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  • Gift gifts strife: it is not necessary to give ANNIVERSARY
  • Gift as a sign of respect and attention

By the age of 60 men have already achieved almost everything what they wanted all my life: career has developed, children have grown up, many this time there are grandchildren. Of course, that age imposes prints: one does not want the hustle and gulyanok until the morning, the soul needs rest and rest from the constant race for making money, warmth and comfort are now in the first place. Some retire, while others continue to operate. For such a significant date approach was a man with a wealth of knowledge and experience behind him. Therefore, as an acknowledgment of his achievements and significance to others, it is so important to feel the care and love of family. And if your dad, boyfriend, husband, or colleague this anniversary, the natural question arises: what to give the man's 60th birthday?

Gift gifts strife: it is not necessary to give ANNIVERSARY

On the 60th anniversary of the need to give useful, status and standing of things. Of course, shaving foam and a new cologne is always useful, but such gifts should be reserved for less important events. Do not believe, if hero of the occasion will tell you that the whole will be happy. It's a simple courtesy of a gentleman. Well, some people recognized that hundredth of a statuette of the account is in the pantry, and a porcelain vase does not fit into the interior of his house? To prevent such a mistake, and not to disappoint the birthday, remember a few simple rules to be followed, going to the store:

  • 60th anniversary - a momentous event that you should not get round. Therefore, to give slippers, knitted socks, warm underwear that can warm up even in severe frosts, is strictly forbidden! Still celebrating a birthday, and not to carry out a pension. Men perceive such items related to comfort and coziness, as a way to diminish their libido. The husband may think that you consider it ancient old man who just can not live without wool socks. You probably do not want to make him such feelings, so choose a good gift.
  • Many men on the anniversary of the elite give alcoholic beverages. It is considered good form only if the birthday boy - your friend, colleague or boss. If he comes to your spouse, it is better to abandon the idea. You can make an exception only in the case if the choice - is an avid collector. Gave a rare bottle of expensive wine, brandy - so you give tribute to his hobbies and interests.
  • If you decide to buy a birthday cosmetics, let it be just a very expensive eau de toilette famous brands. Otherwise, choose something more useful and necessary. For example, fishing fans can donate a new or a set of spinning gear, a tent for hiking, good rubber boat boots. Connoisseur car certainly be delighted GPS-navigator, thanks to which it will never get lost even in the most complicated way. A good gift will also be a small TV or a designer mobile phone holder.
  • Remember that the man - nature is not sentimental, often alien romance. Therefore, to give an anniversary boxes, figurines, porcelain vases and other cute little things which please only women's hearts, not worth it. It would be a mistake and will cause a birthday feigned a smile. Baskets made with his own hands, his own hand knitted sweaters, hats, scarves and other folk art belong to the same category of "forbidden" gifts.
  • Fake identity pensioner with a photo of a prominent politician, clowns, gypsies, and other fun and unusual surprises can give only if you are one hundred percent sure that the birthday treat them with humor and a smile. Not all people are able to understand and accept such antics, so be extremely careful. Some friends consider it their duty to invite to the birthday fellow stripper, but it is rather questionable idea, which probably will not understand neither the hero of the occasion or his guests. Especially since the 60-year anniversary - the date is a serious, suggesting an appropriate gift.

Ready for the birthday and contemplating the purchase, focusing on the status and position of the birthday. For example, if the hero of the occasion - business man and continues to work, possibly as chief or head of an average link, you can give him an expensive painting, pen-feather the famous brand designer stand for stationery, stylish inlaid or made of a rare breed of stone - in general, that it is useful in the workplace.

In order not to blush and feel uncomfortable awareness of the perfect mistakes when choosing a gift do not forget about the rules, which have been mentioned just above. Giving preference to a particular thing, always guided by the interests and hobbies celebrant.

 what to give to a man 60 years

Gift as a sign of respect and attention

We talked about the most common mistakes when choosing a gift, and how to avoid them. Now let's talk more about what you can give to the man closest to the anniversary.

