the cause of many proposals. How to make the right choice, what would a wedding video remains a pleasant memory of your holiday?

Most people believe that a professional videographer at their wedding once, that will be enough of their own forces. Use the services of acquaintances or friends is only when they are professional videographers, or, in extreme cases, very "knowledgeable" fans. It is necessary to think carefully, because the wedding is once in a lifetime, and there is a risk to stay without the normal video.

How can I find out a professional or not? Output is perhaps one - see examples of his work, for possible mounting options and styles of shooting, decoration of the wedding video and its story lines.

Finally, let's talk about the price. Often, the only free cheese in a mousetrap. It's hard not to agree that the wedding - an event that is not worth saving.

 Wedding videography: what you need to remember?

 Which is not to give a housewarming party?

If you are invited to a housewarming party, and you do not know what to give this article is for you. Written many articles that present, but which can not be there.

It turns out that there are things that absolutely can not give to the house in which people enter. And everyone who is about to go on a house-warming should be aware that the list of items.

  1. Knives, forks. This is a very poor gift that can make the house quarrels and insults. So it is necessary to get around this kind of gifts for the welfare of the family who will live in the new house.
  2. Clock. In general, the clock is not accepted to give all, or a housewarming. Because the watch only bring separation. So avoid hours as a gift.
  3. Mirrors. It is believed that the gift-mirror is a bad omen. So this is also an unwanted gift for new tenants.
  4. Linens, pillows, blankets. Although it is a common gift, but it is not desirable to give. Because it is designed for personal use households, and these are the things they have to buy their own.

When choosing a gift, you should definitely take into account the above-written wish, if you want to present a gift that will bring only happiness and good luck to the house of the people who populated the new housing.

 Which is not to give a housewarming party?