congratulations on the anniversary of his mother

When approaching the date of his mother's birthday, is in a quiet stop to think how best to congratulate the nearest person who gave you life. Do not limit yourself to the traditional banal wishes and congratulations, a bouquet of flowers and some material gifts, and try to prepare for moms a real surprise. Remember that the value of the gift for the mother receding into the latest plan, so think through your actions that can really surprise and cause a storm of emotions.

If you think about how to congratulate his mother on the anniversary in an unconventional way, a fence of a loved one from the household chores and take the process of preparing for the holiday itself. Round date - a kind of milestone in a person's life, so the anniversary of my mother has to go to the summit, even if you are not going to rent a banquet hall for the event and invite professional artists.

Preparation for the holiday

To make my mother a surprise, you can purchase a subscription to her in a beauty salon, and while your own people are preparing for the holiday, improving hair and doing manicures, garnish with flat balls, electric garlands, bouquets of flowers and other holiday attributes.

Think carefully about the holiday table, and the number of guests, the list of which must be prepared in conjunction with the birthday girl. Relatives and acquaintances you can ring up my mother's girlfriends on their own, let them know the date and time of celebration, when you are planning an event in the family circle.

If the anniversary is planned at a restaurant, order an interesting scenario in the development of specialized agencies organizing events. But in choosing the musical accompaniment for the party better give up the modern tunes as my mother will like the music the period of her youth, under which she danced, fell in love, and even sad.

To decorate the room - an apartment or a banquet hall, you can make interesting wall newspaper with congratulations in verse and stick her mother's photograph, showing all of her most important life stages. It can be stored in black and white baby photo cards, where it is displayed in a school uniform with white bows on her head, wedding photos and images of children on his hands. If you fail to pick up in the old family album desired image, simply draw a suitable picture on Whatman paper and stick them with pictures carved face. So it will be more interesting and unusual.

 How to congratulate his mother on the anniversary

Choosing a gift

To be interesting and not ordinary congratulated the mother, the gift should match and also be interesting and even unique. It is not necessary to buy a ready-card with pre-printed greeting. It is best to use cooked his own hand-mejk, or dried flowers decorating it with beautiful ribbons and wishes in verse form, you can write your own. This card should hand with a bouquet. Drawing up of a beautiful flower arrangement entrust professional florists, which it is necessary to tell what kind of flowers your mother prefers, as some women like exotic orchids, while others can not imagine their birthday without a traditional bouquet of red roses.

If your mother, despite his age, loves extreme events, give her a balloon flight, so she could with you to admire the beauty of his native city with a bird's-eye view. Such an anniversary without a doubt, it will be remembered for a lifetime, and it is a thrill to remember the most unforgettable emotions from the flight.

It is better to avoid the banal gifts - kitchen utensils, perfumes and cosmetics, household appliances, and even more money in an envelope, because these items are unlikely to be a real surprise. Choose something deeply symbolic gift that affect the innermost soul strings.

For example, you can order a picture of my mother, surrounded by relatives and friends, or a stylized family book where old photographs will be processed on the new computer technology. On the pages of this album it is recommended to present the biography of the family, as well as draw a family tree where the mother is given a central place.

Be sure to connect the imagination and to make every effort, and then my mother's anniversary will be one of the brightest pages in her life.

 How to congratulate his mother on the anniversary

 How to decorate a wedding car with his hands

During the preparation for the wedding you need to consider not only the venue of the wedding banquet and options for decorating the hall, but also a general view of a wedding convoy, where future newlyweds go to the registrar.

Selection of decorations for the car depends primarily on its brand and colors, as any accessories should look gently and unobtrusively. Thinking image of a wedding convoy, choose two similar in style and colors of the machine that will serve as a trip to the registrar for the bride and groom. And if the day of the celebration you do not want to decide on something extravagant and shocking, the ideal option would be cars with white, silver or black body.

General recommendations for decorating wedding car

Among the cars a wedding convoy most colorfully decorated to be the one where the couple after the release of the registry office will go for a walk, and then - to the place of the banquet. Think through the details need to advance to the rush and bustle of the festive day not to forget anything. As accessories to the hood, trunk and grille, you can choose silk and satin ribbons, balloons, helium-filled figurines in the shape of hearts, live and artificial flowers.

Especially attractive look wedding car decorated with toys, all the more so today, instead of attached to the grille of the bride doll is often used lovely teddy bears with original inscriptions and wishes for the young couple. Other design options include the use of strings, which can be collected from a balloon, nylon butterflies, silk ribbons.

For registration of the roof of the main machine tuple does not necessarily use the classic interlocking rings, covered with gold leaf. Instead, they often establish a basket of flowers, but the most unusual looks gentle composition of the two swans - birds associated with limitless pure love and faithfulness.

 Wedding car decorated with toys

Decorating wedding car ribbons

When deciding how to decorate a wedding car with your hands, you can use a classic design with ribbons, but this method of decoration is the most common, so it can not be called original. However, if the creative approach to this issue, and such decoration can become visible and unique. Although bridal salons are presented for sale cheap colored paper strips, from their purchase should be abandoned, since because of the headwind is the decoration can be quite fast break.

Nylon ribbons are more high quality, so they should not be buying a save. To acquire desirable tape three colors, which can then be positioned on the hood parallel to each other, creating the desired song. Color ribbon can match colors of the national flag or contrast with a tinge of body wedding car. So if you decide to make the basic element of a snow-white luxury limousine motorcade, of course not want to use the tape bright colors, they just merge with the car and be completely invisible.

Instead tapes are often used cuts of translucent fabric in two contrasting colors, as well as pieces of white tulle, which can be mounted on the hood in the form of soft draperies.

Deciding to restrict white tulle, drape is best to combine with flowers to cars, pulling you into a new life, it does not look boring and ordinary. For example, in the corner of the hood can be placed a small composition of fresh flowers, and if the fabric to drape white, on its background will look great delicate pink buds.

 decorate the wedding car with his hands

The most unusual ways of decorating wedding car

If you want to demonstrate originality, it is better not to use garlands of artificial flower arrangements. It would be appropriate only live buds of various colors. Hearts on the roof of the wedding car, the names of the newlyweds, woven from roses, stylized interlocking rings - it looks very impressive.

However, fresh flowers decoration requires professionalism, as fresh buds without test tubes with water and special funds by the time of the banquet will lose an attractive appearance. This kind of design of the machine is best left to professionals Floristry or very carefully study all the nuances of this work.

Decorating cars for the trip to the registrar yourself, use your own imagination, and then even from relatively simple materials you create unusual and unique composition.

For example, pieces of tulle to create large bows to decorate the grille and tailgate, and the top is firmly sewn to the fabric composition of flowers, small bows of satin ribbons of contrasting color, or the beautiful hearts are attached with magnets.

By the way, the magnets are not the ideal way to mount accessory to the wedding car, so you can come up with its own version of how to fasten the decoration on the body with maximum reliability.

The latest trends in decoration wedding convoy of cars and license plates affect that best stylized inscription close to the mark of the names of bride and groom, their initials, hearts or brief but intensive wishes for happiness.

It will be decorated with the main car in the motorcade, each decides by himself, choosing accessories to decorate according to your taste and desire. After all, by and large, all these accessories and decorations - it's just a tradition. A tradition, as we know, everyone has their own.

 Decorate the wedding car with his hands? It's simple!

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