Gifts for teens

For those who loves and knows how to give gifts, do not need to explain that his choice should be approached not only in terms of practicality and usefulness, but also based on the individual preferences of the person to whom it is presented. It is no secret that the gift, given to "show" or liked you personally, rather than to please the hero of the occasion, can upset him. So, no fresh ideas, observation and a sincere desire to deliver udovolsvie the person for whom the gift is not enough. In the case of children the same age, and is more or less clear: we are united with the first one generation and similar interests, and how to please the baby, everyone knows. But gifts for teens is not as simple as it may seem.

And it is not that teens are more demanding and capricious. The point is you and me. We do not want to see them as someone other than children. And gifts to choose, based on the fact that for us they are the same girls and boys, our children, nephews and younger brothers and sisters. We forget that they perceive themselves adults. If we add to this teenage hypersensitivity, wrong-chosen gift can not only please the teenager, but also lead to a loss of understanding. So that is how it all seriously. Nevertheless, do not be upset, it is better to try to stick to a few simple rules that will help not only to choose the right gift, but also to strengthen your relationship with a grown child.

Gift for teens: instructions for the "dummies"

In no case do not give a teenager something to get rid of. Not only did he immediately notice it, so also offended you. And against the background of constant emotional instability resistance you get the full program. Then fit the rule of "less is better." Expensive, but totally unnecessary teenager thing will please a lot less than a small gift, picked up, and maybe made their own hands, but in the interests of the adolescent. So that he felt that his interests are not alien to you and do not cause you perplexity. Even if this is not true.

For example, you do not have a large sum of money on an expensive gift, but you're fine knit or sew. You, with proper observation, there is a lot of options, how to please a teenager. Knitted sweater with the name of a favorite punk band teenager. Or sew him a shirt like his idol on the poster. For a teenage girl you have to try a little more, but there is no limit to perfection. Just flip through it to the holes iced fashion magazine. Ask around, what she likes, and go for it.

And he, the rebel, seeks the storm

Despite the fact that the children are in their teens are more in need of our care and custody, as it were, in contrast, they strive for freedom and independence from us adults. And feel adults, independent people with their world view, and the right to vote. So if you can not pick up a gift or are afraid to make a mistake, you can donate some money. Maybe you are worried that such a gift is not the element of surprise and it looks kind of recognition in his own impotence? Forget about it. The teenager will see the depth of your confidence and recognition of its right to independence. On the contrary, so you are sure to earn a certain number of bonus points.

Away match

Think about the fact that you give your grown child of best advance. Then you will have time to penetrate his interests. And it should be done, because in addition to the fact that it will help you choose a gift, you will have a unique opportunity to establish contact with the child. In the end, remember myself at that age, but without remarks "I'm at that age behaved differently and was restrained."

Choosing gifts teens, boys, you almost run into trouble if you just look at the walls in the room. Posters and signs will tell you a lot. If they depict participants rock band, try to get tickets to their concert. Not one ticket and a couple. To the teenager had the opportunity to go there with a friend or girlfriend.

If a teenage boy "sleeping" in an embrace with a computer, ask whether he does not want to change anything: add RAM, change video or sound card, and maybe he wants a new monitor or the steering wheel for racing games on the simulators ? A teenage girl is happy to subscription to a fitness club or modeling school when it was full of her dreams. By the way, there are various acting classes or dance school where she can write and pay tuition. Remember that every little girl dreams of becoming an actress.

 gifts teen boys

For the sake of the spirit of contradiction

No gifts "for growth"! This phrase can be a major theme when choosing a gift for a teenager. Do not forget that for them there is no "tomorrow" in the same sense that we have. They live for today. And presented summer jacket is unlikely to please him. The same can be said about the practical gifts. No practicality and reminders of everyday life! Let your gift will be bright and unusual.

Even if you decide to give something of clothes, do not choose it yourself. Purchase a gift certificate for some money in one of the shops of youth clothes and give the teenager to the right to choose. Believe me, this way you will achieve two goals. Will show the teenager that you trust him. And you can bet that he will buy exactly the thing that you would choose for it themselves. But if you were presented with this item as a gift, the teenager would see him in this imposing your tastes. And if he chose their own thing, such problems do not arise.

