cocktail party

We have long been tired of the traditional feasts, when standing in the middle of the room a table was breaking from the food, and the holiday eventually turns into a banal and boring gatherings. Of course, there are situations when something else is simply not appropriate - the anniversary of my grandfather, for example. But if you are celebrating new home, meeting friends, or coveted Friday, the usual meal can be turned into an unusual party, is only a little dream.

Cocktail party - this is the option that provides the flight of fantasy owners in the organization of the festival and guests a lot of positive emotions and unusual photographs that adorn not only the albums of social networks, but will remain as a memory.

Party over ...

The scenario of a cocktail party depends primarily on the celebration. For example, you decide to throw a party in honor of the birthday or housewarming. These festivals are celebrated in a big way, so get ready for what will have to think over in advance and prepare.

So, on a hot and salads you explicitly save, so you can afford to order a colorful show of bartenders - flair. It is a popular idea in recent times is the competition of bartenders (or in a professional performance), who demonstrate their art of making cocktails, juggling glasses, shakers and bottles, put their pyramid, or simply rotated.

Many bartenders use fire in its performances, which, of course, looks very impressive. Flaring can be enjoyed in any holiday agency. Of course, do not apply to the first available, be sure to consult with friends, or at least read the reviews of the agency to whom you entrust your holiday.

So, with the highlight of the program dealt with. What else should be considered? Subdued light, music, lighting effects can be added. For example, disco ball - like a minor detail, but the look of the room, which will host the celebration will be much more original.

Among the competitions are popular cocktails own recipes, surely each of your guests to have a drink. And in the end - tasting to determine the winner.

You can hold a contest for the best name for cocktails. And if you still ordered flair, you can help the bartender, for example, he will give a master class in cooking or cocktails on the construction of the pyramids. Guests will not notice how time flies.

 cocktail party at home

Party for no reason ...

If the cocktail party organized for less than a grand occasion, such as a meeting of friends, so widespread is not required. But here it is necessary to work out the details, so that no one was bored.

First of all, the dress code. You - the owner and you choose the form in which you want to see my friends, but as the cocktail party and your guests are likely to young people, let it be swimwear. And if your meeting is taking place in a country house with a swimming pool - the fun will be able to honor, believe me! After this appearance by itself is conducive to easy communication and fun.

Once there is some special reason for the meeting and there is no hero for the day, you can all agree to come with symbolic gifts, a set of liqueur glasses or funny scarf, for example. Put all these gifts in a big bag, like Santa Claus, and let each guest with his own hand pull yourself a small gift. In this case, the guests usually perform miracles of imagination, so everyone will be satisfied.

What to the table?

Cocktail party at home is good that the owner will not have to mess around in the kitchen day, circling around the plate, and cutting boards. You have to take care only of snacks.

The best option was always considered canapes - skewered on a stick slices of cheese, olives, salami or fruit. Also today, the actual cooking sushi, and although they can be ordered. You can still make a lot of small sandwiches with various ingredients. Do not forget about dessert - cookies, candy and ice cream just will not superfluous.

Selection cocktails may depend, for example, the time of year. If the celebration takes place in the cool season, no one refuses to hot fragrant mulled wine, if the window is warm - there's nothing better mahito. You can also cook these are not complicated cocktails like Pina Colada and Margarita, or one of your own original recipe.

Do not exclude the fact that someone of your friends will not drink alcohol. Juices, mineral water and soft drinks will appreciate everyone who was driving.

In conclusion I would like to add that the theme party - it's a win-win option for many holidays. Of course, originality is not without responsibility, but you will forgive any shortcomings and be grateful for having fun in an unusual setting. After all, instead of once again gorged itself, sit in a chair and dreaming of bed, your guests will actively communicate and dance.

 Cocktail party - a holiday that will be remembered for a long time

 Fancy Feast

Unusual holidays ... Are there many events you can recall at the mention of the phrase? Let's count together. Smiley Day, World Day blondes, April 1, all kinds of carnivals, so like Maslenitsa celebration, a day of "thank you". Perhaps someone will be able to complete the list with a few more dates, but in actual fact there are many more. And each of these holidays if they can not because of its exoticism be one of your own favorite, it really cheer up or, in extreme cases, provide an opportunity to once again be surprised by the diversity of the traditions of their force. And wonder, believe me, there is something!

