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Gifts beloved man? So the question is given every girl in anticipation of the upcoming holiday, whether it is the New Year, Valentine's Day, Feb. 23 or name chosen. Of course, you always want to keep this thing like a young man, pleased with it and gathering dust in the far corner of the apartment. Therefore, women are beginning to think frantically buying long before the event, wondering how much money you will need for this, and then you will not have to borrow money.

Gift for boyfriend does not have to be expensive - why spend more than you have? Indeed, in this case, the main thing - attention to quality, that is, how useful and necessary thing will be gifted to loved. The mass of options, ranging from standard shaving kits, sweaters and ties and ending with original gifts, such as hang-gliding or parachuting. As they say, to each his own: sports fans - skating, tickets to a football match, the lessons of extreme driving, enthusiastic appliances - a new phone or laptop supernavorochennogo. We offer together with us to go to an imaginary journey to the shops, which aims - to find out that it is possible, necessary, and that is counter to give the beloved.

Gifts classified as "prohibited"

All people are different and, according to the American writer and expert in the field of human and family relationships, John Gray, the woman came to Earth from Venus and men - from Mars. Perhaps that is why between the reigns eternal misunderstanding. Surely each pair there are moments when the guy said something, absolutely not wanting to hurt his girlfriend, who by this time had already twice offense. As a result, after a certain time the two becomes clear that the reason for the quarrel is so silly and inconsequential that talk about it and it is not worth it. Nevertheless, the conflict took place.

You probably think about where do gifts? Quite simply, women love the eyes, so come to the delight of a huge bouquet of flowers, gold jewelry, stuffed animals, and other charming details. Men, on the contrary, practical people who are giving the necessary and useful things, and the presence of a beautiful bright packaging is not absolutely necessary. By virtue of this otherness some girls are mistaken, presenting a gift favorite picture or a set of glasses for his new apartment. There are plenty of other things to consider when going to the store:

  • Men are in the majority - not particularly romantic and alien sentimentality. Therefore, no matter how old was your favorite - or sixteen well over thirty - never giving him a nice little things of value only for women. Crystal vases, heart-shaped cushions, a set of paired cups for lovers or figurine - here are the things that are likely to be sent to your chosen one in the farthest corner of the cabinet. From the point of view of the strong half of humanity like objects - garbage that litters the only apartment.
  • Lacy lingerie to wear on you - this, of course, very cute, but I think it can not be a complete gift. Who are you kidding here? After all, your man is clearly not able to wear this kit. Such surroundings more suitable for a romantic dinner by candlelight, for example, on Valentine's Day. Prepare a delicious light meals, buy a bottle of wine and treat boyfriend. However, a more significant dates should give serious and really targeting him gifts, or a young person may be offended.
  • Many men are susceptible to flattery as by nature need recognition. Therefore, having presented a gift beloved subscription to the gym or, for example, underwear, you can get an unexpected reaction - instead of the joy on the face of the chosen reflect the disappointment and resentment. When choosing a gift, consider whether he has an ambiguous subtext. Of course, not every man thinks that you paid for the gym - a hint at its flaws, completeness or imperfect body. However it happens, so it's better to be safe from harm's way.
  • Ordinary gifts upset representatives of a strong half of mankind in the same way as women. They also want to receive the original, dates and personal belongings, so for a long time suggests buying a TV or a vacuum cleaner should not plan to the birthday of her husband.

These cute things like picture frame or a T-shirt with your image, suitable only for the most romantic holiday - Valentine's Day. And even in this case, we recommend to think of something more original, for men, as mentioned above, not too sentimental. Make a collage of your photos or unusual way complete your album - certainly appreciate such a gift chosen.

 what to give your loved man on holiday

What to consider when choosing a gift?

Puzzling over what to buy as a gift to the young man, first of all it is worth considering what he is interested in that most loves. Drop your true desire for women, because some of the girls admit a huge mistake of choosing a thing to your taste and completely ignoring the interests of the elect. Books, clocks or little animals with a warm blanket, perhaps like you, but a man is unlikely to come from this delight.

You will never find yourself in an awkward situation and not disappoint a loved one, if you approach buying intelligently. To do this, you must remember a few simple rules:

  • First determine the amount that you are willing to devote to your chosen one. If the gift will be expensive, you may need time to accumulate money.
  • Another important factor that should not be forgotten - the upcoming event. On birthdays and anniversaries giving serious neat and desirable things are not cheap. New Year awakens in each individual the most tender feelings and people back to childhood, when everyone believed in miracles and waited for Santa Claus. Therefore, in this case, you can present something nice and private, for example, warm stylish sweater or scarf, skiing enthusiasts - special gloves businessman - Leather weekly portfolio for securities or an expensive holiday ruchku.V romantic Valentine's Day you can do personally prepared candlelight dinner, blends in taking a bath with rose petals and aromatic oils. Gift targeting boyfriend on February 23 must emphasize his courage and strength.
  • Consider the age of your lover. Naturally, the eighteen year old boy will be delighted by the new headphones or heaped mouse, but rather a mature man will appreciate the last eplovsky iPhone, or spinning gear set, of course, if he enjoys fishing.
  • Think about your dream of a young man. Certainly he often shared his desire to buy this or that thing, so why not do it for him? Thus, beating her boyfriend in the purchase, you will give him immense joy, because it will become a testimony to your attention and care about him.
  • Just focusing on the character, interests and hobbies of his men, you can choose for him the best gift. For example, an avid football fan probably will like tickets for the match of your favorite team, and Extreme Experience the excitement of such a gift, such as a parachute jump or a trip by canoe along the mountain rivers.

