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The custom of celebrating Valentine's Day has come to us from the West, and for many years all love our country give each other gifts in the form of hearts - a declaration of love. But each of us want to give your man something more original than a postcard in the form of a heart with the inscription «I love you so! "It is so important to show that our favorite - the most-most. And so every year in anticipation of the holiday girl scratching their heads over what to give the guy February 14, such that he realized that he loved sincerely and wholeheartedly.

A little bit about the history of the festival

There is a beautiful legend about the appearance of Valentine's Day. Once upon a time, in the 3rd century AD, there lived Emperor Claudius which forbade men to marry the Roman Empire. And not because he did not believe in the sanctity of the marital union, but because he thought that his family distract the soldiers from the service. Having issued a decree banning, he decided once and for all eliminate the problem of sloppiness in their own army. Here are just young boys and respectable men continued to fall in love, and the desire to make his favorite wives, women have not gone anywhere. However, the law is the law, and officially married none of them could.

And then comes into play priest Valentine, who was not afraid of the imperial ban and continued to secretly marry lovers. Learning of this, Claudius was seriously angry. He ordered to throw Valentine in jail and ordered his sentence - the death penalty! In prison, poor priest met with the jailer's daughter, and they fell in love. They could not see each other often, so communicate via notes. The execution was scheduled for February 14, and on this day, in love with a priest sent his last note, which was signed, "From Valentine."

There is another version of this sad legend, according to which the priest, thrown into prison, had the gift of Healing Arts. The jailer gave Valentine a meeting with his blind daughter, hoped that he would restore her sight. On the day of his execution Valentine girl sent a farewell letter with a declaration of love, which is invested in a piece of yellow saffron. Referring to this sign of love, she saw.

Since February 14 of a normal calendar date has become a holiday for all lovers, men and women give each other notes in the form of heart with words of love. In honor of Valentine's Day cards called "valentines", and this festival has successfully lived up to our days. Not only survived, but also captured almost the entire planet, because now this wonderful day is celebrated by thousands of people in almost every country.

 what to give the guy for February 14

What to give the guy for February 14

Special gift on Valentine's Day that they do not have to be useful, necessary or expensive. The main purpose of these gifts is to remind their other half love. This means that little thing you donated, should show only the depth of your feelings, not the size of your wallet, or the degree of thrift. Let the gift comes from the heart and not the mind!

If you still have not decided what to give the guy for February 14, it is time to consider the options offered by us. We present our best ideas for gifts for Valentine's Day for men.

Gifts made with their own hands

Guys just love when the girls are doing something with their hands - especially if it is done for them, beloved. So it is not necessary to spend big money on a gift, you need to show a little imagination and give him an exclusive Valentine's Day, a homemade gift.

  • The same banal valentine, presenting your guy, it can lead to a complete delight, if you do it with your hands. As you know, a gift to the creation of which put his hands loving people - the nicest and most valuable. So feel free to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Alternatively, you can sew a heart with a cross. Even the girl that he had never tried to embroider, to easily cope with this task. The finished work can be inserted into a beautiful picture frame in a corner joint where to put your photo.
  • Give him two pillowcases, each with his and your photos. The image you can overlay the photo studio, and make out of a piece of fabric pillowcase - simple! Now, each time your loved one will go to bed, it will remember you and your love.
  • Buy in shop usual plate and write on it the words "I love you" in several languages. To cope with this problem does not have to be a polyglot: the network you will find the translation of those words in any language of the world. Presenting the gift, you can say that no matter where you were born, no matter what language spoke, still would have found him and told of his love. Because it is - your significant other.
  • Take 2 chicken eggs and blow out of them white and yolk. Then draw each of them the eyes, nose, comma and a wide smile. On one of the testicles, attach the bow - it will be you, the second egg - of course, your guy. Now paste these funny faces to each other and fix the stand. Such a cute gift amuse your loved one, and the idea that you put in so much effort, these figures will give him even more confidence in your feelings.

Pleasant trifles

Gift guy February 14 need not be large-scale, sometimes you can indulge his sweet little things that show how you love.

  • Give him a cute teddy bear. If a toy is not an inscription with the words of love or audio, in addition to the bear can give a touching card. Or just tell him all the important and gentle words when giving a gift.
  • Great idea for a gift for Valentine's Day: Buy a beautiful curly candle with two wicks that will symbolize your union. Late at night, when you light a candle this wonderful, you definitely romantic feelings flooding back. And is not that the main purpose of the celebration of Valentine's Day? And if you - have family and soon expecting a baby, you can buy a candle with three wicks: you husband and toddler.
  • No matter how many years of your young man - in his heart he probably still a child. Have you ever notice that in a toy store your guy too long hovered around the rack with radio-controlled cars and vertolёtikami? If so, the gift idea suggests itself. Buy him a fun toy that will fly, drive, dive .... In short, to realize the dream of his childhood in life! By the way, each of these gifts you can write a short speech, which will show how this toy connects your feelings. For example, giving the airplane, you can say that after your meetings you grow wings, giving the tank - that your love is as strong as this machine.
  • If your man loves to tinker with your computer, you can give him a little thing that will remind you constantly. Now on sale there are loads and loads of fun computer gadgets that will be happy to your beloved. Give him a computer mouse in the form of cars, usb-lamp with a romantic inscription or a USB flash drive in the shape of a heart. And, you can present your loved cute, fluffy slippers usb-that it is not freezing the long winter evenings, sitting at the computer.
  • If the time to choose a gift is not there, then come up and small kupidonchik with wings and a heart consisting of two parts. The most important thing in this holiday - this attention, right?

A special program for the holiday

It is not necessary to puzzle over what to give the guy on February 14 and headlong obegat all the shops, instead, you can arrange for him to this day an unforgettable holiday. Believe me, many guys are waiting for their girls to this day something special, so why not to dream and not to surprise him?

  • Arrange in a Valentine's Day balloon flight - it's romantic and exciting. If the weather on that day will be quiet, there is no better gift for February 14 and you can imagine! Your man will long remember this unforgettable adventure and thank you for your gift.
  • Arrange him a romantic dinner. You can go to the cafe, and you can cover a festive table at home. The fact that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, we hear often, but not always follow this advice. Men are a delight women who know how to cook, so you have a chance to hit him with her culinary talents. After dinner, you can spend an evening of passion, playing his most secret sexual fantasies.
  • Or you can just give him yourself, your favorite. The festive evening wear beautiful, sexy underwear, tie the bow and handed him .... themselves. This would mean that you really want to belong to him and only to him, but this is the best declaration of love on Valentine's Day. I'm sure your holiday does not end until the morning, because men love these gifts.
  • Invite him to a meeting in a place where you meet. Act out a small scene, repeating all the events of that memorable meeting. If your first date something has gone wrong, you can easily change everything and develop your own script. The main thing that you two had fun and enjoyable. And at the end of the meeting, give him a nice little gift - a keychain or a postcard to it as long as possible remember this wonderful day.

The best way to have a great Valentine's Day - a gift to each other all the love and tenderness accumulated in your hearts. In the morning, try to please his beloved Prepare him a delicious breakfast, a declaration of love. Feel your tenderness and care, your man is sure to retaliate, and will continue to speak words of love is not only Valentine's Day, but also all subsequent time.

 What to give the guy 14 February: The original idea

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