We're the same blood, you and I

Let your chosen gift will become a symbol of adulthood. Rather, the recognition that you do not see in your baby Chad. Make this the focus, giving is not necessarily expensive, but "adult" thing. For a teenager this symbol can be a set of cosmetics. At the same time, you have to take into account the age of the teenager and choose cosmetics for young skin. Or purchase a certificate to a beauty store or shop online. Let your fashionista will choose their own gift. An alternative could be a subscription for make-up courses. After all, there are not only taught her to use cosmetics, but do it right, to make become a supplement that can emphasize its natural beauty.

A teenage boy will certainly appreciate as a gift to some news from the field of high technologies. The main thing is to ask what he wants. Or, if he raves about programming and have long surpassed their knowledge in the curriculum, pay him the prestigious programming courses. This gift will not only delight but also will be a good foundation for further development of the teenager in this direction.

Choosing a gift-teen girl or young boy, do not forget that it is very important to feel that when choosing a gift you first thought about it, about their interests, hobbies and needs. And then even the most insignificant Present will be another bridge thrown towards understanding and harmony in your relationship.

 How to choose gifts for teens

 games for the holiday fun for us

Try to make the associative array to the word "game". What first comes to mind? Childhood salochki, hide and dodgeball. Now try to change the terms of a little bit and do the same thing, only now come up with an association to the phrase "games for adults." So, stop! No role of erotic fantasies and similar thoughts. Imagine games that you could play in the warm company of friends at a party or on holiday. You say that came out of the age when you can play the game? You fundamentally wrong. There is no age limit for gaming. And sometimes adults respectable people play more exciting children.

Imagine above average holiday party. Set the table are pretty empty, congratulations and wishes sounded, guests chatted, danced, and ... began to yawn. So, take your feet in hand and run from such non-festive holidays, from which all the pros - it's extra weight on the hips. But cons galore. After these events, you notice that friends are less likely to respond to your invitation to the agreement, finding excuses and urgent matters. It's a shame? But things could be different if you dare, to show imagination and come up with the game on the holiday for the cheerful company. Enough to turn sour, let's play!

Stick, stick, broken ogurechik or fax

If you are not sure that your idea will be accepted to play "a great success", start with a simple, does not require a great effort of the game. That is to say, the warm-up. Give your guests on a blank sheet of A4 paper and a pencil. Ask them to line up one behind the other at a distance of 20 centimeters. And now the latest in the line show the picture. This can be a drawing of a cat, a dog, a butterfly. The main thing that was a simple drawing. But not the man-ogurechik - it's too easy. Guest must attach a sheet on his back in front of him and the party to draw what he saw. And standing in front of, in turn, feels, not spying, should try to portray that draw on his back. And so on up the chain. You can ensure that the resulting masterpieces cause laughter. Just like a broken fax machine in your office.

Closer to the body

Are you convinced that your guests willing to participate in the games, and emotional degree of the company and without the aid of intoxicating beverages became higher. You are ready for the next game. You will need two sets of cards with the names of body parts and a few pairs of participants (man - woman). You collect them in pairs, and optionally turn on the music. Leading suited to each pair while dancing and prompts you to select a card. For example, the man pulled out a pair of card "cheek", and the girl "knee." When all cards are dealt, the facilitator should remember combinations that got each pair. In the middle of the dance master shouting: "Attention! Knee-cheek. " That couple that received these cards must touch each other by these parts of the body, continuing to dance. Imagine what could be the combination, and you'll see how everything can be fun.

