beautiful makeup for brown eyes


  • Features choice of eyeliner and mascara
  • Makeup for brown eyes brunettes: Eyeshadow Palette
  • Possible exceptions to the rule
  • The proper application of makeup for brown eyes brunettes: step by step guide

Despite the many tips makeup artists in newspapers, magazines, the Internet and other information sources, not every woman knows how to apply makeup for brown eyes bryunetok.Dlya to create a good makeup for brown-eyed brunettes, of course, it is not necessary to apply multiple layers of makeup and learn a great number of thematic literatury.Dostatochno simply follow the basic guidelines and do not forget about some of the rules relating to the name of your type of appearance.
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Features choice of eyeliner and mascara

Makeup for brown-eyed brunettes has virtually no limitations in color cosmetics.   Owners of such eye color, usually have a brown or black eyelashes so limit makeup practically absent. It is best suited to them ink jet-black, dark blue and dark brown.

Dark brown makeup for brunettes with beautiful brown eyes visually increase the volume of eyelashes. Dark blue mascara does not give such an effect, and color becomes an expression only if a certain incidence of light, however, despite this, the look will be more open and expressive.

This makeup colors for brunettes with brown eyes can be selected for eyeliner and contour pencil. The combination with the ink of the same color would lead to an additional increase visual eye.

 shadows for brown eyes
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Makeup for brown eyes brunettes: Eyeshadow Palette

Brunette with brown eyes, as we have said, make-up suits almost any color, so you can not limit your imagination. Selection of the shadow in this case depends solely on the color of your clothing. Win-win option for each day can be cosmetics, using shades of brown and neutral shades.

Very beautiful brunettes with brown eyes look makeup pink tones, especially if you make a successful transition between lighter and darker color. Alternatively, for every day well suited and gray shadows. They give the eyes languid charm of the characteristic which is famous for the true seductress.

For evening make-up is best to choose more saturated colors - bronze, gold, dark shades of pink or dark brown tone. Purple make-up for brown eyes brunettes will also look very impressive, especially in combination with a black ink and a dark purple eyeliner.

Smoky makeup is best suited for serious meetings or parties. To make up for each day is too bright colors should be avoided. One of the simplest everyday choices - arrows in retro style. This simple and elegant style with proper use can be very effective.

 beautiful makeup for brunettes
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Possible exceptions to the rule

Despite the fact that the brunette with brown eyes may use almost any color combinations, something best avoided. If you have no experience in applying blue and pink shades, they should be used very carefully, otherwise, instead of showy and bright make-up can get teary eyes or bruises.

Also, caution should be taken to a silver color. It is better suited in gray and blue eyes. However, to completely abandon the silver eyeliner is also not necessary, as it enlarges the size of the eye.

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The proper application of makeup for brown eyes brunettes: step by step guide

First apply a thin layer of concealer - it helps hide the characteristic dark circles under the eyes. Use concealer color that is a tone lighter than your foundation. The light texture of the tool will not create discomfort on the skin, but at the same time it allows you to hide the effects of a stormy night or a hard day's work. After the equalizer applied concealer and, if desired, powder. After application of these funds should be monotonous face and smooth, without the slightest hint of fatigue under his eyes.

Brunette with brown eyes are very good thick eyebrows with barely pronounced arch. Eyebrows best to paint the shadows by using a beveled brush. The form can be fixed with a special gel. To make them look more impressive, first applied shadows, matching the tone with his eyebrows, and then - on the lighter shade.

To make fashionable and beautiful eyes, you must first draw the path along the upper lash line, and then a little further arrow, barely lifting her up. The same method is used when creating a cat eye. Spit need a little shade and apply it over the darker shade. The result is a beautiful and spectacular smoke. Magnification can be created by additional prorisovyvaniya lower parts of the century to the outer corners of the eyes.