Let psychology and political science to understand what it is we are different from each other. Let's see how we look. This can help to see the holidays as they blur the social and political boundaries and make us smile at each other. A smile and good mood can be rightfully called the most universal language of communication. This is despite the fact that some holidays are so unique that they choose analog in other cultures is impossible. But as they say, great holiday - good and different! It is about them, and we want to tell in this article.

Holi - festival of colors of the rainbow

 Fancy Feast World

Speaking of unusual holidays, the best start with the brightest of them. Each year, the already staggering India its color becomes a place of this riot of colors and fun. At the end of February or early March (the beginning of the holiday depends on the day of the full moon, calculated according to a special calendar) Indians take to the streets and pelted each other with colored powder and colored water poured. They do this not out of a desire to fool around, the festival is under a religious basis. However, during its existence of legends explaining the reason for this rampant, it became too much, so that we can understand them.

One legend says that the god Krishna, on whose undying love for Radha many legends, came to his mother why his skin is so different from the color lover. And he lamented the fact that this distinction does not allow them to turn into the most perfect pair of lovers. What wise Yasoda told him to sprinkle the face of the beloved powder of herbs and see how to change the color of her face.

Since then, the girls and boys in love with each other sprinkle colored powder. But just sprinkling colored powder is not an end. The whole world knows "speaking" Indian dances. So, there is a ritual dance, in which young people bring each other an apology and recognized his sympathy. Now imagine this dance apology and acknowledgment of the scale of the whole city! And the whole country ?! Is not it a stunning sight!

 the most unusual festivals of the world

Dinner for monkeys

The most unusual celebrations devoted to the world is not people. For example, in Thailand and India - the culture of these countries is replete with exotic motives and ways of celebrating - organize a real feast for the monkeys. And approaches to this holiday, I must say with all seriousness. After honoring these funny animals for a reason. This holiday, like many others, has a long history and the legend of his own vindication.

God Rama with his assistant and friend Hanuman, the monkey god for a long time and tried in vain to win legions of evil on earth. Until then, until summoned Hanuman his armies. Victory over evil was complete and unconditional. Hanuman moved the earth, which is now the town of Lopburi. A monkey has since awarded annually own banquet.

At the end of November, a huge seven-meter table for marmosets nice, all the rules of design of the table, spread 2 tons of fruit, rice and sugary drinks. And the funny thing is that the drinks are poured into glasses. Monkeys are very responsible attitude to its status as heroes of the occasion, and almost human stiffly start to the meal. As long as it does not reach to the drinks. Whether they have time to ferment, whether well fed monkey forget "manners", but in the final holiday begins full revelry and fun with the smashing of crockery and the nearest unwanted faces. Very un-human, is not it?

 unusual national holidays

Funeral March sardines ...

And this unusual holiday comes from hot Spain. As it turned out, the Spaniards are generally very cheerful people. In the new year they split the ears of a dead donkey, and Shrove Tuesday bury the sardine. And not just bury and a funeral march, widows and "weeping". This festival captures the great Francisco Goya in one of his paintings. However, the sardine on the canvas of a great artist, as they say, and does not smell, but reckless spree transferred lively and colorful. Why bury a fish with such honors, you ask? Everything is very simple.

At the beginning of the eighteenth century, during the reign of King Carlos in Spain 3, fish for the royal kitchen carts drove slowly. And there were times when the fish do not withstand the hardships of the long journey and the port. Once a "wise and generous" King learned of another "failed" delivery, decided to treat the fish of the second freshness residents of Madrid. It happened just as the days of the carnival. Apparently, surrounded by 3 Carlos was educated nobleman who, in order not to cause people's anger, added to the "fragrant" the treat of Spanish wine. He rolled into the streets in the barrels. But the Spaniards, despite all the myths about the irrepressible temperament or just not wanting to sin on the eve of Lent, did not contrive a revolution, and, appropriately dressed for the funeral, the poor martyr buried Sardinia.

