how to organize the reception house

A large number of guests always turns to the hosts bustle and long preparation. And it's no wonder, because to prepare the table for a few tens of people employed is not easy. You always want something to surprise visitors, make a holiday special and unbanal.

In the case of a crowded party ideal option will be the organization of home a banquet style buffet. In order to understand how to organize the reception house need to understand the meaning of this name.

The word cocktail has come to us from France and transfer him quite banal - plug. It is not surprising, since this is considered the main cutlery on a buffet table, because the table is served snacks, fruit salads and various cuts.

Benefits buffet

This event does not require large financial costs and is best suited for corporate parties. However, at home reception is becoming more and more popular because it gives an opportunity to the hostess not to stand hours at the stove, preparing treats for a great holiday. All that you need in this case - a spacious room, a little knowledge and imagination for cooking and the ability to beautifully arrange the table.

Popularity buffet is not even in a wide choice of different snacks - here the focus is not in that direction. The relaxed atmosphere, light and friendly atmosphere throughout the festival - these are the main quality of this event.

The benefits are undeniable buffet table in many cases. Take, for the fact that at the reception you can invite as many guests as would never have been invited to the normal meal because of the banal lack of space at the table. In addition, each guest can serve themselves on their own and you do not worry about the fact that someone does not have enough of a particular dish. And in the case of the youth party better buffet is hard to think of something. After all gatherings at the table quickly bored, I want to talk to all the guests and not jibe few phrases from across the room.

 Home reception

What should I know?

In organizing the buffet table at home you need to remember that the refreshment table must not be located in the middle of the room, as is customary in the ordinary feast, and to the side, to remain a space for the movement of visitors. But to put a table against the wall, too, is not recommended, because everyone wants to should be able to approach it from either side. As for the snacks - it must be some dishes that are easy to take with a fork or a hand and that you can have standing up or sitting down in a chair.

How to arrange the dishes?

Snacks for the buffet is best positioned at different levels. This is done quite simply. On the table are placed cardboard boxes or deep inverted dish. They can be covered with colorful cloth or paper wrap. Do not forget about the decorations - flowers and candles will fit perfectly in this unusual tableware.

In a sequence of serving very important position. On the left is placed a stack of plates. Next come the snacks, which can successfully enter the cheese and cold cuts, fruit, sandwiches and canapés, a variety of desserts. To the guests were convenient to take snacks, small plates located on the edge of the table, followed by bowls, salad bowls, dishes and bread. Napkins and cutlery set right. If your cocktail assumed hot snacks, think in advance about the dishes heated.

To your desk did not seem congested, stop your choice for a maximum of three types of appetizers and dessert each. Here it is necessary to take into account, and a stock of dishes, because you do not want to leave the visitors to prepare another batch of clean plates.

 banquet birthday at home

How to choose a drink?

Organizing such as banquet birthday at home, try to get a selection of drinks was wide enough. Good wine, champagne, cup, beer, including alcohol-free, and of stronger drinks - with the choice you sure to please every guest. Do not forget about a variety of juices and mineral water.

By the way, the beverage is best to install a separate table, so you will avoid confusion and bustle among the guests, everyone will be comfortable and convenient, and this is important on any holiday.

For all its simplicity buffet still requires certain obligations. For any occasion, thoughtful and prepared in advance, it will delight guests much more than banal menu and the table, somehow cluttered variegated dishes. Yes, and the mistress will feel more confident, seeing that it runs perfectly and holiday guests to enjoy.

 How to organize a buffet table at home? Practical Tips

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 what to give on the anniversary of her mother in law

Relationship daughter-in-law - this is certainly fertile ground for the activities of psychologists. Learn, system theory, write a dissertation and publishes books with tips - they are sure to be popular with consumers. After all, each daughter-in shower dreams to mend relations with his second mother, as if she did not refuse it to others. And many in-laws are not so formidable as they seem from the outside.

Think about relationships in your family. Maybe it's not all as bad as you think. And if your mother in law, somehow makes the attempt with you friends, and you do not care how it applies to you, and on the question of what to give in-law for an anniversary, you start to think a month before the occasion - you have a chance to establish a relationship with " impregnable "the mother of her husband.

Who's the master?

Unfortunately, over the years, beloved mother of your husband has forgotten what it means to be young that their own mistakes quickly learn to cope with life's difficulties. And so she tries to teach his "good for nothing" daughter everything she knows.

If you're lucky, the two women find a common language to communicate peacefully and even gladly come to visit each other. But often the situation is, and vice versa, especially if the young live under the same roof with her husband's parents. Then in-law is not just sent to the guests, and rightfully goes to all the rooms in the apartment. Maybe even start a cleaning in the room of a young couple or advise how to cook, do laundry, raise children. And for the most part this is not done out of spite or malice, but from a pure heart and a desire to share their own experiences. Of course, there are exceptions, but let's hope they are a minority.

The main thing that you do not forget - in-law is also a woman, and women are not alien to her weakness. A woman like that? Of course gifts! And if the gift is "right", any, even the most strict mother in law relent and stop to look at you as a stupid child. So much for the cease-fire, the main thing now is to maintain the truce competently, so that in the end, your family came the real world!

 that give in-law

Some subtleties in preparation for the holidays

It was during the holidays, you can either strengthen the friendship and daughter-in-law, or to correct shaky peace if their relationship is strained. But one mistake, one gift at random may, on the contrary, to build a wall between women, which will be envied even the Chinese.