The moving part of the century is shown with contrasting shadows that formed as a result, the haze was not faceless. For this purpose podbrovnogo often causes a dark shade and creates a triangle parallel to the brow line. Outside corners moving parts century stand in dark gray or black, and the inside of the eyelids applied shade light shades. To create such eye makeup are best blue, purple and burgundy shades.

The final stage - applying mascara. To make the eyes a little bit longer, eyelashes should paint over with a sling to the side. Also eyelashes can tweak with special tweezers.

By creating a new image, do not forget that you have to, first of all, like myself, then you will like and others.

 Makeup for brown eyes: the secrets of a successful image

 beautiful eye makeup


  • How should I paint eyes
  • How should I choose a pencil
  • How to make up eye liner
  • How to make up eyes ink
  • How should I paint brown eyes
  • As the painting green eyes
  • How to make up blue eyes
  • How to paint gray eyes

Beautiful eyes, who skillfully summarized black pencil is the dream of every woman. Exquisitely made-up eyes attracted admiring glances of men. This art of make-up is subject to every woman, and expert advice on this will help. In this case, you must take into account a lot of nuances, for example, is set to form the eyes, their color.

You must first apply on face make-up tool which will give the skin the necessary moisture and protection. Then, under the lower eyelid applied concealer several points that need to be immediately grind, and should closely monitor the fact that the means do not fall into the eye. Function concealer is very important because with it disguised wrinkles and under-eye circles. Then you should use the powder. As for eyeliner, it must be of high quality.

It is best to use eyeliner medium soft, as it does not cause skin damage.
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How should I paint eyes

Soft pencil (it should be pre-sharpened) at the base of the eyelashes on the upper eyelid held smooth line, which should be identical to the natural contour of the eye and go from the inner corner to the outer. At the same time it is not necessary to carry out a broad line, and better to draw a fine, and then shade it. Keep in mind that you need to paint the eyes, so that was not the impression that a lot of makeup, this is the main feature of a quality makeup.

At the end of a pencil line is a slight bend upward, giving the eye some openness. Lower eyelid eyes also can be painted with a pencil, but this should be done in a way to draw the line did not reach the inner corner of the eye. This way you can be painted, but when it comes to evening makeup.

If the eyes are close together, the line of the pencil begins in the middle of the upper eyelid. The arrow in this case, a softer, do not try to allocate it. If the eyes are close together, then paint the lower eyelids is not necessary.

If the eyes are large and well planted, it should display line to the temple, which contributes to the visual change in the eye, so they become more almond-shaped. It is not necessary to draw toward the temple very long line, as it does make the calling, so the line should be somewhat lower. Eyeball visually becomes smaller, all the lines are softened, that looks very attractive. The line drawn in pencil, should not be too narrow, it should draw, to take over the edge of the eyelashes.

 applying eye shadow on
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How should I choose a pencil

Some of the girls are not too closely related to the choice of a pencil, which is absolutely unacceptable, as if painted pencil poor quality, it can cause an allergic reaction. When choosing a pencil, which will paint the eyes, it should give preference to products made of solid wood as well as pencils sawdust is not only lower quality, but also badly sharpened. When choosing a pencil should carefully examine the lead if it has a white coating, then this is not the place pencil in the beautician. The line, which leaves the skin pencil should be uniform and clear. Too soft pencil to choose not worth it, because it is poorly applied.

When choosing colors it is best to give preference to black pencil, which is a classic of the genre. In order to win the hearts of men expressive and passionate eyes, you need to paint them properly. It should paint over black pencil lash line, then they will be more visually lush. Then the arrow is drawn and gently shaded. Under no circumstances should such a pencil to paint over the entire eyelid, as the opinion in this case is as aggressive and heavy. The lower eyelids can be brought only slightly and only for those who have big eyes.