Everyone needs support, care and understanding, especially in the 60 years of age. Why not make a collage family, that is a kind of family tree? You can put images in a special album and place it in an original way, and if you overpower a video, will be even better. Let the creative gift includes pictures of the birthday at different stages of life as well as his wife, children, grandchildren and friends. Complete a gift symbolic music, warm words and wishes.

If you want to present something more tangible, going shopping, look for decorative items for the interior: the original writing desk, small chairs, paintings, unusual lamps and the like. These things are a great sign of attention, help decorate the house or apartment birthday, will make the interior of a piece of your warmth and love. To emphasize masculinity hero for the day, it can purchase for panels with models of rifles or pistols, decorative dagger original sword - all of this will look great in the office or in the living room of the new owner. At the request of these items can be decorated with engraving.

A man who appreciates and loves expensive things good wine, for sure will be glad bottle collector of vintage cognac or a drink. Cuban cigars in a special chest also pleasantly surprise birthday, of course, if he smokes. You can purchase matching accessories such as a set of sommelier or the knife for cigarettes. Every lover of beer will be delighted by its own mini-brewery.

If you come ANNIVERSARY close relative, friend or colleague, your gift must first pay obeisance. Think, perhaps, birthday recently shared with you my dreams, spoke about the desire to buy one or the other thing. If you know about his hobbies, to give something of this industry. For example, every hunter needs appropriate camo, fishing is always in need of high quality fishing rods. If your friend loves to travel, why not give him a tent, a compass or a map of the world?

Many men prefer to 60 years measured, quiet life within the family. Such a person is useful for barbecue grill, picnic set, which includes everything you need: the glasses, forks and spoons, cups and saucers. Cottagers can select tools for gardening, table and chairs, which fit for his family. A great gift would be a gazebo, tent or, for example, wicker rocking chair, in which the birthday boy will make plans for the future, think about the past and enjoy the present.

If the hero of the day - a calm, thoughtful and prefer the company of like-minded small, buy him a set of games; it may be chess, backgammon or checkers. However, the product must be expensive and made of high quality material. Billiard lovers can pick up a good cue, which he did not lose a single game.

If you are invited for an anniversary to the unfamiliar man of passions and interests which do not have the slightest idea what to choose a gift, of course, it will not be easy. But do not despair, because modern shops are full of all kinds of goods for every taste and budget. You can always buy a thing, the use of which exists in every home. For example, pick up a nice set of glasses, the original statue, ashtray, an unusual picture frame. The picture will also be a great gift. If you want to surprise the birthday boy, make him a portrait of a local artist, put a picture in a beautiful frame and proudly hand the hero of the occasion.

Always topical is such a gift, like a perfume. But in this case should be chosen very carefully, because each person has his own taste - someone like sweet smells, others come to the delight of wood. Therefore, before settling on one or another of toilet water, mentally imagine the hero of the day, his life, character and behavior. So, most of the serious business men like stiff and classic scents. The representatives of the strong half of humanity, caring for their appearance and prefers stylish things often are promoted brands and new products, which are on everyone's lips.

The gift can be any: expensive and not very symbolic and significant. If you want to arrange a birthday surprise for him to pay a balloon flight, presented the certificate to the workshop, where he learned sculpting, forged from iron or other folk art. Athletic man can give appropriate equipment: a bicycle, skis, helmet, football, a set of tennis rackets. In this case, everything depends on the interests of the birthday. If your friend - fan, he will come in at the delight of shirts autographed by a favorite player or basketball, tickets for the match team, of which he is a fan.

Do not forget that in 60 years people wish only one thing - to enjoy life, relax more, and do what he wants. If your finances allow, give her husband for an anniversary trip to a sanatorium or foreign resort. You can go on a trip together and enjoy the views of a foreign country, try the exotic cuisine, finally sleep, improve their health and to be alone with each other.

As you can see, buy a gift is not so difficult. The main thing - to decide on the amount you are willing to spend and be guided by the knowledge of the hero of the day: his character, preferences, status and position. Man is always nice attention and care from others, therefore giving them the proper amount.

 What to give the man for 60 years: choose a worthy gift

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