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  • The first stage - training: how to understand what to give
  • Choosing a gift for a loved one
  • Surprise your beloved options surprises

Giving gifts to your loved anniversary of relations - it is the gratitude that will pay off handsomely attention and care from the boyfriend. This is an extra reason to remind the loved one that he is the best and irreplaceable. It is not necessary to present expensive things, because in this case the main thing - attention. You can make a gift with their own hands, a romantic candlelight dinner, prepare unexpected surprise - in short, just go to the event with the mind and the imagination of shares. And we, in turn, will help you with this.

The first stage - training: how to understand what to give

You have far more than a year together, you know a loved one inside out, so with a gift choice should not have any problems. But the thing - you do not know what to buy him. If you decide to opt for cologne, shaving kit, warm mittens and a new fishing rod for a boyfriend, chase those thoughts away. Anniversary of relationships - remarkable and romantic date, so the gifts should be appropriate to present. Create an atmosphere of love, understanding and affection to once again remind the missus as you need it and is important.

Buy candles, cook something light, exotic and unusual (for such cases are perfect Mediterranean cuisine), in the refrigerator a bottle of champagne or fine wine, put on your most beautiful dress (you can confine lace underwear - the effect is truly stunning!) Close the window curtains, lay on the floor, sofas and chairs onto the pitch. A romantic dinner can smoothly flow into the bath time with loved ones. Get special salt, add the water, aromatic oils, massages and make partner whisper in his ear how much you love him.

If you decided to make her boyfriend a surprise, you can not buy a tie Case for mobile or a new mouse for notebook. The atmosphere created by you, and cooked dinner, and will be your gift. However, if you still want something that is present, use these tips to help you make the right choice. So, generate ideas romantic gift for lover:

  • Anniversary of relationships - it's not a birthday, not the New Year and February 23 when accepted to give useful and necessary things. For such a case is more appropriate something symbolic and sweet: a joint album with photographs, a pillow with heart-shaped, twin cup, the banner with a declaration of love. You can also carry out some dream of her boyfriend: parachuting, quad biking, go on a dolphin and so on.If your young person - the person mysterious and discreet, it is possible that you are not aware of his desires.

    To open the veil of secrecy and decide on a gift, gently call his frankness. To do this, head to the restaurant or take a walk in the evening city, and then start to dream aloud. Talking about yourself, you loved the conversation and did not have time to even blink as he begins to share their dreams. Now listen carefully and remember!

  • In order to acquire the right and necessary thing, but not one that will gather dust on a shelf for years, put yourself in boyfriend. Think about his hobbies, interests and hobbies, think what he lacks, what can cheer him. Maybe your partner is an avid reader - in this case, review of the book in which he is interested, pay attention to the works of the author of most of his cabinet. Then head to the supermarket or type in a search engine request such as "a new book by the writer" or "New Literature" and the like.

    Most likely, you will find the publication, which is not yet in collections boyfriend - it will be the best gift for him. Similarly proceed as a movie or a favorite musical tastes. When it comes to the delight of gaming, check with the seller in the supermarket and buy for your adult "child" is the latest upstart drive.

  • As is known, the path to the heart of a young man lying ... right through his stomach! If your friend, like many men, too partial to the delicious food, make him a surprise. Prepare a dish from my childhood, which at an early age his mother and grandmother fed or something original and unusual. Perhaps you both remember the dinner during honeymoon or dish that is served in the restaurant on your first date.

    Try to recreate the atmosphere and make an appetizing dish seasoned with pleasant memories. And to learn about the tastes of a loved one, related to his childhood, use receiving "number one" - a conversation boyfriend. If this method does not work, ask for help from his parents. Surely your mother a young man still remembers, from which flowed salivating at her boy.