So before you think about what to give in-law, to remember all that you know about it. In this case, every detail is important, each of your conversation. Oh, and be sure to talk with her husband - who, unless he knows that he prefers his mother.

Let's start with the most grandiose and the most difficult because of the holiday - the anniversary. So, what is present in this important day for any woman?

This has already happened that women do not like to celebrate their birthdays, and the older we get, the less this love. So try to surround the mother-in-focus, but unobtrusively so it was not like pity.

Of course, we must be sure to offer assistance in the preparation of the festive dinner. Anniversaries mark is widely accepted, so the extra hands superfluous just will not. Well, until you alone circled the kitchen, you can chance to see how fresh it looks like a gracefully cope with household chores and kitchen. Praise recipes and serving. In short, pay attention to the little things, because no man does not notice them, but we all know how much they mean and how nice that someone has seen and appreciated our efforts.

Pay attention to all the little things

Gift-law on such a momentous celebration probably a couple of months will be the main theme of your reflection. And in the end you will still be thinking that made the wrong choice, "and maybe we had something completely different? "- This thought will not leave you, until you see the reaction of the culprit celebration.

The question what to give in-law in the first place will depend even on your relationship with her, and the relationship between her and her son, that is your husband. If the relationship is strained, it is likely you-in-law, too, not girlfriends, then, on the one hand, it's easier - a gift does not necessarily put the soul. As a result, and the nerves will tselee.

But if the relationship between the mother and son are warm, you have more room for imagination, because all you need, you can ask your husband. After all, his mother can complain about the broken iron, to dream of a new TV. Can you tell us that such and such a forum of the beautiful wellness deducted pension and always wanted to go there.

Or maybe you are together once walked to the shops, and remember that one day it just conquered earrings that are so ideally suited to its new dress, but then it was not possible for them to spend, and then somehow no longer relevant It was. Again, all of the same stuff, but how much they can help, if you notice them.

The finishing touch to gift-in-law did not even have to be flowers, but they are required for any holiday, and the card. Yes, today we rarely use them, but even if you are sure that it is a relic of the past, particularly on the holiday and choose to make an exception for the mother-especially beautiful card. Type in the word are always beautiful, but they are not enough. His hand append some warm and sincere wishes, they will always be pleased to re-read.

 give in-law

Do not forget about interests and hobbies

Gifts-in-law on the basis, for example, of her hobbies. Maybe she's a fanatical fan of theater or opera? Or maybe it is not visible on the balcony of the sky because of the houseplants? And maybe in the house has its own, albeit not very big, but the library?

Hobbies greatly simplifies the choice of a gift, but do not exclude the possibility to be trapped. For example, if in-law loves classical theater productions, do not try to attach it to contemporary art, this can be interpreted as imposing your personal tastes.

Houseplants also choose wisely. Now you can find very beautiful exotic flowers, but unfortunately they do not try, they do not survive in our urban apartments, and indeed in our climate. A ruined the plant-in-law just upset.

Each library is based on the personal preferences, so that here too there is a danger not guess. The main thing is not to leave the choice of gift on the last day, then you will have the opportunity to clarify the first preference in-law, and then another, and to travel around half of the city, but to find exactly what you need.

Yes, gifts described above are very simple and not expensive. However, in the case of the native people, money does not have any of the values. Even a small thing, presenting a pure heart, will bring more joy than a diamond necklace, a hastily selected in the store.

Gifts that are useful for body and soul

If no apparent interest from your mother in law does not, then, her hobbies - she is. Absolutely normal for a woman of any age love yourself, cherish, care for themselves. Such a woman can give, for example, a subscription to the spa. or a certificate in a good salon. Or again certified in cosmetic or jewelry store.

The advantage of certificates that mother-in itself be able to choose for himself the desired product or process. But the anti-cellulite cream or shampoo hair loss can easily hurt, no matter how much they cost, as too clearly point to the shortcomings of the exterior. Agree, is not pleased any woman.

If in-law spends more time in the kitchen than in the mirror, to win her colorful cookbook, or search the book for writing prescriptions, preferably thicker, do not forget, mother in law - a woman of experience, recipes, she certainly knows a lot. Nor are unnecessary pans, pots and other kitchen utensils.

Do not forget that there are other festivals besides the anniversary ..

Gifts-in-law on other holidays, albeit less ambitious but no less responsible in terms of selection of gift? Mother's Day, birthday of your husband and her son. By the way, if you really want to improve relations with his mother in law, sure to find out when her birthday party. Oh, she knows something, believe me .. And if you do not forget about the greeting - it will be a pleasant surprise for her.

In such holidays is sometimes enough buketa her favorite flowers, kind words and, of course, attention. If you can not invite to visit or come in person, try a little longer to talk on the phone, ask her the news, issues, experiences, health, and be sure to share your joys and sorrows, then she will feel that her opinion is important to you that it is not stranger. And it will be the best gift for any mother in law!

At the end of all this I want to add that to the heart of any man to be found not let the road, but the path exactly. And no matter how expensive, and the best was not your gift, it will lose its value if not accompanied by warm words and good attitude.

 Gifts-in-law? Find the key to her heart!

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