beautiful makeup for green eyes


  • Wedding Makeup for green eyes: Features
  • Shadow green eyes
  • Well-groomed eyebrows, rouge and lipstick choice for green-eyed bride
  • Makeup for green eyes the color of the hair of the bride

Owners green eyes look mysterious, and always attract attention.

The main thing in a wedding makeup for green eyes - to emphasize the individuality of unusual colors and make-up professional and public holidays.

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Wedding Makeup for green eyes: Features

It should be attention to detail, refreshing face to emphasize the eyes, to give the image of softness and femininity. Clean green eyes are rare, most are brown-green, yellow-green, emerald and blue-green hues.

Wedding Makeup for green eyes can be a romantic and gentle and bright, eye-catching. Many makeup artists believe that a wedding makeup for green eyes emphasis should be placed in front of it. For make-up green eyes better suited terracotta, peach, bronze, pink, purple, violet colors. Blue and rich shades of blue green-eyed brides makeup should be avoided so as not to lose its color.

Do not use make-up for a wedding the same shade as the color of the eyes. Green shades for green eyes should be used carefully and diluted with another color. For example, a circle green outline only the lower eyelid, and upper paint a different color. But note that the colors should not be a sharp contrast.

Immediately before the actual make-up carefully prepare face. Clean your skin, apply a base for make-up, after using the moistened sponge spread layer of foundation massage. Also, apply foundation on your neck and décolleté. Tone cream fix friable powder, absorbs excess greasy T-zone.

Do not forget about masking agents. Bruises mask beige corrector, which is applied on top of the foundation. Pimples and other flaws Shade greenish correctors, on top of which lay the foundation tone. On the basis of the eyelids, apply a shadow to all-day makeup is not flowed and showered.

 applying makeup
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Shadow green eyes

Take the lighter shades shades: cream, light pink, white, pearl and apply, shading of age and under the eyebrows. If you think your eyes are small or insufficiently open, you can increase them visually, hovering white pencil inside of the lower eyelid. You can now apply a different color, such as purple or pink on the outer corner of the eyelid, or highlight the crease shade darker than the main - peach or olive. Shadows apply with a soft brush or applicator.

Purple is the color used for a more gentle way, it is well diluted pearl shadows pale pink or white. Any light color: pale gold, cream, cream diluted with bright make-up and make a smooth transition. And such a hue as terracotta, makes eyes richness and depth.

For a bright make-up, use black ink, better to give preference to water-resistant and high-quality ink. For a more relaxing makeup stop your choice on a dark brown or chocolate mascara. Before applying mascara, use eyelash Zavivateli. Each cilium stain carefully, and if the colors are bright shades predominate, do focus on the splendor and density of eyelashes, you can pre-build cilia. If intense shades of shadows, pay more attention to the length of the cilia. Pencil contour can also be a dark or dark brown. Makeup can be smoked, for this thin applicator blend the line stroke.

 easy wedding makeup for green eyes
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Well-groomed eyebrows, rouge and lipstick choice for green-eyed bride

No wonder eyebrows called one of the most expressive facial features. Therefore, they must be put in order. Remove excess hair under the eyebrows, with the help of scissors and brush complete your top and inside edges of the eyebrows. Eyebrows need to pull out for 2-3 days before the wedding to a gala day was marred by irritation or redness.

Choosing an eyebrow pencil, look at the color of the hair. Blondes do not use dark brown or black pencil, better to give preference to gray, golden or brownish warm tones. Brunettes can to focus on the eyebrows, underlining their dark pencil or a special powder. Do not use the usual shadows when you make the eyebrows - this is an inefficient and short-lived fashion.

When choosing blush is better to give preference cosmetics creamy texture. They are well applied and more resistant. Apply blush with a brush on top of the special tonal foundation and corrector. Green eyes perfectly set off the peach blush, brown, pink and apricot shades. Brunettes can use blush with a light bronzer effect.

Lips do not have to drag all the attention to themselves, so they do not paint a very intense color. Make green-eyed girls good complement coral lipstick, pink, purple, peach or plum color. Above you can apply gloss: he will give the appearance of a special attraction. Do not use persistent lipsticks, they are dried and tightening the skin.

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Makeup for green eyes the color of the hair of the bride

Makeup for green-eyed blondes

Green-eyed blonde is better to prefer a gentle, subdued makeup. On the mobile eyelid, apply a matte shadow ashy or lilac at the lash line - dark smoky color. To view was more profound need black mascara with the effect of the separation of the eyelashes. Do not neglect eyebrow shaping. For wedding makeup fit brown or beige eyebrow pencil. Tone Cream choose light, almost imperceptible - opal or creamy, complement the image of pink lipstick and blush peach or apricot.

Makeup for green-eyed brunettes

Brunette with green eyes for a wedding makeup is better to choose saturated colors. The entire length of the century flat brush to apply a darker shade of shadow, inner corner of eye Illuminate silvery shimmering shadows. External and internal circuit circle waterproof pencil - this will make the look more expressive. Mascara should be waterproof and volume. Foundation - as close as possible to the natural color of the skin, blush - peach or apricot. Lipstick can take coral, pink, beige or cherry.

Makeup for green-eyed brown-haired women

To highlight the beauty of the bride, choose juicy, but warm colors. Shadows can take physical, gold, beige. Good will look drawn on the lower eyelid bright greenish thin eyeliner. Eyebrows clearly drawn brown or gray pencil. Black lengthening mascara makes the eyes look more open. When choosing blush, the best stop on a cream or apricot shades. Lips can moisturize transparent or light terracotta sheen.