  • The gift, made by hand, will be an original, memorable, and not like the others. Therefore kreativte for fun! You can prepare a collage of photos of the joint to fill an album of pictures of your life, tells the story of how love is born, and if you know how to work in special programs, make videos. A warm scarf, socks or gloves, associated with their hands, warm the beloved even in severe frosts.
  • Arrange a surprise for a young man. For example, rather than just give a gift in hand, make him find a boyfriend - Lay the flat notes with clues - so, going all the way and solve puzzles, he will find what you bought it. There is another original way, namely the purchase of twelve envelopes, decorate them and place each day, one in the mailbox loved. The whole point is that must lie within the letter telling about your feelings. Can issue a message in verse form, or, for example, the words of the songs.

No matter how many years you may have spent close to the young man - whether it be a year or more - do not forget to tell him of her love. Celebrate the anniversary of your relationship, the first meeting, give gifts, surprises and do exert attentions. As is known, the love that she has lived as long as possible, you need to constantly "feed".

 an anniversary gift for your loved Relations

Choosing a gift for a loved one

If you are celebrating the anniversary of relations, already being married, please note that with every passing year from the date of the wedding reflects a certain symbolic features that characterize a new stage in family life. Knowing these names, it will be easier to choose a gift for her husband.

For example, two years, lived together, popularly referred to as a paper marriage - hence it is clear that the themes and gifts may be appropriate. Perhaps your favorite is interested in history: in this case, be sure to use it entertaining encyclopedia tells about the life of certain politicians, kings and other famous persons, or telling about the battles, great battles and so on. Look to her husband: maybe he just recently started to read books about the life of the samurai, became interested in Hollywood films of the 1960s and began to study the characteristics of the wine business. You can begin a new hobby chosen: buy an atlas or reference book that will open our eyes to his new employment, and expand the range of knowledge in this field. For the collector of vintage editions of the best gift would be a rare book that can be purchased at a secondhand store or on the antiques market.

On paper you can buy wedding photos and decorate it with positive images or even pictures, decorate it in an original way. Another option - to give your loved one thousand kisses - from them just do not want to give up. How to do it? It's very simple: nakraste lips bright lipstick and leave your fingerprints on a blank sheet of paper, then cut out and fold each in an envelope.

Thirteen years of life are called lace wedding, so the gift should be light and airy. Make paper openwork butterfly and presented her favorite - by popular tradition it is believed that it is able to keep a man in the house. You want to live a long life together? You can order the original cake, for example, with your photo or in the form of red lips - give his wife a sweet memorable kiss. Men always with reverence and awe are easy stylish haberdashery, so why not pick up for her husband's elegant leather gloves, purse, housekeeper, original belt, cufflinks and tie pins. Last enhancement, by the way, if you believe the legends, permanently binds the young man to the woman, who will present him a gift. So take note!

If your spouse has a "golden" hands and always something repairs in the house, buy him a set of tools that will be useful and at the same time a nice gift. Lover computers can present a new column with a stereo amplifier, an unusual mouse pad or under it with your photos (because you will always be there!), The original flash drive and so on. Intellectual surely be delighted chess, cards and backgammon in an unusual performance, for example, made from a rare stone or wood with carved ornate pattern, inlaid with Swarovski crystals. If the spouse loves art, give him something from this region: an album with pictures of great artists, discs with music or cinematic masterpiece, a rare edition of the book, an autobiography of a genius.

No need to pick up a very expensive gift - you can do something symbolic: buy a blanket and ask in a specialized salon, so they decorated it together your photo. Today, these images are applied to almost any object: on plates, pillows, blankets and clothes. Take a gift shop where you will surely be able to purchase an appropriate souvenir. But beware: the representatives of the strong half of humanity is not as sentimental as a girl, so do not always experience the joy at the sight of such things.

Many see them as useless garbage just occupies space on the shelf. Therefore, if your young man belongs to this category of men, for it is better to pick something more useful and necessary. In his choice refer Hobbies, interests and scope boyfriend. For example, a serious man who is forced on duty often go on business trips, you can buy a good weekly travel alarm clock, a bag for a netbook, iPod, e-book. In general, anything that will help to have fun during the flight and did not sleep for an important meeting.