In the tundra every eskimosik rubs nose on nose

Remember the nursery rhyme? That's what we call the next play, which may well open your guests a variety of new ways, as well as than kissing .  And the standard Eskimo "kiss" noses seem innocent .  To play this game you need to choose a male volunteer .  He was blindfolded and turned back to the audience .  Girls line up behind him .  Leading fits every girl and asks, Do you want to kiss a young man this girl .  And so long as the volunteer did not answer "yes" .  Then the fun begins .  Leading points to a part of the girl's body and asks that we kiss .  Until then, until you get the answer "it" .  Further experimental asked to guess the body part that he will kiss .  He says, for example, "ear" .  Then the leader announces that the guy to kiss the back of a stranger's ear and asked to show .  What there Eskimos, our imagination is much more fun and unusual!

Makhno the Moon

Games for adults at the festival should not only be fun, but also mobile. Especially if your party is held in the summer at the cottage. Plenty assumes larger proportions. Play the "rover". For this game all voluntary participants must stand on all fours. Each rover receives a number. Rovers move loudly repeating his room: "I Lunokhod-1", "I Lunokhod-2" and so on. Moreover, not limited to these phrases. You can carry any "nonsense": "I Lunokhod-2, take a sample of soil." He can take a sandwich from the table, then give a speech about the edibility of the lunar soil. The main thing in this case - do not laugh. Laughed out of the game. Leave the suburban area is not recommended. Who knows how to react to such unusual pastimes neighbors.

 Games for adults at the festival

Domino Effect

The game is also better to play outdoors. Leading collects willing and tells them that they are bears. Further adventures begin. It is very important that the lead was well developed imagination, as he will have to come up with activities for the whole pack of bears. For example, the bears woke up in the morning and went for a walk. All participants depict how the bear wakes up and walks like. Bear walked and tired, sat down to rest. All participants must squat. Lead does not stop the story, weaving his canvas all that should, in his opinion, do bear. The main thing - time to time to give the bearish ranks to sit on his haunches. And ten or twenty halt unexpectedly last push "bear" to the entire group lay side by side, and shout: "Bear - wham! ". A bunch of small-laughing bears - most amusing spectacle.

Marasmus was intense

For this game, it is desirable that your company had an even number of guests. Though, if it is not, one person can take over the responsibilities of the master. You will need to prepare 20 questions and 20 answers, printed on strips of paper. Partners in a pair of pull on one strip, one question, and someone has the answer. Those who question reads his partner, and the second reads the answer. But as the questions and answers were drawn at random, then it is the usual question: "Tell me, you often cowards? "You can get the answer:" Only for a decent fee. " Questions can be anything. The main thing is to every question in the pack was the right answer. And it is desirable that there were no platitudes, because the random combination of questions and answers themselves are quite funny. A deliberate vulgarity spoil the holiday - not the best idea.

The submarine in the steppes of Ukraine was killed in an unequal air battle

For this game, you will need several sheets of paper and pens. This simple set is distributed to the participants. Each of them has to leave a piece of the top of the name of the hero, the best literary character. Fold the sheet so as to hide the name and sent to the neighbor. The same sheet to receive from the neighbor on the other side. Next come the answers to the questions, any: "Where the hero has gone? What made the feat? Who met the hero on his way? " and so on. A sheets with and passed around. But everyone continues to write exactly the answers that fit his choice of literary character. At the end, in the process of reading all the "stories", you get a lot of pleasure.

Memes - past

If you is not enough just fun games, here you play requires participants acumen .  All the guests are divided into two teams .  Members of the first team to guess the word (noun) and a proverb or saying .  All our plans according to officials of the second team, which is given a minute to think about .  Then he announces the word or phrase to explain his team .  He must explain the Word in silence using only facial expressions and gestures .  Sayings, proverbs, idiomatic expression can be sustained apart from gestures to explain the words, avoiding pronouncing aloud every word of the phrase zagadannoy .  The opposing team closely monitors the observance of the rule .  Its team provides options in the course of the show or story .  Guessing limited time .  Then the teams change roles .  For each word to guess the team 1 point for ice - 3 .  In the role of the interpreter in each team should attend all .  The spirit of competition and a lot of funny situations in the game will make your holiday unforgettable .

Reach out holiday, say "no" boring meal. Make up fun games for adults holidays, and your friends will be happy to respond to your every invitation.

 Funny games for the holidays