Today is a holiday almost no stiffness in Spain of the 18th century. It is more like a carnival with traditional gaiety and fiery dances. However, the representation of a "coffin" sardines satisfied in our days. Mourning procession escorted mourners dressed mustached men, of whom then choose the most "inconsolable". Assign it an honorable widow and queen of the festival. Dummy sardines at the end of the holiday is burned, and the ashes buried in the ground. All according to the traditions.

 unusual festivals all over the world

But some Japanese - naked!

Anyone who thought that the unusual world holiday - the lot of temperamental Southerners do not know about the bottom of a naked man. This holiday will be enjoyed by lovers of male strippers. And the most amazing thing is that this festival takes place in Japan. The country reserved for men and women obey. But we are talking about an unusual holiday, but because - Down with stereotypes!

This festival takes place in the very cold day in February, and all would be good, but the men in this day have to run almost naked through the streets, take a cold shower and make a circle in a loincloth around the temple. One consolation: forward-Japanese fluster her naked heroes hot sake and not allowed to stand idle. After all bathing in ice water arranged these fights. "Hot Japanese boys" converge on a makeshift mat and compete to see who wins. Yet the proximity to Mother Russia for the Japanese was not in vain!

At midnight, all those who decided to take part in the Hadaka Matsuri, namely the so-called this feast, gather at the door of the temple to get an amulet that priests throw into the crowd. After this festival enters its apogee. A crowd of men in loincloths out into the street, shouting and singing in the crowd among the scantily clad men one completely naked, and that you need to touch him "good luck". Of course, if you're lucky enough to find him in a crowd of thousands, you can already consider yourself a rare lucky one.

 unusual world holidays

Playing in the snow in Spanish

The most generous in the crazy celebrations turned out to Spain. Then you and bury the sardine. And burning in Valencia huge puppets made of papier-mache Fallas on holiday. But this is temperamental and cheerful Spanish was not enough. They brought in their custom of throwing each other ripe tomatoes. Very similar to Russian fun - the game snowballs. Apparently, because of the lack of snow the Spaniards had to do with improvised means. The fun begins in the town of Buñol in the last week of August, after the harvest. And the very celebration includes songs, dances, fairs and fireworks. It seems to be nothing unusual, if not for the Tomatina, watch and participate in the people who come, not only in Spain but also in other countries.

It all began with the usual fights, which took place in the 40s of the last century, right at the festival in honor of the patron saint of the city of St. Louis Bertrand and Our Lady protector. Townspeople so dispersed in the heat of a fight that grabbed with fairground stalls and throwing ripe tomatoes at each other. Police dispersed the fighters. But whether they do not forgive each other, or simply they liked to throw tomatoes, but exactly one year on the same area of ​​"bullies" gathered again. A ripe tomatoes brought.

Tomatina than once banned, but the tradition has been so enduring that the city authorities put up with it and now every year in the Plaza del Pueblo brought tons of tomato "snowballs." In the Buñol about 9 thousand of the local population, but the fighters is ten times more. They flock here from all over the country just before the holiday to try your luck and climb to the middle of the square pillar soaped for ham "jamon". Once one of the lucky ones received ham, all of the fighters doused water cannon and tomato carnage begins.

There is no right or wrong, his own and others - every man for himself, and most importantly in the tomato did not win the war and to spend a few hours a child. All of us at one time as a child said that throwing food indecent. So, the festival is sure Tomatino. Importantly, do not forget to wear safety goggles and crush the tomato, not to instruct the "enemy" of bruises.

The march of zombies in Texas, dirt holiday in Japan, orange carnage in Italy, "Yoghurt Festival" in Tibet, a beauty contest for elephants in Laos - unusual holidays wave rolled across the world. Each of them has its own history, many unique and unique. But rather, it is another proof of the fact that no matter how different we may be, whatever the different nations from each other, have all one common desire - a genuine sense of joy and celebration in the shower.

 The most amazing and unusual holidays World