If you are a lover still does not mark the anniversary of relations, it is time to initiate this great tradition. Indeed, thanks to such a sweet and symbolic celebration of your union will become even stronger. On this day, forget about business, highlight the free time (for example, in the evening after work), focus only on each other: arrange a romantic dinner, watch a movie, talk about love, remember happy past and dream about the future together. Such moments always pull together!

 a nice gift for your loved on the anniversary

Surprise your beloved options surprises

So, we have decided that a gift for the anniversary of relations should not be a standard and customary, so the thought of buying a shaving kit, a bottle of cheap cologne or a new pair of socks for boyfriend leave for another occasion. Surprise your beloved for its unpredictability and violent fantasy.

If you have a close relationship of trust, give the young man an unusual underwear. Some men in thongs look very appetizing! However, if your boyfriend - a serious man, and like a joke perceive as a personal insult, it is best to use another method - wear lace themselves. To the surprise was even more spectacular, a few weeks before the celebratory event sign up for lessons stripplastiki. A professional coach will teach you to correct and move gracefully to the music, so that you can perform a great lap dance for her boyfriend.

On the day of your anniversary decorate an apartment, create a romantic atmosphere, buy a bottle of champagne, strawberries, fruit, chocolate, put on beautiful clothes, tie beloved eyes, sat back and start the presentation. No man will not remain indifferent to see his girlfriend in a erotic role! In addition, such active dancing not only stoke love and more "privyazhut" boyfriend, but also significantly improve your figure, to help get rid of the extra kilos. After classes stripplastikoy require a lot of effort and energy.

For thrill-seekers, there is a special category of gifts - extreme surprises. If your guy gets excited from watching programs about Bear Grylls, he certainly happy to accept a parachute jump or do jumping (sport, which is a jumping off a bridge with a rope). So why not give him a pleasant moments and a lot of emotions? Study offers of companies specializing in providing these services to find out about the risks and pay for lessons. The young man will be especially nice if you share moments of extreme sports with him, so do it, of course, if not afraid.

Anniversary of relationships may be noted another original way - quad biking or play paintball. Invite friends, arrange fun, and then enjoy a picnic. Such an unusual approach to the organization of your holiday like a young man, as most men, just like women, are waiting for surprises and enjoy them like children.

Romantic nature to such extreme concern with caution, so in their case come up with something a bit more quiet. For example, invite your sweetheart to the movies (you can even order a VIP-hall), an opera or theater production. Then sit in a cafe, drink and relax. A remarkable gift will be a hike in the Dolphinarium or Planetarium. If your boyfriend pays great attention to their appearance, buy a ticket to the spa for two. So you're in one fell swoop kill two birds - and health better, and make a great gift for your beloved. We offer another way to "ignite" their love - go to the fire show. Dancing artists with flaming swords certainly give you lots of positive emotions.

A great gift would be a joint trip to a warm country or ski resort, where the day you can ski and cold evenings by the fireplace to warm up together, sipping aromatic mulled wine. Of course, such a gift will result in not one hundred dollars, but if you can, why not surprise your loved one? The main thing - in advance to find out about his plans if he can absent himself for a few days from work, book your hotel, buy tickets and pack your bags!

Over time, each pair passion gradually fades away, the feelings are not as bright as in the first months of dating, but more trusting and loved ones. To be afraid of such a change is not necessary, because it does not mean that your love runs, it simply becomes stronger and more mature. And is not it wonderful? Do not forget to periodically remind boyfriend how he dear to you, what he is wonderful that you have it better. Start the tradition of celebrating the anniversary of relations, exchange gifts. It will become a symbol of longevity and durability of your union.

 Gift your loved ones on the anniversary: ​​Remind me about his love

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