Each person has their own character, needs and interests, and for which you need to focus, going to the store. Where is your favorite all day sitting at the computer, then, of course, the best gift for him would be associated with this machine. Talk to his friends, consult with a specialist at the store and pick up a new modem card, a stylish keyboard interesting stick or something else. Car enthusiasts such things are not really entertained, it will likely be pleased to cleaner cars, GPS-navigator, mugs for long distance travel, car boxes, and so on.

Useful gifts for the beloved

Men prefer practical and useful gifts, then it is worth it to them and present. You want to please your man, and not to disappoint? Therefore, if you suddenly crept into your head the idea and not give away whether the lovely porcelain vase, glasses or a new picture for the joint flat rather chase her away. Otherwise, the money will be wasted - boyfriend removes the farthest place in your charming little thing, and safely forget about it. However, such a gift, like a fishing rod, a set of tools, backpack traveler, a good thermos, it probably will like.

For many women, it is of great importance not only the present, but also its supply. So they come to the delight of a beautiful wrapping paper, colorful gift bags. Men, by contrast, refer to this quite calmly, one might even say indifferently. For them it is important in its essence, and a refined and attractive appearance - not the main thing. A strong half of humanity is primarily appreciate the usefulness and practicality - those qualities which, in their opinion, should have the perfect gift. Therefore, it is not necessary to wrap your purchase in colorful paper, attach bows and ribbons to tie - just select the original and necessary thing.

Many girls can say that such a gift, like a fishing rod, a vacuum cleaner for the machine, grill, grill for grilling, and the like - it's too mundane objects, which can not give your loved one. However, this is a purely female philosophy that has nothing to do with men. Such things are seen as evidence of a guy that lady interested in his hobbies and preferences, knows all about his hobby and welcomes these activities. So, as you can see, such a gift - a symbol of your respect, affection and love for their other half.

Most of the men are addicted to technology and appreciate its functionality, so you can not even wrestle with purchase - just take the money and go to the store. The perfect gift for the young man will be something of the latest innovations: PDA, netbook, webcam, headphones, camera, mobile phone, iPod, video card, speakers and the like. Better, of course, gently ask loved about what he lacks, or, for example, that do not like a computer. Without knowing it, he can to push you to think about a suitable gift.

At the heart of every man (even a very adult) lives unless the child is at least a teenager. Today, many guys are addicted to computer games; if your boyfriend is one of them, gave him a set of video games, a new console or heaped joysticks. You'll see his joy would be no limit!

Women are not too well-versed in matters relating to the vehicle device, so pick up a gift for the avid car enthusiast will be quite difficult. You can do more simple things such as doormats, vacuum cleaner, seat covers and steering wheel, a special rack or a mini-fridge, which is ideal for long trips and travel. If you decide to buy something worthwhile and more expensive - Navigator, TV for cars, USB-device - it is better consult with friends the young man. Surely they know better what is missing in his car, where to buy this product, tell all about its quality and estimated price.

High-tech gifts, of course, will cost expensive, so if you long before the holiday date to determine what will give a loved one, then start collecting the required amount in advance. So then part with their money will not be so painful, besides, you will not cause significant damage to its budget.

If you want to do small sacrifices, buy something useful and necessary. It can be accessories to the gym for an athlete, basketball fans will be delighted with a T-shirt autographed by a favorite player and collector of wine will be delighted by the mini-bar or, for example, high-end bottles of expensive and rare drink. Although alcohol is not recommended to give loved ones, but in this case we can make an exception.

 that give the beloved birthday

Original thought: an unusual gift for a loved one

Despite the fact that men appreciate the useful and necessary things from interesting unusual gifts they, as well as women, are delighted. So why do not you surprise your loved one?

If your boyfriend - a romantic nature, and periodically makes you pleasant surprises, make for a huge billboard with a declaration of love. However, be original - it is not necessary to write such standard phrases as «I love you», «Happy birthday, darling! "And the like. Did you have a particular expression, symbolizing your feelings and known only to you, you can also draw lines from a poem by the recognition or song. In general, little pofantaziruet!

If you choose a gift, being used for romantic dates - Valentine's Day, the anniversary of dating or marriage - are not necessarily give something practical. Treat yourself and loved ones, and paying partner dance lessons or sushi. You can also go together in the Dolphinarium and ride with these good creatures. A remarkable gift will be hiking in the spa where you can relax and enjoy the rejuvenating and curative treatments, massage, and get the maximum pleasure.

It is not necessary to suffer for a long time the question of what to give your beloved. After all, who but you know what he pleased, but from what grieved. Think about the dreams of her boyfriend, his hobbies, interests, and act! Whatever you are presented with, most importantly, give it from the heart!

 Gifts beloved man: ideas for any holiday

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