what to give the man a colleague's birthday


  • Nontrivial surprise gift
  • Gift for colleague-friend
  • Official gifts and win-win
  • Gifts, inappropriate for male colleagues

Of course, a birthday - this is important and very personal holiday. Since it involves a lot of good memories and magic, because it comes from childhood. Remember what the most delicious ice cream? What it is eaten on the way home from school, and even a couple with a friend. And what a day is the best? Of course, one that began with the smell of my mother's pies or pancakes, continued going to the park or a movie, and ended a fairy tale for the night. Therefore, the celebration of the birth of any age is viewed with hint of nostalgia, because it gives us a brief moment of child, enthusiastic expectations of gifts, greetings and delicious cake with candles.

An unforgettable day, when it seems that the whole world revolves only around you and there is nothing more important than the celebration in honor of your birthday. And men do from an early age feel love in the limelight, although these are not recognized in their vain weaknesses. But we, the women, and so all know, because men surround us every day at home and at work. And sometimes you want to see a serious counterpart of the same mischievous boy from childhood to learn how to shine his eyes from the genuine joy at the sight of it meant for him a gift. Therefore, when deciding what to give the man a colleague on the anniversary or birthday, in any case does not extinguish the personal atmosphere of a holiday, do not pass by, I got off duty, "Congratulations, I wish you happiness, and so on. D.".

On the contrary, show due consideration, perhaps even arrange a surprise on the occasion of congratulations and cake. If you are okay with the imagination, then why not be in such a good day fairy with the makings of an animator? After all, a man difficult to surprise even designer, but still commonplace, a bouquet of flowers. Then let's dream and work miracles.

Nontrivial surprise gift

You can go to the American scenario, congratulations, adapting it to the office version. It may consist of the following steps:

  1. It is necessary to negotiate with the chief of staff and involved in the congratulation on the establishment of deceptive impression on the birthday that his birthday is simply forgotten. Or restrict short formal congratulations morning, consisting of a couple of common phrases.
  2. Meanwhile, in some other area, such as the meeting room, set the table for a chat and a snack option if your office etiquette allows. All this, of course, the secret of the birthday.
  3. At lunchtime or at the end of the working day is called the chief hero of the festivities "on the carpet", and falls on a holiday in honor of his birthday. It is appropriate to be exclamations like "Surprise! "Flowers, gifts from the community or from each of its members, congratulatory speeches cheerful nature and, as a" control shot ", the output for the birthday.

This way of greeting appropriate in the event that the average age of employees in your company or department employees does not exceed 40-45 years. It is possible that older people too happy to take part in a similar greeting or will be glad to get it. But still there is a chance to face the conservatism and lack of understanding, so it is better not to take risks and to implement such an idea in a young team.

Another type of unusual gifts for all women, regardless of age, can become popular now gift certificates. They provide an opportunity to make a purchase in any store, and to receive any service. The cost of these certificates can be quite high, so it is normal if a greeting to be handed on behalf of the whole team. If your male colleague is interested in fishing, he is an avid geek or has even some well-known fascination with you, hand him a holiday gift certificate for the purchase of the thematic shop.

Men gambler will have to taste a certificate for extreme driving lesson, as well as flying in the wind tunnel, quad biking and so on. More relaxed counterpart can be presented as a gift to a master class in the game of billiards or popular now, curling and squash. Important in this embodiment, birthday congratulations to take into account the nature of man and his interests.

 what to give the man a colleague

Gift for colleague-friend

It is believed that the employee should be a gift rather formal or noncommittal, but show your affection for him. This is reasonable, but it often happens that the person with whom you work for quite a long time, becomes if not a friend, a good friend. If your relationship with your male counterparts are, and what a gift for his birthday can go beyond strict business etiquette, but only valid for this norms. It should take into account the interests and hobbies of the birthday.

If he is interested in any kind of sport, you can safely give the appropriate attributes: soccer ball, tennis racket, goggles, a set of headbands and wristbands, etc. If you love music and you know his preferences, not too lazy to look for suitable arrangements or compilations of songs. If a colleague motorist can present mobile phone holder in car bookworm donate the latest edition of a favorite author, a workaholic will be happy all kinds of organizer for papers, diaries and quality branded pens. Fans of Feng Shui can give some symbolic figure or statue, amateur stage productions - opera glasses. In general, try to show imagination, choosing a gift male colleagues right thing with a friendly overtones.

Official gifts and win-win

It also happens that the relationship with a male colleague does not go beyond the purely business communication. But here, no greetings are indispensable. In this case, the objects are presented without any overtones, very transparent in nature and no non-binding.

Regrets official gifts:

  • flash drive;
  • anti-stress souvenir;
  • stationery (high-end);
  • business accessories (visiting cards, housekeeper, business notebook, and so on. etc .;
  • unusual cup thermos;
  • embodiment office coffee machines, and so on.

Alternatively, find out which natural mineral birthstone male birthday, and presented him with a paperweight or a set of charms of this mineral (if, of course, not a diamond). By doing so, you will be able to "kill two birds with one stone" at once: such a gift is not beyond the scope of business etiquette and serves as proof of your sincere attention to such a significant day. Agree, it is simple, but not without a kind of elegance, turn.

 what to give the man a colleague

Gifts, inappropriate for male colleagues

In the business etiquette, there are a number of overt and covert rules. They relate to the theme of relations between the members, in particular, are of the opposite sex. To avoid falling into an awkward position and does not put itself in a birthday, it should be clearly understood that it is not necessary to give their male colleagues.

  • The first on the list of gifts are taboo items of clothing and personal accessories. For example, tie - it's completely unacceptable as a gift to the subject of the toilet, if it is awarded to a female employee, because it implies a hint of a personal relationship.
  • Also, do not give a birthday present male counterparts jewelry. Birthday boy will not be happy if the wife would become to ask questions about the appearance of his chains or studs, even if the gift was devoid of any subtext from the giver.
  • Perfumes and personal care items, too, are not appropriate gift for male employees.
  • A number of companies are strictly prohibited alcohol. Therefore it is not handing male counterparts even vintage, but still alcohol. Birthday boy just would not know how to better hide from the all-seeing eye of his boss.
  • Gifts of religious subjects, too, are best left to a narrow circle of close friends.
  • Funny gifts and humorous surprises should serve with great caution so as not to offend the birthday and not to spoil his mood in a day. Especially if the hero of the occasion much older than you in age.

In order not to be at an impasse, deciding what to give the man a colleague, you need to remember a few simple rules and then your choice would be the best.

Gift for a man with whom you have developed a business relationship should not be very expensive (if it is not an anniversary, of course), but did not look overtly cheap. Handing the thing should be in the framework of business etiquette, do not disturb the area of ​​personal intimate space of the person. Accompany giving gifts nontrivial wishes, and you are guaranteed success.

 What to give the man a colleague's birthday: friendly and business gifts

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