If you do not want the line drawn in pencil, was clear, shade should be deposited line applicator for eyeshadows and should try to ensure that it ran up. For the brown-eyed black pencil is perfect for the gray-eyed fit gray, green-eyed should choose brown and blue-eyed girls are perfect for all shades of gray.
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How to make up eye liner

In addition to the pencil, eye liner liquid can be painted, then the color will be more crowded, and make-up - more resistant. Contour line looks more attractive if it is located close to the line of growth of your eyelashes. If the eyes are large and planted close, you should choose a very intense eyeliner and start it for the outer corner of the eye. The eyes should be painted very carefully, then you can avoid the effects of slanted eyes. Line large eye liner should be very thin, you can bring more and lower eyelids.

If the eyes are not very big, the line should be broader, but it should be discreet. Lower eyelids with small eyes should not be painted, otherwise they will look visually more small. When selecting a shade liner should consider the type of skin. If your skin is dark, it is best to choose the eyeliner blue, brown or green. Eyeliner blue, bluish-green and gray is perfect light skin.

 application arrows on the eyes
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How to make up eyes ink

In order to make up beautiful eye mascara, you will need a comb for the eyelashes. With it, not only the eyelashes are separated properly, but lifted that looks very nice. Comb the lashes to be when the ink is still wet, so you can get rid of the remnants of the carcass, various lumps. The eyes in this case a natural tone. Need and tweezers for eyelashes, which will make the eyes look more open, and his eyes will look bigger.

Mascara should start to apply multiple strokes of the brush, ranging from lash line up. When the ink dries a little, you should paint the tips. Then, when the ink dries completely, it is necessary to paint the eye again from base to tip.
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How should I paint brown eyes

In order to make up beautiful brown eyes, you must first select the appropriate shade. These eyes will look more expressive, if you use a complex makeup shade. It should start with olive shade, and bronze finish or charcoal black, but also perfectly suited chocolate, gray and purple hues. Pink and orange shade is quite appropriate.

Application Technique

  1. First apply a lighter shade of shadow applicator lid at all;
  2. Apply a darker shade, you should start with the outer corner of the upper eyelid to the center;
  3. Is allowed to apply a small amount of dark shadow on the lower eyelid in a similar way, that is, from the outer corner to the center;
  4. Brush gently shaded dark shadows at the edges;
  5. Now we should paint the eyes mascara. For brown eyes is best to choose a mascara in black.

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As the painting green eyes

The green-eyed girl in the eye make-up can safely experiment with shades of brown (sand tones fit perfectly, you can opt for a deep shade of chocolate). Shadow blue eyes give incomparable depth and emphasize the incredible beauty of the emerald eyes. Excellent shade will look purple shades. To create a daytime makeup are ideal shade light shades. To make the day make-up, green-eyed girls should be applied shade with a hint of pearl in the upper eyelid, and the top carefully shade shade more saturated color.

Technology sharper makeup is as follows: light shade applied between mid-century and the lash line. The dark line extension is applied, starting from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.
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How to make up blue eyes

Shadows of silver, pale pink, purple and gold shades are ideal for make-up blue eyes. Appliances makeup for a girl with blue eyes is different in that the less makeup, the better.

  1. On the eyelid applied silvery shadows and carefully shaded.
  2. Now, apply the shadow more saturated colors (lavender is perfect), but this is done so that the transition between the shadows was imperceptible.
  3. Circuit blue eyes emphasizes dark gray pencil or eyeliner.
  4. Cilia in prison should make up the dark gray ink.

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How to paint gray eyes

In order to make up gray eyes, use shades of gray, gray-beige or gray-blue hue. In any event group should be several shades darker than the color of the eye.

In order to make up big eyes, you should stop your choice only on the dark shadows, black or dark gray. Perfect so-called smoky makeup.

Small eyes is best to paint the light shadows. Another important role is played fine work outline with a pencil. It is best to opt for shades of pearly shades, but without a strong finish. Those women who have eyes narrow, it is important to visually expand them. Here's how: outline with a pencil held strip just below the eyelids, and then just above the eyelid, then very carefully all the shade.

If all of the above recommendations of experts to note that there is no doubt that the eyes become quite fascinating, incredibly attractive and blow your mind is not one man.

 How to make your eyes beautiful?