Makeup for red-haired green-eyed girl

Natural red color - a rarity. But thanks to hair dye red number of girls increased. Red-haired green-eyed bride can immediately spot its stunning looks, but to enhance the beauty, you must work hard. In the red-haired women often pale and thin skin, so it would be a crime to disguise dark tonal foundation. Use the lightest shade: light beige or ivory.

Emphasis is better to do in their eyes, be pertinent gray, gold, beige and green shades of shadows. The main thing - do not overdo it, the shadow apply light strokes. Green-eyed brides should use eyeliner brown or chocolate color, black eyeliner does look heavy and evil. Lipstick is desirable to choose matte colors, red-haired brides fit coral or caramel color. Try not to use a lip gloss, it is a visual overload the image and will distract attention from the eye.

By following these simple tips, any bride can create a surprisingly charming and romantic way and at his own wedding will be a queen.

 Make green-eyed bride

 beautiful makeup for blue eyes


  • The role of eye makeup
  • What should I know about applying makeup owners of gray and blue eyes?
  • evening make-up
  • Romantic Makeover

Make-up, as you know, is the means by which you can hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity profitable. Every day we see on television, in magazines stunning beauties and ordinary women on the street, in transport, in store. As a rule, the difference in the make-up pretty big. And it is not so important that over the make-apom stars working professionals, and ordinary women are applied to cosmetics

Many models do not need the help of make-up and know how to paint yourself. The key to the success of any make-up - both everyday and evening - is the ability to choose the right for your skin type, eye color, hair, shape of the face makeup. Makeup for blue-gray eyes requires special attention.
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The role of eye makeup

Eyes - mirror of the soul. So think of the people. Indeed, the first thing that most people pay attention to when meeting - eye. And here we should not forget about the "frame" for the "mirror." With makeup, you can highlight your eyes, hide signs of fatigue, it is advantageous to set off the color.

The correct choice of corrective tools, palettes of shadows, pencils, eyeliner will help to underline the depth of view and owners of rare shades of eye - reveal their uniqueness.

Today, one of the rarest considered gray-blue eyes.

 summer makeup for gray blue eyes
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What should I know about applying makeup owners of gray and blue eyes?

The ladies, who have the shade of the eyes, must remember that has a color eyeliner, shadow, pencils completely unsuitable for them. This black and green. The right makeup for blue-gray eyes can not tolerate these cosmetics colors. The first of these will give a view of vulgarity. And if a small section of your eyes, it will make even more narrow. Green also hides the full depth of shade unusual color of your eyes.

Make the effect of lightness and sparkle in the make-up will allow precious colors - silver and gold. Also they will approach the whole range of violet-pink shades. But it is worth remembering about moderation: no woman wants to look as if she had not slept all night, from which she remained purple circles around the eyes.

Casual makeup for blue-gray eyes can be made with the help of beige, peach, bronze, brown shadows. Also suitable brown pencil and mascara brown-black or just brown. In order to give the look of brightness and depth, can be applied to the crease of the upper eyelid a little gray-brown shadow and well shaded.

 romantic makeup for blue eyes
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evening make-up

For the release of the owners of such an unusual shade of eye shadows require lilac, blue, pearl, and the already mentioned gray-brown tones. A special role should be given a pencil and eyeliner. As mentioned, you should not choose black. It is better to give preference to dark tones of gray and brown. But the ink for an evening out, you can take the black.

Makeup for blue-gray eyes would look very impressive, if properly designed in the style of Smoky Eyes. This will create an image of the fatal beauty. For this type of makeup is important even skin tone. If you have dark circles under your eyes, you should use concealer. Thus, the "canvas" prepared. Pencil dark gray or dark brown outline form manhole. Next, put a pencil on blue shadows and carefully shade around the circuit. This is done using a thin brush.

Further suggests applying makeup shadows on the upper eyelid. And here are possible options - from silver-turquoise to dark gray. Under eyebrow cause beige or white shade. After that cilia impose mascara in black. The finishing touch is to underscore the eyebrows. Light-skinned ladies should use a brown eyebrow pencil. The other approach is dark gray or black. This makeup for gray-blue eyes will not leave anyone indifferent man. With it, you will undoubtedly look spectacular at any party.

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Romantic Makeover

For those who prefer a more romantic and airy way, is to opt for this type of makeup. First, lightly powder eyelids. This requires a powder Flesh Tone. Bags and circles around the eyes can be hidden with the help of concealer or other corrective means. Now you need to determine the tone of the shadows. Virtually all steel and gray suit. However, if you want something special, feel free to take a blue, turquoise, silver. The upper eyelid underline gray pencil. Mascara, apply in 2 layers, after drying the first - the second. Romantic makeup for blue-gray eyes will be designed to highlight your eyes, so the lips do not choose bright shades of lipstick or gloss. Also, this image suggests the ease in clothes.

Whatever kind of makeup for blue-gray eyes you choose, it is important to remember that it is necessary to take into account not only the color and shape of the eyes, but also the color of skin, hair, their length, shape of the face and the clothes, under which you make meyk- ap. Before you go out, it is best to experiment a bit with the tones and the way to form a loop.

To make the whole look attractive, do not forget about the correct choice of foundation, powder, blush and lipstick.

 The right make-up for owners of gray and blue eyes